Gateway of Descent #8 EARTH STAR CHAKRA 


Venus/Inanna goes through the Earth Star Chakra Gateway on August 25, 2022 at 17° Leo. She works with this chakra until mid-Sept. when she goes into the underworld on Sept. 14. We will not see her again until December 24th when she arises as Evening Star Venus and begins her ascent towards wholeness and becomes Queen of Heaven in 2023.

This 8th chakra is her final descent and a significant one for us this year, 2022. A Gateway of descent occurs when Venus is in the same sign and degree as the old Balsamic Moon. The 8th Gateway is at 5:13 PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) on Aug. 25, 2022. Look to the East in the early morning of the 25th (or look the day before or after) to see Venus's nearest approach to the old waning crescent Balsamic Moon with her horns to the right.

An 8th chakra doesn't occur at every 585-day cycle of Venus. This adds to its greater significance in world events and in our personal lives as follows... 




The Earth Star Chakra is not in our physical bodies but we are a part of it, through our etheric body, the body that creates and maintains our aura. The Earth Star Chakra is located about 12 inches underneath our feet within the earth. This includes our oceans, and deep into the earth all the way to the center of the earth's magnetic core and also the atmosphere we breathe. As we become aware of the earth as ONE alive being we become more and more grounded in the unified field that is our Earth Mother Gaia.

Like an astronaut looking from space to the beautiful planet below, we can begin to grasp the significance of this energy vortex below our feet.

We are working with wholeness, our Mother Earth as ONE ALIVE BEING of which we are her many children. We are as vital to her as she is to us and she wants us to become aware of this.

I like the way this weaving demonstrates how we are all interconnected. What one individual does, affects the whole of humanity. We can see this in the pandemic we are all experiencing right now. A big step in human evolution is happening as we struggle to overcome the burden we have placed on this planet.

As humans we have been moving very fast with our technology but not with our psyche. The body and soul of Mother Earth are suffering along with us. She cannot be healthy without the health, an open heart, and the conscious participation of human beings. 

Our very Souls are struggling to catch up to what our left brain has created. And in truth, I sense that the left brain of humanity has gone AMUCK! It's obsessed with its power, it's out of control. We need to be 'checked' so that the right brain, our feminine side, our ability to feel, to love, to connect, to be all-inclusive, and to be ONE WHOLE HUMANITY acting in harmony is being thwarted by our lack of awareness of how we treat one another and our wonderful planet, our home, our mother.

But in spite of ourselves, we are beginning to live the life of ONE COMMUNITY of life here on earth.  I think of 8th gateway time as a time to SLOW DOWN and become aware of new ways to incorporate ourselves - body and soul with the Soul of Mother Earth. Together we are creating one unified human field with the one Earth Mother Gaia. 

This is the work of this profound chakra, the combination of humanity AS A WHOLE with the recognition of the Earth as a being, alive and with a consciousness much vaster than we had ever known. This is our task: to participate consciously in the enlivening of the Earth Star Chakra. We 'awaken' and open our eyes to see things as they really are by surrendering this final ego layer of awkward soul entanglement - we replace an almost nonexistent connection to our personal Soul with a connection that enlarges our field of power to bring balance and interrelatedness with our planet earth. This is a BIG CALLING. 

We slowly become aware through this month's descent of Venus of how interrelated we are with one another and with the earth. Venus passing through this gateway is all about relationships, how we relate to one another, and then how we incorporate those relationships with the earth as a living, breathing being. 

To be truly aware that all resources for human life come from the earth and its biosphere is different than just thinking about it. We must act like it and our actions depend on our consciousness. 

This is a tall order. We can't do this all at once. Ultimately, we can only do this as one human organism moving together in peace and harmony. This powerful chakra would be too much for any one human to HOLD by him or herself. It takes a family of men and women TOGETHER to do this creative, playful, imaginative, powerful hard work. The aspect of togetherness of the incoming New Age of Aquarius will help carry us along this path of revisioning our relationship with one another and all of humanity with our Earth Mother Gaia. (you can read more HERE about the ruling planet of Aquarius, Uranus - in Taurus to get a broader understanding of Uranus' relationship with Mother Earth. I highly recommend this as what I have to say about the human body and its enlightenment will be coming through this sign for the next apprx. 2,400 years)

As Venus descends through this 8th chakra (which does not occur during every Venus Cycle) we are being given an opportunity to release personal blockages that cut us off from Earth energy. 

