Uranus in Taurus began in March 2019 and goes until the end of April 2026.



When Uranus goes through a zodiac sign it takes seven years! The current passage of Uranus in the sign of Taurus began in March 2019 and will last until July 2025. This gives us time to become more conscious of something, someone, somewhere, - a new dream may arise during the next 7 years for you. It has to do with BEAUTY and the EARTH. You are the dreamer and it will be your dream! I just love this, to think in different ways. Astrology helps me do this.

Uranus is known as the great awakener. Uranus is one of the planetary rulers of Aquarius. Uranus sees where we are stuck. He shakes things up so we can regroup and reform our lives. The planet was discovered in 1781 during the American and French Revolutions and so it has been correlated with freedom and independence.

Symbol for Uranus

If you have a strong Uranus in your chart, like it's in the first house, for instance, or you are an Aquarius Sun or Rising, you will be a bit of a rebel. You want to shake things up. You are the most original, clever, (and possibly obstinate) person when this planet is strong in your first house, in Aries, or you have personal planets in Aquarius.

But no matter where Uranus is in your chart - it can have a 'genius-like' effect! 

Uranus brings about evolution with its creative will power. Uranus was the original Sky Father, the first child of Gaia, or Mother Earth. Uranus pours water down on us, a special kind of water that creates life. Uranus through its power to awaken, enliven, and grow, helps create the foliage and vegetation which blossoms upon the body of our Earth Mother. 

URANUS can produce another kind of RAIN as well, these are the WATERS OF LIFE. Since Uranus rules the higher mind and it is the higher octave of Mercury, it becomes activated when we use our intuitive mind or when we quiet our minds as during meditation. 

Notice how the symbol for Aquarius is two waves in alignment, and how the symbol for Uranus is two poles or polarities united by a cross, symbol of the EARTH, and one grounded pole in the middle. Aquarius is not a feminine sign nor is it a masculine sign (the two poles) - it is a combination of the polarities coming together to create a New Earth! (the cross representing the earth).

The energetic waves of Aquarius/Uranus can represent either erratic waves OR waves in sync with one other. Technology with its use of currents and energy fields (electrical, magnetic, brain, and otherwise) is the outer hallmark of this new age.

"Community"   Aquarius   Sharon Russell

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The idea that the Age of Aquarius will be an age of harmony can be a dream come true, but we will have to work at it by becoming conscious. We cannot sleep through the upcoming age on our beautiful planet. Our higher consciousness wants to be here with us in order to prepare and step into this new age.


lies in its ability to bring a sustainable, conscious, higher mind integrated into the human body. Here's how I think this will happen:

Subtler, cosmic waves of creation will be discovered, some of these will be the actual waves of the human mind. Our minds when in sync -- like the two poles of Uranus -- produce great power to create. This applies to both our individual brains with its two sides, the right hemisphere (feminine hemisphere which rules the left side of the body) and the left hemisphere (masculine hemisphere which rules the right side of our body) and it applies to the collective or group mind of humanity as a whole.

"Iris"                 Guy Head    1783 

This is Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow. In the above image, she was painted by Guy Head in 1783. Notice that she is a 'cup-bearer'. But what does she carry in her cup which she is taking to the Gods and Goddesses?

Get ready, I'm about to reveal to you one of the mysteries, it is time you know this!

Iris unites humanity with the Gods through the elixir of life that she brings to them. Iris and our higher mind (Uranus rules our higher mind!) create a link between heaven and earth, between your body and your soul, she is the RAINBOW GODDESS. She is heaven and earth united.

In the Age of Aquarius, our human bodies are meant to produce SOMA, the elixir of the Gods and Goddesses. When you studied Greek or Roman mythology this is what was IN that cup! The cupbearer brought this from humanity to the God or Goddess to bring them delight and immortality.

The cup itself represented the humanness of our bodies, all five senses, every way we make contact with the material world. 

And what was IN THE CUP is the divine-human elixir called Soma.

When you are in a deep and peaceful meditation you may have noticed golden streams of light dropping down like honey in your mind or at the top of your head. Or perhaps they are moving in the opposite direction from within to the above. This internal higher mind experience is the LIGHT of Soma. Soma is the divine substance of life that brings us improved health and greater awareness of our bodies and surroundings.

