Coronavirus according to Astrology 




CORONAVIRUS and Its Astrology - Clues to What is Happening.

An introductory comment for my new readers and for those of you who are new to the language and processes of astrology:  I am aware of how complex the science of astrology can seem to those of you who are new to it.  I call astrology a 'science' because it uses the basic components of geometry and knowledge of the physical elements of the universe, to try to explain how a "planet" can have agency, or affect. Planets don't CAUSE the situation. Planets are part of the interconnected web of our solar system. They appear in some relationship to the earth and to all the inhabitants on the earth. So each planet is in some kind of relationship to you as well, to where you are, to who you are, to what your make-up at birth gave you. I find it impossible, myself, to explain exactly how this works, but I daily see the results of studying it. You can read more about this in my article, THE TOUCHSTONE OF ASTROLOGY.

Dear friends,

I never thought this would happen, but we are slowing down. It feels like we have been a tightly coiled spring, ever-increasing, getting tighter and tighter, busier and busier, our expectations of what life can give us or what we can get from life increasing daily.....until NOW. 

The Coronavirus is beyond our control and we, all of us, as one world are coming together with one focus and purpose, to slow the spread of this virus.

Here is what one of our Soul Sistars had to say about how they were handling the virus in their community:

 "People are pulling out their Christmas lights and putting them up to give the kids something to do.  Also, it sends a cheerful, hopeful message at night.  We have our little string of lights across the railing of our condo's balcony.  It does make me feel better.  Stores are striped, but we'll be okay and Amazon delivered my toilet paper today.  Crazy times, isn't it, but I heard the pollution over China is way less, Venice has blue canals with dolphins again.  Maybe while all the human race relaxes, the earth will have a chance to do a little healing.  Stay in touch, be creative, and pray, that's my antidote to it all."  Love, J

A movie I watched two weeks ago compelled me to do some research into what was happening in our big sky for the month of March....and beyond, to see what planetary configurations might give us clues to our world pandemic, the Corona Virus.





These are the players - all in Capricorn.


The movie, from Netflix, was "The Physician", with Ben Kingsley, Tom Payne, Oliver Martinez, and Stellan Skars Gard (a lovely young woman who falls in love with our aspiring hero, Rob Cole). 

The movie is set in the historical times of the Middle Ages in Europe when medicine was at an all-time low. Our young hero, Rob, decides to become a doctor but he has no mentor to teach him about the 'modern' discoveries in medicine that he hears about from traveling traders. He learns of a master doctor, a Jew from Persia who can heal many ailments. Rob travels eastward for over a year to reach Persia to meet this doctor. 

The Persians and esp. the Jewish population were far ahead in their medical practices when Europe was without light during the Dark Ages. After studying for several years, there is an outbreak of the Black Plague. With his patient, thoughtful, scientific mind, Rob discovers that the plague is being carried by the fleas on rats. The rats then bite humans and transmit the bacteria.    

A young astrologer walks into the room as Rob is making his discovery. The astrologer announces that plagues occur when there is a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter that is then joined by MARS.

The astrology of the Middle Ages and into  Renaissance times was called 'Hellenistic Astrology'. Certain configurations in the heavens were used to foretell events, especially ones of an intense and impactful nature that affected the general population, like plagues for instance.

So after watching the movie,  I did some research right away and - the astrologers of old were right....not only are Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction right now but for the month of March, Mars has joined them! 

Was that a coincidence, that I should be watching a show that is describing what was about to happen here and now?

The upside of Capricorn is that it can achieve great things culturally as well as for the individual, but one must use it's force skillfully as this image from Sharon represents.


 Jupiter and Saturn conjunct one another every 20 years. But they are not often accompanied by a conjunction of Mars. Mars with Saturn is a very difficult, frustrating, angry energy to combine. It does, however, give one the focus and stamina to get to the bottom of a situation if one can harness and work with its 'malefic' energy. Mars rules our physical bodies, so it's no surprise that it would affect in a negative way our very survival.

