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It is a way of knowing your SELF based on your natural rhythms as a woman. This is the YOU that you were born to be, the YOU of both your BODY and SOUL.

Here with your Soul Sistars, Sharon Russell and Dixie Gladstone,(be sure to check out our page, ABOUT US as it explains so much!) you will come to know the language of your astrology chart using the language of the divine feminine. This is a Map of You - just at that moment when you took your first breath. No one else in the entire Universe has your astrology chart. It is yours and yours alone. Take a moment to breathe that mysterious TRUTH into your HEART!

Slowly, just a step at a time, you will learn how the stars, planets, and asteroid Goddesses synchronize with the wondrous being that is YOU. You will align with your whole potential as a woman!

You are about to begin a journey into the HOME OF THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN who has breathed into you her LIFE that you may express it in your own very personal way. You are so adored by the Goddess that she made this life for you to ENJOY.


GREAT MOTHER - she is the aspect of the FEMININE that overarches and encompasses us all with her unconditional LOVE. She is the life-giving creative power of Creation. She is the great womb of the night time sky. It is She who through her body has created this world and all the beings in it.

GODDESS - refers to each of the feminine archetypes or aspects of a woman's life. For instance, the "Goddess of Love" is APHRODITE or VENUS. Where she is in your chart will help you understand the kind of people you just love, the ones you want to be around and why you want to be around them. Another example is CERES DEMETER who is an Asteroid Goddess. She helps you to understand what you need in order to feel nourished by life. PALLAS ATHENE will show you where your creative intelligence is finely tuned and can be used in the world to contribute to your community....there are many more....VESTA (Hestia), you are a woman unto yourself,  JUNO (Hera), the marriage asteroid, HECATE, your wise crone who stands at the crossroads of your life, oh, just to name a few.  

ASTEROID GODDESS - these are the NEW SIGNS AND SYMBOLS - in the late 1800's many large asteroids were discovered that are located between the planets Mars and Jupiter. It is believed by astronomers that these are the remains of a planet that existed in our solar system many thousands of years ago. Originally this planet was a FEMININE PLANET (as VENUS AND THE MOON are) and the fracturing of this huge body is representative of the way in which WOMEN have been split off from themselves, devalued and misunderstood since the time of the beginnings of PATRIARCHY. As we discover these potent sources of FEMININE ENERGY in our charts we begin to reassemble our lost parts and become conscious of our WHOLE selves.

The 12 EMANATIONS OF THE DIVINE FEMININE - are the 12 original Zodiac Signs. I have rewritten them in a more feminine language for you. Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac has a corresponding DIVINE FEMININE IMAGE that was created for you by my sister Sharon Russell. We just got so tired of using those old crabs, scorpions, and bulls! Feast your eyes on these lovely and inspirational images of women expressing the various energies of the stars.

PARTRIARCHY - about 5 to 6 thousand years ago the world shifted away from a matrilineal time of reverence and respect for the feminine aspects of LIFE which included the HEART, FEELINGS, INTUITION, was ALL-INCLUSIVE in its nature, LIVING CLOSE TO THE CYCLES OF THE EARTH. Perhaps it was a gentler time but it was also a time when we did not have as many choices as 'individuals'. We were more of ONE familial group. For the sake of gaining a Soul with an INDIVIDUAL SELF (that's YOU!) humankind stepped into a long period of time when the MASCULINE side of life became dominant. The Masculine helped us to become individuals, to make boundaries between ourselves and others, it helped us learn to garner power within ourselves as individuals. During this time we were forced by both climatic circumstances and the nature of the struggle to survive to really use the wonderful, duality producing, creative TOOL of our MIND. Our mind, when used in this individual way, took us out of herd consciousness and into a sense of creative power within. NOW, it is time to reunite the patriarchal, or masculine side, of our Self with the life-giving matriarchal, feminine side, so that we can become a WHOLE human with a MIND that is guided by WISDOM AND HEART-KNOWING.

