SEDNA Goddess in Exile Pt. 1  



North American INUIT Indians

 "Sedna"                          Sharon Russell



Three times further out in our solar system than the planet Pluto, you will find the Asteroid-Planetoid Goddess Sedna. She was named for the Inuit Goddess of the icy Arctic seas. If you lived on Sedna it would take about 12,000 earth years to circle the Sun one time! One Sedna year = 12,000 earth years!

Orbit of Sedna in our solar system is in Red. All other main planets are indicated within the purple circle.

Her elliptical orbit keeps her in one zodiac sign for a very long time, from approximately 100 to a thousand years. All people living today were born with either Sedna in Aries, 1865 to 1966 or Sedna in Taurus, 1966 to 2023. 

Sedna's mythology derives from the interaction of the Eskimo tribes of the Arctic and the core of their survival, the sea creatures that nourish and keep them warm and the ocean currents and their affect on sea life.


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It is mysterious the way new planets, planetoids, and asteroids get their names as it seems to correspond to something that has just been activated in the consciousness of us all! Dr. Liz Greene says this of the naming of a new heavenly body:

“There is…a curious synchronicity between the time when the planet is discovered and the emergence in society of values and experiences which the planet represents symbolically. It’s as though the planet breaks upon consciousness in both a literal and symbolic way. I can’t really answer you as to why Uranus is called Uranus and Neptune, Neptune. I can only say that in some mysterious fashion they get the names right.”

The year of Sedna`s discovery in 2004  saw the biggest Tsunami that the world has ever known.

This is Sedna's symbol which you may find in your natal astrology chart.

The Myth of Sedna

Sedna was a beautiful girl who was raised by her father in the far distant regions of the icy North. She had many suitors who came to win her hand in marriage, but she rejected them all. Her father was angry with her and when one wealthy hunter came to offer his hand, and she once again refused, her father gave Sedna his dog. "This is all you deserve," he told her. She marries the dog and gives birth to many pups and babies.

Ok, so this sounds a bit odd, but it is important to understand that to the Inuits's, the dog is a symbol of faithfulness to one's own spirit. This is symbolic of marking Sedna with a sense of individuation of the young feminine.

Back to the story...

Sedna and her offspring are banished from the village. (naturally, when you try to do your own 'thing', someone wants to banish you from the tribe because you are so unusual and it threatens them - this is the way of patriarchy and patriarchal domination and it is a power play).

The dog-husband carries food to his banished offspring but Sedna's father places stones in his pack and the dog-husband drowns.

Still, Sedna refuses all suitors until she meets a rather mysterious looking fellow who arrives decked out in fine skins and feathers. He is Fulmar, a dangerous bird spirit, living on a desolate island alone.(that works too, to get cut off from everyone and be alone, this is the way someone can then dominate you).

Fulmar does bring her fish each day and there is some warmth, but there are no furs and no oil for her lamp.

When Sedna falls into despair she begins to wail in torment. Her father, after tiring of her cries, comes to rescue her from Fulmar's lonely and distant island.

There are many versions to this story but in all of them Sedna ends up in a kayak with her father and a terrible storm begins - possibly stirred up by the angry Fulmar.  The bird man attacks the kayak and a vicious struggle ensues. The father, fearing for his life, pushes Sedna overboard into the frigid waters of the Arctic. 

Sedna desperately clings to the side of the kayak and tries to climb back in but her father chops her frozen fingers off, one by one, with an ax.

As she falls to the bottom of the sea, from her fingers emerge seals, polar bears, fish, dolphins, walruses, seals....all the creatures of the far North.

This sculpture called Nuliajuk, the Inuit word for the Sea Goddess, Sedna, is by Abraham Anhik Ruben who you can find HERE. Born in 1957 he has created stunning sculptures of Sedna throughout his lifetime.

In some stories Sedna's lower body transforms into a fish or dolphin reminding us of tales of mermaids.

She comes to rest at the bottom of the ocean floor and is guarded by her faithful dog-husband. 

Mermaids are powerful ocean creatures of the feminine, residing in the sea of the unconscious, holding a key to life and death.



The dramatic symbols in this mythology give us hints as to the nature and meaning of this newly found planetoid and our human growing consciousness.


