Venus Descent Sacral Chakra 2022 

Venus/Inanna makes her passage through the Balsamic Moon Gateway on June 26, 2020 at approx. midnight PST (add one hour for every time zone east of Pacific Standard Time(PST) to determine when this event is occurring for you. Look to the EAST in the morning before, during the date, or one day later to see Venus close to the moon.)





This is a month to invest in your creativity. Notice where you feel blocked on a creative level? What are you curious about? What stimulates you? How has being at home affected your creativity or what you feel creative about? What does creative blockage feel like in your body? Explore creativity that enables you to deeply connect with your soul and to the souls of others.

I think of this chakra as the "Womb of Mystery" that is mirrored in our sky as our Milky Way, the galactic womb of our Great Mother. She births the immortal stars as a woman births her children.  

Venus/Inanna makes her descent this month through the BELLY CHAKRA - Gateway #6.

As Venus goes through each gateway she is passing through the intensely feminine energy of the BALSAMIC MOON. This is the aged moon that gives us the ability to make meaning and wisdom out of a particular gateway and to help us release blockages, in this case, blockages to our Belly Chakra, the place of our womb and creativity.

The Belly Chakra is also referred to as the Sacral Chakra or as we think of it in Feminine Astrology, the Sacred Womb. As Venus descents through this Gateway, we work on what blocks us from our creativity, our seeming inability to bear fruit (that could be a child, write our book, finish our project, conceive of and develop our creative project). If we are cut off from our emotions and our bodily sensations then this chakra is in need of renewal.

The Sacral Chakra is your passion and pleasure center and it is located in the pelvic area. Hibiscus is one of the flowers associated with the healing of this chakra.
Dolphins are often associated with this chakra for their playfulness and joy of being in their bodies!
Carnelian is a 2nd chakra stone.
Coral is a stone of great softness and is womblike in color and purity and vulnerability.
The magical fragrance of the gardenia can stimulate this chakra. Notice how it spirals from its center bursting with life!
Pleasure and enjoyment from being in a body is the gift of this chakra. But as Venus Inanna descends through this gateway, she removes her ankle bracelets as a symbol of her willingness to release all that stands in her way of feeling the passion and the joy of her body and of being alive.

"Burning Bush"                    by Kale Starbird
The removal of 2nd chakra obstacles is challenging to the feminine psyche or Soul, YOUR SOUL.  Take some time to reflect on what blocks your creativity, sexual pleasure, intimacy, and connections with others or with what you are passionate about.
We are challenged in a society that does not value our feelings, where passion is blocked and the ability to live within this very moment in time is constantly being taken away by our "technological advancements." 
Wow, this woman is IN her body and she is so enjoying it! This is how I want to feel!!!!!
You are being asked to BE IN YOUR BODY.
We cannot balance our outer world without the flow and hormonal balance of our inner cycles of conception, gestation, and being in touch with our essence. 
Your lower belly is the creator of the egg, the beginning of all creation, the generator of life's essence. This is the place of hormonal balance. It is the place of gestation and flow and it must stay balanced between our inner world and our outer world reality.
Fire in the Belly is what men call it. In a woman's body, we can think of it as Isha Lerner says in her "Triple Goddess Tarot" book as "the place of initiation". When we become initiated into the mysteries of being born into a woman's body, we make an agreement with our very soul to invest in our spirit, our connection to ourselves, and our connection to others. A woman creates!
Energy can leak out here if we are stagnating or stopped from achieving our creative pursuits.
The element that rules this 2nd Chakra gateway and passes us through this chakra is WATER.
Water holds memories.....both happy and extremely wounding. If we have experienced sexual abuse in our past then it is possible through this month's gateway of Venus to find deep healing as we release old blockages. We can begin to be aware of how our creative expression has been stagnating because we are in deep need of healing within our WOMB.
Give yourself great 
"Initiation"   collage and poem by Dixie Gladstone
A Woman's Prayer
You are a daughter of the Great Mother.
She cares for and nurtures you.
She honors you and helps you to bring forth your gifts.
She holds you safely in life's web.
And remember --
You cannot fall out of Her beautiful fabric of creation.
You are a vital cherished, sweet Woman part of all that is. 
Be peaceful in yourself and open your heart to Love.
Return to the innocent purity of your divine feminine self. YOU ARE A DAUGHTER OF THE GREAT GODDESS. We are all birthed from the same WOMB and it is HERS.
Think about it: when was the last time you just sat without any distractions and asked yourself:
Venus of Willendorf, our ancient mother
"How am I feeling? Am I in touch with my body? What does it need to experience the joy of living?"
In our culture sexuality is either exaggerated and magnified so that the intensity of the experience moves us beyond pleasure into huge expectations, exhaustion through images, exhaustion of our bodies .... OR its opposite.... our sexuality, passion, and emotional reactions are frowned upon or rejected. We as a group have lost the balance of healthy sex life.
Healthy self-expression through knowing and respecting who we are at our core is Very Sexy!
When Venus/Inanna works with her 2nd chakra, the lower belly, she wants to feel the transformative process in this part of her body. She wants to bring her body together with another body for pleasure, creativity, the conception of a new idea, a way of being in our bodies, a baby, ....(it could be many things, as babies are not our only business).....but always Venus seeks to bring about a feeling of fullness and delight that emanates from this chakra and allows for us to release, to let go, to move, and to participate fully in life.
In this photo taken by NASA, we are looking at the birth of stars! Yes, it's a big job and so it is to give birth to a child, or a project that you feel passionate about.
Sometimes I like to just fall onto the grass and feel the earth beneath my body as it pulsates with life. Take your shoes off and get a sense of your SENSE OF TOUCH through your skin. Feel what the earth is doing. Listen to her heartbeat. Quietly let your heart beat to her rhythm.
The energy that will be released in you as you consciously work with this chakra this month will help you feel or reconnect with your passion for being alive and in a human body. 
You may have to slow down so that you can feel what is happening in your body.
PASSION is the fuel for our creativity whether it be a poem we are creating or a piece of art or music. We also create when we build a new home, or move to a new place and set up our home. We create when we cook or clean, when we manifest ideas, or learn something new and then try it out.
Creating a child is an act of releasing a new being into this world, perhaps the most powerful form of initiation and creation we know and one that carries with it a responsibility that requires passion and enormous amounts of energy!
"There is a fountain of YOUTH: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. Learn to tap this source."
                                                               Sophia Loren
" Feminity is not just lipstick, stylish hairdos, and trendy clothes. It is the divine adornment of humanity. It finds expression in your qualities of your capacity to love, your spirituality, delicacy, radiance, sensitivity, creativity, charm, graciousness, gentleness, dignity, and quiet strength."
                                                                                                                J. E. Faust
BE IN CHARGE OF YOUR OWN FERTILITY...'Family planning' is high on my list of ways to keep my sacral chakra healthy. Being aware that you have creative choices to make as a woman is our sacred responsibility!
" The idea of not being able to control my own fertility genuinely terrifies me. That one mistake might change your life. That everything I am and do could be ended by the repeal of laws our mothers fought so hard for, that women had waited for the entire span of humanity to come about."

