VENUS - Inanna - the 3rd GATEWAY of ASCENSION 




Exact gateway is 11:18 AM PDT May 17, you will want to watch the NIGHT BEFORE, MAY 16 and again on May 17 because if you live in North America this will be happening during the daylight hours of the 17th and you won't be able to see it.

If however, you live in Asia, India, Africa, Australia (you can add or subtract an hour for each time zone from PDT) and you WILL be able to see it either late at night or in early morning hours of May 17! 

For those who live in North America, on the night of the 16th we will see Venus close to the Crescent Moon just AFTER Sunset.  It will be approaching the GATEWAY. On the next evening, May 17th you will see Venus in a different position relative to the MOON because by then she will have passed through her Gateway, the Crescent Moon. DO LOOK UP! Venus will continue to be visible low in the WEST until autumn!

This is the New Moon - it occurs at the beginning of each lunar month.  This happens when the SUN and the MOON are in the same degree and sign. We cannot see this happening. About two days after New Moon, a tiny sliver appears!  

Here is our CRESCENT MOON, 3 and 1/2 days after New Moon. Officially, it starts 3 and 1/2 days or 45 degrees after our New Moon.


"Inanna and the Lion"               ancient Sumeria

The beautiful Sumerian Goddess Inanna was making her way back to reclaim her throne as QUEEN OF HEAVEN. She is now called Venus and she is actively engaged in birthing a new domain of heavenly life on earth. This is her job, to connect with the Sun, Spirit, at New Moon and then to bring this new spirit to Earth, Mother Gaia. She works to  bring in new life within her psyche and heart as the Venus Inanna cycle progresses.

The Venus journey as described by the mythic telling of Inanna, began with her descent into the Underworld to face her fears and all the ways she did NOT love or respect herself. In ancient times, this was a powerful initiation of death and rebirth.  Each of us, in our own personal way, has died to who she believed herself to be so that she can now be reborn to who she truly is. In her ASCENT, Venus  brings a renewal of strength, self love and new ways to shine the light of your divine essence.

The priestesses of ancient times created their own ceremonial journeys toward self-improvement and spiritual growth. We too are being asked to create ours. As we relink our earthly journey with the heavens, we are RE-MEMBERING the Goddess!

"Flying with the Moon"                Sharon Russell

We live in a time when the comprehension of the old mythologies give us clues to living a life in BALANCE with all of nature and with the Soul of the Earth, Mother Gaia.  Girlfriends, we are so blessed to be here now.

Every month since April. and until Autumn of 2018 VENUS will be seen in our night sky just after sunset along with the CRESCENT MOON. The meaning of this newly born moon centers around the birth of a NEW SPIRIT. We as individual women are working toward a higher, broader, more inclusive level of consciousness each time Venus goes through a GATEWAY of the moon.

If you have not read VENUS/INANNA Gateway of Ascension #1 and #2 you may want to go to the left of our menu and click on them one at a time so that you can follow along from the beginning of this Venus Ascension Journey for 2018.

VENUS Ascending going through the 3rd GATEWAY which corresponds to our 3rd or belly chakra.  


This woman's outer muscle obviously gets an A+, but at the 3rd GATEWAY it will be important for you to recognize where you have built your courage as a warrior goddess and protector of the innocent (this includes making good, healthy boundaries for yourself.) 

You were born on this planet in an exciting and extremely stressfull time as this movement from 3rd chakra (power, personal will) to 4th chakra (heart) orientation is beginning to occur. You can see it in the compassionate acts of giving, of hearts becoming more open and vulnerable, of the good of the community over the good of one single wealthy or powerful individual, of the dedication toward the heart-mind of new human consciousness.

Of course we also see it in the dissolution of much that has been a part of our past, much that we cannot carry into our future. Prejudice of all sorts comes under this heading. Ignorance too, even if it be innocent, will be transformed into enlightened action for the good of the ONE and the good of the ALL, especially for women around the world. We see it happening and yet we also see it NOT HAPPENING - by seeing the ways in which minorities are still held down.

We grow in awarenss and in the courage to look within to see where we may add to the light where there once was darkness. This is the task of the 3rd GATEWAY: to make conscious use of our will in alignment with spiritual principles over the needs of the ego.

Keywords for our 3rd chakra and also very much in alignment with Aries:

Self-respect ♥ Centering ♥ Consciousness ♥ Radiance ♥ Courage ♥ Authority ♥Leadership ♥ Power ♥ Light ♥ Self-worth ♥ Action

Here is our Sun with Earth in front. That little planet at bottom of picture is VENUS.


Now we add our beautiful Moon to the mix and we have 4 planets that have been moving together in a cyclic way for thousands and thousands of years. The number 4, by the way, is the number of quaternity or completion. It is a foundation number. We build upon foundations. They are essential to what comes after.

