A Time of Rendering of all Our Hearts Neptune in Pisces until 2026 

 Neptune in Pisces until 2026








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  • This article includes a teaching about the planets of our solar system and which ones we can interact with and which ones happen 'to' us.
  • How to find your ASCENDANT or RISING SIGN
Get your self a cup of tea or coffee, put up your feet, read slowly,
savor the beauty of the spiritual dynamics underneath this miraculous creation we live in.

SUN, Mercury, Venus,

Moon, Mars

The planets closet to our SUN, and including our SUN, MERCURY, VENUS, MOON, and MARS, are all considered our personal planets. We have a measure of control and interact with these energies in our charts in such a way that they define our personalities, they tend to define our likes and dislikes, what we are drawn to, what we love, the ways in which we act, our purpose and what we are comfortable with. As we mature we gain an ability to handle these energies and learn to channel them into useful, skillfull lives.



The next grouping out from the Sun to Mars, are the ASTEROID GODDESSES, they LINK us to our social planets. They are mostly FEMININE in nature and since their discovery in the late 1700's, women's choices and roles in the world have shifted dramatically.

By interacting with these archetypes (see page ASTEROID GODDESSES) we are actually CHANGING them in our own lives. The Asteroid Goddesses must gain our attention and awareness to become fully activated in our everyday life. The more we notice them and the natural feminine energies they produce, the closer we come to redefining ourselves as women on a path. The feminine principle is evolving by our conscious interaction with these lovely, loving and nurturing archetypes.

Jupiter, Saturn

Jupiter and Saturn help us move from our personal center out into the bigger world. These are called the Social Planets. Saturn brings us trials so that we can mature and become responsible. It teaches us about commitments and trust in our social domain. Jupiter gives opportunites that come from the outer world to meet us. We become part of a community when we interact with these planets. But we cannot shape what comes to meet us on our path, only decide, with the help of our personal planets how and whether or not we will respond to their opportunities and challenges.

  Uranus,  Neptune,  Pluto

And then there are our OUTER PLANETS, URANUS, NEPTUNE,and PLUTO. These three planets connect us to a larger collective energy. Jungians would refer to this energy as our Collective Unconscious. In Astrology we refer to them as transpersonal energies. We have little or no control personally over them because they represent the BIG PICTURE of all of us as a human family. They define wars, famines, droughts, huge climatic upheavals, technology that changes the world, bigger spiritual forces, and the large political and idealogical trends in our society and our world.

The OUTER PLANETS affect us as groups and as a generation. If our personal chart gets a 'hit' by the actual degrees that these planets are traveling over, then we are likely to be affected. But, if not, we see the results in the news or we see their affects on our family, our friends, our loved ones.

Neptune will stay in Pisces until 2026. Neptune is an outer planet that moves slow taking 15 to 30 years to go through a sign. Neptune is a water planet and Pisces a water signNeptune rules our oceans and oil reserves and water underground - all will continue to be issues of major concern during these years.  NEPTUNE, a slow traveler, changes us slowly over time and rules what we call the higher octave of Venus, or LOVE. As we grow with Neptune, our love goes from the personal to the unconditional.

"Compassion" Pisces       by Sharon Russell

Here is Sharon's image of the zodiac sign PISCES. Pisces is ruled by Neptune. Sharon's CARDS PRINTS AND GICLEES ARE AVAILABLE (click here). This lovely watercolor illustrates a feminine perspective of Pisces. We see her ethereal, watery quality, a kind of 'drifitng through life' feeling that many Pisces people experience when in their unfocused, dreamy, watery state.


Notice the lovely LOTUS blossom at her feet. The feet are the body part ruled by Pisces. Feet are a symbol of humility, of loving understanding. They bring in COMPASSION or CO-PASSION for the other.

All around the globe through media we are being deeply connected to the experiences and tragedies of other peoples lives. Yet, we feel helpless to help and often become depressed or anxious in the wake of it all. This is Neptune shaping us into a NEW REALITY in which our hearts are beginning to resonate with the hearts of those across the globe, with those we may never see or have any personal connection with. But it is happening as we watch the news, feel the pulse of life, and the suffering of others. We even feel our own suffering and it is not selfish, it is a part of this unfolding of the next step in our becoming truly HUMAN.

With NEPTUNE IN PISCES until 2026 we are in this time of the development of COMPASSION in ALL OUR HEARTS! No one will be exempt. Our tender feelings are about to become wave upon wave of compassion in each of our individual hearts. We are in a time of great human evolutionary shift.

  This watery symbol is the symbol for the constellation, AQUARIUS

Age of Aquarius - is an energy of sisterhood, brotherhood, harmony of all people regardless of race, color, religious belief, or sexual orientation. It is a TIME OF WORLD DEMOCRACY.....ahhhhh, haven't you just been waiting for this time? I have.

It is these transpersonal planets, Neptune and URANUS ,the ruler of Aquarius and the new age of light coming from this group of stars in the Great Cosmic Mother, that compels us to REALIZE OUR CONNECTION WITH ALL OTHER BEINGS ON THIS PLANET.


Our neighborhood is shrinking. On media, we see refugees running across a bridge with their children, - who look just like US and just like OUR children. Our heart's participation will bring us into the heart alignment we need to face these changes on earth.

Our hearts are breaking, we are FEELING more deeply and compassionately than ever before.

Our Challenge, dear Soul Sistars, is to not give in to hopelessness and fear, but rather to align and realign every day with HOPE and FAITH and LOVE ......and we will get through this great shift together. Many of us will be called to find 'our way' to help purify and uplift as we become whole-hearted giving individuals! We will discover that we are capable of developing purity of heart and mind intent........and this will bring us a great JOY and renewal of our life force.

WE, the entire human race, are becoming Divinely Human. YOU are becoming MORE THAN YOU HAD EVER DREAMED or hoped to be.....but it will take time.........

And we will have TIME..... and SPACE, time to feel, to connect with our brothers and sisters all over this globe - we are becoming what we truly are on a spiritual level - ONE BIG FAMILY of HUMANKIND. What affects one of us, now affects us all. In this way you are a channel for compassion and really BIG love. Your personal growth is being challenged towards a level of maturity not previously known by the majorities of people on earth. We are graduating to a new level of conscious awareness which embraces the heart as much as it does the mind.

We must drop our old ideas and judgements as we become this divine human. We will still be human beings but we will become increasingly aware of the precious nature of our eternal soul and the nature of the soul of others and of the earth Herself (Mother Gaia).


This will help you to learn to read your own or another's astrology chart. Start with a small step like this and it will OPEN you up to participate with the great cosmic Mother.

 Let's look at a sample chart to see what I mean:

I circled it - there's LEO and it's on the ASCENDANT or RISING SIGN for this chart. We also call this the 1st house. See those numbers on the inner circle, #1 through 12 - these represent the HOUSES of your chart. They tell WHERE something is happening! The  first house tells about your personality, how tall or short you are, the color of your hair and whether or not you are predisposed to gain weight. It says a lot about your attitudes and how you present yourself to others. Later on, we'll talk more about what each house means, what part of your life it reflects.

Become a steady flame of spirit! A flame that does not flicker in the storm.

As you combine your passionate energy with purpose, direction, clear thinking and mind intent and the heart with growth in spiritual tenderness, you will be helping to recreate a new world. You and me.....we all do this together.....a little at a time with every act of loving kindness.


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VESTA article next, followed by fiery Saturns!

Today, I want to say good bye to you with a calm, centered heart, and an intention for your strong alignment with your individual spirit.

 Peace and calm be with you! 

     Love from your Soul Sistar,

                 Dixie Gladstone


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