A maiden without a mother is vulnerable, innocent, and without guile. She is on a path to become an individual. Without a caring mother to pass on her wisdom, a young woman is vulnerable to victimization.

We too have lived so many years without a true and immortal Mother Goddess to protect and guide us. Slowly, we have destroyed our planet earth, endangering all species including ourselves because we are cut off from our feminine principle and the true nature of our feelings which keep us connected and in harmony with the earth and our cosmos.


Sedna's victimization moves us from the human to the Goddess level. This brings in an extra depth to our compassionate feelings for her. It is as if the awesome power and life-giving qualities of the Divine Feminine have been stripped away from us all.

How hard she had to wail before her father heard her is indicative of the feminine call for justice, care, and safety and how often that call goes unheard and unfelt. 

The loss of one's hands is a disturbing symbol. Hands represent our dexterity, allowing us to control and interact with the world. The father’s act of maiming his child is poorly motivated. His lack of incentive and just giving up on her makes her tale all the more thought-provoking.

As the myth evolves, when, through the actions of humans, her animal populations dwindle and are endangered, Sedna becomes angered and sends up storms and starvation. 

If we overfish, over hunt, kill her beloved creatures for sport, or pollute her world she becomes impossible to appease by force, bribe or cajole.

Sedna's mythology reaches into the rain forests of our planet. The felling of ancient trees is symbolic of the cutting off of her fingers.

This stark and barren landscape is our future UNLESS the Sedna within each of us is REBORN and RESPECTED. 

Sednas power and authority regulate who by their right action will live and who, by their negligence, will starve.

Sedna can be softened only when we take the shaman's journey to meet her in the deep levels of our subconscious mind.

We must sing to her songs of LIFE. Did any of you see the 2003 New Zealand film, Whale Rider? It echoes the dramatic journey we must take for the sake of a people in need. If you haven't seen it, you will be bowled over. It is a movie of the divine feminine spirit and a young girl who embodies it! 

In Sednas story only the combing of her hair by a shaman can appease her. She must be attended to with gentleness and care. As he combs, she reveals to him what must be put right before the tribe starves.

It is like this inside of you, too. The Sedna in your deep psyche wants to bring you gifts of wisdom and insight that will help you grow and be gentle with yourself. She wants you to live in harmony with your surroundings. She is deeply creative and cherishes the life she creates through, a life that comes naturally from her feminine nature. But she needs your attention, your time, your patience to come and find her and be with her. 

She is the Goddess, source of all life.

Through the guided imagery of dreams and spirit journeys we can commune with Sedna and discover what she is asking of us.

Sedna dwells in the remote regions of space just as she dwells in the remote, unconscious regions of our minds.

Sedna holds the highest of status symbols for the Inuit because she controls the food supply.  Her emergence at this time boosts the feminine divine energy of our solar system.

BE PATIENT and LOVING WITH YOURSELF as you discover this Goddess within. She is a water Goddess. Water is the amniotic fluid that upholds and nourishes young life - we as humans are growing in consciousness. We are still young. We do not own 'mature status' yet.

Remember that this seemingly terrible ending to the story of an innocent maiden finds a creative ending:

- - -for the Goddess creates, she is the Mother of many things and much beauty in the world...nothing can stop Her....this is the Divine Feminine.

She created a world of imaginative, beautiful, playful, useful, energetic underworld sea creatures.

"Blue Lagoon"                    Sharon Russell

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"Ancient Wisdom"                 Sharon Russell

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 (Her astrology symbol)

In my next article about Sedna we will look at where she is in YOUR astrology chart. 

I'll talk more about the meaning of Sedna in Aries and Taurus and how we can work with her.

If you haven't already you can.....


Love and watery blessings to all,

P.S. If you have a Sedna story about your own life I would love to hear it....and share it on my page WHAT WOMEN ARE SAYING..... and thank you so much. (I will only post your first name or you may tell me a pseudonym.) Your Sedna story could include any acts of betrayal, feelings of abandonment, not being heard, living in isolation, living without the means to feed or clothe those you love....OR how you used your personal creative spirit to lift yourself out of a seemingly impossible situation....OR....? what does your intuition tell you about the Sedna within you?