This is a different type of GROUNDING.

At this time as Venus goes through the Gateway of the Earth Star Chakra, she will be asking us to be grounded with HER in a deeper and more profound way than ever before. We slowly become 'aware' of our connection to this chakra. We simultaneously grow in awareness of how we have affected the planet earth. What is required of us is to be in TOUCH with mother earth and the ways in which we are one with her.

We are all interconnected and as such are creating one planetary consciousness that is greater than the sum of all individual human consciousness - in this way Earth Mother Gaia grows and we grow right along with her - we are ONE.


In order to keep our bodies anchored in the time and space coordinates of this planet, we must develop a harmonious relationship with this chakra. When we no longer feel the negative reactions to being out of touch with the earth we can truly feel at HOME.

It is a feeling much like when we were children and we knew our mother was at home and we could safely play and enjoy. Just knowing she was there behind us, ready to feed us lunch or comb our hair or be there if we wounded ourselves or come to talk to her when we had a problem,.......if you were fortunate enough to have some of this as a child, then you know about this feeling that comes to being aligned and in balance with the Earth Star Chakra.

When this chakra is out of balance we may feel fear, excessive pride, a lack of or strain in spirituality (as if what we used to believe can no longer hold us upright), a lack of a sense of safety, or perhaps our lower body is weakened, we have a tendency to feel that we are hallucinating or that no matter how hard we try we cannot become stable.

When we have no awareness of this deep earth chakra then fear and pride strain our hearts. If we multiply a strained heart by millions of men, women, and children then we have what we have, a tumultuous era where people are afraid of a new image of God, of Reality.

But when we are connected to divine mother earth and to her heartbeat, we become aligned to deep magnetic core energy that holds the earth as a matrix, as ONE being. When we join with her in this way we bring our individual human hearts and souls into rhythm with hers, our actions are no longer defined by our personal ego but by a much stronger uniting force - all beings resonating together to create the one earth planetary consciousness.


This month we are working to release blockages that get in the way of our ability to feel grounded to the 8th chakra. These blockages will be found to be in the sign of the overarching archetype of this Venus Cycle which is CAPRICORN. (see other articles in this series beginning with Gateway #3.)

Capricorn has to do with the holding of personal power, with our status or how we are known in the world, and what we want to or have mastered. These elements form the way in which we are a part of our society and culture. We are not looking for personal ego power in this chakra. We release old attitudes that keep us bound to beliefs of being better than, of black or white thinking patterns that keep us polarized, of not being able to find ourselves, of not knowing our personal contribution, or that somehow we do not have the right to be a part of it all.

In Capricorn as the Grandmother and Grandfather Goddess, we are learning to look at how our actions will affect the next 7 generations. We are being asked to become grounded in earth science beginning with our own personal connection to mother earth as the source of our lives and our culture. Capricorn is grounded, very motivated to succeed, and has a sense of mastery in some career or endeavor. This does not mean you have to become a King or Queen or be the leader of some great enterprise, far from it. Your personal power may begin in your garden, or learning a musical instrument, or as a teacher, a mother.....the list is endless as there are humans.

In our journey toward individual consciousness here at the 8th Chakra, our individuality becomes woven with universal consciousness. We have the power to assimilate "collective wisdom" which is now available to us. the little self becomes a greater Self. 

We do not give up our individuality for the whole, we embrace it and work it so that we can be a clear channel of Soul expression and a part of our community.


I had to think extra hard to sense into what stone might be of great value in working with earth energy which is ancient and has been developing all along for millions of years. These are the stones that I came up with. Of course, you may come up with some that are not mentioned here because this is a chakra we are just beginning to explore, let your curiosity help you find the right grounding stones for you.

