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In July 2020 it went retrograde back into Capricorn but then moved forward back into Aquarius in Dec. 2020.

Saturn will remain in Aquarius until March 7, 2023


WHAT, A NEW SATURN? WHERE, AND HOW EVER DID SHE GET THIS IDEA? What was wrong with the old Saturn...................plenty!

SATURN has been traditionally seen as a masculine planet, a planet that represents hierarchy and the patriarchal structures that have been imposed upon us for the last 5, 6, 7 thousand years.

Cultures around the world have used power, money, and the rule of MEN (not women!) as the operating manual on planet earth. About every 700 years (or so) Saturn is INITIATED into a new, more conscious archetypal energy of itself!

 Saturn has joined with  Pluto 

and has begun a new 38 year cycle

From April of  2019 through February of 2020 Saturn went into a conjunction with the planet PLUTO. I am counting a 3-degree orb when I give these dates. The degrees of Capricorn will be from apprx. 18 ° to 27 ° if you have planets in Capricorn/Cancer/Libra/or Aries at or near these degrees, you will have been particularly affected.

 Pluto acts like the initiator. It can give you a feeling of powerlessness to the vast collective and social happenings around you and on the entire planet. You could feel 'a victim' but you will also be given the opportunity to surrender old values and paradigms that Pluto will undertake to destroy. We are in a cycle of "composting the dregs" of the current culture so that it can be transformed into a vehicle for the Aquarian Age.

But we are not there yet!

We are in between the ages a liminal state between an old age that is dying and fiercely trying to hold on to its old operating manual and a new time that has been promised by so many prophecies of old.

Our user guide is changing....we need a new way to operate on this planet.....this is expressly for the PEOPLE on PLANET EARTH!

I love this term, "operating manual". Daniel Giamario uses it in his Shamanic Astrology with his brilliant and cutting edge insight into the transformation that is taking place on our planet now. You can go HERE to learn more about Daniel, the founder of Shamanic Astrology. I can't say enough about his brilliant, flexible mind!

Pluto will step up the job of Saturn and transform Him (Saturn has been considered a masculine planet for thousands of years. FATHER SATURN) from a patriarchal HE to a gentler more EARTH CENTERED version- it will no longer be about HIS Story dominated and told by the conquerors of old. Rather it will be about the connection we have via this amazing EARTH ruled planet, to Mother Earth herself AND to Mother Gaia's relationship to the greater cosmos, the Great Mystery itself.


We are leaving the old Greek/Roman image of Saturn as a patriarchal ruler into a new FATHER FIGURE of maturity, a wisdom-keeper, into one who gives comfort and brings security not through fear and repression but rather through the wisdom of the heart and the intuitive knowing of what is right for the new culture we are birthing on earth during these times.

As we leave behind the masculine-dominated Saturn of hierarchy and patriarchy, we are moving from a strictly masculine sign to a more FEMININE attuned SATURN and her benevolent masculine counterpart.

Capricorn as a "culture bearer" began rebuilding old structures, structures that can house the needs and values of many peoples over many years to come.  Now with Saturn in Aquarius, we are revisioning what some of these new values and structures could look like. We consciously take into account the needs of a larger population, one with an expanding consciousness, greater awareness, and value for human life AND for the life of the Earth and all beings on it. More than it has ever known before.


Capricorn honored the elders, the grandmothers and grandfathers who have always loved us. This sign's meaning is shifting toward a softer Saturn, a more feminine way of living. As an EARTH sign that represents entire cultures, it is shifting towards a connection with EARTH that will carry us into a new operating manual and a new set of rules for how to live on Earth, Mother Gaia. Now, as Saturn has moved into Aquarius there will be REBELLION, freedom, equal rights, and democracy will slowly regain a new footing on the earth...but it may come at a cost as the Uranus factor in Aquarius breaks up old patriarchs! The old ways are trying to reassert themselves in a struggle between the past and the future.

