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(TIP to help you learn astrology: get your notebook out and write down the symbols for each Venus sign - here's a suggestion, write each symbol for each sign of the 12 signs for Venus with a few keywords that will help you recall what this Venus sign is all about! Use the words and symbol together at first, later on, you can use just the symbol and it will tell the story to your inner mind!)

VENUS is an ancient Goddess. She represents the force of attraction in nature. All relationships depend on her. Every person, place, or thing you are attracted to and LOVE is seen through the lens of your Venus sign.

She has been with us consciously for a very long time.

VENUS OF WILLENDORF about 28,000 to 25,000 BC.

Venus of Catal Huyuk 6700 BC

An example of how they lived in Catal Huyuk. These were NOT barbarians. In Astrological Processional Time (that's the 25,000-year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes), this culture emerged at the time of TAURUS, the Bull! So this approximately 2400-year period was a Venus time as Venus is the ruler of Taurus and what can be said of Taurus can often be said of Venus. The beauty, grace, and harmony that Venus in Taurus seeks is reflected in the culture of our ancestors of 8700 years ago.

Astrology is WAY older than we can imagine. Isn't this exciting to find our ancestors, in their homes, NOT WORSHIPPING IDOLS, but rather using the symbols of the great zodiac to comprehend WHERE they are in this mysterious universe? The animal, the bull, and the qualities it represented, and where it was located by constellation were sacred to the people of Catal Huyuk and their time period because it gave them a way in which to relate to their HUMAN PLACE on this planet. By this time, we had gained a SOUL, and it wanted and needed to begin to comprehend itself and its relationship to the cosmos!

Venus as Innana in ancient Sumeria. From 4000 to 3100 BC Venus/Inanna was seen as a creative, pro-creative, and nourishing goddess, essential to life itself. She was a force of attraction to be reconned with.

ISHTAR at the gates of Babylon (Ishtar came after Inanna).

Old Babylonian cuneiform texts dated the knowledge of the first Ishtar Gates around 1600 BCE.

Mycenae Venuses 1600 to 1100 BC. Aren't these gorgeous? this is one of my favorite periods of women in history because they seem so happy, lively, and full of spunk....that was BEFORE patriarchy knocked it out of the feminine....well, that's another article.

Aphrodite 200 AD

Botticelli's Venus was born full-grown from the foam of the ocean.

mid-1480 AD, a Renaissance Venus.

The ocean can also be seen as the 'ocean of stars' in our Milky Way from which Venus came forth.

By this time, patriarchy had become dominant and the divine feminine, as you can see, has to cover up her reproductive area. VENUS, however, cannot be stopped, she has always been with us as Beauty, Love, and the drawing together of two forces that combine to create a third NEW FORM.

I use the word, emanations, as meaning that each of the 12 possible Venus signs is FLOWING FORTH FROM THE GODDESS. These "Emanations"  are the ways in which the Great Goddess transmits her various modes, energies, elements, and forms of expression so that as we inhabit this human body we embody and enliven a particular archetype of Venus. 

I will cover the VENUS signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo in this article. If one of these is NOT yours, then it may be a lover's, a child's, your best friend's, one of your parents, or someone famous you wish to know about.



Find the VENUS symbol or glyph in your chart. If the symbol  is next to it, then your Venus is in Aries. It will look like this:

 5° 49′ There will be some numbers with degree °   -    minute ′ symbols next to the numbers. These numbers I've used won't be yours, they are just an example. You won't have to worry about them now because as beginners the most important thing to learn is what SIGN your VENUS is in at your birth.

Venus is about love and when she is placed in Aries, she must learn how to tend to herself first. VENUS IN ARIES IS LEARNING TO LOVE HERSELF! Because you are not shy you must learn to make good boundaries for yourself as a woman in a feminine body. You have a natural outgoingness in social gatherings that can be quite vivifying for others!



You add sparkle to life wherever you go! You can have a cheerful attitude that others love especially if your VENUS is well aspected by the Moon, Mercury, or Jupiter.

Because she is direct in expressing herself Aries Venus could pioneer new fashions! This could be a lot of fun even if you come in combat gear or camouflage pants! Possibly you don’t care about the beauty aspect or the fashion statement. You are more into the comfort and utilitarian use of clothing. But because you do seem to stand out in a crowd, you may want to consider expressing yourself through your style of clothing and how you want to affect others.

You have a creative ability that could come out where the use of tools is important or where a coarser approach is OK such as in building a structure or putting together a project that requires some force or direction or something heavy to lift or move about.

A modern-day Venus as Robin Hood's Maid Marion.

Does anyone recognize this Venus in Aries? It's Sharon Russell, an artist, and my sister! Sharon is also a Taurus Sun, she loves all things Venus. Beauty is important to her! You can find her art here: ART FOR THE SOUL. She has painted all twelve of the zodiac signs for us as feminine images! Don't miss her art page, you may want to get one of her images to remind you of your Venus sign!

In our women's circle, Sharon keeps the group lively, makes us laugh, creates beautiful altars, and brings us all together in her lovely home. She has that Aries twinkle in her eye!

Venus in Aries wants to relate to others, in fact, you have a great desire to do so. Sometimes, Venus in this placement seeks to get along with others so much that you make compromises that take away your own personal rights. Or perhaps in your efforts to avoid controversy you give in your point of view which may be valid and vital.