Ancient forests were here long before mankind walked the earth as homo sapiens.

Ancient trees existed before human evolution and before we brought in our karma, and the force of individual human will.  If we can go into the deepest past to retrieve the original seed impulse for the human being, the seed that held the full potential of our humanity, without limitations imposed on us by the actions and karma of previous human incarnation, we can retrieve these uncomprehended gifts, the ones that have not yet been actualized, the ones that resonate harmoniously with the 8th Earth Star Chakra, then we are in a NEW territory of possibilities!

Ancient trees gave us their sap in the form of AMBER. So I am choosing this as a possible grounding stone for Earth Star Chakra.

other possible stones:

Black obsidian, black onyx, black tourmaline,

apache tears, (this is a hard website to read but it holds the TRUTH of part of the shadow of the peoples of the United States, so I include it here because we must face this shadow in order to heal our land) in this Venus cycle, Capricorn can not lighten until she faces and redeems her deepest, darkest truths about our affect on planet earth.

and aqua aura quartz (quartz covered with a layer of gold).    


There are many possible colors. Perhaps it is the turquoise blue of aqua aura quartz crystal like the ocean or the vibrant magenta of the ultra red spectrum. Personally, I was imagining it to be a rich deep brown, an almost blood-red color. 


Since it upholds all of our seven other chakras, it is all of the colors of the rainbow. 


Or is it a color beyond the human spectrum, a color that we cannot as yet see, a color just beyond our field of usual vision?

What do YOU think?


WHAT DOES VENUS/INANNA give up as she makes her descent through the Gateway of the Earth Star Chakra?

Because we connect to this chakra directly through our feet, perhaps Venus/Inanna takes off her SHOES at the 8th Gateway?

What do you think? I was thinking that the removal of Inanna's shoes, the item of our dress that protects us, that creates a foundation for the way we walk the earth - it is time to take off that old pair of outworn sneakers, high heels, or men's dress shoes and go barefoot for awhile!

Another way we can look at shoes and our feet...compassion is an emotion that is naturally created by our hearts as we connect to and join with others and with our planet. This emotion is often highly developed in Pisces people. Pisces rules the feet, so that is how I came up with 'shoes'. And those ruby slippers remind me of Dorothy's journey to find the Wizard of Oz. She had to muster her courage to really face all that would come her way on her journey to reach maturity. Like that, Capricorn as the great Goddess of this cycle is now ready to face and act from her next level of maturity and wisdom.

We, too, are reaching a new maturity as human beings.

A BIG Question for your journaling: How are you affecting all that is around you, your neighbors, your brothers and sisters, your husband or wife, your children, your backyard, and your community?

How do you best connect to the earth?

Ask yourself: What makes me feel disconnected from the earth? Does my negative thinking affect my environment, the plants, my pets, and my best friend? Am I in a business or industry that is polluting the earth? Can I make my business more sustainable by using this chakra to explore new ways to do what I do best?

What is keeping me from following my calling? Where do I need to give up control in order to follow my true calling or the messages from my Soul?

(MUSIC this is Happiness music not necessarily Earth Star. I couldn't find any music that felt like the earth star so I wanted to give you something that felt peacefully happy and safe, with a certain kind of gentleness.... like how we are meant to feel! ) 

Old thought patterns are old and they may not apply at all when we become one global community. It's kind of like math, as when Newton watched an apple fall from a tree and he cognized the laws of mathematics. That was a huge step in human thinking. And then Einstein came along to tell us that at great speeds of LIGHT, the laws of mathematics are no longer valid. He recognized that new laws had to be found and these became the laws of physics and are different from the old laws of mathematics.

We are at a time like that now, we are experiencing how our human consciousness and consequently our actions are affecting all that is around us. 

When balanced, this chakra connects the etheric body to the physical world, creating security for the soul to fully express itself.

One characteristic of an individual with a balanced earth star chakra can include feeling deeply connected to her inherent inner powers, and this brings with it peace of mind and a feeling of security.