Our ancestors watched the sky and noticed a relationship that we, Earth, Mother Gaia, have to the Moon, the Sun and to the planet Venus. They observed the movements and relationships of the stars and planets and through their oral traditions passed on what they noticed from mother to daughter, father to son. They did not miss a thing. By their intimate connection with the sky they noticed, over great spans of time, that there were elements of human behavior that synchronized with the movement of the planets and their cyclic interactions.


"BIRTH OF SPIRIT" is the essential characteristic of the CRESCENT MOON

Our ancient Grandmothers and Grandfathers instincts saw these Venus Gateways as times to celebrate the New Birth of the Moon and the emerging growth of human consciousness of whichever zodiac sign they knew Venus to be energizing.

This was the beginning of the study of astrology. Their spirituality was based on both the Heavens, The Great Above, and the Earth, the Great Below.

Astrology began long before the Egyptians codified their findings through their heiroglyphs and sacred ceremonial times.

Different planets created or sychronized with various types of human activity or events. The cycles we are talking about here are the personal cycles of HUMAN GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT of the human body, of consciousness within that body and of our precious heart-soul connection. 

Let's stop to think that over. Not every species has a 9 month cycle of gestation that corresponds to the Venus Cycle. Venus is our human planet of EMBODIMENT. It is our body and it has domain over all our senses. It connects spirit with the material plane.

Venus goes through a Crescent Moon Gateway each month for this cycle which began in April 2018 and will complete itself in the Autumn of 2018. At each GATEWAY, we get added support for Venus's newly arising form. Her form for 2018 is in the sign of ARIES. It is important to get in touch with your true self this month. 

Claiming what is right for YOU is your task this month.  


We put on our ring of power just as Inanna put on hers. (In this case, it is AMBER!)

We recognize our growing strength to defend and uphold life in respectful ways, ways with integrity - notice that word, integrity - it has GRIT! And so will you as the month progresses. You may need to recognize the 'warrior' within you by speaking up for what you know to be right. 

VENUS/INANNA puts back on her RING OF POWER which has been charged with a new vision of renewing our dreams by taking power and control over our own lives. Leadership of the feminine becomes a more natural expression in our everyday world and YOU ARE A PART OF THAT! As you assert yourself, you become more useful, more productive.  As Venus is making her ASCENT she is increasing in power and strength that is in alignment to the Soul.

The Gateway that is the Moon helps us to realign with our SOUL INTENT AND PURPOSE.

The newly emerging feminine paradigm for Venus is now in ARIES. She is claiming Aries strength, will, and power to be a warrior and protector of the innocent.

The third chakra is right above your belly button, at the center of your solar plexus. It's colors are yellow and gold.

This chakra is like a radiant sun when fully activated and charged with light. It has the power to bring forth new consciousness and understanding. It brings forth our true and natural self.

Only when it is out of balance can it cause poor decision making, an inability to judge a situation accurately, or trouble taking action. Emotional memories get stored here and your 'gut feelings' originate from this emanation.

The color for Solar Plexus chakra is YELLOW and the flower is the SUNFLOWER.

THE LION AND THE TIGER  are its animals.


Tigereye or Amber are its stones. .

Rejection, loss, feelings of despair, inadequacy, or failure occur when this chakra is in a depleted state. Feeling crushed or that sinking feeling in the stomach indicate a weakend Solar Plexus Chakra. Our False Persona creates suffering because of not knowing who we truly are.

As we come into more personal power this month these feelings of defeat and self-effacing behavior can be seen for what they are, the false, stagnant fears of the ego's past.

"Soaring"                 Sharon Russell

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 We are claiming the opportunity to rise again – so that the sacred feminine can again ascend into her rightful place as WARRIOR/PROTECTOR GODDESS.

"STRENGTH"                                            SHARON RUSSELL

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We move FORWARD with  Strength and Courage.

This Chakra when enlivened produces a wonderful feeling of strength and self-awareness. We feel determination and goodwill. A healthy Solar Chakra will naturally direct our energies toward our goals and dreams and leave behind limiting aspects of the past, our childhood, or past lifetime of failure or enslavement. 

We are supported by the force of Spirit, the Sun. We are a bright light with self-respect and personal integrity. Courage and action become the sacred expression of our true and authentic self. Enlightened confidence and power radiate from a newly awakened selfless will force!  

"This is a journey of surrender and trust in the process that facilitates the opportunity to rise again – so that the sacred feminine can again ascend into her rightful place as Radiant and Shining WARRIOR GODDESS and PROTECTRESS."      

                                                        from Caylin Castell


The light of spirit becomes the guiding power of our personal will - personal will becomes divine will and has the support of all the laws of nature - This is a true inspired warrior. This current cycle of Venus is helping us to have greater strength, courage and the willingness to accept the challenge, to take the lead. As Venus ascends she lets go of the selfish need to be in competition and replaces it with a pioneering spirit of self-respect and self-love so that she may emanate from her true spiritual center.

"You are becoming a fine tuning fork as you consciously participate in cosmic ebbs and flows. You will become more aware of directing your life into channels that are supported by the universe. God is on our side here as the Goddess shapes and moves spirit into our lives."


Radiant love to all.....

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