Jupiter expands and can blow things up. Jupiter allows us to see what is really happening!  It exaggerates so we can't possibly miss the point of the situation. Jupiter with Mars can affect the body's stamina, sometimes in a positive way as it can bring in the determination needed to do what is necessary in a crisis like this pandemic.


"In Search of the Dragon" by SR

Pluto takes us down. We enter the underworld. The underbelly that we don't want to see, we must see. Pluto requires this of us in order that our soul may grow and transformation can occur from within. It is a long, slow process but we will eventually come out on the other side, profoundly changed and more capable.


Whenever Jupiter and Saturn come together there is a component of social change being required. Rarely, however, do they all meet up with Pluto which makes social change so acute. Pluto takes us down to the core of the situation and into the dark world of Hades, the unknown depths of our human psyche where we can find powerful transformative energy, and new resources that we may not have tapped into before. The resources can be either personal or collective as we are seeing.

Pluto is transpersonal energy. It works on the entire collective of the planet. It makes us helpless or at least we feel that way because it takes away our normal sense of control. We often feel very little if any control when we are having an important Pluto transit. But there is a purpose to this 'takedown'. Both personally, socially and as an entire world we must come together with our resources and will-to-act in life-supporting ways, ways, Pluto asks, that we have never known before.


In astrological circles, 2020 is being called the TIME for a SOCIETAL RESET. In the year 2020, three major planetary cycles complete and begin anew, creating this reset and great transformation occurring throughout the new decade 2020 to 2030 (and beyond). 

  • Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurred on January 10, 2020, initiating a new 34-year cycle. 
  • Saturn-Jupiter conjunction begins (though not in exact conjunction) March 2020... but at exactly the same degree of 1 Aquarius in December 2020. This begins a 20-year cycle.
  • Jupiter-Pluto occurs in July 2020, initiating a new 12.5-year cycle.

Jupiter can impart an expansive and mobilizing force. Saturn contracts what it meets and creates solid foundations and structures. Saturn imparts a cooling and solidifying force. Jupiter supplies the strength and Saturn the structure.

Jupiter is embracing and wants to include everyone. Saturn is segregating and hierarchical.  As Saturn imposes the rules and regulations, we come to know what walls and boundaries are being imposed by society. There is an element of darkness and fear in a Saturn that is not in balance. 

Jupiter can put its best use in Capricorn by helping us to claim our wisdom, by cooperating as a group or society to expound on Saturns limits. Jupiter tends to want to push open Saturn's boundaries, to magnify limits. Used positively Jupiter can stimulate the expansion of new growth. Their 20-year cycle which begins this year, 2020, is a part of that "in and out" breathe we all take together as a collective society.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto have not all been together in Capricorn for over 700 years! Looking at the shadow side of Capricorn becomes a pressing situation.

Sharon Russell's book about working with our own shadow is filled with feminine images to help you approach this sometimes scary topic with ease and grace. It is great support for those of us working with our own inner unreachable places. CLICK HERE to learn more. Her book is only $17.


As I see it, Mars is a major player for the activation of this virus in such a big, serious, way. Mars in Capricorn will need to do SHADOW WORK in order to help the SELF become conscious. What is present for all of us now, the coronavirus, being quarantined puts a damper on Mars instinctual and often obsessive way of acting without thinking.

We are getting a huge CHECK on that....we CAN use this time for a TIME OUT - are there any addictions you notice, ways that you have become obsessed or just an instinctual way you always react to such and such - Mars reacts to what is happening in the outer world of form - but Saturn asks us to look at what is present within yourself - bring your energy and consciousness back into the self so that you can see more clearly and take future action (mars) from well thought out decisions. New choices become available after Saturn releases its rigidity to its former conditioning. 


I collaged this card in 2004 with the following poem:

Beautiful Dreamer

Beautiful dreamer

I am walking with you

into the dark moon under your feet.

You have drawn me down

so low

and stripped me bare of





so holy,

my last drop of nectar

and the flesh of simple soul.

