Fun and lively altar Throat Chakra from Maura M. Venus Ascending
Altar for Sacral Chakra Venus Ascending
A woman in her Balsamic Moon Phase is busy as her body creates her elixir of immortality.
Dear Dixie,
Your Cycles of Becoming has been so illuminating to me. I just came through the Balsamic Phase, and because of your writing, I understood what to expect, and I could really revel in the richness and depth of that time. I’m two months into the New Moon, and I can already feel the shift. I’m starting to forget some of the dark places I visited, and I actually kind of miss them. They were so mysterious and intriguing. Thank you for your work. It has been a gift to me.
from Adrienne
She saw rose quartz as an 8th Chakra stone, here is her healing story:
Hi Dixie,
Thank you for that incredible newsletter on the 8th chakra below our feet in the earth. I love how you speak of the earth as one being and of her needing us to be one. That we are each her children. My early childhood did not gift me the mother you describe. Yet, in therapy, I have been given that mothering and through my own created imagery of an ideal mother and father.
My archetype, I was told by an English seer, is Innana.  I have experienced the descent of Inanna in my own life.
I was born under Capricorn and did not fully understand what my sign represents. Last week I had intense pain increase in my sacrum and new pain in my intercostals. My body was torqued, and I was forced to lie down with ice and heat. Two chiropractic adjustments seemed to make it worse. The universe sent me Holosync by Centerpointe. I was able to listen to a soundtrack on releasing pain, and the pain, the gripping of my body, mostly melted away. I also listened to a summit by Brian Vaszily on Anti-Aging. I was guided. I was up and about the next day and able to attend our first choral rehearsal the next day, for a huge holiday coming up. I knew, somehow, that Higher Spirit would find a way. She did.
I had a sense that my body was releasing old patterns. I have been attending recovery meetings which support us in getting in touch with our feelings and releasing unhelpful coping mechanisms from unmet needs in childhood. I responded to the higher dimension-level input from the Holosync soundtrack.
The “cocooning” concept with emergence as a renewed being makes perfect sense. I have been in a long desert in my heroine’s journey. In fact, it is synchronistic that the images of Sharon's that you chose to depict in “Nurture,” which I sent my daughter when she became a mother, and right after that, the book “Innocence to Wholeness,”. Sharon had sent me that image in response to my order - as a gift - her choice. This is a message to read that book.
BTW: The stone that came to me as the Earth Star stone was pink quartz. When I would go to the mountains in Colorado, I would see pink quartz rising out of the earth around me - for real. It is still a cherished stone.
Dear BK,
Those of us with strong Capricorn planets or asteroids will naturally feel the descent of Inanna during this Capricorn Metagoddess phase of Venus. Capricorns can have problems with bones, the back, sacrum. I remember when a best friend had severe pain in her back that radiated down into her legs, so much so that when I did her reading she had to lay on the floor in order to listen without the severe pain that she experienced in an upright position. As soon as Saturn (ruler of Capricorn and she was a Capricorn BTW) left its difficult transit she got better!
All my best to you. I love ROSE QUARTZ and your experience seems full of heart energy from the earth herself to you personally.....isn't life rich?
love, Dixie G
Thank you so much!                                                                                     2022


It deeply resonates, the great mother has been calling me home and it has been my only focus, especially for the last 9 months, which is when you said this phase began.  I can absolutely tell it’s a time to rest and have lots of space and connection with nature.  I feel the death phase and yet the new seed and rebirth of a completely new life. Knowing about the moon phases helps me to settle even more in with the flow and pace of which I’ve already been experiencing.  


I really am enjoying reading all of your articles, they all make so much sense and ground me even deeper on the feminine path.


Thank you for sharing so beautifully,


Much love,



MORE BALSAMIC MOON TIME -(from Cycles of Becoming)
so many women contact me during this time more than any other!
Wow yes, that deeply resonates. On so many levels... 
I wouldn’t even know where to begin trying to explain. It made me a little emotional reading it, to be honest. I am ever so grateful for your insight. It clears a lot of aspects of my spiritual life and work up for me... I feel that I needed to read these words. 
Amen, thank you, sister... 


 From my heart to yours, with so much gratitude,


 Love Eloise
Hi Dixie,
I was reading your astrology newsletter and wanted to reach out to share with you.
I found this newsletter powerfully aligned with and for me ~ I have read through it 3 times and am still taking your perspective in ~ I feel the nurturing of the planets and the Asteroid Goddesses. And I feel a bit emboldened or empowered by their presence.
With the outer planets support, I feel myself drawn again and even more fully into the awareness of the power of love and faith in our collective grace to carry me into service and the care of others ( with care of myself too) again.
I am being called back into my ministry one way or another, and feel the power of this astrology holding me as I walk that path.
With love and blessings to you always, and gratitude for the guidance and care that I experience from you always,
Yes, Katherine, you have expressed something I had never heard said in quite that way: "the power of this astrology to hold you", that feeling of the nurturance of the planets, and the way we as women can 'work with' and be nurtured by our asteroid Goddesses!
Thanks so much for your perspective, 
love you always, 
At the First Quarter Moon Phase, we'll be starting on a new more committed path, but it takes a while to get all those ducks in a row...
In the story of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy lived through a tornado during her First Quarter Moon...