We are at the end of old age and the beginning of another and as such we are in an in-between place, a liminal zone of unknown outcomes. So, yes, it is a bit scary out there and inside most of us too. We, each one of us, must make this shift with our heart and mind intent. We are awakening!

Now that Saturn has moved beyond Capricorn and into Aquarius the softening effect of Saturn can be felt by the many women whose voices are now being heard. Aquarius with its co-rulership of both Saturn and Uranus brings new visions, messages of greater hope for all people everywhere.

But we must not be naive, with the help of a more awakened mind/heart, we will be looking for new answers, new ways to work together.

You are not alone if you feel fear and daily unsettled feelings.

Truly, it may not seem as if Saturn is softening, especially with all of the political and environmental tragedies that are occurring - but it is so. We cannot go back. Saturn will pull us toward a society where longevity and wisdom and the practical needs of leading a daily life at 'a level of prosperity that all can share in' will become a value for a new time.


The Iroquois Indians showed the USA how to set up its rule book: but we left something out when we used their model: we did not elect a council of Grandmothers, a council of wise women, to choose our leaders. "If", said the Iroquois, "we leave out anything,  it will not result in a good thing". 

We also left out the wisdom of creating only that which will enhance, not harm, the next 7 Generations that follow each of us.

I don't need to go into the grim results we see all around us because of our immaturity as a nation and as a world to recognize the wisdom of our elders.


But all is not lost and the wheel is turning into a new direction, the direction of Aquarian democracy and equality, of new ways of education, of universal health care for all, of childcare for working mothers, ...there are so many possibilities that can REFRAME our society. 

Saturn will be putting a NEW FRAME around your life too, in some area of your chart Saturn is moving and trying to help you create a structure that can take you into your personal future.

Saturn makes the rule book and stabilizes the structures that sustain through cultural integrity and long-term planning.

"How will Saturn affect my chart?"

As Saturn travels through Aquarius it will go through one (or perhaps two) of the houses of your astrology chart. And business cannot go on as usual. The great change-maker Pluto has seen to that!

We will need to be aware of the SHADOW aspect of Saturn with Pluto - it is powerful. We are on the "Need to know" page now.

We have been observing the great SHADOW of these two planets for about the past 7 years, about the time Donald Trump took office in the United States.

In what area(s) of your life have you seen the most transformation? This has not been an easy transformation. But we have one another and have the cosmic Mother's plan in our beautiful sky to witness and give us the signs and creative intelligence to move into this challenge. 

We are looking for possible 'softening to Saturn' areas of our chart! In Aquarius, these can occur as surprise events that turn positive or life-enhancing. 

So let's pull out our astrology charts now and see which house Saturn will transit as it moves into and through Aquarius!

THE HOUSES #1 (Aries) through 12 (Pisces)

By the way, TRANSIT means that Saturn (or it could apply to any planet or asteroid Goddess) is moving along somewhere in your chart. Planets pass through the houses or segments of your chart. They can take as little as a few days to many years to make a pass through. There are 12 houses in everyone's astrology chart. The above wheel gives you a simplified version of what each HOUSE represents.

We'll look at the meaning of SATURN IN AQUARIUS as it passes through each house from now through March 2023 and take a look at some of the experiences you might be challenged with. Saturn is in a sign for 2/1/2 years! That means it will spend about 2 and 1/2 years in any given house - this will vary depending on whether you have an intercepted house, that's a house that has a sign "sandwiched" in the middle of it. If you have that kind of chart it could add as much as another year or two to the time Saturn spends in that house.

Notice the image of the women dancing together as a community of sisters. This is one of the best sides of Aquarius, our ability to join and create a community that works and plays together. The community itself can become one of the new frameworks of your life if you allow the softening effect of a new Saturn to help you redefine your lifestyle.

Friendships too are vital and can offer us permanent connections (Saturn likes longevity in its relationships) that help support and move us into our future.

