Venus Ascension at the Brow Chakra May 22, 23, 2023 


Venus goes through Gateway #6 on May 23 at 5:45 AM PDT. LOOK UP May 22, 23, and 24 to watch Venus as she progresses through this gateway.

Venus works with her 6th or Brow chakra from May 23 to June 20, 2023.


GATEWAY #6 The Brow Chakra or Third Eye

The 3rd eye or brow chakra is greatly stimulated during meditation. Deep relaxation creates a soft light slowly dripping into the third eye area, which is very soothing and healing for the mind and body.

Ascension means that as the planet Venus moves through each gateway of the Crescent Moon, she sends her ability for each and every one of us to build a new body of love and light. We accept the lovely energy this month from the planet Venus into our 3rd eye and receive a renewal of our ability to heal, to carry a new vision, and to express this empowerment through the Capricorn Grandmother archetype. This is real energy, and it comes through the entire month from May 23 to June 20, 2023.

She will look something like this as she begins her passage through each Crescent Moon Gateway.

Venus/Inanna picks up her WAND at Gateway #6

Star Tulip is the flower associated with the third eye. With its perfect symmetry, 6 petals, and the symbol of a star, the eyes of the night.

Bear is associated with this chakra representing the dream lodge. Bear hibernates in the cave of the heart. In her silent experience of tranquility, she develops inner knowing.

The seer, prophet, and visionary are all associated with the brow chakra. Intuition is highly developed as this chakra grows in balance and strength.


The third eye, during meditation, can produce sensations of bliss and light pouring through one's forehead, creating a soothing sense of quiet attunement. So as we continue to meditate, this eventually happens as a natural function of a body at deep rest. Don't worry if this isn't your experience takes time to develop effortlessness and deep inner connection in meditation, but it will happen. 

Lapis Lazuli is one of the stones associated with the development of spiritual insight and intuition.

Quartz Crystal, with its natural ability to transmit sound, music, and words via radio waves across distances, is a 6th chakra stone. Our bodies are crystalline in structure, and by attuning to ourselves in meditation, we naturally bring our bodies into balance and align ourselves spiritually a little more every time we meditate.

MUSIC (choose Tibetan singing bowls, open third eye chakra - this is soooothing!)

If you have been meditating for many years, you will notice this attunement to body and mind and eventually to universal mind and intuition. You begin to know the answer to a question just by asking the question while you sit quietly after meditation. You become a clear channel for intuitive guidance and higher inspiration.

Take time for yourself this month. Rest and relaxation, prayer, and meditation will help you realign your brow chakra if you are in a negative state or depressed. Do you have difficulty studying or concentrating? Then this area may be blocked. Your dreams may be confused, and headaches or disorientation can arise. Your inner peace has been disrupted, and you may need to pay special attention to this area. A relaxing session with a healer will help you to come back to a natural state of feeling at ease and restore this amazing and important chakra. And this would be the month to do so.

Flourite is my favorite 3rd eye chakra stone. Find a flat clear piece of fluorite to place on your forehead at the 3rd eye when lying down; allow it to bring you peace and calm.

Your Brow chakra will feel soothed this month as you release old thinking patterns that separate you from others and from the vast possibilities in your life.


Capricorn is concerned with gaining and perfecting a skill or career. Headaches at work could be a sign that you are not in a career that is right for you. Use your visionary power and the wisdom of the Capricorn Grandmother Goddess to see possible futures for yourself.


As you pass through this ascension gateway, you will carry a greater capacity to become a carrier of new visions.

Your PERCEPTION will change and grow. Your PERSPECTIVE will altar as you experience how every creature in nature has its own perspective. You grow in respect and wisdom of the traditions of others. Your own 'new traditions' based on your new perceptions can bring your vision to the next seven generations. An example of this is Earth Day.

"The Soul's Journey in Astrology"     by Sharon Russell

A great beginner's book in FEMININE ASTROLOGY. You will find a lovely page on CAPRICORN, the archetype we are working on with Venus until 2023, in this book, along with all 12 images of the divine feminine zodiac from Sharon!  Click HERE.

Healing wand of crystal and silver.


What seems impossible to the rational mind becomes possible when we create an opening in our awareness for these alchemical ingredients:





These four are like the four directions, the cornerstones of our lives. They remind us that the wheel of life is always turning. We do not stay in one place for very long as change occurs; alchemy incorporates new ingredients so that you grow, and evolve with Venus making new outcomes possible!

Imagination is like bringing in the direction of the EAST. A new day dawns, and it will be like no other. We decide what we will do that day and how and with what attitude we will do it in.  Surprises happen! We use our imagination to solve problems and increase our choices.

A soft intention brings in the SOUTH. We are like children who want to play, and we can best feel comforted in our play when we know "Mother is near, she is watching over us." or "Grandmother Wise Woman" is in my life, offering me protection and guidance (in a particular matter). or "What would so and so (a wise person we know) say about this?" We do not put unrealistic demands on ourselves or our bodies.

Our intent is soft because it comes from our innocence; it is not sharp or demanding. Somehow, magic comes to meet us on the yellow brick road!

Intuition comes from the WEST. Without too much overthinking, it comes to us what to do or not do. Not doing can be as important as doing. We have an insight that is based on a subtle feeling or sense.

"Intuition gives insight; it revels in the garden of magical possibilities as if they were real."

                                                                            Carl Jung

Also, from the WEST comes a mature and unconditionally loving heart, the heart of a grandmother!

And from the direction of the NORTH, we use our WILL. But the key to using our will lies in our hearts being open and our minds being unfettered by outworn past beliefs.

When Venus/Inanna makes her ascent, she picks up her Wand of Power and accepts her increased mastery over the domain of her intuition and ability to hold a new, more inspired vision, one that would uplift and create a new story of the Wise Woman Grandmother Crone archetype. She does this for herself, and she does it for the world.

We may not be perfect wise women, but we have passed through this gateway by virtue of the work we have been doing during this entire Venus cycle.

"Sedna"                    by Sharon Russell

This particular Venus Gateway was activated by a New Moon at 29 degrees of Taurus. There are many planets and feminine asteroids in Taurus right now. SEDNA, Goddess of Exile, was part of this important configuration. Read about Sedna here. She can allow us to get in touch with our frozen or unconscious emotions during this month. She teaches us about being true to our own spirit!

Open your third eye and let the light and love pour in! ENJOY!

I wish you peaceful dreams and new, more enlighted visions 

Dixie Gladstone