CIRCLE OF WHOLENESS - this is your ASTROLOGY WHEEL or BIRTH CHART. It contains ALL THE SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC. To think of yourself just as your Sun sign or Moon sign can be limiting. What if you desire to become more than just the definition of your Sun sign or your Moon sign, what if you desire to have more choices of self-expression? Your astrology chart consists of ALL OF THE SIGNS and you can learn how to incorporate a particular energy into your chart by knowing where it naturally falls in your "circle of wholeness". As you come to learn what those mysterious SIGNS stand for, you can then FIND them in your chart. 

DIVINE FEMININE - You learn to value yourself as a WOMAN, as an individual woman with a DIVINE source and that source is the Great MOTHER herself. She lives and breathes in and through you. You carry the power to create and sustain life.   

MARY, ISIS, KUAN YIN -These are some of the Great Mother figures of mercy and compassion that have endured over time. Mother Mary is our most recent spiritual incarnation of the feminine energy to give life. Many of the ancient Mother Goddesses were said to have been born from an Immortal Parentage. Kuan Yin and Mother Mary have the unusual and significant distinction of being born of a human mother! This means we are ready as mortal women to encompass a new stage in our spiritual growth as human BEINGS. WE ARE INDEED FORTUNATE to be born in THESE TIMES of great change and increasing opportunity for CHOICE! But we need one another to understand and express our full value as a WOMAN. We are not meant to make this Journey alone as perhaps some of our mothers had to do and endure. As we come into the Circle of the Feminine by joining in FEMININE ASTROLOGY or a group of women and forming our Women's CIRCLES we can more easily access what is available to us now from our Great Mother and from our Earth Mother, the Living Soul of our Earth, Gaia.

FEMININE DOMAINE - when you join with FEMININE ASTROLOGY you will be joining with a circle of women who, like you, wish to know more about themselves, about their RIGHTS AS WOMEN, about their essential feminine self. 

LUNAR OR LUNATION - refers to the MOON and its cycles.

YOUR 29 YEAR GREAT MOON CYCLE (or "LUNATION CYCLE" as Dane Rudyar referred to it). We also refer to it as "CYCLES of BECOMING" in Sharon's ART FOR THE SOUL - every astrological event in your birth chart is occurring UNDER THE UMBRELLA of your current 29 YEAR GREAT MOON CYCLE. You are in a particular phase just now that corresponds to one of the eight phases of the Moon. This is a cycle of your SOUL's GROWTH and PURPOSE!....and it is vital to understand this PLACE on the wheel because it will help you to better harmonize your inner and outer worlds with the energy level of your physical body. Even if this were the only element in FEMININE ASTROLOGY that you were to learn about it would be the most VALUABLE to your feminine psyche, to your inner soul knowing as a woman.

SOUL or ETERNAL SOUL - stay here a moment....contemplate this LOTUS BLOSSOM...imagine it unfolding a petal at a time....you are growing and changing with every breathe you take...with every new day that dawns....TAKE YOUR TIME to grow your SOUL...you are eternal, special, a woman with great HEART - you were never born and you will never die! Take this IN! You have a SOUL and this is the feminine life-sustaining part of you.

ART FOR THE SOUL - this is the name that Sharon has given to her feminine inspired art.

HOME OF THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN - her celestial womb is our nighttime sky. The Egyptians thought of her as NUIT or the NIGHT SKY. She is always there - day or night, but it is at night that we see the million infinite stars of HER wondrous creation! Your individual Birth Chart is Her MIRROR of you! 


ARCHETYPE - don't let this heady word scare you. Simply put, an archetype is like a great blueprint for a particular way of being or acting. It is the "ARCH" or rainbow that connects the heavens with the earth and with YOU. The "TYPES" are the many different ways of being: there is an archetype for Love and Romance, one for Healing, one for The Hero, The Mother, The Father, The Child.... There are archetypes that represent Peace and Compassion, ones that act through conflict and war, the list goes on. Through Feminine Astrology, you will learn which archetypes are strong in you and which ones are in need of development in order to round out your Soul's experience.



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