Venus Ascension at the Sacral Chakra Jan. 23 to Feb. 21,2023 


Venus - Inanna continues her ASCENSION



On Jan. 23, we will be in the FLOW of VENUS, passing through her 2nd GATEWAY on her journey to become QUEEN OF HEAVEN.

Venus reaffirms the new CAPRICORN ARCHETYPE for women during her continuing passages through 2023. As Capricorn, she is a wise woman and grandmother of the next generations.

NEW FEMININE ARCHETYPES emerges into our collective reality with every cycle of Venus. She has a rather complex cycle when you first look at it, so don't worry if you don't comprehend the complete  Venus passage. We will go along TOGETHER here in this website as we uncover the mysteries of Venus/Inanna.


(how to know if it is VENUS: she shines brightly, "stars twinkle, planets shine!".)

VENUS goes through the 2nd GATEWAY of her ASCENSION at CRESCENT MOON PHASE this month. HORNS to the LEFT are an indication that we are in the Crescent Moon phase. The Moon is coming into the LIGHT once again. Crescent Moon Phase is the emerging beauty of our Moon. She is the MAIDEN shining her face upon us, preparing for her monthly cycle of creating, maintaining, and fulfilling the promise of new life that was given to her by Spirit at the New Moon phase. Crescent Moon is the gateway for Venus during her Ascension.

Here are the Gateways of Venus Ascension for 2023:

Gateway 1 Root Chakra   Regaining her Royal Robe   Dec. 24, 2022, at 18° Capricorn

Gateway 2 Sacral or Belly Chakra  Regaining her Ankle Bracelets    Jan 23, 2023, at 25° Aquarius

Gateway 3 Solar Plexus   Regaining her Ring of Power    Feb. 22, 2023, at 3º Aries

Gateway 4 Heart Chakra   Regaining her Breastplate   Mar 24, 2023, at 9º Taurus

Gateway 5 Throat Chakra    Regaining her Necklace   Apr. 23, 2023, at 14° Gemini

Gateway 6 Brow Chakra   Regaining her Royal Staff  May 23, 2023, at 17° Cancer

Gateway 7 Crown Chakra   Regaining her Crown  June 21, 2023, at 14° Leo

Gateway 8 Soul Star Chakra   Regaining her Soul Purpose  July 20, 2023, at 28° Leo

This month from Jan. 23 to Feb 21 (and continuing through the completion of all 8 chakras) we are celebrating the renewal of CAPRICORN Feminine energy as:

Capricorn Wise Woman Within and Without ♦ Mastery ♦ The responsible  Woman♦ Woman who brings Culture ♦ Creating something new or radical Developing Focus ♦ Achieving a Goal♦ Faithful 

LOOK UP to the West on the early evening of Jan. 23 when Venus makes her actual conjunction, or gateway moving through the Crescent Moon. 


SUGGESTION: Get out your journals, girlfriends - notice how the Crescent Moon gets brighter as the sun sets. Find the brightest planet next to the MOON, VENUS. Perhaps you'd like to draw, photograph or paint what you see! Or write about what you FEEL and how you experience this reappearance of the light! This month Saturn will be alongside the Moon and Venus. Saturn will be much smaller in appearance than Venus.

If you go out several nights in a row beginning on the  21st or so, notice how Venus is to one side of the moon on the first night (or two) and to the other side of the moon after she passes through her gateway, the two moving even further away from one another as each night progresses. There are three celestial bodies involved here: The Sun, which is throwing its light on the Moon. The Moon is receiving and reflecting to us the information, intelligence, and beauty of the Light and Spirit of the Sun. In this way, we look at the Moon as the "Soul" or "vessel for the light". And the third planet Venus as our "physical body" in her ascending stage. If we could see Venus up closer (use your binoculars), you could see that she also has phases! 

The Moon in her CRESCENT PHASE is the GATEWAY for Venus when she is in her ascending phase. She passes through it 7 (sometimes 8) times in 7 (or 8) months on her path to Ascension. These 7 gateways correspond to the 7 CHAKRAS of our physical body. At each gateway, she puts on a new article of clothing, symbolic of each of the chakra energies that she will be embodying for that month! You, too, will be embodying the new divine feminine energy for this gateway. Consciously or not, your Venus, the planet of love, relationships, wealth, beauty, and balance, will be doing her best to encompass and HOLD the new Capricorn, the archetype for this Venus Cycle. This new energy is available for all women (really, for all people), for the feminine principle on our planet. 



"A woman's second chakra just below the belly button is her womb."

The color of the 2nd chakra is ORANGE.

Carnelian is a stone that will help balance and enliven your 2nd chakra.

So will CORAL. 

Hibiscus is one of the flowers associated with the healing of this chakra. Couldn't you just see a string of these around your hips? Belly dancers would look divine with these!