BTW, as you read each Saturn transit by house, go back and read some of them even if they don't apply to you...they may apply to your children, your spouse, someone you care about....just by introducing the idea of a SOFTER SATURN you will be opening your HEART to not only what fears hold you back, but what fears hold others back as well. You can become a support for them and they for you! This is part of why we study ASTROLOGY - to forgive ourselves for our shortcomings, and to forgive others theirs! Forgiveness and understanding gives you a more direct line into your SOUL.

You will gain more access to a way of bringing your spirituality into your everyday life and way of thinking. Everything in and around you is made of SPIRIT. You encounter spirit in every person that you meet and interact with. SPIRIT is not 'out there' it is 'in you' and in every person, animal, plant, rock or mountain that you encounter.

Saturn, because it has the ability to create structure, boundaries, and institutions, needs our SPIRIT in the process of recreating these new structures and institutions. We each put a bit of our greater SELVES into our group work and interpersonal relationships. 



House #1 is your personality, how you look, how tall or short, full and round, or long and thin you are. It is the first impression people get of you as you walk into the room. It has to do with the growth of your Self as an individual. This house is about 'me' and the clan or group you are a part of. As Saturn enters your first house, it becomes part of the force that drives you to establish a personality that you use to interact with the outside world. 

Saturn in AQUARIUS in the first house begins a NEW CYCLE OF PERSONAL GROWTH and understanding about yourself. You will be more serious during this time. You may be focused on perfecting some aspect of your body or person that will carry you closer to the goals of a more ideal you! You will become more mature as you spend time reflecting and working on personal growth. The changes you make in yourself can be long-lasting and have value because they free you up from an old way of life....AFTER you do your personal work and reflection. 

If Aquarius is moving through your first house you are an independent spirit by nature and you have many original ideas. Don't be afraid to share these with your group or in your friendships because your originality is needed by Saturn in order to break open some of the old ways!

Just don't overdo the struggle to be yourself. Perhaps this makes you feel it is not worth it to try for such a high ideal...............take a DEEP BREATH if this is happening to you. Some of you may have to sacrifice elements of yourself in order to attain the goal! Some of you may need to surrender an aspect of your personal will to achieve and develop that group consciousness.

You could feel like a lost creature unless you are actively participating in a larger social expression than just yourself. You are by nature sensitive to more universal concerns. You are being called to inject your genius into your work, your science project, or your creativity or spiritual vision. Just dying your hair orange and wearing a nose ring will not be enough to bring you the satisfaction you crave from contributing to the larger whole and to a future that you have a place in.

A softer Saturn says, if you are not in the right group or social sphere, seek one with a deeper meaning. Superficiality just won't work. You may even have a shy tendency. Your loneliness needs the softening of others with who you can feel equal.

But this doesn't mean a crammed social schedule because that can bring a feeling of emptiness. It may require work to lead you into deeper interchanges with others as you discover more about yourself and your search for a meaningful set of social values.

Your shadow side may be defensive, but a soft Saturn says, recognize your defensiveness as a need to find meaningful expression.

You will need to protect yourself with good boundaries. You may even need to be fierce in order to do so. ARIES (like the first house) can be a 'wild woman' protecting her tribe as well as herself. DID you receive a higher calling from your soul when Pluto and Saturn were together a few years ago?

Remember that a softer SATURN has more round edges and does not require the perfection of the old Saturn that had to do or die! It is enough to set your goal and move in that direction. After all, this Aries, 1st house, Saturn brings with it some timidity and fear of full self expression. It's important to recognize you are working toward something that you are only beginning in the FIRST HOUSE of your chart!

The first house is your BODY.

Vulnerable Saturn in your 1st house - is not unlike if you had a Saturn in Aries - you are trying to adjust to the conditions of your personal world and to integrate your innermost thoughts and feelings and personal life events to the outer world.

Treat your body with gentle loving care and kindness as it travels through your first house with Aquarius. Listen to the needs of your body and self. Both must seek a balance in order to further you along your path. 

