Venus Ascent at the Heart Chakra Mar 24 2023  


March 24, 2023, at 9 ° Taurus is the activation of this gateway.


GATEWAY #4 and the CHAKRA of the HEART

This month as we work with our heart chakras, remember that Capricorn Grandmother, with her inner aged wisdom, is the archetype that Venus is working with as she makes her ascent toward heaven in this Venus Cycle. If you would like the dates of the Venus Gateways for this cycle, you can find them here: Venus Ascension at the Second Gateway.

CAPRICORN Grandmother Goddess is finding a new way to use the archetype of this earth sign to become more connected to her grandchildren, to the earth, ...or to

                  ...what will you connect with greater heart and soul this month?

This more mature aspect of the Divine Feminine has been helping us to realign with values that will carry us and our next 7 generations! She comes as the wise woman crone to bring a new vision of mature feminine values into our culture, our world!

What new grandmother wisdom are you realizing within yourself?

The symbol for VENUS - she is the feminine mirror - who you choose to love, those people, places, and things are all MIRRORS of your heart.

Sweet Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty!! Venus is your BODY, she is the embodiment of spirit in flesh!

LOOK UP March 23, 24, and 25...AFTER SUNSET, in the Western sky low on the horizon and see VENUS ever so close to the Moon as she passes through her 4th GATEWAY to HEAVEN! Depending on where you live on earth, she may be lower or higher on the horizon, or on the day before or after March 24, you can still see her near the Crescent Moon!

As Venus makes her ASCENT to HEAVEN, she passes through the middle gateway or mid chakra, which is the heart chakra, #4 in the middle of our bodies. This is our place of BALANCE.

TIP: meditate on feeling BALANCE at your heart chakra...and discover why "LOVE is the WAY" gifts us every day with our FEELINGS, our EMOTIONS, our TENDERNESS.......DIVINE LOVE RADIATES FROM A HEART IN LOVE!

Venus passes through the emerging Crescent Moon every month on her ascent to the Great Above.

The Moon is the Gateway for Venus on her journey of growth of her psyche. She is the morning star at her DESCENT and the Evening Star at her Ascent. If you want to understand better why the Moon is her Gateway read CYCLES OF BECOMING PT.1 and CYCLES OF BECOMING Pt. 2. 

Be BLESSED this month with the divine waves of love-light!  

CRESCENT "Maiden Moon"  - HORNS TO THE Left and seen in the evening hours after sunset in the West until about 9 PM PDT. VENUS is passing through the gateway of the Crescent Moon in this picture.

Go out under the night sky and watch the process as it unfolds...this is how our ancestors did it. They lived under the night sky, and it meant so much more to them than it does to us now...but we are becoming world citizens and eventually citizens of the we RECONNECT with the beauty and majesty of the heavens, we enliven parts of our brains and hearts that have gone dormant!

"Stand witness to the great above, the Abode of Heaven."

Your inner child wants to rediscover the Moon. Imagine if, as a young maiden, you had known about Venus when she goes through the gateway of the Crescent Moon and that she has a cycle, and you are a part of that! Mothers, sisters and grandmothers, aunties, and more - do you have a young woman in your life who you believe might enjoy this sight with you?

VENUS ascending is asking you to RELEASE YOUR LOVE - give it out to others. Don't hold back this month. Find ways to express the love that is naturally in your heart.

"We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love."

                                                               Mother Theresa 

(MUSIC) (It's old-fashioned but still true! You can leave your music window open and then come back to Fourth Gateway of the Heart as you listen.)

"PASSION"                         by Sharon Russell 

This darling couple is on Sharon Russell's card "Passion" and represents how we connect deeply and intimately with another SOUL. They are SOULMATES. They are in LOVE, and they are living out their dream, the one that they have created together.

But you don't have to be IN love to express this month's enlivening of your heart chakra. There are so many ways to show your love....go, find, be love....find something or someone to love every day of this Venus passage through your heart.  