The 2nd Chakra is our:


The Sacral Chakra allows you to FEEL the PASSION of living and being alive! It is located in the pelvic area. 
Pleasure and enjoyment from being in a body is the gift of this chakra. As Venus ASCENDS through this gateway, she puts back on her ankle bracelets.  She renews her intimate connections with others. She dances, plays, and sings. She opens a new level to her creative life! As women born into a patriarchal culture, this is an especially important gateway because we reclaim our self-worth as women!
 We balance our outer world with the flow and hormonal balance of our inner cycles of conception, gestation, and being in touch with our essence.
Fire in the Belly is what men call it. In a woman's body, we can think of it, as Isha Lerner says in her "Triple Goddess Tarot" book as "The Place of Initiation". 
Energy can leak out here if we stagnate or are stopped from achieving our creative pursuits. Since VENUS is on her ASCENDING CYCLE now and into the Summer of 2023,  we will want to TAKE TIME and MAKE SPACE for creative activities, for PLAY, for FUN, for what makes us feel ALIVE and IN OUR BODIES!
WATER is the element that rules this gateway and passes us through the 2nd chakra.
We are in the territory of RENEWAL and NEW LIFE FORMATION.
Water holds memories.....both happy and extremely wounding. If we have experienced sexual abuse in our past, then it is possible through this gateway of Venus to find deep healing as we release old blockages from our past. To whatever degree we have achieved some healing within our WOMB, we can now begin to enjoy our creative self-expression, which may have been stagnating.
                                                                 Maya Angelou
"Initiation"   collage and poem by Dixie GLadstone
A Woman's Prayer
You are a daughter of the Great Mother.
She cares for and nurtures you.
She honors you and helps you to bring forth your gifts.
She holds you safely in life's web.
And remember --
You cannot fall out of Her beautiful fabric of creation.
You are a vital cherished, sweet Woman part of all that is. 
Be peaceful in yourself and open your heart to Love.
Return to the innocent purity of your divine feminine self. YOU ARE A DAUGHTER OF THE GREAT GODDESS. We are all birthed from the same WOMB, and it is HERS.

I think of this chakra as the "Womb of Mystery" that is mirrored in our sky as our Milky Way, the galactic womb of our Great Mother. She births the immortal stars as a woman births her children. 

“There is only one of you in all time, and this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium, and it will be lost.”
                                                                                                                                      Martha Graham
ASK YOURSELF: "How am I feeling? Am I in touch with my body? What does it need to experience the joy of living?"
"Our sexuality is a part of the 2nd Chakra and Venus's healing of old sexual wounding, not just in our life but in the lives of our mothers, our grandmothers, in all our feminine lineage, is important to recognize this month."
In our culture, sexuality is either exaggerated and magnified so that the intensity of the experience moves us beyond pleasure into huge expectations, exhaustion through images, exhaustion of our bodies .... OR its opposite.... our sexuality, passion, and emotional reactions are frowned upon or rejected. We, as a group, have lost the balance.

Venus wants to feel the transformative process in this part of her body. She wants to bring her body together with another body for pleasure, creativity, the conception of a new idea, a baby, partnering with someone to do a business....(it could be many things...), but Venus always seeks to bring about a feeling of fullness and delight that emanates from this chakra and allows for us to release, to let go, to move, to express, and to participate fully in life.
Find JOY in the little things too!
Sometimes I like to just fall onto the grass and feel the earth beneath my body as it pulsates with life. Take your shoes off to experience a SENSE OF TOUCH through your skin. Feel what the earth is doing. Listen to her heartbeat. Quietly, let your heart beat to Her rhythm.
The energy that will be released in you as you consciously work with this chakra this month will help you feel or reconnect with your passion for being alive and in a human body. Value yourself and the wonderful body you have been given.
PASSION is the fuel for our creativity, whether it be a poem we are creating or a piece of art or's limitless, the way women create! We also create when we build a new home or move to a new place and set up our home. We create when we cook or clean, when we make a new website, learn something new, and then try it out. Creating a child is an act of releasing a new being into this world, perhaps the most powerful form of initiation and creation we know and one that carries with it a responsibility that requires passion (and enormous amounts of energy)!
"Orange flowers"               Georgia O'Keefe
SUGGESTION:  If you are part of a women's circle, you may want to honor these SEVEN (we have eight during this Venus Cycle) GATEWAYS by following along with me and including VENUS ceremony in your circle. Your group can create something very special for each woman's personal growth by creating an altar for Venus. Each woman brings something to help build the center for your circle. You may wish to refer to the chakra for the month you are working with to create a 'theme' for your altar.
For instance, when Venus goes through the second gateway, which will be the second chakra when she is ascending, you might have an 'all orange altar' ...... or dress in something orange.....or bring carnelian, coral, or other enlivening and creative stones and orange flowers. Each woman could share and commit to her personal issues on freedom of self-expression or to a goal she is working toward. Some women may ask for healing from past sexual trauma. Others may share their feelings of self-worth or the lack of it. Money and being paid what we are worth is another element of our sacral chakra this month.
Listen carefully to your sistars and share from the heart. CLAIM YOUR PERSONAL POWER for a healthy body, the right to your sexuality, a renewal of your ability to be a leader, your creativity, and the way you express yourself personally in your embodied Venus!....maybe someone will bring an ankle bracelet with lots of pazazz which each woman can put on as she shares.
As you enter this GATEWAY of VENUS ON THE ASCENT, remember that your creations are endless, but your energy is NOT. Take time to consider what you need to keep yourself in BALANCE, both body and soul. In the wise woman Capricorn Grandmother's way, we make good boundaries for the use of our time and the expenditure of our energy. We protect our sacred creative space by protecting our bodies and health.
Perhaps we are working on an idea, project, or cause that requires us to stretch into new territory. Capricorn, with her second chakra open, will channel the PASSION for your cause and find a way to see it birthed into the world!
What is it that you need to do and to live in order to FEEL YOUR PASSION FOR LIVING?

What new image of yourself can you hold and create with? As we restore and express our 2nd Chakra this month, we can infuse our lives with a greater feeling of faith and courage. This is the destiny of Venus on the Ascent in a new paradigm for Capricorn, and it is your destiny too! 
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