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(get your notebook out girls and write these symbols down - here's a suggestion, write each symbol for each sign of the 12 signs for Venus with a few key words that will help you recall what this Venus sign is all about! Use the word and symbol together at first, later on you can use just the symbol and it will tell the story to your inner mind!)


VENUS is an ancient Goddess. She represents the force of attraction in nature. All relationships depend on her. Every person, place or thing you are attracted to and LOVE is seen through the lens of your Venus sign.

She has been with us consciously for a very long time.

VENUS OF WILLENDORF about 28,000 to 25,000 BC.

Venus of Catal Huyuck 6700 BC

An example of how they lived in Catal Huyuk. These were NOT barbarians. In Astrological Processional Time (that's the 25,000-year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes), this culture emerged at the time of TAURUS, the Bull!

Astrology is WAY older than we can imagine. VENUS is the ruler of TAURUS! Isn't this exciting to find our ancestors, in their homes, NOT WORSHIPPING IDOLS, but rather using the symbols of the great zodiac to comprehend WHERE they are in this mysterious universe? The animal, the bull, the energy it represented and where it was located by constellation was sacred to them because it gave them ways in which to relate to their HUMAN PLACE on this planet. By this time, we had gained a SOUL, and it wanted and needed to begin to comprehend itself!

Venus as Innana in ancient Sumeria. 4000 to 3100 BC

ISHTAR at the gates of Babylon (Ishtar came just after Inanna)

Mycenae Venuses 1600 to 1100 BC (aren't these gorgeous? this is one of my favorite periods of women in history because they seem so happy, lively, and full of spunk....that was BEFORE patriarchy knocked it out of the feminine....well, that's another article.

Aphrodite 200 AD

Boticelli's Venus who she is born full-grown from the foam of the ocean.

mid-1480's AD

The ocean can also be seen as the ocean of stars in our Milky Way. The stars from which Venus come forth.


By this time, patriarchy has become dominant and the divine feminine as you can see has to cover up her reproductive area. VENUS, however, cannot be stopped, she has always been with us as Beauty, Love, and the drawing together of two forces that combine to create a third NEW FORM.

I use the word, emanations, as meaning that each sign is FLOWING FORTH FROM THE GODDESS. These "Emanations"  are the ways in which the Great Goddess transmits her various modes, energies, elements and forms of expression so that as we inhabit this human body we can become who we truly are as an individual SOUL. 

I will cover several VENUS signs in each article to you. If one of these is NOT yours, then it may be a lover's, a child's, your best friend's, someone famous you wish to know about. My FREE OFFER of finding your VENUS by SIGN still applies. Write to me with your name, birthdate, birth time and place of birth and say you want your Venus Sign. I'll send it to you so you can join us on this wonderful exploration of the planet of LOVE and BEAUTY!


You may also like to get the VENUS sign of someone else. I'll need their first name and date of birth. (do ASK them first if it's OK to find out about their VENUS sign, unless they are your child, I always ask first for permission to know someone at this deep and personal level of their life!)


One of my grandsons has his VENUS in Sagitarrius so when I have the opportunity to be with him I will know to take him on hikes and go outdoors and explore nature. We'll look at why that is when we get to Venus in Sag. Here he is showing me his feet....yes, I get the idea Teagen! He will want to get around.



So....for our first Venus sign we have.....


Find the VENUS symbol or glyph in your chart. If the symbol  is next to it, then your Venus is in Aries. It will look like this:

 5° 49′ There will be some numbers with degree °   -    minute ′ symbols next to the numbers. These numbers I've used won't be yours, they are just an example. You won't have to worry about them now because as beginners the most important thing to learn is what SIGN your VENUS is in. Later on, you'll learn why degrees are important. 

Venus is about love and when she is placed in Aries, she must learn how to tend to herself first. VENUS IN ARIES IS LEARNING TO LOVE HERSELF! Because you are not shy you must learn to make good boundaries for yourself as a woman in a feminine body. You have a natural outgoingness in social gatherings that can be quite vivifying for others!