Soma is like an antioxidant only you don't take a pill or eat a certain herb. Soma is a natural human substance produced by the body in deep meditation. YES! Meditation is what you have to do and your body will, with every meditation - produce this life-giving substance! Maybe you won't always notice it, but it is still there on a subtle level.

Soma is a by-product of our bodies when we are in harmony with the natural world, the cosmos.

During meditation, you are in a process of surrender. You give your body an opportunity to slow way down, for true relaxation. This brings blessed access to the realm of your Soul and its inner light. So, first, you close your eyes, then begin your mantra effortlessly, and slowly, a kind of special human portal of the heart opens up to your Soul. Such a precious experience! This is often accompanied by blissful feelings in the body, a joy that has no object, just pure JOY, a contented state of being. Bliss comes when you are in this super-relaxed state. This bliss is the effect of the Soma on your body and consciousness.

Over time, as a result of daily meditation, this elixir permeates your body and this relaxed state of body and mind establishes enlightenment. Soma is the elixir of life that helps you maintain a state of enlightenment within your body. 

It is your heartfelt surrender that calls out to a greater cosmic source and Iris lifts the cup of your body into a higher realm. Your soul receives the benefits of this life-enhancing and wondrous substance through the transmutation occurring over time in your body. Soma is a harbinger and a sign of growing enlightenment.

Poison from the outside or poison from the inside is detoxified by this one ingredient produced by your digestive system during deep meditation. You will know your body is making SOMA when you see the LIGHT or FEEL its marvelous sense of well being when you are meditating.

The light of your Soma brings you into harmony with nature because it is directly OF nature. As it does its magic in your body, it also does its magic with your mind creating a new level of conscious awareness. New levels of consciousness are a Uranian function that can be achieved through daily meditation. Meditation is the pathway to this higher state of consciousness which eventually can become a constant experience in your daily life.

Eden by Holly Sierra 

Human enlightenment results as we grow in consciousness and this is the goal of the Age of Aquarius for humanity. To be awake, and from that place, to act effortlessly in accordance with all the laws of nature.  We will no longer be a scourge to our Mother Earth. We will be her caretakers, her beloved once again.


Now get ready, because this next part is not a revelation of the divine mystery but rather an all too familiar pattern and consequence of our humanity. This is the other side of Uranus that seems uncontrollable and certainly represents the unskillful or shadow side.

Uranus can go wild with rage or uncontrollable emotional upset. He can send earthquakes. Our inner Uranus, if we are stuck somewhere in our life, with the wrong lover, or husband, in the wrong job or making money in a way that does not honor the earth or enrich our lives.....all these and more can disturb our inner psyche. We may or may not even be aware of what it is that needs to change, but Uranus will create an EVENT!  Like a divorce, or a blindsided accident, or a pandemic!...to help us RESET our life.

Uranian events can be sudden, unexpected, and upsetting. Sometimes though, they can bring a wonderful, if shocking, surprise that startles us into a new state of awareness about something of importance in our lives.

This great rebel when he is in Taurus wants us to see how we are living and affecting his mother, the earth. His powers of inventiveness can help us alter our technology so that it is harmonious with the earth. New inventions that increase our contact with the earth help him to fight the terrible loneliness and isolation that can sometimes overwhelm Uranian types

During these times, 2020 and beyond, the currents of Uranus, being way out of balance, will be seeking a more peaceful center. Uranus currents can be so strong in the human psyche they stir up turbulence. Strong mental currents run through this planet which is known for its intuition and foresight into the future. These same strong currents can bring sporadic highs and lows, feelings of instability, imbalance, and overwhelm! Meditation can smooth out the rough spots in our psyche if we are regular in our practice.

We must make adjustments in the way we live on the earth when Uranus is in Taurus, an earth sign.

One of the effects of producing soma is that environmental poisons will not be tolerated by the human body. So as we grow in consciousness, we will naturally work with what works WITH Mother Nature. 



And it will not be easy. We learn how to meditate and then take the time to do it every day. Slowly (like a Taurus), we become aware of who WE ARE at our core. This will produce an inner change in our state of Being, our knowingness of reality will shift from the outer to the inner.

We are quite literally, at this time, 2020 and for about 200 more years, in between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. A great turning of the ages is happening but we are not yet quite IN Aquarius.

We are in the liminal space between these two ages....

We are in FREEFALL now, but we are all together in this!