                                                                                   Caitlin Moran
Our creations are endless but our energy is can become blocked and that is one reason VENUS makes her descent. She cannot stay in the heavens forever, she must come DOWN into life. She willingly surrenders to her past hurts. She works to heal herself, body, and soul so that she becomes a healthy VESSEL OF LIGHT. As women empower themselves to take charge of their reproductive rights they will have opportunities to use this chakra to be creative contributors to the world in a way we have not yet seen. Our culture will change and the heart of each woman can grow as an individual. This will open us all up to human possibilities to live cooperatively on the earth without wounding it.
Movement is joyful and effortless as this mermaid in water when our 2nd chakra is in balance!
The DESCENT OF VENUS/INANNA is the removal of blockages to the JOY OF LIFE. But it is work get in touch with and reconnect with your natural powerful Self. That work is the work for the month from June 26 to July 26, 2022. We are becoming conscious of our bodies and how we treat them.
As Venus is in her CAPRICORN CYCLE of regeneration this year, we look and release old ways of control or holding authority that does not give us the freedom to make our own personal choices. Since Capricorn also represents aging, we may have to give up that dream of having a child, or another child. Perhaps we find healthy limits in our creative work by not overworking or overachieving. Have given too much or not enough and in doing so lost touch with our own body or soul? Do we create blockages to our sexuality and creativity by not giving ourselves enough space and time to rest and refresh?
If you get up early in the morning before sunrise and look to the EAST- Venus will be close to the Moon. Though we may not see her in exact conjunction, she will be near the moon the day before, during, and after conjunction... big, bright, and beautiful beyond compare! This is her Morning Star phase.

Oh, beauty of beauties,
To me, Venus with the Moon is one of the 'wonders of the world'. She is so beautiful and full of feminine mystery.
As you make your descent with Inanna into the Underworld (yes, we are getting close to but not yet in the Venus/Sun Underworld time) you are working consciously, or even unconsciously by INTENT, to remove the blockages, the distortions, and the fears that keep you from the movement of all that is feminine and divine within and without you. We do this in the name of JOY and with our need in a human body to attain a free-flowing, playful, and pleasurable flow and dance with life. 
Women, as Venus continues to descend, we are in the stage of being "stripped bare" of old ego impediments to our development. The Descent of Venus/Inanna as she journeys toward the Underworld is carried out in the heavens and is mirrored by us. We are descending with her to release old images of who we thought we were to become who we truly are.
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