A healthy and active Earth Star Chakra also helps discharge negative and impure energy to earth as well as draw divine and pure energy from the earth. 


STAND ON THE EARTH WITHOUT YOUR SHOES, they're off now and you are free to really feel what is under you. Imagine that you can see or at least sense into the core of the earth with the bottoms of your feet. Feel the heartbeat of the earth. Slowly pull up through the soles of your feet, the positive life-supporting energy that you feel; pull it into your belly.  This can secure your soul by connecting your etheric body to the physical world. It connects you with Divine Mother Earth and aligns you with the magnetic core of the earth.


This month you will be developing a sense of the earth as your ally.

"Nurture"     Sharon Russell

(available as card or print)

Begin to feel that 'mother is at home', feel an inner quietude and calmness as you love the earth as much as you love yourself and your children. 

We are not quite mid-cycle now, on this Venus/Inanna CYCLE. In the Myth of Inanna, after the final gateway, she is in the part of her descent where she goes into the deepest underworld and meets with her sister, Ereshkigal. She must die to her old self in order to be reborn into a new self, in this case, she is experiencing her growth in the sign of Capricorn.

Ereshkigal hangs Inanna on a hook to die in the mythology....Wow, that seems rather extreme but is it?....sometimes it feels this way when we are about to become initiated into BIG CHANGE! Once Inanna dies she can be reborn, but before she makes her ascent to heaven and back into the wholeness of her true Soul, she must rest and assimilate all she has experienced since she began the Renewal of her feminine psyche in Capricorn on January 29, 2022. Notice how this period of time from the end of January to late October 2022 is approximately 9 months, a human gestation cycle. She has had to go through many gateways and then rest and cocoon before NEW birth can occur!

In the coming few months, this next part of her journey is most MYSTERIOUS as we do not see Venus/Inanna at all.  During this time after Sept. 14th, 2022, and through Dec. 1 she will make another conjunction with the Sun and undergo an initiation to establish and claim within herself a new energetic pathway of her emerging archetype in Capricorn.

Going into the Underworld doesn't have to be scary or frightening and there is nothing evil about darkness.  The DARK or Yin aspect of life is a healing place where we can restore and rejuvenate ourselves in preparation for a rebirth.

(Go here to see a great book about the healing of your shadow, INNOCENCE TO WHOLENESS by Sharon Russell. This would be a good book to read and ponder over as we head into this extra dark Venus time! And you will love her images of a woman on her journey to Wholeness!)

We look at this dark underworld journey to uncover anything in our inner world that is in the shadow, perhaps holding our energy and keeping us from stepping forth into a greater life journey. What is in our shadow has held a lot of power and energy in it, so becoming conscious of our inner world is a vital part of the Venus journey.

In this cycle of Venus in the archetype of Capricorn, we will begin to put back on our garments, our greater aligned chakras at each gateway of Ascent that will take us into 2023.

But first, we must complete the journey through the 8th Gateway or Earth Star Chakra...

"Beautiful dreamer"

I am walking with you 

into the dark moon under your feet.

You have drawn me down 

so low

and stripped me bare of





so holy, 

my last drop of nectar

and the flesh of simple soul.

Will I ever rise up to dream again?

                                             Dixie Gladstone 2004

This, the 8th Gateway, is the last drop of her sacred nectar of the feminine divine as Venus will soon become invisible to us in her Underworld Journey. She will be out of our sight for 77 days before we see her again as our evening star on Dec. 1, 2022.

let's keep our hearts and minds open together as we pass through Gateway #8, and ahh, take some time to cocoon into the safety and peace as we release the last vestiges of shadow, as we rest, sleep, and gently come into a new awareness of ourSelves.

Dixie Gladstone

Feminine Astrology

Please DO send your comments to me at, I would love to hear from you: What color did you see as the earth star chakra? What stone? How was your experience of pulling up energy from the earth? Anything else you'd like to share? I'd like to post your comments on my WHAT WOMEN ARE SAYING page. And I always love hearing from you if you have any questions or suggestions!