Venus begins her Ascension at the Root Chakra Dec. 2022 


On December 1st, 2022, Venus rose from the Underworld for her 7 to 8-month journey in her Evening Star Ascent Phase.


We are coming out of Venus' dark underworld phase now...

VENUS came out of her second underworld phase for this Capricorn Venus Renewal Cycle on Dec. 1, 2022. That means we have just come through the 2nd period of time in this cycle when Venus went into the Underworld. This last phase, from September 14 to December 1, 2022, has been a period of Initiation.

The Initiation Phase marks her rite of passage and acceptance as a new Goddess Archetype. She is now ready to arise and shine as a more skilled Capricorn wise woman, or grandmother, archetype. For those of you who have or have not been following along, Venus is mid-cycle now. Don't worry if you don't understand the Venus Cycle; it is complex! It took me a number of years to really start to get it, but you can start to learn about her greater 584-day cycle as Venus makes her Ascent as Evening Star now and into 2023.

Each time she conjuncts or comes together with the Crescent Moon for the next 7 to 8 months, she goes through a Venus Chakra Gateway, starting with the Root Chakra and proceeding up the body into her Crown. She is in your upward swing or ascending phase, moving towards her goal of becoming Queen of Heaven. In the ancient past, our ancestors celebrated each of her Crescent Moon Gateways as a time to reclaim the wholeness, achievements, and growth of whatever greater Goddess archetype she was working with. In this current cycle, she is working to renew the Capricorn mature wise woman archetype. 

Venus was hidden from view during her Initiation phase from September 14 until Dec 1, 2022. This is an underworld phase where she cannot be seen by us because she is deeply intertwined with the rays of the Sun. Any time of Initiation can be quite challenging, or not, depending on how your astrology chart is lining up with the planets. For me, this initiation time was very intense, to say the least. How about you? If you look back at the time since mid-September and especially as we got closer and closer to December, was there any aspect of your life that was particularly intense for you? This could be something good or not so good, but whatever it has been, it is challenging you to take the next step into becoming a more mature, wise woman, no matter what age you are now. 

For me, my website crashed during this time. I felt FROZEN during this Venus's underworld phase and am just beginning now to thaw out, so to speak. I am beginning to see the benefits of what a new site will be as I have been revisioning my work with Feminine Astrology. Since I must make a CHANGE as Venus rises in the evening sky, I will be working each chakra phase with this greater feminine renewal of my Venus awareness. Hopefully, this will transfer to this website! 

You may have gone through a period of intensity as you, too, were initiated into this new Capricorn Goddess. I would just love to hear from you if you have a story to share about your Venus Initiation time. I will include it in my WHAT WOMEN ARE SAYING page. It is so helpful for others to hear about the journey of their sisters! I thank you, and they thank you for all that you share!

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In this long underworld phase, she has been fully initiated into a new, wiser Capricorn archetype. She may have a new goal to work with as Venus ascends. She can draw upon a more mature self. She may be more prepared to lead or speak at a greater level of knowledge and wisdom than before she began this cycle. She is also prepared to accept the truth of things as they are to work creatively with her renewed spiritual essence. At each chakra gate, a new aspect of your renewal will appear as you work creatively with your inner wise woman self. She knows something now that she didn't know before. What is that knowing about for you? How have you matured? 


You are reclaiming new feminine power as Venus puts back on her garments, starting at the Root Chakra and working her way up to the Crown. She integrates and demonstrates what she has attained.

You can see Venus close to her Moon Gateway on the evening of Dec. 24, 2022. Look to the West where the sun is setting; you should see her big and bright near the crescent moon after the sun has sunk low enough for her light to be seen.

This year, later in 2023, after Venus goes through each of the 7 gateways, she will pass through an 8th gateway through her Soul Star Chakra, so this makes it a particularly auspicious culmination of a Capricorn renewal in the midsummer of 2023. Stay with us as we journey each month from chakra to chakra, starting at the Root to the Crown and through to Soul Star!

This is a time to demonstrate what you have learned or experience more masterful aspects of yourself. This doesn’t mean you will do it perfectly. You should not expect that after all this work you have done while Venus made her descent through the chakras, you will now have a perfectly balanced Root Chakra, but there will be areas where you will notice a little more ease and skill as you go with Venus through each gateway. A lot will depend on other areas of your chart and what other transits are happening for you.


Some of the women following this Venus period have set up lovely, enlivening, wise women altars. They add something new each month as Venus meets with the Crescent Moon. And btw, I'd love to see more of your altars and be able to post them here! So do send me your pictures at dixiegladstone@ - and of course, all comments and questions are welcomed!



FROM DECEMBER 24th, 2022 to January 22nd, 2023

 Root Chakra is Red

If you are meditating on this chakra, you can imagine that a Great Grandmother Goddess is holding you as you spiral up through this potent life force. 

Look for ways in which you feel more grounded. Do you have any new information about yourself that can help you to have more control over your health and sense of well-being? …….Stand with your feet firmly planted to the earth and imagine deep, strong roots connecting you to Mother Earth. Think of her as the Soul of the World, a great being of LOVE. You are part of her, and she is a part of you. You cannot lose this connection now at this new level you have reached. And no need to feel frantic if you don't feel it today. Pay attention this month as you meditate, pray, light candles, journal, or work, and see what you notice in your body and in your connection to earth energy all during the next month.

