MOON IN 2nd, 3rd and 4th HOUSES

Welcome back girlfriends! Did you miss me?....well, I missed YOU! It's time, well, it's past time to look at more of our MOON SIGNS and the HOUSES they are in. So get out your charts, your journals, and your open heart....get out someone else's chart too if you have one - maybe your partner wants to know where HIS MOON IS TOO....or your son, or daughter, or mother-in-law!!!!!! Don't leave anyone out.

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Let's start by looking at your chart. Look for this symbol . That's the MOON. Right next to it will be another symbol, for instance ... which would be TAURUS. So that reads Moon in Taurus.

If you have this Moon sign then read on.....OR if you have your MOON in your 2nd house, also read on as Moon in the 2nd house is like having a Moon in Taurus. 


TAURUS MOON or Moon in the 2nd House

sensuous, creator of BEAUTY, hard worker or lazy daze of comfort and self care!

  Moon in TAURUS 

Here is Sharon's watercolor image of the TAURUS archetype. She calls her "Prosperity" because Taurus has a lot to do with how you make your money and what you value and will spend it on.

Pissaro loved painting the natural world.

Lucky you to have a Taurus Moon as it gives you a wonderful harmonious rapore with the natural world. This is due to its relationship to the planet Venus that rules love and beauty. This position of the Moon can give you a “Green Thumb”. It can also attract wealth and the finer things of life.

You want and desire material comforts. Financial security is very important to you. Your domestic situation should reflect stability and beauty in order for you to be comfortable at home.

She could have her Moon in TAURUS!

Sometimes Moon in Taurus can get a little lazy or overindulge in food or material ‘stuff’.

"It is the SWEET,


in life that are the real ones after all."

Taurus is a Fixed sign and as such it can be hard for you to change. Your emotional attitudes may get stuck in old habit patterns of thinking or feeling. Remember that it is in the SIMPLE things in life that Taurus can find its heart and soul. Your emotions can be steady, even placid at times.

Your own natural rhythm may be one of steady persistence rather than pushing yourself to the extremes of overwhelm. But since Taurus is strong minded she may at times overextend herself. Keep your pace one that ‘feels’ comfortable to you.

You will build a foundation in your life but it will take time and effort which you are willing to give. You probably have common sense especially when it comes to handling your financial affairs.

You would benefit from a life with routines that nurture and comfort your heart. Your home should represent your simple and natural nature but also include items of beauty or value to you. Since you have such an affinity for the natural world you may want to have a pet in your home. Or like a friend of mine, an entire aviary in her back yard!

Silence and simple living can help bring peace to your inner world. Too much chatter or people around might exhaust you. So creating a balance between warm-hearted and sincere friendships and time for solitude is important for your peace of mind and your physical body.

If you find you are not keeping it simple because you have too many personal possessions, perhaps a collection of something that has gotten out of hand! This can happen if you feel a lack of stability inside yourself. When your confidence or stability are suffering you may acquire too much stuff to make up for the lack of what you are not feeling inside. This is a sign to consult with someone else, a valued friend, therapist or counselor can help you to air out your feelings and give you a little more space emotionally to thrive.

And BTW - collections are FUN for Taurus Moon people! Look around you, what have you collected? Or would you like to have a collection of something that will bring comfort and peace of mind? Then by all means my Taurus Moon friend, start it now and ENJOY the way it makes you feel, the value you place in the items is more important than the item itself, BUT IF IT IS OF VALUE to you heart and soul then having it around will give a greater sense of peace, that, "all is right with the world."

Moon in Taurus value their relationships. Their grandchildren might be beautiful girls!

You are loyal and steady. Your relationships deepen over the years and this will be a great source of joy for you as you age.

Here is one of our soul sistars, Linda, with her husband, Roger. (yes, I know you saw them last time, but Linda has her MOON IN TAURUS and he IS a SUN sign Taurus! This is a wonderful match when you can find someone with their Sun in your Moon sign or your Moon in their Sun sign. In fact, this is one of the best configurations for a great partnership as their will be a natural understanding between the two of you, the Moon person being very receptive to the Sun person's desires and way of living!

But don't worry if you don't have this configuration in your important relationships, there are other elements that will contribute to longevity and getting along like' two peas in a pod' and we'll talk about those - well, later on. I just couldn't resist telling you about this wonderful relationship COMBO and showing you a happy couple!

Here is Marge, a favorite Soul Sistar, who has a Moon in Aquarius (we'll see her again later!) but she has the MOON IN HER SECOND HOUSE, so, Marge will want to read about Moon in Taurus as it will give her clues to how she feels about money, material things, and love of the earth. Yep, there's the natural world around her with her favorite dog! You can bet she places great value and care on her pets. Any pet of Marge's is treated like ROYALTY - you lucky dog!

Now let's look at Moon in GEMINI

or Moon in your 3rd House




If you were born with your MOON in GEMINI than you are talkative by nature. You will find your comfort zone by finding others who like to share ideas.

