Venus Ascension at the Throat Chakra Fifth Gateway April 23, 2023 


Venus goes through Gateway #5 on April 23, 2023 at 14 ° Gemini. Look either the evening before, that evenning, or the evening after for your best viewing - TIME: just after the sunsets and for the next 3 hours when Venus is near the new Crescent Moon.

VENUS - INANNA makes her Ascent

GATEWAY #5 at the 5th or THROAT Chakra 

 Speaking Your Deepest Truth

This new Venus Cycle began at the end of January 2022 when Venus rebirthed herself into the new archetype for this 585-day Venus Journey in CAPRICORN. 

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Dear girlfriends, this is a potent and exciting time of the Renewal of the Feminine Divine principle as she manifests, renews, reclaims, and regenerates her old self into a new, more evolved aspect of the divine feminine.

Her current cycle is with the overarching archetype of CAPRICORN as the expression of this, her current evolutionary process for the next 585 days. We refer to this 'overarching archetype' as the Metagoddess or Great Goddess of this 19-month cycle. She makes her ASCENT as Evening Star Venus.

As Capricorn, she initiated a new cycle of feminine maturity and grandmothering energy. This mature aspect of the Divine Feminine helps us to realign with values that will carry us and our next seven generations! She comes as the wise woman crone (no matter what the woman's age) to bring a new vision of mature feminine values into our culture, our world.


The last time Venus was in a Capricorn 585-day cycle was in 2014, when a new wave of elder women began to set up grandmother councils around the world. We consciously became aware of the Divine Feminine Wise Woman within in order to get the most out of this cycle.

At the beginning of this Venus Cycle, Venus joined with the Sun in Capricorn, reaffirming her inner wise woman grandmother.

We are being asked to redefine Venus, Innana. Our Soul directs us into new experiences, a new territory of the Divine Feminine. During her evening star phase, Venus will give us opportunities to express more advanced stages of our human development depending on the chakra she is working with at that gateway month. 

CRESCENT Moon is the Ascension WISDOM CARRIER bringing in a new Spirit based on the wisdom she developed during her descending phase. When Venus joins with the Moon during this phase, we call this time a Venus Gateway of Ascension.  She will join the Moon in this Waxing Crescent Phase 7 or 8 times before she is crowned Queen of Heaven and completes her entire 595-day cycle.

Moon  conjuncts Venus = a Gateway of Venus/Inanna

It is the Moon and Venus that are joined at every Gateway, whether it be her descent phase as Morning Star Venus or her Ascent phase as Evening Star Venus.

It is the particular PHASE OF THE MOON that gives Venus its mission and defines the kind of work she will do. This is important because the energy behind a Venus Evening Star Ascent is the Crescent Moon which is birthing a new spirit in order to manifest and work with the archetype of that cycle. This is the phase we are working with now. And the overarching Venus archetype for this cycle is Capricorn.

We are working with the 5th Chakra, which is located at the throat. This is the chakra that will allow us to claim and express our power with a more clear and more integrated truth. 

This chakra is especially significant because it is the gateway between our mind and body.

You are here to discover your great connection to the Divine Feminine. Your soul is growing in Holy Wisdom as you allow the flow of love to emanate from your very words; you become a more powerful instrument of feminine wisdom.

From your everyday reality, you speak out the truth. The clarity you have gained by working through our last gateway at the heart chakra will help to enliven you to feel free to speak your truth.

And we need women to use their voice in these times of darkness, to remember that in spite of it all,



but the ancients had many names for her: Inanna, Ishtar, Aphrodite... 




Venus rules our relationships, all our relations, and our intimate connections with those we love as she brings in the principle of balance, harmony, and sensuous connection to the earth, its plants, animals, and mineral kingdoms. She holds sway over our values, what we own, what we LOVE, and what we do NOT love as well. She can be artistic, refined, or graceful or she may be seeking these elements in her life or her body.

Without her strong force of ATTRACTION, we would have no creation. These are things to think about, contemplate, and take into your body. You will eventually embody this teaching and know it to be true from your personal experience and physical body. This is astrology working at its best - it enables you to become ONE with the cosmic divine.

You'll become a fine-tuning fork as you become more AWARE of these cosmic ebbs and flows. You will become more aware of directing your life into channels that are being supported by the universe. God is on our side here as the Goddess shapes and moves spirit into our lives.

The new patterns you create during the Ascent of Venus are embodied as new LIGHT of your physical existence. The moon helps us energetically HOLD the new light we are birthing into the world, holding it in our physical bodies. You are expressing important new aspects of your Soul and become filled with a greater light at the level of both body (physical) and soul (spiritual). The wisdom that you embody as you work with your deepest level of truth with the Ascent phase of Venus becomes part of the new light of your physical existence. SOUL is the way for our eternal self to HOLD THE LIGHT of Venus, lifetime after lifetime.


Venus with the Moon at a Venus gateway of Ascension

The MOON is the GATEWAY. The Moon is like your Soul. Venus is your embodiment. VENUS will pass through and unite with the Moon in order to bring about transformation and positive growth for your future. Venus regenerates herself cycle after cycle. When we study at this depth, we are learning the secrets of immortality by comprehending the meaning of Venus's gateways through the Moon. 

From April 23 to May 22, 2023


the FIFTH GATEWAY. Venus puts back on her necklace at the THROAT CHAKRA.