Hi Dixie,
Thank you so much for this. I’m in such a weird space/phase and being able to go read about the first quarter moon put everything in perspective. I appreciate you.
Thank you so much!
I resonate with this phase. Have definitely been resting more especially the past 18 months. I did begin to feel unwell and became fearful of my mortality about a year ago. My studies and interest in the divine feminine, mother, crone wisdom has been increased. My creativity and expression have increased over the past couple of years. My studies and connection with the Moon and Venus have increased too. 
This affirms so much for me!
Thank you again so much
Dear Dixie,                                                                                                 April 2021               
Thank you so much for responding and your guiding intuition. I look forward to delving into the disseminating moon phase which, on the surface, is spot on! My last career has been as a substance abuse counselor, and retirement from the rehab facility is next month, the day before Taurus New Moon.
Since the solar eclipse in 2017, I have been gently and not so gently guided to where I agreed to go before my birth. Which is healing what I'm calling my relationship with "Mother of All." It is an amazing journey, and I feel so blessed to have found different women along the way. Sadly, none of them live in Houston! I am retiring to work/play full time in supporting the shift of patriarchy and matriarchy becoming One, and to live that within me.
The information I found on your website about Vesta touched me deeply. She is helping me connect dots and make more heart-sense of what I'd forgotten I knew.
Again, thank you for another piece of the tapestry. I'll let you know how all this fits into or expands what I am doing. 
Dear Dixie


Thank you so much for this update!  I was able to catch the Conjunction Dance between Venus and the Balsamic Moon yesterday morning, which was absolutely gorgeous and magical. 
A while back, at the end of October 2020, I wrote to you asking about my Lunar Phase. I felt like I was transitioning from my New Moon into my Waxing Crescent Phase. You gave me a very detailed reply that I still had several months to go, as well as some insights on my Nodal axis and upcoming Saturn Return. 
Your reply, as well as your work on the Moon Cycle & Lunar Phases, have been tremendously helpful in having more compassion, patience, and kindness with myself and my process. 
I am eternally grateful for this. I am currently slowly but surely stepping out of a dark night of the soul, focusing on my health and taking small steps to start up my own business in health food, herbalism, and astrology. 
I wish you all the best the universe has to offer for 2021 
With so much love from my heart to yours,


Dear Kaspar,
I am happy to hear that what I wrote you was helpful. We have to be kind and patient with ourselves. These times are trying and as we move forward as women together, the support of one another is so important. I wish you many successes and a deep knowing that the Divine Feminine is with you on this journey. Slowly, this will come to you.       
my best,



Hello Dixie, 
Thank you so much for providing this rich information about the dance of Venus and the Moon. 
I have a growing alter as each month has offered me an opportunity to gather some of my most meaningful treasures in one spot. 
I have taken the time to ponder and ‘do the work’ around your prompts.  Thank you! 
I’m checking in because I haven’t heard from you this month. In this time of Covid, I want to make sure you are healthy and well. 
I look forward to hearing from you and continuing with the next gateway. 
You are a Goddess and blessed for sharing your incredible talents with us. 


Hi Maura, thanks for the prompt, my article was a bit late this month. I am sorry for that! We have an 8th Gateway of Venus coming up soon for FEBRUARY 2021. It's unusual to have an 8th gateway so I'm excited to work on that one! I'd love to see pictures of your altar if you have any!
Venus Gateway surprise! gives me hope for 2021!
Hi Dixie!
Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom so beautifully as always - especially in regards most recently to the Venus Gateways!  With all of the "excitement" 2020 has thrown us, I've only had time to briefly skim all of them with the intent of revisiting at a later time.  Naturally, as the universe would have, I decided to highlight this specific one in emails and came back across it about two hours ago - conveniently an hour after Venus/Ianna just made her passage through the Balsamic Moon.


I just experienced a beautiful experience that I thought I would share :


I live in Jackson Hole and the past two nights have been snowy after a long week of frigid temperatures and crystal clear skies so I've been a bit nervous about missing out on some of the celestial happenings in the following weeks with snow on the forecast.  I regularly peek out our window or door at night hoping for a chance to sky gaze on a cloud-covered night and on occasion, the sky will clear at the right time.  Tonight was one of those magical nights it knew it was a time to break.  I ventured out to our new backyard space (we've only been here about a month so I haven't had time connecting with our surroundings much, moon cycles, etc.) and most of the sky was shadowed with the exception of the Saturn - Jupiter arena.  A large tree breezed as if introducing itself that it would be my new guide in this home - so I went over to it and felt the energy, stargazed, took some time to do deep meditative breath and embrace the surroundings.  When I thought it was time to head back, I felt the need to look up a few more times/breathe/connect with Venus in case the snow falls for the nights to come.  In that time, it took me into almost a trance and my palms faced up (they were by my sides) were pulled by the love and energy to about chest height where I felt the gust of wind connecting everything - in the background, a band of coyotes howled as they also felt this celestial energy and love for Venus as she enters her next passage as well.  When my eyes opened again, the sky was clear and the stars were twinkling.  It was as though we were all ONE and all of the animals and nature around were all on the same page.  What an absolute blessing.  


