Venus Gateway of Ascent Solar Plexus Chakra 


July 12, 2021 at 3:46 AM PDT Venus passes through the gateway of the Crescent Moon

VENUS INANNA GATEWAY OF ASCENT #3 at our Solar Plexus Chakra


Venus goes through her 3rd gateway as she ascends to the heavens on the night of our next crescent moon, July 12, 2021 at 3:46 AM Pacific daylight time.

The ancient myth of Venus was as the Goddess Inanna in Sumerian history. The story is about two sisters, one light and one dark. Inanna was the Goddess of the heavens and represented the light or enlightened aspects of the self and Ereshkigal was her mirror sister self who lived beneath the earth in hell. Where Inanna is joyful and sensual, Ereshkigal is forlorn and grief-stricken. In this myth, we witness the integration of the shadow and the light through the death and rebirth of Inanna. 

Every 585 days is equal to one Venus cycle and this cycle was enacted through the myth of Inanna and Ereshkigal during ancient Sumerian times about 5 to 6 thousand years ago.

"Inanna and the Lion"               ancient Sumeria

In our current ascending phase, the beautiful Sumerian Goddess Inanna is making her way back to reclaim her throne as QUEEN OF HEAVEN. She is now called Venus and she is actively engaged in birthing a new domain of heavenly life on earth. This is her job, to connect with the Crescent Moon and then to bring this new spirit to Earth, Mother Gaia. She works with us to bring in new life within her (our) psyche and heart as the Venus Inanna cycle progresses.

The old myths were ceremonial observations that followed the pathways of the planets and stars to link our earthly journey with the heavens. They were an attempt to explain the social and political happenings of their times. During these phases of Venus, priestesses of ancient times created their own ceremonial journeys toward self-improvement and spiritual growth. We too are being asked to create ours. As we relink our earthly journey with the heavens, we are RE-MEMBERING the Goddess!

Venus passes through her gateways of ascent 7 times or 7 months (sometimes 8) to prepare herself for taking on of her CROWN and the completion of her current Venus Renewal Cycle and the RETELLING OF HER STORY AS RAINBOW GODDESS in the sign of GEMINI. (if you are new to this site or want to refresh what this Venus cycle is all about, go HERE.)   

We are in a Venus ASCENT PHASE and the purpose of this phase as Venus goes through each chakra gateway at the Crescent Moon each month is to claim the true spirit that rests in each ascending chakra. Our work for the month of mid-July to mid-August is to reclaim powerful Solar Plexus Chakra energy in our physical body.

You are being asked to step forward in claiming acts of your renewed self as Gemini Metagoddess, or overarching evolutionary goddess for this 585-day cycle of renewal for Venus. But we don't reclaim all at once, it is Venus/Inanna's journey and it takes about 7 to 8 months to complete her Ascension Phase before she can claim her crown as Queen of Heaven.

This is how we grow with Venus. Our feminine psyche, that which makes up the inner workings of our mind/heart has grown during this time and now as Venus ascends through the CRESCENT MOON she claims new empowerment. Not power over others, but power within herself.

We live in a time when the comprehension of the old mythologies gives us clues to living a life in BALANCE with all of nature and with the Soul of the Earth. Girlfriends we are so blessed to be here now. Even if you don't understand all of this....just stay with it, take what you can, make meaning in your own personal life.

Ring of Queen Ann Boleyn and Elizabeth I

 In some versions of the myth of Inanna, she puts on her GOLDEN BELT of power.

This month's gateway from July 12, 2021 at 3:46 AM PDT to Aug. 11, 2021 is Venus/Inanna's 3rd gateway of Ascent at our Solar Plexus. This chakra is just above the navel and below the heart. Venus puts back on her RING OF POWER or GOLDEN BELT affirming the growth of HER WILL and in taking positive action, to pursue her dreams, to take control of her life, and to offer leadership of the feminine in her everyday world.

We have been asked to give up asserting ourselves in ways that are no longer useful or productive so that we gain more power and control that is in alignment with our soul and to the soul of the world, Earth, Mother Gaia.

Because we are all sons and daughters of the patriarchy, we can't help but have unconsciously colluded with old beliefs about men and women and their roles. We have unrecognized prejudice for people of color, we misuse power, we abuse natural resources...we are all in it together. And we will all come out of these past patterns, ways of being and thinking, by becoming conscious together.


  • This chakra is a golden yellow like a radiant sun.
  • Will power is generated here. A healthy solar plexus chakra has mastered raw, primal power and transformed it into enlightened confidence and power.
  • Leadership, power, and authority expressed in a healthy manner

Venus will pass through the 3rd gateway of the Solar Plexus in the sign of LEO. Our third chakra is an expression of the Solar Feminine who is aware of her divinity and the light that she naturally brings through radiant self-love, also a part of this month's teaching. You are learning to love yourself in genuine healthy ways. This is not about ruling or lording it over others. It is not about being better than or more royal than someone else. This is the simple and honest shining light of radiant self-love.

  • Generates feelings of self-worth and self-respect
  • Balances authority and service
  • Radiates the joyfulness and ecstasy of awakened will force
  • Can stand firmly in your own empowerment like a Queen.
  • Motivation with energy to accomplish goals taking them to completion.



The Manipura Chakra is our power center associated with the Tiger and Lion or Lioness. As the Lioness, she is a strong energy of providing, a hunter, connected to the pride and to the protection of Earth. She brings in balance, stability, strength, and activity.

