#1 In this lesson we will learn about the essential cycle of your Soul's inner life. This cycle and the phase you are currently under affects all your other outer astrological happenings!

Your body is the ALCHEMICAL BEAKER - for the evolution of your personal Soul. 

I like this definition of alchemy from

1. a form of chemistry and speculative philosophy practiced in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and concerned principally with discovering methods for transmuting baser metals into gold and with finding a universal solvent and an elixir of life.

2. any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, to a substance of great value.

           "Sacred Body"          collage by Dixie G
Alchemy is not really magic at all, but the slow process of a human life becoming enlightened! There is no planet more alchemical in nature than our ever-changing Moon.


Which PHASE are you in right now? 

It seems I can't settle on a name for this amazing 29-year cycle, my sister, Sharon calls it: "Cycles of Becoming". I think of it as Your 29 Year Great Moon Cycle. Dane Rudyar, master of astrology, uncovered or revealed this cycle in the 1930s and brought it into the mainstream of astrology calling it Lunation Cycle....but in whichever way we refer to it, it is a 29-year process of your Soul's GROWTH that Your Moon begins from the moment of your birth until the moment of your transition from this body.

a very old painting by Dore - he was talking in pictures about the very gateway to the SOUL...


The GATEWAY energy of the moon is often overlooked in Astrology. The old astrology, which was highly masculine sun-sign oriented, did not understand the importance of the Moon. The old way of seeing the moon was as: old habits, places you got stuck, emotional reactivity, the past, your early childhood, mother, and nurturance. We can still use these descriptions of the Moon in understanding our personality, but the MOON IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!

It's good to know about our past, but at some point, we must leave our 'old Moon' and Journey the Yellow Brick Road. I like to use the story of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz to help comprehend this cycle as her story so naturally depicts it.....      


you'll be seeing more of these characters from Baum's book in CYCLES OF BECOMING,...

"FLYING WITH THE MOON"   by Sharon Russell

(available as card or print HERE

along with one of Sharon's paintings for each lunar phase.

The feminine way of seeing the moon is As the GATEWAY to NEW and EVER UNFOLDING CONSCIOUSNESS.

The Moon in your astrology chart will give you openings, inspirations. It can shed 'new light' for you as you learn to follow it. That is because the Moon in your chart is the actual emanation in matter of your living SOUL. It can be found to serve this function in your astrology wheel. When you look at the MOON AS SOUL and you follow its journey, phase by phase, in YOUR INDIVIDUAL CHART it will continually give you the clues you need to live your life.

CYCLES OF BECOMING will bring you knowledge of LUNAR GATEWAY ENERGY by using your CURRENT MOON PHASE. This is a way of looking at yourself AS AN EVOLVING SOUL.

Of course, you don’t have to evolve consciously, you can stay with the old moon, it will feel safer at times to do this – but IF YOU ARE READING THIS REPORT, then you are not a soul that wants to stay in the past; you are an EVOLVING SOUL and you probably feel some discontent that is making you SEEK your SOUL which is YOUR GATEWAY to a new comprehension and living out of your life.

I praise you for this! As this time on our precious planet, women want their higher consciousness to be available to them. YOUR SOUL, YOUR MOON, KNOWS WHAT IT IS YOU NEED TO GROW. As you become conscious you will know more naturally and more instinctively the direction you should or should not go in. Consciousness helps you make decisions and follow your true life path. But it takes time to grow in consciousness. Consciousness is a kind of awareness that you slowly develop as you live and participate in the process as a responsible human woman.

These little red shoes were a vital link in Dorothy's Journey to Oz. You'll find out more about them soon.

Each time the Moon is full in its journey around the earth, it becomes particularly bright at Full Moon Phase. In this same way, you become personally illuminated every 29 years! Illumination is consciousness. Illumination ‘lights up’ your surroundings, your essential self, so that you become aware, you ‘see’ something and have an innate sense of its value and meaning to you as a living growing being.

The cyclic nature of the Moon within your SELF allows you to grow a "LIGHT BODY"! This new ‘seeing’ brings LIGHT into you – into your body, your actual physical body becomes imbued with a new light each and every time you have an ‘aha’ moment. It is not about whether the ‘aha’ moment, the moment of discovery about your essential self, is a good moment, or a bad moment. It is not about judging the awareness. It is about being PRESENT and AWAKE IN IT!

This you can do. This is what you were made to do. This is what our human bodies have developed into– bodies that are capable of holding the LIGHT of God! Your body is Goddess and you, as SHE, holds the light of God. You are DIVINE indeed! You were made for this! So don’t settle for less than the gift of your LIFE

Know how precious and special you are to the creation.

But it is not enough to know this at the level of the ego. True knowing comes from our essential Self. As you begin to grasp and experience what this means, you will be able to put your ego into service to your greater spiritual life which is a direct expression of the divine essence.

Sometimes I think of the Soul as a star, the essential essence that glows from within you just as it does in this piece of rose quartz.

As you grow in this awareness, a LITTLE at a time, you will feel a joy in your body and soul that no human problem or conflict can take away from you. You will begin to realize your Soul as wonderfully alive, real, here with you in a body! Just a little at a time you step into LIFE. Your heart is growing. Your mind is finding peace. You are in the FLOW. It will come and go…..but each time it comes, it stays a bit longer.

"REMEMBER, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you."



This is the PROMISE. It is your soul’s promise and it is REAL.

Go out under the Moon from time to time as we study CYCLES OF BECOMING together. Go outside at night, meditate under it, put fresh water in a jar, and let it absorb the 'moons light', then drink it! Make magic with the moonlight in every possible way you can imagine! It is the ancient sister of the Earth. We owe her some attention to be sure!

Listen to your deep inner voice of Soul and Longing. Keep your heart surrendered, your mind open, and read about every Moon Phase even if it is not the PHASE you happen to be in right now. By reading about each phase you will come to understand how the ebb and flow of the Moon's light in YOU informs and shapes your Soul's Journey!

(and of course, we MUST have our favorite MOON SONG, click here for MUSIC)

“Come close to me,” says the Moon” for I am here to give you Light and Love and Holy Wisdom.”

Our next lesson in Cycles of Becoming will explain the: "HOW TO FIND YOUR CURRENT MOON PHASE", how long it lasts (in years), and then we'll explore: "What is the task of the Moon Phase I am in".......and more!

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LOVE....and just think, we'll all be looking at the SAME MOON as we grow in wisdom together!



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