GATEWAY OF DESCENT #4 Venus/Inanna removes her Breastplate of the Heart Chakra  




Breastplate from India, 13th Century. Notice the hearts on this breastplate.

At GATEWAY number 4, on October 13, 2020, at 13° Virgo, Venus is removing her Breastplate at the HEART CHAKRA. What a courageous thing to do at such a vulnerable place on our bodies! This is the Gateway of LOVE. We are being asked to remove blockages from loving others and from receiving love into our own hearts. 

Rose Quartz has a softening and healing effect on the heart chakra. It promotes love without obsession and brings peace to the mind/heart.

Watermelon Tourmaline brings peace and calm. It creates a space to feel JOY within our hearts.

These are the two colors of the heart chakra: Pink is the main heart chakra and wearing tourmaline can counter anger and resentment, bringing in greater ability to perceive beauty. It can strengthen the energy of the heart itself by creating a powerful field of love and compassion that can heal many levels. 

Emerald Green is a 'higher heart' color awakening universal love. Our high heart also connects us more directly to our Soul. It is located just above and to the right of the heart...if you place your hand over your heart, then move it slowly to the right and upwards you can feel this remarkable place near your breasts. 

Copper rules the planet Venus and stimulates the heart and circulation and is a good metal for this chakra. Copper can channel higher vibrations, is somewhat like a conduit between heaven and earth. It takes invisible manifestations and energy and grounds them into the earth. It can enhance any earth stone that it is combined with. 

"GRACE AND PEACE are the gifts of a healthy heart chakra."

The breastplate was considered to have great power in Sumerian (and other ancient) times. He or she who owned it ruled the Universe. We don't need to rule the Universe, but we can become Queenly in our own lives with greater power in our hearts to do and be what we know to be right. 

Certainly, Inanna wore a breastplate as she made her descent. The relief of removing it must have been quite a moment! This removal symbolized to her that it was time to release past hurts, old wounds in love, hate, and emotional encumbrances to love, the essence of life.  

We no longer wear the patriarchial BREASTPLATE that men and Amazons donned when they prepared for war. War and Love, War and Peace.....the breastplate of our HEARTS are now the WALLS WE HAVE BUILT to keep out love, to stay safe from what we feared in our past, in this life and lives not clearly remembered.

It is often enough to have the INTENT to remove encumbrances even without the memory of the situation that caused our heart's wound(s). But sometimes the memory can come up and be overpowering. Pain and sorrow may come up for you. It is important to feel them and then release them. If intense feelings come up, be wise, talk it out with a friend or counselor during this month of heart healing. My spiritual teacher used to say to me: "modulate" your feelings and your dreams so that they can be felt but do not overwhelm you!

Like this gateway of tremendous energy found at the beach in Big Sur, California....this is a powerful passage that VENUS makes this mid-October to mid-November 2020!


and DOVE are animals associated with the heart.


ROSE is the flower of Love and it radiates a sense of compassionate caring.

Venus goes through the #4 Gateway of the HEART  at 13 º VIRGO.  Virgo conveys to us that ultimately all living creatures have a pure and good heart. We are trying to bring forth an energy not just of release and blockages to love, but of SOUL connection and recognition. Old souls, old soul companions on your path, ones you may have loved or hated in other lives - are still with us today, now in our everyday world....can you open your heart to release the walls that keep your heart from growing towards the ability to HOLD great and even greater Divine Love?

Release Virgo-like criticisms of perfection both on yourself and on others. This can be a great relief to the heart, a healing may occur for you. Be open to all possibilities. Begin to rewrite the story of love in your life. 

As the 5th or heart chakra is right in the middle of our bodies it is our place of balance.

When you love someone or show them love, it can bring you back into balance with them, especially if you have felt critical of them for not being perfect or doing what you expected they should do.  


Balsamic "AGED" waning moon - HORNS TO THE RIGHT and seen in the early morning hours.