This is the Gateway of COMMUNICATION. We are being asked to look at our communications with all beings. How do we express ourselves? Are we good listeners? Do we convey our TRUTH? Are we having trouble communicating with certain people? Is it hard for us to say what we need? Do we lose our power by speaking falsely or without considering our feelings and needs? Can we listen without interrupting? Capricorn can become too serious, too dominant, too powerful, wishing to hold on to 'the old ways.' 

In her Descent Phase, Inanna took off her lapis lazuli necklace. Now, as Venus/Inanna ascends through this gateway, she retrieves her lapis necklace as she reclaims the power of her authentic voice.

VENUS/INANNA puts back on her necklace as a symbolic act of the desire and willingness to speak from new communication patterns that relieve her and others of pain or suffering. In her desire to move forward with this ritual, the putting back on of her necklace was POWERFUL for her as it will be for you!

Our ancestors worked ceremonially during these stages to celebrate this new gateway of Venus during the 7 or 8 months of her ascension during each cycle 

This month take time to silently reflect in your heart on what you may want to say and to whom. Affirm the power of love in your words.

This would be a good month to create a new necklace or pair of earrings....turquoise, lapis lazuli, and blue topaz are some of the stones that work well to restore and heal this chakra. Emerald could help calm down the chattiness so you can speak from calmness instead of fear or anxiety.

Touch your necklace when it is time to speak your truth, or touch it when it is time, but you are too afraid.

Or hold a stone in your pocket; let your touchstones be a reminder that you have the right to speak your truth.

Perhaps you will take it slow; you don't have to jump right in with your thoughts. Give yourself time to reflect on what and how you might want to say something that has been on your mind for a long time.

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless."

Mother Theresa

Morning Glory, with its vitality and exuberance, is a flower associated with the throat chakra. Morning Glory opens in the morning to meet and greet this all-new miraculous day.


Morning Glory reminds us that keeping secrets can close our throat chakra. See how morning glory opens to the morning sun? Can you speak to your journal about your secret? To a trustworthy friend? Is your secret holding energy you would like to use to move ahead in your life?

Be open to messages and synchronicities as this phase progresses.

Hawks are spiritual messengers. They are symbols of freedom and represent great vision and decisiveness. Hawk calls on us to look within for the qualities that help us speak our truth.

Whale is another animal that carries the symbol for the throat chakra. Not only does their messaging bring us mysterious and beautiful sounds, but whale holds the memories and the records of our world as whales have roamed our planet for at least 50 million years. The DNA in their memory banks is something to consider when we think about our own origins.

The hummingbird is one of the animals associated with this chakra. A quick, direct, and fast-moving little creature can remind us of our speech. Have you ever seen a hummingbird up close as it gazes into your eyes and listens to you? We can understand the language of birds and spirit beings, of plants and stones, if we are quiet and LISTEN with all our senses.

We can become liberated by owning up and facing up to our Truth. No longer telling ourselves lies, we become vulnerable and open, dropping our mask of social conditioning. Then we can awaken to our true human potential.

"Now I pray that each and every being's true nature be revealed, that we each see clearly our inherent truth and find liberation from the shackles of suffering and difficulty imposed by the limitations of our mind."    Chagdud Tulku

Singing, chanting, acting, toning, and HUMMING are all activities that vibrate and enliven your throat chakra. They promote self-expression and release tension.

Make all kinds of connections this month: teachers, friends, neighbors, those we respect, and those we do not respect...practice speaking your truth with kindness. Make good boundaries and say "NO" when necessary, as this could also relieve a blocked 5th chakra.

You might want to say "YES"; however, if you have been feeling too take your time. You can always call someone back and say, "I changed my mind!" 

Reclaim your right and joy to think spirit-infused thoughts!

If you are a grandmother, then this particular 585-day cycle can assist you in some aspects of what it means to be a grandmother. If you are not a grandmother, whatever age you are, there is some way in which your inner wisdom will be shared with the world as you work with this cycle.

Capricorn is about mastery and aged wisdom. Everyone has mastered something. What have you mastered? Where has it taken you? Is there a deeper truth, more to be revealed about the usefulness of what you know or do? 

What message may come to you in your night-time dreams? In your daydreams? Keep a pen and some paper or your journal by your bed at night this month. Before you go to sleep, write down your question or what you want to know more about. If you awaken and remember your dream, very slowly pick up that pencil and write it down. Later on, you can go back to it to see if there is some message for you. I would love to hear your insights and share them with the other women. Email me at


This particular gateway follows an intense New Moon eclipse that exactly squares Pluto. So the transformative and shadow aspects of Pluto could show up for us personally as what we will be working with this month.

Venus will be well within the Sacred Hoop of stars, which is considered auspicious to the Lakota Sioux and American Plains Indians when she moves through this gateway. Myths from Northern Europe to Egypt to Native America and Bablylon have referred to this intersection between the Twins and the Bull and where the plane of our galaxy crosses the plane of our Solar System as the place where souls enter into incarnation. 

The exact date and time for this throat chakra gate are Apr. 23 at 5:42 AM PDT, so you won't see the exact conjunction here in the U.S., but if you live in Europe, you will be able to witness the exact gateway moment. Last night I looked up at around 9 PM PDT and saw a HUGE BEAUTIFUL VENUS in my western sky between the trees. I was stunned, so I will be out there again from the 20th through the 24th to see Venus progressing with the Moon! 

Open your throat chakra, sing or chant to the light of the Moon/Venus, and let the light and love pour in! ENJOY!

I love you, and think about how connected we all are! If someone or some group does an altar with this month's theme - will you send me the pictures? I would love to post them on my "WHAT WOMEN ARE SAYING" page.


Dixie Gladstone