You are in a process of BECOMING and MATURING into something greater than you are right now. You have a mask, a role to play, everyone does. But with Saturn here you may have crystallized some presentation to the outer world that is no longer useful to you. You need to redefine this!

You may need to redefine how you self assert so that how you translate to other people comes through in a way that actually defines who you truly are.  Positive self-assertion is what I'm talking about here. You can expand your field of conscious awareness about your body and how it relates to its surroundings. You may need more freedom of self-expression particularly if you have been hindered by disease, negative personality traits, or too much head-on jousting with others. 

You'll need to expose some aspects of yourself to the outside world. This feels particularly vulnerable to you now. Find ways to build your self confidence so that you can learn better and more effective boundary-making. You don't want to just isolate, you won't learn enough that way. It's about YOU and GETTING YOURSELF OUT THERE! You need a larger territory of influence.

Self-knowledge, self-mastery and the use of your will in a positive and life-supporting way may be necessary to counter any shyness you have. Saturn softens as you recognize and ask for what you want and need!




House #2 has to do with your possessions and how you acquire them. This house defines your capacity to earn money or create a livelihood. It reflects attitudes about your emotional needs for security. Your possessions and property reflect your true 'values' or, for greater happiness, should reflect what you value both heart and soul. When Saturn enters this house it becomes the force that drives you to acquire what you need now and what you will need in the future to feel and BE secure in life.

This is an Earth house and relates to the sign of Taurus. It will require practical effort on your part to attain what you want. There is a certain fixed aspect to this house. As such it can be about land owned, or real estate as these elements in life give a sense of permanence and stability which fulfills the Taurus, 2nd house need for security.

Your standards, values, honor, confidence, talents - whatever gives you a sense of your self-worth are all tied with this house.


adapted from Manly Hall 

As Saturn moves in Aquarius through this house, you increase in consciousness and maturity. As this occurs, your experience of what you truly value will change and grow. Your sense of what brings this security is shifting. What you own or don't own will take on new meaning as you go through this transition.

With Saturn transiting your 2nd house, there may be a fear of poverty. You could experience the lack of material luxuries, even necessities, during this time.

What really brings you security? Your sense of your personal self-worth can diminish as you transition from what you have to what you are. But this is not the end-all phase of this transit. 

In a few years Pluto comes along to purge you of what you really don't need or VALUE anymore, or to change and release OLD VALUES that grew from fear or greed.

You may feel or actually have to do it all alone without help from anyone else whatsoever! This could be frightening indeed.

Saturn will present you with the realities of your financial picture.

And, you will be outgrowing your purely material needs as you comprehend a softer Saturn that places values on "Spirit", on more productive ways of looking at matter. You may look at the renewal and reuse of what you once considered old or loses its charm as you value the 'earth' more and 'how it looks to the rest of the world' - - less.

Your personal freedom could become associated with how you make money or how much you feel oppressed by the work that brings in your income. Look to ways that allow you to make money without giving up your independence. 

As you outgrow old ideas of material security you bring in a new meaning for what being secure really means to you.



HOUSE #3 is an air house. It has to do with movement, communication, education, the intellect. This house loves to gather information. Talking, chatting, holding forth, expressing one's opinions all reside here. With Aquarius being an air sign also, new visions, new ideas, and learning improved ways of expressing yourself can bring out more of the genius in you!

So do your vehicles of movement and communication, your cars, computers, and cell phones. Whatever you need to function more easily and efficiently on an everyday level.

Knowledge flows back and forth in this house which is much like Gemini. With Saturn passing through this house you may feel a strain or even fear in your communications. Perhaps you are afraid to say what is really on your mind and in your heart with Saturn here. Saturn could create situations in which it is imperative for you to speak up and speak out.

You may need a new car, not out of your desire for a more luxurious vehicle, but sheer necessity.