Venus puts back on her royal robe representing her BODY at this gateway.

A flower and fruit that can aid in healing the Root Chakra is POMEGRANATE.

Meditate on the clear red of this ruby at your BASE CHAKRA for vitality, life force, and strength. Ruby carries the frequency of the enlightened base chakra. It is one of our most exquisite grounding stones!

Let's continue using our grounding stones to help us this month: (sometimes, I carry one of these stones in my pocket and touch it to remind me of my connection with our Earth, Mother Gaia.)








WEAR YOU RUBY SLIPPERS and commit to staying grounded. Your base chakra is the key to your survival. 

Symbol for VENUS (write it down in your journal); notice how it looks like a mirror. Venus is a divine and mysterious mirror. Look in a mirror and send that face some LOVE! 

We are starting at the bottom and working our way up to a greater light! This is a picture of an underground well in Asanta, Spain. 

Root chakra balance is so essential for our health - it is the very ground of our being in the human body. We must not neglect it.

You may do a ritual that honors your Root Chakra and affirms its new level of growth, or if you feel that you have not attained what you wished to attain at the root chakra, this could be a ritual with the intent to help release stagnant energy so that you can experience more connection at your root source.  The evolution of the divine feminine does not happen overnight; it is a process of loving yourself and attending to your body.


The "crescent" moon contains the essential qualities of light to allow Venus to transmit what she has learned through the emanation of this young lunar moon phase.  It is significant in that it is a waxing phase indicating 'new life', a time when you have the opportunity to continue to release those ghosts of the past as you aspire to greet this month from the end of December 2022  to January 22, 2023, with a new sense of how you are grounded or could be grounded to the earth. This phase of the Moon marks the birth of NEW SPIRIT, and just by being aware of this, you can take in more of the energy, light, and knowledge of whatever you have been working on.

 "It has been said that the heavenly alignments determine human destiny. However, it seems the truth is greater and more mysterious than this. It is not our future or our personalities that the stars predict; it is the stars themselves reflecting the designs of the Soul."


Venus will continue to rise and return, this time as our Evening Star to grace our skies at every monthly Crescent Moon until midsummer 2023.

Habits that may have kept you healthy or functioning in your previous cycle may no longer be relevant to the renewed life you are creating for yourself as Venus ascends. As you travel on your journey with Venus, remember that you are trying out your new wings, and this may require some new material manifestation.

a fresh start...

"Community"    Sharon Russell

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You are free to share this journey with your women's circle or a group of friends. 

The ascent of Venus reminds me of a beautiful garden that opens its colorful flowers with each chakra until she reaches the culmination of her journey, a strong mountain, where she can see new horizons in all directions, East, South, West, and North.

As we enliven each chakra from the root to the crown during the next eight months, all other chakras are positively affected. We are learning to draw earth energy up through our bodies!

What new goal or aspect of yourself are you working with?

We will be meeting many new challenges this year. Here are some qualities or characteristics of Capricorn that you can work with:

  • Be hardworking but not to the point of burnout! Work with just how much you can or want to handle at the root chakra. Notice what is taking you out of a healthy, life-supporting zone. Notice what makes you feel more at ease, at peace, with a feeling of well-being. You can write about that in your journal or place an object on your altar to remind you of what makes you feel more grounded.
  • Focusing and staying in control of ourselves is important this year. 2023 could be a year of taking on more responsibility. If this is you, then observe what helps you to stay focused. Capricorn will naturally be willing to take on more responsibility in 2023 but keep in mind these signals that are trying to tell you that a little break... or a big one... may be needed: irritability, fussiness, pessimism, and holding grudges.
  • Step back from time to time, perhaps at each chakra gate, and give yourself credit for what you have accomplished! 
  • You can be helpful to those who know you, faithful, and patient. Be these things to your SELF as well.

  • Your new maturity and wisdom will serve you well! Some of the wisdom you have garnered will allow you to see that perfection is not necessary; we are looking for progress, and even tiny baby steps count!

  • Remember to love the earth as you love your child or best friend! Stay connected through your root chakra even when passing through the upper gateways. 

I'll remind you each month of the gateway we are working with and the garment Venus/Inanna is putting back on.

I'm also working with more Goddesses this year, 2023: You may wish to read about:  Persephone, a springtime goddess. Juno is coming for our summertime; then we'll be looking at Ceres/Demeter, the mother of Persephone.  You have each of these goddesses in your astrology chart as an Asteroid Goddess, you can read about that HERE.

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This year winds down with a Mercury Retrograde! So as we work with our Root Chakra this month, keep in mind that Mercury is traveling with Venus now, and as Mercury is in retrograde motion, you may have to go back over old territory, resetting your goals and taking a more relaxed look at things. Be GENTLE with yourself. While Mercury is retro, it's a good time to go slower and not make any important or life-altering decisions during this time. And as Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn, it may be wise to THINK before you speak. I will be taking my own advice on that one for sure!

My very best to you as we ring in this New Year!

Dixie Gladstone

Feminine Astrology