I'm so grateful for your teachings and the universe for connecting the dots for this to happen in the wee hours this Saturday <3


Thank you so much!!!


All of the blessings,


Dear Dixie,
I feel like I am in the disseminating phase, learning from and integrating all the full moon revealed and dropping leaves as I journey deeper into my relationship with Mother Earth Gaia and my spiritual grandmothers.
Hi Jennifer,
You are 2 years and 3 months apprx. into your Soul's FULL MOON PHASE! That means you are about a year and a half before you enter Disseminating Moon Phase.
It's not unusual to think you are further along the Full Moon Path - primarily because it can be quite eventful and amazing, but there are still some flowers within you ready to bloom and reveal themselves to you before you Disseminate. I am in my Full Moon also and honestly, I really relate to Disseminating right now because I feel my consciousness gaining a broader understanding of events in my life. But I also notice all that heart growth and the sadness and loss that comes with certain things not being as I had wanted them to be no matter how hard I tried. Acceptance can be part of the energy towards the latter part of our Full Moon experience.
my very best to you, enjoy your deepening relationship with Earth Mother Gaia. This is a special time for you!
Dixie Gladstone
Feminine Astrology
Hi Dixie,
This makes me so happy to read:  

"...there are still some flowers within you ready to bloom and reveal themselves to you." 
appreciate learning from you so much, 

Thanks so much, Dixie. 

It was precisely this 5th newsletter you'd sent that compelled me to reach out because it resonated so deeply with me that as I read I thought YES, YES, YES. And here you have confirmed that this is indeed the phase that I am in. 
From the desire to move forward, trusting my instincts and pushing through the known and fear, and using Dorothy and the yellow brick road as an analogy, your words have served as a real beacon of hope and understanding of the transformation that has been happening inside of me.
Thank you so much for what you do.
Wishing you all the very best and looking forward to continuing my feminine cosmic education.
Dear Claudine, thanks for your feedback! Isn't this synchronicity great! Your SOUL IS TALKING TO YOU!
Have an exciting journey as you discover more about YOU!      my best, Dixie 


Hey Dixie,
Wow thank you so much, I was shaking with joy reading this email! This is all very enlightening and I'm super excited to keep learning about these moon phases. I can already feel this helping me find direction and purpose.
I definitely resonate with your comments about gaining a new perspective career-wise. I am ready for the next thing I just feel a little lost, especially with such a chaotic world right now.
I absolutely feel the need for solitude, I have recognized that part of me since I was a teenager. I am highly emotional and sensitive and sometimes people or life just feels like too much and I need to hide from time to time, usually I bury myself in making art or other creative projects. I definitely feel recharged after some solitude.
I wanted to mention what you said about a possible hidden angel or guide in the 12th house. My Dad would always say he felt as though he had a guardian angel guiding him and keeping him out of harm, and that he knows this guardian watches out for me and my sisters too. Your comment made me think of this. I would like to work more on acknowledging this possible guide and welcome their help for me along the way.
I so appreciate all the work you do Dixie. I look forward to reading more about each Moon phase and to keep learning about this magical part of life! Thank you so much!
Much Love, Jennifer
Hi Dixie,
Thank you very much for your kindness, and for your generosity I. Giving me more information. That is a huge help! I have been working on relationships for decades!


Whenever your name comes up in my email, I can’t wait to read your posts. My visual sense is the most acute, so I really enjoy the art with meaning and context.


Take good care,
Dearest Dixie,


Words do not express fully my deep gratitude for this information.  I appreciate knowing I am following my inner guidance with rest and turning within to the deep feminine wisdom.


1993 was the start of becoming a hypnotherapist which I continue until this day. A very rich and rewarding period of my life. I had completed my Masters in Public Health and was turning to work only part-time as a nurse building my own practice.   I made far less money but was so enriched by my new career interest.


I appreciate you and delighted Dr. Northrop mentioned your name.  