You add sparkle to life wherever you go! You can have a cheerful attitude that others love especially if your VENUS is well aspected by the Moon, Mercury or Jupiter.

Because she is direct in expressing herself an Aries Venus could pioneer new fashions! This could be a lot of fun even if you come in combat gear or camouflage pants! Possibly you don’t care about the beauty aspect or the fashion statement. You are more into the comfort and utilitarian use of clothing. But because you do seem to stand out in a crowd, you may want to consider expressing your self through your style of clothing and how you want to affect others.

You have a creative ability that could come out where the use of tools is important or where a coarser approach is OK such as in building a structure or putting together a project that requires some force or direction or something heavy to lift or move about.

Venus in Aries wants to relate to others, in fact, you have a great desire to do so. Sometimes, Venus in this placement wants to get along with others so much that you make compromises that take away your own personal rights. Or perhaps in your efforts to avoid controversy you give in your point of view which may be valid and important.

Learn to share your true self with others but don’t manipulate with coerciveness because you probably won't really feel like fighting.

In love, you might be a little awkward. Aries tends to rush in where others fear to tread! Then asks questions later…oops… when it may be a little late! Slow it waaaaay down. Get to know him or her first. Take long walks, or jog together. Listen and share.

Remember, your VENUS is in (on) FIRE!

You want your way in love because Aries is all about being first or meeting her own needs. This isn’t bad, but in relationships, you will benefit by becoming conscious of your Venusian energy which is strong and potent. 

As you mature, you take more time to get to know others by developing good listening skills and becoming willing to compromise by knowing what is important for your personal happiness and well-being and what you can compromise on that will enable the relationship to be a blending of both yours and the energy and needs of the other.

Find forms of expression that are creative or project-oriented. You have a lot of great spirit energy but you need to bounce off of those who also sense the vitality in the world around them. Sluggards will bore you.



Find the VENUS glyph in your chart. If the symbol  is next to it, then your Venus is in Taurus. It will look like this:

 5° 49′ There will be some numbers with degree °   -    minute ′ symbols next to the numbers. These numbers I've used won't be yours, they are just an example. You won't have to worry about them now because as beginners the most important thing to learn is what SIGN your VENUS is in. Later on, you'll learn why the degrees are important.

You love with constancy and your affections once committed to will be deep and lasting. It is important for you to have security and stability in love otherwise you do not feel complete in life. One of the LESSONS for a VENUS in Taurus IS LEARNING about making money or finding security in love. Through these elements you LEARN about your TRUE and LASTING VALUES.

"Beauty's only skin deep, yea, yea, yea! Beauty's only skin deep, oh, yea!"

You are probably attracted to beauty in the form or face of another, but try to remember that it takes time to reveal what is true and beautiful within the other person.

You have a great love of comfort. You want your home and surroundings to be luxurious or beautiful and this takes money which you are willing to earn to get what you want for your domestic security. Art will appeal to you and you will have an artist's eye in what you choose to have around you. You have artistic skills yourself.

Your VENUS is in an EARTH sign if it is in TAURUS.

You may feel a close kinship with the earth. Trees, flowers, natural elements in your environment give you a feeling of solace and peace.

You have an innate sense of material objects and you take good care of them. You may make purchases of lasting value that are luxurious or gain value over time. Painters, sculptures, hairstylists, and artists often have their Venus in Taurus.

                                             Dianna Princess of Wales has her Venus in Taurus

Your physical body carries a strong sexual charge. You will attract the opposite sex, sometimes like a magnet. Take special care to know this so that another person's attraction TO YOU does not determine whether or not YOU are attracted to them. You can take your time to decide if this is the person you want in your life over the long haul.

"You have some kind of INNATE TALENT if you were born with Venus in Taurus, discover it!"

Venus in Taurus often has a beautiful or melodic voice. You may be a conversationalist and can draw others in through what and how you express yourself. Talent is the keyword for Venus in Taurus and you may be surprised at how many avenues of expression are open to you once you open to them.

