Venus Gateway #8 SOUL STAR CHAKRA 2021 


On Dec 6, 2021 Venus and the Crescent Moon will appear in the evening sky in the west. This is our 8th Gateway of Venus, the Soul Star Chakra, and it will occur at 24 Capricorn. This gateway will appear high in the sky because Venus will soon turn retrograde, so as you look to the West, look high and up to your left.

VENUS GATEWAY #8 Soul Star Chakra

We have arrived together at this unique chakra, the seat of the Soul, and one in which I like to call our Divine Grace Chakra, the place from which the divine light and grace of God can descend from the great heavens above into our bodies.

In Sanskrit it is called Sutara, meaning "Holy Star". It is the sacred essence of the Soul, the primary channel by which the purest energy from the divine flows into the human body. This is the source point of the Rainbow Chakra meditation we did at our last chakra gate at our crown. All our charkas come from this luminous gateway of our immortality, our Soul.

It is located just a few inches above the head above the crown chakra and it is our essential link to enlightenment and ascension. In some, it may be seen as a bright silvery, white halo above the head.

Nourishment from divine sources and infinite love come into you from above through this chakra.

You don't have to leave this physical world to experience it, that's the good news. In fact, you may have had experiences of it but not known what that experience was all about. Because your Soul Star connects you to your higher self it can give you access to the Akashic Records. These are the memories of all previous lifetimes. Whatever soul purpose you come to achieve in this life, this information can come to you from this chakra. 

It is also your communications portal to messages from angels, and your personal guides, and ascended masters.

"STRENGTH"      Sharon Russell

Click on the image if you want one as a card or giclee to remind yourself that there is a TRUEST YOU and that you carry the GIFT OF LIFE within your body. YOU are a vessel for divine light, love, and strength.

Imagine that God with his infinite light and spirit exists everywhere, this chakra captures that light and brings it into you. It is a vessel for your whole self to 'hold' divine light, divine love, aspects of your personal soul, and its journey into this 3rd dimension. You can be truly connected to the whole of the Universe. Here is where you will be at peace and find your purpose in life. 

This chakra has the power to channel divine GRACE into your body. Whether you are Christian or Jew, Muslim or agnostic or you just don't know...the GRACE at the deep heart of our universe is yours. We cannot know when Grace will come, and there is nothing special you need to do to obtain it...nor is there anything you might have done that can keep it from you.

An unforgettable experience of Grace can lift you from the struggles of this world into a true knowing of a power and love far greater than anything our minds or hearts can even imagine.

Life can seem to run us over, but even one experience of this essence can give you a memory that will abide with you for your entire lifetime.

What we call "miracles" come from this chakra. The laws of nature go beyond the time and space we usually know as our reality and can become that which seems so much greater than we are. 


I love that this chakra point at this time is coinciding with the time we celebrate as Christmas! This is our month to incorporate a deeper meaning of the season into our hearts and minds. We may or may not have some great experience, but all of us will have the opportunity to consciously connect to this divine gateway of Venus. Here are some suggestions for you to consider in honoring and affirming this gateway for the next month:

If you have studied sacred geometry you will recognize The Flower of Life here. This symbol represents a pattern of cell divisions that exists during fetal development and I believe it also relates to our DNA. In our Soul Star Chakra, patterns of DNA house many lifetimes and contribute to our current DNA which brings a structure and form into our soul's journey here on earth.

Here is a silver one from Heart Mala Jewelry in Australia

You can find this symbol as a piece of jewelry to wear so that you can touch it and be reminded of the gift of your life! Look up FLOWER OF LIFE jewelry online, it's everywhere and if you get one in silver it will harmonize with the essence of the silver of the color of your Soul Star Chakra. I am reminded that I wear jewelry not to be fancy but to bring greater meaning to my life...I need these physical reminders, do you?

Selenite is one of the stones associated with this chakra, The white of this stone can bring spiritual cleansing and healing. White, silver, and rainbow colors are all associated with this chakra.

Kyanite can dispel negative energy helping you to release old family patterns. It can align all the chakras and is a wonderfully spiritual stone. The bracelet above is mixed with onyx.

Quartz crystal will amplify all other stones that you are using and make them more potent.


Is your soul as light as a feather? Hildegard of Bingen saw a feather float down outside her window one afternoon and it became a symbol for her of the way we are like feathers on the breath of God. The Egyptian Goddess, Maat, weighed the soul as a feather against the weight of the heart at death...this determined whether or not one would be reincarnated and what the needs are for the Soul to reach fullness in a physical body here on earth.

Perhaps you will make one of these for your altar at home this month.

Pay attention to moments of Grace and Beauty in your life this month as you allow this holy-day season to bring you the true meaning of the gift of your life.

find this as card or print HERE.

Meditation is the most potent way to connect with your 8th chakra. This is not a place to be in a hurry or try to set a goal or get things done...this is a place for making and taking time and space to SURRENDER into your deepest heart, to connect with Soul as much as possible, this is the month!


Here she is, one of our first Venus's. The Venus of Willendorf is a 4.4-inch tall carving discovered in Willendorf, Austria. It is believed to have been crafted between 30,000 and 25,000 BCE, making it one of the world's oldest known works of art. 

We often think of ascension as going UP into spirit, but at this Venus gateway, we are reminded that Venus Ascending means to bring down, as Queen of Heaven, into her body, ...her (your) full capacity as a Soul to claim herself a fully initiated Goddess. In the final completion of this gateway, she claims a greater integration of the metagoddess, the overarching Goddess of this 585-day cycle in Gemini. 

This is the feminine principle as it evolves through time and space with Venus who has completed her work to infuse us with greater power, light, and wisdom in the sign of Gemini.

We are not always given the opportunity for an eighth gateway, so this is a time for us to go more deeply into the possibilities this month offers us from Venus. 


  • she knows what is true for her and she acts from an authentic soulful place
  • she is not in a hurry, she can quietly sense that there is deep wisdom in change but change at a pace that is right for her
  • she listens without judgment
  • she shares her truth with others and does not hold back the expression of her opinion when she sees injustice
  • she is a Rainbow Goddess full of imagination and playfulness
  • she probably likes to keep a journal, one that tells and retells the story of her life
  • she shows great adaptability in the face of change and takes appropriate action
  • she has a skill in teaching and as a student, she loves to learn
  • she is willing to let go of old family patterns that do not support life - this brings in lightheartedness
  • WHAT GIFT HAVE YOU RECEIVED during this Gemini Goddess Venus Cycle? Any miracle stories or moments of Grace you would like to share with me? What change has occurred for you during this time? Have you acknowledged how you have grown or how you have become a better listener? Have you seen any rainbows? OR?

send your comments, stories, miracles, and rainbow sightings to

I always love to hear from you, dear friends,


Dixie Gladstone

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