Many blessings to you,
Dear Dixie,
Thank you for the information regarding, 
New Moon Cycle.
It's my second time, in this phase.
What has been written in this outstanding article, 
Thank you for confirmation, as I experience the oneness of my Soul & Spirit coming in Union, in deep sacred relationship.
Hi Dixie!
Thank you so much for placing my Vesta and your wonderful feedback and knowledge!  
I can say without a doubt that when I feel as though I am on track with fulfilling something that provides meaning and purpose it really fuels my fire.  Currently, I’m missing that and I think it has to do with the aftermath/dust settling from my Saturn Return and the NEW MOON PHASE I just started - so the seeds are being planted.  I know I have to be patient so this is really helpful in knowing that I’m on track towards developing a purposeful focus.  I hope that makes sense/that I’m understanding this correctly!
Thank you so much for providing all of this incredible information!  It’s so helpful for a curious beginner astrologer!
All the best,
Dear EB, Your New Moon holds the seed for the entire next 29-year cycle...it's important not to overdo it in your enthusiasm at this time as the Moon is still quite dark. A tiny sliver of light begins to appear about 9 months into that phase! All my best, enjoy your newly emerging self!   Dixie
Mercury Retrograde and 2019 Update
Thank you so much for this insightful post. As a WOC, the last three weeks have been extremely painful here in America (11-9-16)But thanks to your post with all its valuable insight, my faith has been restored. Where is your info for having a consultation? Once again, thanks a bunch.
Cheers. Linda

Dear Linda,
Here in America, as it is all over the world, it is a frightening time for women. But women are banding together more and more every day. And they are HOLDING THE FEMININE PRINCIPLE STRONG! 
Do not lose heart. It is especially important for you to be YOU. I belong to a women's group. It gives me the courage I need to do my work. Thank you for your comments, Linda! Strong woman that you are, a True Daughter of the Goddess.
Jupiter In Retograde comments:
Thank you for this! It was amazing to hear these insights. I’m especially resonating with your writing on Jupiter retrograde. I AM frustrated with the courts and legal system. Patience really isn’t my strength and I want freedom I’m not getting right now!  I have a fair number of planets in Sagittarius. 


Thank you so much. I really appreciate your beautiful writing and website 


Hi Diana,
Jupiter retro is also causing more trouble for my husband and me with the court system. It's actually kind of a mess and I feel the extra confusion that Neptune is bringing to the table - many doubts, uncertainties, and clouds hovering over it.
Keep coming back to my web site....soon you'll find something really positive you can relate to. I hope you write to me then as well!
Your 29 Year Moon Phase
Hi Dixie!


Wow thank you so so much for responding to my email!  I figured it was a shot in the dark!  I really appreciate you explaining that a little more to me and I’m looking forward to my new moon phase! 


The new moon cycle is completely aligning with everything I am hoping for around those times.  


I really appreciate all the articles you sent and your website is filled with so much incredible knowledge. I’ve had a huge spiritual awakening since January so it’s really nice to find another community/resource outside of where we live in Jackson Hole.  


Is there an online birth chart calculator you recommend for finding where your Goddess asteroids are located?


Funny you should ask!  I’m not a teacher but my birth chart definitely has some points in that direction.  We shall see!


Absolutely love your website and thank you very much!




Hi EB,
To me, if you could only know ONE THING ABOUT YOUR ASTROLOGY CHART I would want to know what Moon Phase I'm in right now! It is important for me to know what my SOUL is asking of me. What task must I accomplish is so different from one phase to the next. Thanks for your comments!
Linda from Ojai has these thoughts about Sedna: AMAZING! thanks Linda...
When Those huge waves of the unconscious frighten animus, perhaps he doesn’t know how to just dive in & swim among the sea creatures. Does Animus cling to cold Rational linear control.  Why Does Animus “throwout the baby w the bath water”? When Sedna tries to hold on to the boat, Animus uses a cold hard weapon to cut off her fingers.  Thru animus’ aggression, She loses not only her grip but her fingers.  If animus is herself, she suddenly must learn to swim in the waves & wild currents of the unconscious . I hope that Anima Sedna learns to breathe differently, that She stretches & changes: explores, adapts, builds new muscles Can now breathe more deeply, eyes can now see more clearly in the luminous darkness. Perhaps she floats & rests in a place where Time becomes circular- as it always has been.  Was earthbound Sedna-  before this- “ a fish out of water”.  Could the traditional astrological symbol for Pisces of the twin Fish be her Anima & Animus fighting at that tumultuous moment in the boat? Will she forever be twined of Anima & Animus ?
Hi Dixie, Thanks for the great info on Sedna. I have resonated with her story since I heard about it a few years ago.
Here's my Sedna story: as Uranus was crossing from Aries to Taurus last May, it crossed over Sedna in my chart at 29 Aries (6th house). Because Sedna is square to my Moon at 28 Cancer, Uranus was squaring my Moon at the same time (making Sedna's transpersonal energy very personal)
My living environment at the time was very insecure and stressful (moon/home issues). And on the day that Uranus (conjunct Sedna) squared my Moon, I was trying to get away from the abusive landlord (walking fast on the sidewalk) and I fell -- and broke two of my fingers.
It's archetypal, that's for sure.
Carol, that's your landlord in the boat.....not a nice guy.
Dear Carol,
Well that is a Sedna story if ever I heard one! I'm curious to know what happened the second time Uranus crossed over into Taurus in March 2019??? .... also that 6th house can affect the hands since we use them to 'work', a sixth house issue. How do you experience Sedna in your 6th house of work, service, health issues in general?
THANKS for your story. I hope your fingers have healed and your situation is settled now. 