My son has his Moon in Gemini and (if I do say so myself) he is very popular. This is a friendly Moon sign indeed!

Sociable and popular you are great in a crowd of people as you enjoy the breadth of conversation and many types of people who you are genuinely curious about. You can help others solve problems because you are willing to search many avenues to find a solution.


Avid readers often have Moon in Gemini!

You want to learn as much a you can reading, conversing, studying.

You might even like doing more than one thing at a time. Versatility is part of your character. You have a good sense of humor too! And that makes you attractive to others. They will remember your wit!

"When I truly care for someone, their mistakes never change my feelings because it's the mind that gets angry but the heart still cares."

At times you may feel nervous, irritable or edgy. This flighty mood thing happens because your moon is being influenced by your mind. You might be worried or obsessed about a particular problem which you have not solved and it keeps leaking into your feeling nature. Even though you ae lighthearted and playful these times of emotional turmoil may make you feel indecisive or unsettled.

Keep your home environment a comfortable place to be, so that you can curb your restlessness by staying at home sometimes. I know, you like to get out and about but sometimes you might need a little R & R in your own back yard!


Auguste Renoir 1879 - times change but the Moon's attributes pretty much stay the same! .... something we can count on!

An important part of your relationships is communication. It will be necessary to find a partner who you can talk to, someone whose conversational skills can meet yours at least to some degree. This part comes natural for you. But what may not come so easily is how you share your "feelings" with that significant other.

Conversationist, Social Butterfly, Teacher, Student

Your mood shifts because you like to have many different kinds of experiences.

You may find yourself restless or bored with certain relationships. You probably need to know a variety of people to satisfy your shifting emotional needs. In long term relationships you need to remember this characteristic that is very strong in you. You might find a partner who could help you learn how to settle down a bit, before you reach the point of burning out on your search for endless interesting others!

As you mature and learn to stick with some things over the long haul you will tend NOT to over stimulate yourself. This brings in a greater ability to focus. Your natural ability to discover can be deepened and your projects will benefit by this growing ability to settle into the things that truly interest you.

If you have your MOON IN THE 3rd HOUSE you should also read about Moon in Gemini as the 3rd house of a horoscope holds Gemini energy!




or Moon in your 4th House

tender, caring, sweet, nurturing, lover of home and mother, keeps others safe and provides a home for young life

If it’s your MOON that is in a CANCER than it is in the place of what is called “Exaltation’ in astrology. In other words your Moon is very AT HOME in the sign of Cancer. The innate nature of Cancer is the Moon’s own nature!

"I believe in

love at first sight

because I have been

loving my mother

since I first opened my eyes."

This is a beautiful Moon placement as it represents the FEMININE, the breasts, the mother,

the home,

food, cooking, eating, 


the umbilical cord..., nest building and nurturing, in general.

You have a disposition that loves and cares for everyone.

You are in your comfort zone nurturing others. You want to help things grow. You want to help heal others and the planet. You can offer protection, encouragement and love or whatever it is you choose to give yourself to. 



You will need a home that feels safe, comforting and one that you can fully relax in. Soft colors, pieces of art, furniture or even nic nacs that have sentimental value or pictures of your family or loved ones should help you to feel that you are surrounded by what you love the most. Refined fragrances could fill the air. The right scents can help to balance and lift your moods.

Or perhaps you need a fountain or to be near the sound of water.

Since the Moon rules memory, your memory is strong and especially where family is concerned. You remember the birthdays of those you care about!

You probably also don’t forget when someone has wronged you. As you mature you learn how to discriminate between those whose wrongs cannot be let back in to your life and those who you can forgive because they too are human. Your tendency however may be to give more than you receive.

You can benefit by relationships that teach you how to trust yourself, how to let go and forgive when someone has hurt you. With age comes Wisdom and more love for yourself and what you have to offer to others in a balanced and reciprocal way.

The Moon in Cancer gives you soft spots emotionally and you may retreat into your shell when another’s harshness hurts you. You have to learn to come back out so that others will have a chance to adore you as you have adored them.

Your Moon in CANCER is WATER....keep it flowing and growing by staying in touch with your emotions.

Learn to add in special times of comfort for yourself: a nice long bath or extra long time to luxuriate in bed on those weekend mornings. Or give your imagination and feelings a place to flow in the creative arts or crafts. Collect shells at the seashore and listen to the call of the Great Mother’s waves through the conch shell. It may help to have some source of water around you like a fountain or calming picture of an ocean or lake. Your Moon in Cancer needs security in order to express its most tender nurturing and intuitive qualities.

If your MOON is in your 4th house but not in Cancer, you will still want to read about "Moon in Cancer" because the 4th house is the place of the Home and Mother and your Moon will have some of these tender qualities that you will want to know about my dears!



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We want to know about our Moon as much as or maybe even more so than our Sun because understanding our FEELINGS is a vital and enriching part of being alive. Whatever it is that brings you comfort musn't be neglected in life! This is the Moon - your COMFORT ZONE!

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loving you and happy to be making this connection with YOU!



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