SATURN IN PISCES chaos creativity and commitment March 2023 to Feb 2026 

Saturn moved from Aquarius into Pisces on March 8, 2023. Saturn went retrograde on June 18 at 7° Pisces and will be in retrograde motion until November 5, 2023, when it will turn direct at 0° Pisces and remain in Pisces until Feb. 13, 2026. Saturn takes approx. 2 and 1/2 years to go through a zodiac sign.


WHAT, A NEW SATURN? WHERE, AND HOWEVER DID SHE GET THIS IDEA? What was wrong with the old Saturn...................plenty!

SATURN has been traditionally seen as a masculine planet, a planet that represents hierarchy and the patriarchal structures that have been imposed upon us for the last 5, 6, 7 thousand years.

Cultures around the world have used power, money, and the rule of MEN (not women!) as the operating manual on planet earth. About every 700 years (or so) Saturn is INITIATED into a new, more conscious archetypal energy of itself!

 Saturn had joined with  Pluto 

and had begun a new 38-year cycle

From April of 2019 through February of 2020, Saturn went into conjunction with the planet PLUTO. I am counting a 3-degree orb when I give these dates. We are very much still in this energy of this Saturn/Pluto cycle for the next 33 years.

Pluto acted like the initiator. It can give you a feeling of powerlessness to the vast collective and social happenings around you and on the entire planet. You could feel 'a victim', but you will also be given the opportunity to surrender old values and paradigms that Pluto will undertake to destroy. We are in a cycle of "composting the dregs" of the current culture so that it can be transformed into a vehicle for the Aquarian Age.

But we are not there yet!

We are in between the ages a liminal state between an old age that is dying and fiercely trying to hold on to its old operating manual and a new time that has been promised by so many prophecies of old.

Our user guide is changing....we need a new way to operate on this planet.....this is expressly for the PEOPLE on PLANET EARTH!

I love the term "operating manual". Daniel Giamario uses it in his Shamanic Astrology with his brilliant and cutting-edge insight into the transformation that is taking place on our planet now. You can go HERE to learn more about Daniel, the founder of Shamanic Astrology. I can't say enough about his brilliant, flexible mind!

Pluto will step up the job of Saturn and transform Him (Saturn has been considered a masculine planet for thousands of years. FATHER SATURN) from a patriarchal HE to a gentler, more EARTH-CENTERED version- it will no longer be about HIS Story dominated and told by the conquerors of old. Rather it will be about the connection we have via this amazing EARTH-ruled planet to Mother Earth herself AND to Mother Gaia's relationship to the greater cosmos, the Great Mystery itself.


We are leaving the old Greek/Roman image of Saturn as a patriarchal ruler into a new FATHER FIGURE of maturity, a wisdom-keeper, into one who gives comfort and brings security not through fear and repression but rather through the wisdom of the heart and the intuitive knowing of what is right for the new culture we are birthing on earth during these times.

As we leave behind the masculine-dominated Saturn of hierarchy and patriarchy, we are moving from a strictly masculine sign to a more FEMININE-attuned SATURN and her benevolent masculine counterpart.

The sign that Saturn and Pluto had their conjunction and began this new cycle occurred in 2019 to 2020 in Capricorn. As a "culture bearer," Saturn in Capricorn began rebuilding old structures, structures that can house the needs and values of many people over many years to come.   Saturn had been in Aquarius for the past 2 and 1/2 years, prior to this. In Aquarius, we began revisioning what some of these new values and structures could look like. We consciously began taking into account the needs of a larger population, one with an expanding consciousness, greater awareness, and value for human life AND for the life of the Earth and all beings on it. More than it has ever known before.

In Aquarius, Saturn had been helping us to bring back the fundamental unity of all life. Our everyday consciousness, our awareness, is evolving and changing. The time of more disagreement, not less as we thought, emerged and has become stronger. This is Pluto, and its powerful SHADOW. The shadow emerges as the light grows stronger. Equal rights for ALL PEOPLE are weighing heavily on many people and countries all over the world. We are in the midst of this monumental SATURN/PLUTO struggle.

But some are starting to see and feel that anything that breaks our connection with one another leads to pathology and to great social unrest!

Despair is calling out to the need for the cure of "GRACE" to balance our divine nature with the shadow of human prejudice and narrow thinking and feeling.


Saturn strives to bring a sense of maturity and wisdom to whatever it touches.

The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn. Everyone has Saturn in their chart. It's symbol looks like this


Satun, as an EARTH sign, represents entire cultures; it is shifting towards a connection with EARTH that will carry us into a new operating manual and a new set of rules for how to live on Earth, Mother Gaia. 

We are at the end of an old age and the beginning of another, and as such, we are in an in-between place, a liminal zone of unknown outcomes. So, yes, it is a bit scary out there and inside most of us, too. We, each one of us, must make this shift with our heart and mind intent. We are awakening! Through daily media, we are being asked not to turn away but to bear witness to one another lives both in the country we live in and around the world.