TO EVERYONE, If the above describes your chart, then you have a SQUARE or OPPOSITION that Jupiter will make to the planet that is in Virgo, Pisces, or Gemini. Say you had a Venus in Sag and a Mars in Virgo - with Jupiter now transiting in Sag you may have to watch tendencies to overdo or overwork. With Pisces, you could be over-fantasizing, or maybe you are feeling fearful, overly so. With Gemini, you may jump to conclusions that are not based on a deeper truth....or the cat may have your tongue and you'll have to watch what you say.

Jupiter will tend to exaggerate stuff and here's why: You do need to see something more clearly, you need to get to the TRUTH of a situation. 

Being conscious of Jupiter's 'largeness' can bring opportunity, but it also brings overwhelm or restlessness.  Here is my article on Jup in Sag that you may want to read while Jupiter goes retrograde at 24 ° Sag in mid April, 2019: JUPITER IN SAG, A Lightening Up 

Dear Dixie,

Yes! I feel like I am so ocd on certain things but then unorganized in others, like keeping the perfect home at all times. I mean I do have a 3 yo so its hard and it does stress me out when things aren't in order. Like this weekend, I could've stayed home to dial it in but I wanted to go on a long bike ride lol


Dear Vanessa,

Vanessa has a square from her Moon in Virgo and many planets in Sag so she is going to really feel that restless urge to get out into nature. It can be a kind of escape but it can also be a wonderful way to release all that pent up Virgo need to be perfect and get everything just right. So Vanessa, if you haven't taken that long bike ride now, do so, you deserve to feel free! Or maybe it's time to put bike rides into your Virgo schedule!


Hi Dixie, 
I was reading your article and absolutely loving reading your descriptions of Saturn through the houses with the 2020 transit in Capricorn. I have Saturn transiting my 6th and I am really excited to see what you have to say!
Dear Haley, It seems that Saturn is one of the most popular planets for women to be looking at. In the 6th house, Saturn can give you a chance to get your 'ducks in a row' and then you can feel more secure in the world as Saturn moves UPWARD into the top half of your chart for the next 14 years once it leaves your 6th house.
So this is a kind of preparatory time for you....preparing to move upward into the 7th through 12th houses where you will be 'seen' more in the outer world when you take on more responsibility, your 'maturity' is noticed and appreciated and confidence can increase also. I'll be writing more about SATURN because in 2020 Saturn will connect with Pluto creating pressure to reform each and every one of us in some way....this includes political and social institutions as well as the elements that structure our lives and give it support and stability.
So SATURN in the 6th - prepares you to meet your goals and ambitions by putting some demands on you: hard work or extra responsibility is in the 6th house. The difficulties arise when we feel overwhelmed by it all or not up to the task. Or maybe not feeling adequately compensated for what you do. The TEST of Saturn is to shape your effectiveness. So you may have to conserve energy in other areas of your life to keep your focus - scattered or wasted energies here can make us sick literally.
Treat your body as a beloved tool to be cared for with proper diet, exercise, and nutrition. Look at your lifestyle and see how it reflects your reality - body and mind must come together to bring the maturity that comes with this placement.
My best to you,

A Skyfull of Miracles for 2019

Dearest Dixie.
I have no words to thank you for your work and this wonderful reading.
I have already felt it in my soul and reading your words brought tears flooding down my face. Doing my work in India demands tremendous focus and courage to not feel isolated and lonely Amidst millions of people and chaos . 


This time I am visioning and investing bigger with the shawls and clothing. It’s both very exciting and a little scary. So thank you for including me in your magical readings!
You are such a precious soul dear Dixie. 


I am so looking forward to all that 2019 will Bring
Much love from India,


NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER as we complete 2018

Dixie, Girlfriend, How you do-en? 
BTW: (I hope you and your friends/family are safe from the fire in California.). God be with those there.


Seriously, you picked the right time to inform me of the things/delays/being stuck...what's going on now. Yesterday, I cursed, which I don't do, because everything I attempted went wrong. But after the New Moon in October, I noticed things went weird...and the evil Manager at my former job finally got her way and had me fired (though I was an AWESOME worker.) (She NEVER liked my New York mannerism here in Kansas City and she was reverse-discriminating and bias towards me.). Anyway, I am resting and enjoying getting my apartment in order (Gift from God) but I tried to wind a bobbin for sewing and couldn't remember. Even the instructions from on-line screwed-up my bobbin and STILL I couldn't make a sewing bobbin...something so easy in the way past. I couldn't hang a shelf yesterday, the wall chipped away. I was frustrated. Also, I have "High idea productivity" but I can't make it turn out right...in other words, I have t-shirt ideas but I don't remember how to use illustrator and my computer won't download my fonts or programs. I AM STUCK! I am waiting for the new job to come through which I hope will start around the 15th (the pay period).


Girlfriend, I am STUCK and alone and need the Universe to help me...Thank you Ms. Dixie for the information...it's insightful! 