Will I ever 

rise up to dream again?

                                Dixie Gladstone Feb. 2004


Witness the patterns in your life. Respect your self and the planet on which you live. The North Node in Cancer says we must feel the non-rational feelings and emotions within ourselves. Is there a place where we are cut off from tenderness and nurturance? The entire planet and all humans on it are feeling this right now - all together. 

We can't and don't want to continue to get our power from the outer world - by giving our power over to outer world forms we may loose our very lives! There must be a shift in where and how we use resources, sourcing our power from within and FROM THAT DEEP PLACE OF SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS, we can then take action that supports nature and our individual lives.


"Balsamic Moon"       by Sharon Russell

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This lovely image shows a BALSAMIC MOON. In any Balsamic cycle, we are ending an old way of life and preparing to enter new territory. We need more rest. It is time to tell our story to others. We relate from a very deeply feminine soul level.

Mars is in a Balsamic relationship as it moves to join Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto impels us with its obsessive behavior so that we MUST look at the unconscious emotions within our soul. This is a big learning for all mankind. Pluto makes us forego our own tendencies - we must surrender to what is coming at us from the environment we have created - how does what is happening reflect who we are on a deep and profound level - what MUST TRANSFORM, TRANSMUTE so that we can survive?


Mars in Capricorn shows us where we have gotten stuck, conditioned and set in our ways. Saturn which rules all these Capricorn planets shows us how we are FROZEN in TIME and PLACE.

Something new must happen. This Virus is something we are helpless over. But we can and are implementing great social changes right now. We hope that social distancing does not become a way of the future, but we do hope that what we learn about how to prepare for a pandemic becomes part of the structure of our world governments.

"Taking time out to be with our families or ourselves, our souls,  because of coronavirus is the path our planet is ON right now"

 The North/South Node configuration with Capricorn, South Node, where we are coming from and Cancer, North Node, the direction we are trying to learn more about, happens both personally and for Earth Mother GAIA as well. We are connected to her through our souls and physical bodies. March and April 2020 these nodes will remain there- giving us time to touch in with our families (Cancer), our Souls, our home base. 

by Sharon Russel see more images by clicking HERE. 

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There will be a nodal shift in May into Gemini North Node and Sagittarius South Node. We will then be asked to learn to value human relationships and the importance of goodwill in our daily lives. We will be called upon to get the focus off of just our own truths, our own aims and look at how we can treat others more gently.

The Soul's motive will then be to CONNECT. We will relearn how to LISTEN, how to hear the FACTS, and how to learn by our everyday interactions. Problems with isolation may have made us forget how to relate to others. We will be relearning how to take time with others, possibly in inventive new ways. Our BELIEF SYSTEMS will be tested and undergo great changes. We will learn how to replace fear with FAITH.


MARS GOES IN AQUARIUS with SATURN at the end of March. There are always two ways to use planetary energy - Mars in Aquarius can become rebellious or it can become innovative, clever, a genius in its ideas. Saturn in Aquarius can become stubbornly rigid or unable to move out of fear... or it can harness its ability to create an integration of many different types of people to work together for the common goal. Saturn and Mars together in Aquarius can achieve great scientific, democratic, and social innovation. Saturn will help the stimulated Mars to find practical solutions as well.



Dear sistars, we will get through this together.

The light within you is strong.

Many of you have noticed that SPRING is HERE now and with it a new hope...for some of us, but for many, it will be a time of great duress. But spring comes, even with Coronavirus. Spring cannot be stopped. I will be working on PERSEPHONE for your next asteroid Goddess. For, after all, she has returned and we must honor her. I look forward to writing, researching and expressing all I can about this great goddess in our lives!

My best to all of you, stay safe, write to me, let me know how you are doing. I love hearing from you and I DO READ ALL YOUR MAIL, ALWAYS! This is a way for us to stay connected and I do so love CONNECTIONS! My moon is in Aquarius, can you tell?

Dixie Gladstone

Feminine Astrology