Become conscious of the foods you eat this month.  Foods that have a robust, positive vibration are grains, nuts, fruit, and vegetables. What foods give you energy and fortify you to feel strong? This chakra when disturbed by poor digestion or eating of foods that are of lesser value can make us feel weak.

We want our digestive powers to be strengthened by the fires of good digestion. You can think of this chakra like a "fireplace". Stoke it with food that burns well!

Our emotions such as anger or aggression can also take away energy from this chakra. It is important to 'feel' our anger, then consider what is at the root of it. What does your body need to bring it back into a place of balance?

Mars is in Leo and will conjunct the crescent Moon and Venus on July 12th.

Since Mars is in conjunction with our solar plexus chakra gateway this month, Mars can bring in an extra fire that will need the counterbalance of water, of cooling foods, of moments of walking by water in the moonlight!

This extra fire can bring in passion, it can also make it more difficult to redirect our anger, but we can work with this chakra to release tension through extra exercise, journaling about what is making us angry, talking over the situation - if it's your will pitted against someone else's will, try to see where they are coming from as you speak your empowered truth, you may also want to try seeking resolution over the entire month of this gateway so that you can '

give yourself time' to know it's deeper truth and meaning  .... we must put something into motion this month to direct the flow of the big energy coming from this stargate as it passes through Leo.


I'm not sure who created this amber ring but it is truly a ring of power! Just looking at it inspires me!


Tiger Eye

 Citrine...for JOY!

Sunstone...for leadership and strength.

are all good stones to work with this month. You could even stick them in your 'belly bag' (oh, that old thing? Yes, it still has great use!) to remind and energize you to become aware of when and where you do not feel empowered. What or who throws you out of your personal empowered self? This month you will use your stone allies to remind you to speak up for yourself and to take action towards something you desire in your personal life. You too can be a leader, it doesn't have to be in a big way, small acts of courage can count big with this chakra!

Symbol of VENUS - look for her in your chart, doesn't her symbol look like a mirror? Venus is our BODY and we are learning through the journey of our chakras to EMBODY Venus, to make her a real and authentic expression of our true self.

Feminine Astrology helps you to HOLD and STAY WITH your growing and emerging energies, the ones that are inside of you making you who you are as an individual. By tracking these, we pay attention to our own intelligence and watch it grow. This brings in more JOY, more self-love, more respect for others too because we know they are going through something similar. 

Venus with a healthy 3rd chakra is the PEACEFUL WARRIOR!

"Courage"'  Sharon Russell

go HERE to see how you can get this as a card or print.

We overcome ignorance or self-loathing when we direct our will towards the process of transformation of our fears. Our WILL is powerful because it gives us the energy to fight, to pursue our dreams, to take control of our own lives.

Did anyone write about their FEAR of self-expression or personal power when Venus was in her descent last winter? Now, this month, it's time to write about how we stood up for ourselves, how we expressed our personal power or took action on something that you felt passionate about! Write it down so you can remember: "I did this!"

Here are some actions you can take this month to affirm your Solar Plexus chakra and growth of Venus in the Gemini metagoddess: 

  • Try doing something that scares you. You don't have to jump from an airplane or anything like that, sometimes it's the little things like speaking up for yourself in a situation when you might normally just sit there and be afraid to speak your opinion or say what you want and need. And you don't need to try to explain why you need or feel this way! Courage!
  • Take some action that moves your life ahead in a way that you desire.
  • Are you curious about something? Say it, find out more about that 'thing' that arouses your genuine interests.
  • Engage in creative activities that bring you JOY.
  • Tell a new story about yourself, something that redefines how you think and appreciate some action you have taken to improve your life.


This month's Ascent is of particular importance to ALL OF HUMANITY as we all struggle to move from our personal will at the 3rd chakra to INCLUDE the fourth or HEART CHAKRA. As a race, we are moving from our dominant 3rd chakra to our 4th chakra as we enter the Age of Aquarius.

It doesn't matter what age we are....


I am not sure whose face this is, but here is a crone who is her SELF! Powerful!

This chakra becomes a radiant sun when fully activated and charged with light. It has the power to bring forth consciousness.

I love this author, this is a book worth reading.


"Soaring"        Sharon Russell

(available as cards or print HERE.)

This Chakra when enlivened produces a wonderful feeling of strength and self-awareness. We feel determination and goodwill. A healthy Solar Chakra will naturally direct our energies toward our goals and dreams. 

Because we are in a GEMINI RENEWAL CYCLE with VENUS, storytelling can be a part of your renewal. How can you reframe the story of your life so that it has more meaning for you? This is where the Rainbow Goddess comes in. She brings you messages deep within yourself, messages full of beauty and power, old stories retold to find the good and the strengthening you need.

Find the good and powerful within you, and make it BIG! Grow it, do the task, complete the project...

In this Gemini Venus cycle, we are supported by our minds. Reading a new book that helps us to reframe the stories we tell about ourselves and our world is a good way to spend these warm summer months. (Unless you live in Australia or So .Africa where reading a good book it is a good way to spend those cold winter months! - I haven't forgotten my girlfriends down under! You too are always on my mind!)

This month we become a bright light or beacon with our self-respect and personal integrity intact. 

Radiant love to all,

Don't forget to LOOK UP and see the Venus/Moon with Mars gateway on the evening in the West after sundown on July 12th - looking the evening before or after will also work - don't worry about getting the exact hour and minute down, but showing up is important so that your body is present and can really take in this month's chakra enlivening moment!


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