Have a Blessed day and be safe!
Dear J,
Wow, what a story. While I was downtown yesterday I heard some other STUCK and FRUSTRATING feelings going around. I added my own feelings about certain areas of my life that are moving so SLOWLY and I am so full of that Neptune fear - from it being just opposite my Saturn! This would be happening to anyone born around 1949 or 1978 or 2007 give or take a year or two. It's a fuzzy wuzzy world out there for us with lots of prickly cactus to get stuck on! OH, MY!
Thanks for the comments and sharing your story, soon I'll get that Jupiter article out so we can know where in our lives we might expect some good news, some happy moments, some new opportunity! 
Hope you get a better job soon! 
Dixie G
Dear Dixie, Loved  this article.  I have Neptune at 27 Libra and am mourning a love from 29 years ago, I am quite sure he does not feel the same and so your article which landed last night in UK (5th Nov) and read this morning gripped my attention as my Neptune (12th) has been the most dissolving and treacherous of my very hard chart (life) .  I just thought that I would say THANK YOU Dixie.xxxxxx .         Ps. I am also happily married but the other one stays, how is that?    I hope that you are feeling better because I believe you had a bereavement when I first read  one of your articles. Now all I got to do is understand Ceres in Libra, with my Neptune, Venus rx (again) and I am a Cancerian to boot. Its also, my beloved Grandma's birthday today, so, have to listen to her more even though she's long gone from earth. 


Dear Dixie, Loved  this article.  I have Neptune at 27 Libra and am mourning a love from 29 years ago, I am quite sure he does not feel the same and so your article which landed last night in UK (5th Nov) and read this morning gripped my attention as my Neptune (12th) has been the most dissolving and treacherous of my very hard chart (life) .  I just thought that I would say THANK YOU Dixie.xxxxxx                                                                   Lynn W.

 Hi Dixie,

Thanks for the update!  The night sky is so beautiful out my upstairs bedroom window!



Hi Dixie,                                                                                                              Nov. 6, 2018
Thank you.  
It is very rainy here and I am imagining the beauty of the Venus/moon conjunction.  Thank you for reminding me to look up!  


Have a wonder full day. 


With love, 

The RULE BOOK IS CHANGING....we are rewriting it now.

ABOUT SATURN and how we will shift as we enter the


Dixie! So good to hear from you! Your recent blogs re the Saturn transit and the new age have shed light on some of what's been going on both on a personal level and globally. I will go back and read my horoscope that you did for me. I can so relate to the painful change and tearing away of old familiar ideas, attitudes, logic, etc making way for the new order. It feels much like a death or metamorphosis on every level deep inside my soul. Sorta feels like a big earthquake. The last year in particular I've been so drawn to the metaphysical and astrology which  is directly opposed to the fundamental Christianity I was brought up with. Always had the pull and interest but overridden by the patriarchal influence.


Have a lovely day and thank you for your work in ushering in courage, guidance and wisdom. 


Just read your beautiful astrological post, Dixie...really felt you went to new depths with this one. Felt deeply spiritual and grounded at the same time...keep going!
♥?♥?♥? Shashi




Let's not forget that some of our sistars are going through their SATURN RETURN time:

Dear Dixie,

Thank you for your Saturn return article. So helpful. Having a rough time... second return and your article helped SO MUCH.      

from K


A MOON LOVER, SHE HAS HER MOON IN the 8th HOUSE! TRANSFORMATIONS! SHE IS A TRUE TROOPER! A sistar from Canada! Above is her MICK JAGGER MOON! CAN YOU SEE IT? (I can't......Will someone please draw me a picture and send it to me so I can see it too?)            

Hi Dixie! Yes I remembered what you said about that and I really identified with it.  Thank you for reaching out, I feel very special to be remembered.  I am very much a child of the moon, I look up every chance I get. I have at least a thousand photos. I've included another for you... a Blood Moon and the shot I refer to as Mick Jagger because I see his sunglasses and nose and his famous lips, just tilt your head a bit to the right, hehehe...  I couldn't get any eclipse shots last night as it was overcast here. I'm fascinated with the Moon.

I am really psychically sensitive, I'm a fighter, I stand up for my own beliefs, I have an eclectic style, I turn away from 'fashion' and trendy and clicky, rather I love to mix up old and new with comfort and beautiful.  I'm sentimental for my childhood and memories, and I have been able to heal myself from a bitter, abusive marriage, two of them actually, and for 10 years I have been looking after myself, moved across the country to start a new life at 40!!  I bought my own house, and am managing TWO branches of the largest rental company in the world and I just began volunteering with a non-profit group, co-facilitating in a group of helping ladies Rise Up and find their inner strength to get on the same path, away from abusive relationships.

I didn't realize it until recently, but I am feeling very empowered and successful, despite how I felt down and unhappy with my lot.  

This is my 2nd year following you Dixie and I am grateful for people like you who are educating the world about the Divine Feminine~!

You truly are a Goddess to me! Happy Valentine's Day and many blessings to you xoxo

Denise  ??