Now that Saturn has moved beyond Capricorn and Aquarius into PISCES, the softening effect of Saturn can be felt and transmitted to you by the many women whose voices are now being heard. And, of course, men who are not completely hardened by the old patriarchy, men whose minds and hearts are opening to the damage patriarchy has done to them, their families, and to the earth herself, are also speaking out with a new voice. Neptune, as ruler of Pisces, will be adding its watery, often mirky, and sometimes confused and bewildered energy to Pisces and is not at home here. We wonder, "What will come next?"

It's completely normal to experience fear and feel unsettled on a daily basis. Remember, you are not alone in this.

We are being called by Saturn to open to a new look at things through our spiritual lens, to remove denial and illusion, and to put more of the greater DIVINE HUMAN into our thinking and actions! The divine-human is not the same as the one we were before. You now have a conscious recognition, even if it is only a glimmer of awareness,  of being a part of the great cosmos and a daughter or son of Mother Earth. 

Truly, it may not seem as if Saturn is softening, especially with all of the political and environmental tragedies that are occurring - but it is so. We cannot go back. Saturn in Pisces pulls us by necessity into an expansion of our spiritual values and strengths in order to reach a new level of the realization of human oneness.

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Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune...

All is not lost as the wheel turns in a new direction. Saturn in Pisces will help release us from the limited way we frame our social interactions; it can bring a more compassionate love into our hearts, and it will certainly require us to give up some of our old ways.

Illusion and confusion will come as we experience the UNKNOWN future elements of Neptune. Each of us, in our own way, in our own lives, is being called to roll up our sleeves and become an instrument for bringing about a new frame for our institutions, for our relationships with one another and with Mother Earth. We MUST become a more mature society.

Suffering is often a part of what Neptune shows us. Harshness, cruelty, and losses of many kinds can follow along with a Saturn in Neptune. So can incredible acts of mercy and compassion. 

Saturn is like a picture frame with four strong corners to hold in the creativity of our life by giving it structure, form, rules of behavior, and laws that help us lead stable lives. 

As we face the destructive actions we have all been participating in for so very long, we need the huge power of LOVE coming through a spiritually oriented Saturn in Pisces/Neptune to be our guide. Neptune is also in Pisces now. (read about that HERE; you will also find Sharon's books available on this page). We must forgive ourselves and others for their part in the old ways of patriarchy, power, and money as our primary way of keeping that power and a feeling that this will keep us safe.


                                                                                                                                   Dr. Steven Greer 


Saturn will be putting a NEW FRAME around your life; in some areas of your chart, Saturn is moving and trying to help you create a structure that can take you into your personal future.

Saturn makes the rule book and stabilizes the structures that are sustained through cultural integrity and long-term planning. And just as we experience our culture changing, we, too, are changing how we structure and live our personal lives! So many people have been affected by fires, floods, devastating prejudices, wars, and inflation, ....I could go on...think of the areas in your life that you feel the greatest change. You are being called on to use your personal integrity and begin planning for the long term in ways you had not thought of before. 

During Saturn in Pisces times, the literal waters of the oceans (Pisces) are sure to rise higher, threatening millions of people who live on coastlines. Old boundaries no longer hold, and new ones must be created. Migrations will become a part of a global phenomenon. New ways of building our homes will be called for.  As the overwhelming realities of this take hold, we take responsibility, not blame or shame, for our past ways by being a vessel and a part of these new ways of living.

Saturn is the ruler of the zodiac sign Capricorn.
Look at the Saturn-ruled Capricorn that Sharon has painted for us. See how much she is trying to achieve. Saturn is rigid, strong, committed, and a builder of form and structure. Saturn is a culture builder in her quest to organize large bodies of people that meet the needs of a functioning society. 
Neptune, on the other hand, is the antithesis of Saturn. Neptune is spacey, dreamy, and ethereal; she is the higher octave of love, more spiritual love and devotion, wonderful compassion, and a well of feeling. 
Just as Saturn and Neptune can clash in our society, so too will they clash in our own personal charts. What are you holding onto that is no longer in service to our precious Earth? What are you feeling confused about in your personal life? Are you willing to make some sacrifices or change some old ways of thinking? Are you ready?
Saturn in Pisces is trying to help you get ready for the next big step. You will have to complete something or give up something that may have been an important structure in your life! Or both!
The Neptune effect on Saturn can bring up the hidden or repressed side of events that are occurring in our bigger world collectively. Maybe you will feel this as confusion and an urge to go beyond your edge.

Neptune can be beautiful, but it can also deceive you with its beauty. Intoxication is an element of Neptune when it is in confused territory. And when it is affecting Saturn, we simply must allow for confused feelings and deceptions on the world stage or in our personal decision-making. We can become more aware of what is true and what is not, but it will take some time.

Possibly, an unclear situation causes you to want to use drugs or alcohol, but this only furthers the already nebulous quality of this planet. Pisces tends to allow you to fall into old patterns of behavior and addictions.

Take a deep breath, take your time, meet with your sisters, talk about these big changes, and express your personal fears and feelings. AIR IT OUT with others whom you love and trust. Listen with an open heart to what they have to share.