Perhaps you are being denied an education or feel restricted by not knowing enough in a particular field. As Saturn softens and you realize the kinds of benefits you may receive by increasing your ability to communicate with others, you find a class in communications or training in your chosen field.

You will find yourself listening more to what is being said. Listening becomes a great source of information. Purging old beliefs, attitudes or having a sense of gossip and the damage it does, can become very important to you. Your mind is more serious with Saturn in your 3rd house - this might mean you feel some depression or negative thinking when certain transits to Saturn dominate. Ask yourself if you are repressing your need for self-expression?

Your depth of thought will increase along with your concentration. The small talk that you used to imbibe in can become painful as your mind deepens its interests and its ability to 'think'. The attitudes or superficiality you 'used' to experience will no longer be tolerable.

Difficulties with expressing yourself could arise; if you isolate it won't help. There is something you need to articulate. Your personal thoughts and feelings may be changing dramatically. As you strive for inner truth, as your mind inquires, as your experiences increase, your attitudes change, you wish to make a more meaningful contribution. Saturn softens you as the trite, the untrue, or the superficial drop away into more meaningful daily encounters.

 LISTEN and  and GAIN NEW KNOWLEDGE when Saturn passes through your 3rd house.

In this house, connections with your neighbors, siblings, or close friends can become deeper and more meaningful, but first, there may be gossip to overcome, old beliefs about who these people really are. There may be much you don't know about your self or how others see you. Saturn is helping you strive for the truth as you eliminate the senseless suffering of false belief or unknowing.

If Saturn brings depression while it is in this house, you must look to your thinking patterns. You may wish to learn how to write and focus on a gratitude list at this time....or you want to find someone you trust, a counselor or close friend, to share what is happening with you now. Perhaps one of your siblings will be the source of your depression, or a neighbor or do you just need more freedom and a car to get around in? By opening to the 'why' of your depression, more will be revealed to your conscious mind.

The Uranus ruled part of Saturn in Aquarius CAN give you the courage to free up your mind for a future of greater potential.



"Nurture"                          Sharon Russell

(go to LETS SHOP to see Sharon's cards) She has a lovely poster size piece of art that you may want to mount on your wall or altar space to remind you of how you will need to be especially nurturing to yourself as Saturn passes through this house, #4, or even if it is conjunct your Moon sign as it travels through Aquarius.

In the 4th house, Saturn is not at home. Saturn is always trying to achieve some goal or control some situation. That's not bad, but in the fourth house, it is about our FEELINGS more than the goal. It is about tenderness and nurturance of the self and of others. So Saturn, though not at home here, CAN learn to release some of it's outer world personae of mastery in order to reach down deep into the reaches of the Soul, your home life. 

Perhaps you are being called to be 'on call' for your parents at this time and that is oppressive for you. Or do you have a son or daughter who is maturing or trying to and it is the cause of much distress in your heart? 

Saturn is earth but it's in a watery sign here and it affects your emotions and the atmosphere that is surrounding you. This could be your home. Issues of inner security and safety come up! Hidden in this house are the instinctual reactions of our youth. What you learned as a child at the tender ages before you had a rational mind or the ability to make your own choices are IN this house. Whatever was imposed on you by this early environment can once again feel heavy or oppressive no matter what age you are now. 

Saturn in Aquarius in your fourth house may need to free itself up from the dark or repressive past.

Something in your 'child' psyche must be discovered and brought up to the surface of your awareness. Your psyche needs a clearing out of past emotional patterns that you used to 'cope' with difficult situations as you were growing up. Aquarius could make you feel like 'leaving' or getting out, but what you really need to get out of has its source deep within the unconscious.

As Saturn softens your heart, your inner child heart,... that crippling sense of oppression can be released. You could see the past more clearly and with new eyes.  Healing can occur. Your old mistrust of emotional intimacy or feelings of being unloved can be vented. You have the AWARENESS now as an adult to look at where your feelings may have crystallized and been keeping you from entering into love. 