MEN SUBSCRIBE TO FEMININE ASTROLOGY TOO! and I adore them because they know that inside each of us is both a masculine AND a feminine side!



When asked if she would like to have me put her Moon Sign on a web page and describe a little about her one girlfriend said:

“All the girls feared their Father less than they did their Mother, because she sometimes remembered things and he did not. Lord Brightlingsea was swept through life on a steady amnesiac flow.”

                                                                                                                        Edith Wharton 
from The Buccaneers


From 'Sharon Gets Crafty with her Moon in Virgo":




Dixie, thank you for the poignant reminder to open our hearts. Trauma closes the heart, inner work is to find the courage to open again.

Dear Catherine,

Thank YOU for sending this back to me as I needed to open my heart today when I saw my bank account balance in the - yes, that's a minus. Soul Sistars, that last new moon in Scorpio hit my 8th house which rules banks and bank accounts!!!!!@!!blah

From our Sistar Deborah:

In response to SATURN in SQUARE TO NEPTUNE and HOLD FAST TO YOUR DREAMS, October 2015:


Dear Dixie,
My current job has been exceptionally challenging for as long as I've been working there. I recently saw a job listing with the federal governments Bureau of Ocean Energy Management for a Renewable Energy Specialist. It's a cut in pay but feels like the right position for me. I feel in my heart that I just can't get my life together because I'm on the wrong path. When I saw this job I felt like everything I've learned and done has prepared me for this position. I really, really hope I get this job. Any prayers, thoughts and support would be GREATLY appreciated. 
Thank you again so much!!!  Wishing you and your family the very best. 


Dear Sally,  
You deserve the job that will use the most of your incredible talent! I have said prayers and will send more. Let me know if you get the new job so we can all share in your JOY and your true LIFE PATH!
Dixie G

Here is what one gal said about "A LULL IN THE STORM:                                                          January 2015 

strange. I had a decent night sleep but all I want to do is get back into bed and rest and nap. and I have so much to do?? So so sleepy and yarning. this kind of fits with cosmic picture. XXX OO AG



I'm thinking about Pluto taking me on a soul journey that is going to be dynamic and challenging. I'm focusing on your emphasis on the need for strength. Sharon's painting of Strength has clues for me: a woman who is grounded, whose eyes are observing, but not rushing, her body balanced and in harmony with her environment. This is a clear message for me to hold during my journey. Your descriptions of the different influences Pluto has on different people have big messages for me--for example to help me remember to slow down and listen to someone else's world view, not to rush in.
This newsletter, has lots of ideas to help me to better understand myself and my loved ones.
Thank you, Dixie

Dear Dixie,

Love the fire and love your messages. Can't wait to see venus tomorrow evening.xoxox Love you too!!


In respose to Moon in Virgo and the possibility of feeling depressed (Dec 12, 2014):

"work is love made visible'

Yes we can! By the Grace of Love 




Linda from California says in response to Feminine Astrology web site:

Waking up on a rainy November morning, I hear music-- The first time I hear music in a dream. I hear four Womens' voices in sweet new harmony.

Five of us are working together to feed our community of 40 women living in a Berkeley co-op.
Everyone works 5 hours per week. And it's our turn: the five of us serving lunch.

We're taking a short break before we start to clean up the kitchen. We're dressed alike for our service work in crisp tuxedo shirts and black slacks. The music has a Jamaican vibe like Lianne La Haves or like Sweet Honey in the Rock, or like Homer's, River Nymph Sirens in the film 'O Brother How Art Thou'.

This harmony is a delicious surprise. First I listen, then I just have to go through the door to join them. Will I hold back or join in THE SONG? 
I feel included and invited because they laugh and smile, I sing along. I'm a bit raw and stiff, but then I "get warmed up" and join in. This feels good! We're all surprised.
Listening, breathing, sound-making, finding our own voice in harmony with others, we know that our community is real,
"I" become part of "us".
Dixie responds:
Oh, Linda what a beautiful dream of a community of women responding to the call of our Great Mother. I hope when women read your dream they will feel a part of our community of WOMANKIND no matter where they live. Some of them may even begin their own women's circles!

Dear Dixie,

Your newsletter is so wise, loving, heartfelt, informative, and visually beautiful . . . just like you two sistars! Thank you for it.

With love to you both,


Dear Dixie, Your site is a great comfort. I love your positive approach!