Because Saturn is one of our social planets and directly affects the zeitgeist of our culture, before Saturn can do her job of redefining the values and the structures that uphold our institutions, there will be a sense of uncertainty about the future. On the one hand, Saturn can produce chaos as Pisces engenders within each of us, the need to 'let go', and on the other hand, Saturn tries to take us back to the status quo, to 'put a structure or form' onto that which has not been clearly 'let go' of yet!
Saturn in Pisces can be like two fish swimming in opposite directions. 
Neptune will naturally take us into the depths of our unconscious, where shadow material lies waiting to be released through each of us and our own personal psyche. But we don't do this alone; we are doing it in the context of the culture we live in.
Saturn in Pisces creates a group urge to fulfill its role. This arises out of the Neptune archetype of great feelings of needing to sacrifice for the greater good. In other words, we may need to sacrifice something of our own personal agenda to get the job done. This applies to all of us on planet Earth.
As groups break off from other groups, the duality becomes almost unbearable. The struggle to protect one's own interests, separateness, and individuality meets with the spiritual and physical needs to transcend the ego needs of the small self.   
Finding a way to fulfill our deepest desires and simultaneously be willing to change the order of things by giving up some elements of the self that feel deeply personally valuable is one big challenge for this Saturn signature in Pisces.
"There is something of a sacred calling in the nature of the changes of our times."
The Creativity of Saturn in Pisces
Creativity is not associated with Saturn as a rule; however, when Saturn feels the pull of Neptune, deep reservoirs of spiritual creativity can emerge from both the collective and the personal. Whatever work we are doing now may be touched with some of the spiritual pull of a compassionate Neptune.
For instance, this can happen when the artist becomes aware of the collective psyche and then transmits the group feelings into her art, music, writings, dance, and his or her new ways of doing community.
She can evoke a collective response that transcends the personal self. This can be of great value to others.
One of the best uses of this energy can be in a creative endeavor. You could 'paint' your feelings - even quite unconsciously...or write a song, poem, or story that tells what is really going on inside you. Perhaps you will create a piece of music or dance or concert that reflects the feelings of these times.
ART constellates the collective psyche by transmitting group feelings.
This can result in both chaotic or destructive, as well as creative actions that go beyond one's personal self. What is unique to you personally could be unconsciously expressed emotionally in your creative endeavors. 
There will be natural feelings of loss both individually and in the group consciousness as we make the necessary changes to move forward as one planet, one people together without losing the value of the call of the individual.
We feel the inadequacy that Saturn can experience so strongly in our tendency to see no way out. It could be a piece of work for some of us as we identify our own personal struggles too much with the masses. You might feel a sense of being a martyr.
Whether you are on a mission to save others or you are consciously trying to dissolve aspects of your personal ego, this is hard - maybe impossible - to see clearly.
Finding Genius in the Midst of Chaos
From the Greeks, we learn that out of chaos, the world was created. Transitional periods are often filled with chaos, and unknown fears arise more frequently in us because Saturn finds it hard here to get a foothold in a rapidly changing world. 
The ancient meaning of the word "Chaos" meant the Void or Cosmic Ocean. And certainly, Pisces can represent the cosmic ocean in a state of chaos or uncertainty. But this great cosmic ocean is also filled with infinite potential that we can call upon both as individuals and through our collective voice.
Pisces is the last of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Pisces has collected all the unfinished business of the past 11 signs. There will be some areas of our past that cannot take us into our future. We may experience quite a struggle to surrender the old so that the new can show itself!
Your struggles will be in the form of anything that is limiting your growth, in what you have neglected to attend to both personally or as a group, or in your deep unconscious. Fear and uncertainty are signs of awakening to a deeper truth about your life.
We will all have to do some deep soul-searching as we 'look within' as we pray, meditate, and stay open from our hearts.
FAITH and BELIEF are called for, but they are hard to come by now.
Making Commitments is Difficult with Saturn in Pisces. 
But it can be done, as some projects can finally be brought to completion or to some point where we make a new definition of our project and intuit a clearer direction for the future. We may have to let go of a dream or a way we thought we were going to accomplish such and such in order to complete the task. Saturn in Pisces represents the completion of a 29-year Cycle.

By introducing the idea of a SOFTER SATURN into your everyday life, you will be opening your HEART to not only what fears hold you back, but what fears hold others back as well. You can become a support for them and they for you! This is part of why we study ASTROLOGY - to forgive ourselves for our shortcomings, and to forgive others theirs! Forgiveness and understanding gives you a more direct line into your SOUL.

You will gain more access to a way of bringing your spirituality into your everyday life and way of thinking. Everything in and around you is made of SPIRIT. You encounter spirit in every person that you meet and interact with. SPIRIT is not 'out there; it is 'in you' and in every person, animal, plant, rock, or mountain that you encounter.

Saturn, because it has the ability to create structure, boundaries, and institutions, needs our SPIRIT in the process of recreating these new structures and institutions. We are being called to each put a bit of our greater SELVES into our work and interpersonal relationships.

Does anyone have a story of something new they are creating that will take them into their future? Or would you like to share your creative work in a picture that I can post on my WHAT WOMEN ARE SAYING page? I would love to hear from you! Your comments or questions are always welcome.

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