Money and material possessions are important to you but if your Venus has difficult aspects from other planets these things may be denied you until you learn the lesson of the afflicting planet. For example, if you had a square to Saturn, you have to work hard to get money or to keep it. Sometimes Saturn can make you feel lonely when it is square or opposition to Venus. On the other hard if Saturn is in a happy trine to Venus you will work hard, make money and know how to spend it. If this trine comes from your 7th house of partners, your partner could be the source of your financial security and means.

If you get carried away with too much of something, that is Venus in Taurus trying to surround herself with things that will make her feel secure. This will have its limits. I know a few women collectors with their Venus in Taurus here. It can get a little over the top to have 200 vases or so many images of the Goddess around one's home, that no one else has room to put anything. Look within to see what kind of security you are needing or lacking or perhaps you lacked in childhood. 



Find the VENUS glyph in your chart. If the symbol  is next to it, then your Venus is in Gemini. It will look like this:

 5° 49′ There will be some numbers with degree °   -    minute ′ symbols next to the numbers. These numbers I've used won't be yours, they are just an example. You won't have to worry about them now because as beginners the most important thing to learn is what SIGN your VENUS is in. Later on, you'll learn why the degrees are important.

 Your Venus is in an AIR sign when it is in Gemini.

With your Venus in Gemini you want to find someone you can communicate and be social with, someone who will travel around with you a lot. You are curious about so many different types of people and this may make you disinclined to settle down to one permanent romantic relationship.

You will probably stay friends with those you have had attachments with in the past. You are willing to spend time traveling in pursuit of pleasure or social gatherings. You will love to read and have a wonderful library filled with poetic expressions of how you live your life.

You don’t like coarse behavior of any kind. You do like your brothers and sisters and want to stay in contact with them throughout your life.

Gemini - from flower to flower they light, flitting around and flirting around...oh, but they are so deLIGHTful!

"The bright elusive butterfly of love can apply to Venus in Gemini."

You may need to deepen your values concerning love and marriage if you want a lasting relationship. Otherwise, this position of Venus is like a butterfly in romance. If you keep many different types of friendships you will be happier and your curiosity about people will find satisfaction. Then you can find that particular someone who you can settle down with.

Also, try not to drop someone because they have offended you either through inconsiderate behavior or inconsistency. This may be a shadow side of yourself and you need to see this so that you can mature into the wonderful person that you are! By developing patience with others you deepen and become an even more interesting person to others than you already are!

As a Venus in Gemini, you can find time for yourself by curling up with a good book and taking a little time out from your busy social and out-n-about lifestyle!

You have creative ability in writing, speaking, or artistic pursuits that involve the use of words, paper, media of all types.

You will need many different kinds of people in your life or you will get bored. Try not to put all your expectations on just one guy. Let him or her be, as you explore what you need to explore. Allow for him to be a homebody if he wants to. Go out and get with your girlfriends when you need change. Or find that new book you’ve been wanting to read or shop until you drop.

Take a short trip uptown and treat yourself to lunch with an interesting friend - one who can keep up with you. Laugh or cry together, but don’t stay isolated if you are a Venus in Gemini because it will take you places in your mind that you do not need to go. Your self-image could be affected by who you are hanging around with or what you are studying or reading so use your discrimination in both these areas.


I'll be back soon - our next group will be Venus in CANCER, LEO, and VIRGO - and one of these is Hildegard von Bingen's Venus - can you guess which one?

If you know someone who might be interested in this lovely planet of LOVE, please do refer them to our website. 

BTW, VENUS has begun a new 19-month cycle in June 2020 with the Gemini Metagoddess. Go here to learn about how the feminine evolves through the mystery of Venus. Studying about her will enrich your INNER LIFE and as your understanding of yourself deepens you will begin to appreciate where your values come from and how they shape your world!

Love to all of you BEAUTIFUL SOULS!