A softer Saturn says that " I can and should nurture myself ....with love, self-acceptance and provide what I need for my inner security". As you expand your field of self-expression through your feelings, your inner strength grows and your SOUL is renewed.

Allow coldness to melt. There might be someone in your family or a friend who needs you to 'thaw out' over the past nature of your relationship. 

You revision your home life in some way seeing how your 'home' or what you need as a home base can be the place that allows you to go out into the world and be free. Does that make sense, that you need to have a stable home base, but you need your freedom at the same time?

Allow emotional 'Integration' and 'Serenity' to grow.

You will learn to minimize your dependencies on others as you discover the beautiful self within, one who has no need to dominate or control others.

"SOLITUDE"                                collage from Dixie G

Sometimes you will need to be left alone, but at other times you will need to meet with others in order to integrate your emotions with others. If confrontations occur as they may, return to your center by seeking some Solitude, then come out and try again. Through this natural process of inner and outer frames of reference, you slowly dissolve old patterns of feeling unloved or uncared for. 

It will take a bit of work, but you can do it!



Saturn goes through the fire as it passes through your 5th house. Love affairs, your children, creativity, investments, your ego, or your sense of self all are being asked to mature and grow during this time. 

"Lady of the Sun"  LEO   Sharon Russell

This is the house of your individual identity and what it means to you. Even through LOVE, we can get a glimpse of ourselves. Love and romance are in this house to the degree that you are expressing or intuiting your wholeness. How do I appear in this relationship, in this love affair?

Catch yourself being yourself! This is the house where your personal 'dramas' help you to find and discover your 'self'....not the big 'self' of enlightenment, but the little self of ego, of self-expression and creativity. What creates a piece of your own individual identity? With Saturn in Aquarius here, there is a temporary barrier between your 'self' and the usual things you do to express that 'self'. You may feel dry and lack creativity during this time. Perhaps your children are demanding your attention through their own maturing, but at the same time, their needs steal your limelight.

You might feel rebellious towards those you normally love or you could rebel against an old 'you'. Do you need a new way to express yourself or your creative life? Are your children acting out and trying to show you a new part of themselves?


The creative flow feels blocked.

Or if it is not blocked, the usual happiness you get from it may not be forthcoming.

Feeling inadequate or insignificant no matter how many talents you have is not uncommon during this time. Disappointments or heartbreaks can come along and take you out of center, your personal CENTER OF SELF is being tested.

You want to be needed and admired, but Saturn just won't let it in!

You must find the secret to your own identity, but not from the outer world.

Concepts such as loyalty, duty, responsibility, and fidelity may become over-exaggerated. These could replace a deeper need for finding the true self.

The key is to UNLOCK YOUR HEART! 

Of course, it won't be easy, but JOY and feelings of SIGNIFICANCE can be yours when you add meaning to your creative self-expression. Patience and INSIGHT will be important for you to cultivate!

Those traditional fairy tales where the JEWEL that is guarded by the dragon or hidden away, this is your find this jewel of SELF, nothing much else will do.

Do you have a special destiny to be fulfilled? This could be your time to reveal it to yourself if not to the world at large. The blocking force may be the social structure itself. You'll have to figure out how to link your purpose to the needs of society. This will require objectivity, not just creativity. You want to be who you really are, not what society wants you to be! This is important to you now.   

Saturn softens and you begin to find your true center...not the one that needed the audience, but the true YOU inside. You will no longer be dependent on whether others recognize you or not. WHAT A RELIEF this can at last recognize your 'Self'.


THIS ARTICLE TO BE CONTINUED ........... I will continue with houses #6 through 12 and Saturn's effects as it moves through your the meantime, please do feel free to share this article with others who may be having difficulties and fears associated with their Saturns... you could even decide and enlist others in taking this important 2 1/2 year journey of Saturn in Aquarius together.

Love to all you darling girlfriends, 

Dixie Gladstone

Feminine Astrology