In Inanna's journey back up from the Underworld into the Light of Heaven, she put on a garment for each chakra or GATEWAY that she went through. This was a symbol for her, Venus, and for us, that we are claiming some new power and potency, and balance in the area of our heart chakra. We don't expect perfection on this journey, but we recognize and acknowledge any progress we have made.

For those of you with your journals out and pen in hand, you may wish to journal about these questions:

How do you show love to others and to yourself? Are you as kind and forgiving to yourself as you are to others? Has loving someone changed you in the past 6 months? Can you identify any way in which you show more courage of heart to be yourself? Do you feel more passionate about something or someone? Where in your life is there love? Are you taking for granted the love that someone is showing you?


Breastplate from India, 13th Century. Notice the hearts on this breastplate.

The breastplate was considered to have great power in Sumerian (and other ancient) times. He or she who owned it ruled the Universe. We don't need to rule the Universe, but we can become Queenly in our own lives with greater power in our hearts. 

Our heart chakra is above the chakra of our will. This position indicates that we are ready to use heart power along with and to guide our willpower! We harmonize and balance our ego, which has found expression at the Solar Plexus chakra and become masterful at a greater heart level (4th chakra) than before. This is the power of Venus Ascension.

At GATEWAY number 4, Venus is putting back on her Breastplate at the HEART CHAKRA, which is both the 4th chakra and the 4th gateway. This is her Gateway of LOVE. You are being asked to put your breastplate of love back on to express the deep and mysterious love you feel as Venus makes her renewal through you. You are a part of all that is; listen to your heart as it sends its messages of tenderness, compassion, and loving-kindness. What a wonder-filled chakra we will all express at this 4th Gateway of Venus!

Of course, most of us don't have one of these amazing breastplates to put on! ha! but we do have the true heart of our Self. All we have to do is put our right hand over our heart chakra to feel the beating of this potent part of our body, a real heart, the place where love emanates.


Delicate pink hues

and emerald greens are heart colors.

Rose quartz helps you to balance and enhance your heart chakra. It softens and brings IN tender loving thoughts and feelings, ahhh! I love this stone.

Watermelon Tourmaline brings peace and calm. It creates a space to feel JOY within our hearts.


Copper is a Venusian metal. It is a 29 on the Table of Periodic Elements. 29 is the number of days in a lunar month! Copper also stimulates your heart chakra to release blockages! This makes copper a very feminine element, one that can help increase the circulation of the yin energy if it is stuck or has been repressed. The mysteries are everywhere, they are really not hidden; only we must open our eyes and our HEARTS to notice.

TIP: If you are making jewelry this month, try working with heart stones that enliven your heart chakra: Aventurine, Amazonite, Emerald, Rose quartz, or Ruby. You could use some copper beads if you have them. Or find a heart-shaped stone, put it in your pocket, and keep it with you all month. You can go to ebay or etsy and find all of these stones as beads at affordable prices (under $15) and many with free shipping. Just type in "ruby beads" or heart-shaped gemstones" or perhaps "copper spacers for DIY jewelry". Have fun!


and DOVE are animals associated with the heart.


ROSE is the flower of Love. It radiates a sense of compassionate caring.


"GRACE AND PEACE are the gifts of a healthy heart chakra." 

Like this gateway of tremendous energy found at the beach in Big Sur, California....this is a powerful passage that VENUS makes March 24 through April 22, 2022.  Waves of LOVE, may you feel them; they go on and on and on.....

Our Heart Chakras are activated and renewed! 

Fill up your heart with what you love this month: people, places, animals, favorite pastimes, cook, dance, sing, participate in a worthy cause, you name it, if you love it, do it and do it with heart!

She wears a crown of 12 stars, the 12 signs of the zodiac. She is Virgo, the virgin, and she brings a blessing of great and mysterious love through the heart. She is the most recent of Goddesses who have birthed the full power and truth of LOVE.

"As your capacity to love grows, so will your JOY. These two go together!"

Love from your Soul Sistar,

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.....(music)

  it's the key!


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Will you take a few moments to send me your stories on♥ 'How your HEART is opening' these days?....and anything else that you want to share with me? I LOVE IT when you send me your comments and suggestions, love, love, love it! SEND TO:



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