...and being liminal can be an uneasy place to be. Like a piece of fruit falling from a tree - we are not yet grounded in the new reality of Aquarius. So we guess or dream at what it might be like. But the truth is - no one really knows.

We, each one of you, is a SEED for this New Age. If you have been born now and are reading this, you are one of the seeds of new consciousness. How you will grow your seed depends on you. All outcomes depend on what we do now.

So what is URANUS asking us to do in TAURUS until 2026?

As Uranus passes through Taurus we are being challenged in Taurean ways to WAKE UP! To prepare for this new age that promises to bring us something in the human psyche that has never been known before. We can't go into this age with our eyes shut (except when we are meditating)! 

Look to the house that Uranus is transiting in your personal astrology chart to see what area in your life will be most affected, where an awakening or new dream may occur.             

By awakening, we can meet the challenge and divine energy transmission from Aquarius that is beginning to happen for ALL humanity (not just some). This is written in mythology and in the planets and stars and as humans, we can use our higher minds to apprehend the symbolic meaning that connects our reality to this divine happening. 

URANUS in TAURUS is a BIG PART of the 2020 Reset that I talk about in my article "Coronavirus according to Astrology".



In these next seven years, as Uranus moves through the sign of TAURUS, an earth sign, we will be asked to respond (not react) to the changes going on around us on planet earth. In this earth sign Taurus represents the body of our earth Mother Gaea. This is not an airy journey that is pleasant to the mind, a fiery journey of ambition and inspiration, nor a watery journey of great emotion, but rather a PRACTICAL CALLING.

It involves all things Taurus.

  • All Taurus security issues such as the land we live upon and how we treat it and the financial security we have built will be in an unstable ZONE as Uranus sends us its waves of change so that we can come into harmony with Mother Earth.
  • The stock market will be unstable. We will see many highs and lows as the gyrations of the unstable Uranus try to find a balance in the financial markets of the world.
  • The Co-Vid 19 Pandemic will come and go in various parts of the world unsettling our daily lives and routines.
  • Your personal values will change and then they may change again.... and again.
  • As Taurus rules cattle and meat we will have to look at our consumption of this valuable resource.
  • What you appreciate is changing too. Taurus moves slowly, appreciate this.
  • Uranus in Taurus will ask you to look at - how stuck am I? In my home, in the way I make money, how I see and use my natural gifts and talents?
  • You will renew your love of beauty. (Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus who was born of the ocean foam of a wounded Uranus!) What you thought was not beautiful may become suddenly alive and carry new meaning for you as your awareness grows.
  • You will become aware of Nature in ways you never dreamed possible. Uranus in Taurus is the BODY OF THE EARTH. It is also your body as represented by your 5 senses. You can refine and develop your senses beyond the physical world as you take time to smell the roses.
  • As you become more regular and make a commitment to your daily meditation you can expect a more positive connection to your body and all its newly enlivened senses.

Here is a little poem I wrote while in the enchantment of my garden:

Come Into the Garden and Dream


Come into the garden
and dream.
Come where time
cannot follow
Bring your basket of Soul.
Lay it here
beneath the flowers.

Rest awhile.
Move slowly
into the silver mist.
Set foot upon

the path of mystery
that only you
know how to find.
Come to the threshold.

And if you dare—
step through
the diamond doorway
into the abode of the Lady.

her almost unbearable

the sacrament
of her heart’s dream.
Of wings
and bees,

under leaves and shadows,
hear her words,
or wind—
a soft breeze,

a rumple of petals
and a settling
down into Grace.

                                           Dixie Gladstone 1999

LOVE AND PROTECT THE EARTH meets the requirements of Uranus in Taurus....pesticides be gone! Gasoline-powered technology evaporates! What can you do in your environment to clean, protect, and enhance the beauty in what is all around you? Nature calls us OUT when Uranus is in Taurus. 

Uranus can bring us a bit of MAGIC and certainly enchantment as we make this connection! Flower fairies we couldn't see before may be visible for you or your children! The new babies coming in will be born awake to Nature as they come in during this time of Uranus in Taurus.

Uranus can be particularly creative and generative in Taurus as long as we appreciate and feel love for his Great Mother Earth.

Spontaneous acts of devotion to Mother Earth, doing things more slowly, this is our assignment now.

To all you dear and wonderful friends, I wish you an awakening during these times, a new dream for your future,

Dixie Gladstone

Feminine Astrology


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