Thanks from Megan


Dear Dixie, ...."Coming back to astrology, which I’m starting to learn more about, it is supposed to be a big transition time for the whole world. My friend told me I have just entered a balsamic moon phase for the next 3.5 years, an ending of a 29 year cycle. I have never been one to wait for things to come around, I have always been driven to reach my dreams and succeed in my projects. But this time around , it feels like a waiting time, something I’m not used to. I don’t see much of what’s coming. Some days I wish I could grab onto something – a healing group, a women’s group, a book that inspires me, a spiritual group, a creative circle – but nothing inspires me, nothing fits quite right. I cant seem to attach myself to anything. Its lonesome at times and yet I somehow feel I wont find anything on the outside to identify with. For the past year I have had more men interested in me romantically than ever in my life. I can’t say even one of them lights a spark. I really wish I would feel something for even one of them but I don’t."         Thereza

Dear Thereza, BALSAMIC MOON TIME is a time to REST and COMPLETE your journey. Yes, it can be hard because the light you are looking for out there is WITHIN at this time! and yes, men get attracted to you - Balsamic phase is very YIN, that means it is feminine in nature and it pulls into itself. Men are attracted to your great SOUL BEAUTY at this precious WISDOM MAKING TIME. They love your authenticity.   Dixie


SO MUCH TO DO, Yes, many changes while Pluto is Square to Uranus until 2015, one dear sistar writes from So. California:

Dear Dixie,   "Change: Cosmic and Personal:   Wow! So much has changed this year for me, for us! As of September 20th, my beloved Steve is retired...I thought it might be like when both the kids were finally out of the house--another honeymoon--yet it has been very busy for him as he works around the house fixing and building, securing our nest...and I seem to be floating (my balsamic time perhaps?) ...a strange place for me to be...very much like my river of consciousness dream that I shared in circle...

I am floating through all this transformation.... noting the joy and the suffering yet somehow not invested, not grasping onto the shore which crumbles into the flowing river, narrowly avoiding the rocks which seem more like reminders of my past beliefs that no longer serve...somehow floating through it all, virtually worry-free, attending to that which must be done (healing patients in my integrative and in the conventional practice, softening stuck docs, shifting my profession, helping my mother/business manager transition into automation with new technology and an awesome grant writer lady who has transformed her health with Genesis Gold, while mothering my adult children from a crone perspective, and for the first time...interacting with my family of origin in joy)

There is SO MUCH TO BE DONE....

Yet I am just floating, allowing spirit to usher me through this great transition, and all that needs to be DONE gets accomplished as I focus on just BEING!

I can feel a great shift in my body, in every cell, as my DNA reconfigures and my dance is one of Love... Healing by Being... Really quite ok with all that is happening for I can see the light in the darkest of places, the most tragic events....it's all Light...all perfect in the divine perspective...and my children both are experiencing their own dramas with a higher perspective that brings them peace...my family of origin, not quite there yet...but a hug brings them closer to realizing that all is well...

Loving you, hugging you, and appreciating all you do to enlighten us!"  

Deborah M.      Ojai, CA. 

Dear Sharon and Dixie,

"This is my first time ever to read about astrology. I want to learn a lot more! Sharon, your ART has connected me to my feelings of passion and helps me have the courage to comitt to my feminine self...I have tears in my eyes."

Thank You both so much,  

                                           Jennifer from Nevada        


This comment is from a woman in California who has just stepped into her LAST QUARTER MOON PHASE.

Dear Dixie,

"Thank you so very much for the reading. I can feel this phase in my life now. The other day I became very aware that I was so done with the "Church" I have been with on a deeper level. The threads of that part of my life seem to be fading away. They are being replaced with a sense of community within the "truth" that is to be found everywhere.

 All I want to do is to be with a few select friends and be in my home, my shelter, most of the time. My journey with my son's illness takes me into the deepest parts of myself where I can only "be". There is very little action I am called for. Just support from my heart and home.

I really feel this phase, thank you for making it more clear. This information is very needed in this world. Thank you for being a channel for the Divine Mother to speak. I am going to create an actual Harvest Basket for my Soul to hold symbols of what I am harvesting."

Blessings,     Gienne


Dear Dixie and Sharon,

"Putting my astrology chart together with your images and descriptions gave me a whole different take on my life. I have a really busy work life right now....but I take these lovely images into my heart and allow my femininity to be itself. Yesterday I drove around with Sharon's image of "Capricorn" in my car all day. It kept me company and reminded me of an important goal I have for myself, not to be in such a hurry, but stay on my track in a more enjoyable way!

I feel like one of the Soul Sistars now!"

                                                xo Maggie




Hi Dix,

THANK YOU for this! I think it's great - clear, flowing, easy to understand. I just wish I were more in my waxing moon instead of my Balsamic Phase....3 to 4 years is a long time to wait! I think it's amazing that you're able to turn out this website/book, etc. amidst all that is going on for you.

 YOU ROCK!       Love, Laurie

"Dreamtime" from "Cycles of Becoming" by Sharon

Comment on the comment from Dixie to Laurie......

Sometimes it is hard to believe a particular cycle will take another three years to complete! TRY TO ALLOW for time and SOUL to have its' value in your life. When you allow TIME to have its say, then the experience that is your Soul's NEED will follow. I need this reminder every day!....read your report again but this time....let your SOUL IN ON IT!



   Dear Dixie,

    When I learned that I am in my Balsamic Phase I let go of my rational mind...thinking...thinking...thinking...and let my heart take over! This feels better. I also feel like you gave me permission to REST which I so needed. Thanks for your feminine way of helping me look at my life.

 Jasmine O. 


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