Put simply, VENUS descending is releasing and removing any blockages that have been in the way of our ability and desire to LOVE.

You don't have to wait until October 13  to see the APPROACH of this magnificent sight....go outside and look to the east early in the morning to see VENUS - you can't miss HER - brightest morning star in the great above....and then look to your right and see the waning Moon. Each morning the Moon comes closer and closer to meet Venus, closer and closer they get until on October 13 when VENUS PASSES THROUGH THE GATEWAY of the Old (Balsamic) Moon.

Getting outside to see the moon makes a difference, this is how our ancestors did it. They received a direct transmission of the newly emerging feminine energies of Venus as they set their intent just before the sun rose above the horizon. They lived under the night sky and it meant so much more to them then it does to us now...but we are becoming world citizens and eventually citizens of the we RECONNECT with the beauty and majesty of the heavens, we enliven parts of our brains and hearts that have gone dormant!

Kuan Yin meets Mother Mary       by Sharon Russell

(you can click HERE to find out how to easily get this image as a card or print)

(MUSIC) (leave your window open and come back to Gateway of the Heart as you listen to the healing sounds of these Tibetan bowls from Meditative Mind.

When Venus looks like this with the Balsamic Moon, she is going through the GATEWAY! Oh, how exciting to see and comprehend this vision of light. If you GO OUTSIDE EARLY and weather permits - you will be blessed!......and filled with a new awareness. This month's Heart chakra will awaken your heart on a new level, more will be possible as you 'consciously' release blockages to loving and to being loved.

This darling couple is on Sharon Russell's card "Passion" and represents the Scorpio nature of connecting deeply and intimately with another SOUL. They are SOULMATES. They are in LOVE and they are living out their dream, one they have created together. If you have blockages in your life related to this area of LOVE, then this passage, gateway #4, through the heart could be especially potent for you.

"Passion"     Scorpio     Sharon Russell

(Sharon's art is available as cards and prints, just click on the image to see or go to LETS SHOP.

TIP: as you stand out under the early morning Moon/Venus conjunction feel your heart slowly releasing old fears, old wounds, old ways of seeing and wait,.....give up blockages.....your sisters and brothers are with you on the morning of Oct. 13 doing the same.....we do this for OURSELVES, we do this for our FAMILY, we do this for our WORLD!

One more element of this Gateway of Venus is that because it is the Heart Chakra, OUR HEART CHAKRAS, it connects us to the constellation of Leo the LION and its divine rulership, the Heart. A REQUIREMENT FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR LEADERS WILL BE THAT THEY HAVE A DEVELOPED HEART, MEN OR WOMEN. 

When our hearts are feeling lonely, we lack the courage to be our true magnificent selves!

Blockages of all kinds can keep us from growing our hearts!

Mother Mary had a strong heart chakra, infinitely so I believe. Notice aspects of the mystery that she holds: the twelve stars above her head and her hands in prayer over her heart chakra. Her white robes are for the purity of the virgin, a woman, albeit a young woman, unto herself. Mary embodies a pure and healthy heart chakra. Blue as the color of the sky represents transcendence, mystery, and the divine, a heavenly color of universal peace and love.

As the feminine principle regains its lost heart energy, power, and authority through the process of this Venus Cycle - all people will begin developing a greater power to rule from their hearts. Women's leadership becomes more possible as we do this work. We descend with Venus and we remove blockages of 'feeling less than', or that 'we are not capable of power', 'authority' and 'leadership'...but because the whole planet and everyone on it are going through this gateway, we go too..... and in the name of LOVE..... you will eventually emerge with a greater, stronger heart energy.

The "feminine principle" is in all of us, men or women. So you see women do not have to become men in order to be strong and rule with their hearts. Likewise, men do not have to become women to rule from the tender wisdom of their hearts.

"As your capacity to love grows, so will your JOY. These two go together!"

 Peace and calm be with you! 

 Love from your Soul Sistar,


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