"Reflection"  Disseminating Moon Phase   Sharon Russell

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I thought long and hard about what was happening as we move around the lunar wheel, growing, changing, and expressing ourselves. At first, the Disseminating Phase seemed so mysterious and undefinable to me, but then, after some years of thinking (oh, yea, I'm a long term thinker.......poor me).....suddenly (after about ten years!) it occurred to me..... that if we can describe the Crescent Phase as the Birth of Spirit than it's opposite phase, is the INTEGRATION of Spirit into Matter.......which is............. the BIRTH OF SOUL! Yes, matter really does matter. In order for us to concretize our experiences, we must fully integrate what we have learned into our physical bodies and throughout our consciousness.

Girlfriends, our immortality is at stake Disseminating Phase....because our Soul will carry us long after our ego dies or goes up in that hot air balloon like OZ did in the last phase we talked about, Full Moon! 

During the Disseminating Moon phase, we integrate our spiritual intent with the material world. This is required by Mother 'nature' so that we may grow our Soul. In fact, I like to call this side of the wheel, when we slowly move into the dark of the moon, "Soul-making Time" because we must integrate and find meaning and purpose both in

  • what was accomplished, 
  • in what was revealed as shadow material, 
  • what the Soul will infuse itself with in order that more LIGHT may enter our human bodies and souls before we can begin a new cycle.

It is a miraculous time! THE SOUL is REBIRTHED (every month and every 29 years) at this Moon Phase! 

GIRLFRIENDS, WE ARE BEING CALLED TO WAKE UP! "Awakening" to ourselves is the calling for our times!


"This is a time to integrate your personal values and your discoveries of what was true or not true for you."

Once your Full Moon is completed a shift in gears takes place. The light of the moon is diminishing now.  This phase is called the Disseminating Moon Phase because the moon is losing light, but paradoxically it is moving closer to the sun.

Disseminate means to disperse, or broadcast, to distribute. When you reach this vital part of the moon's path it becomes time for you to disperse or 'carry around your message'. This phase will take about 3 and ½ years for you to complete. The moon is losing light but in a literal sense, it is moving closer to the sun, your spiritual essence. 


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We find humility, grace, acceptance, and peace during this phase.

Here She is!

You can locate the Disseminating Moon about 3 to 4 days after Full Moon. It will come out later and later each night after Full Moon and will look large but with a piece cut out of it. The Moon, your Soul, is absorbing the light of the Sun, your Spirit. This mysterious moon time if it is the phase you are in now is truly a powerful moon. The moon reflects less of the sun's light as more of your true and authentic Soul becomes birthed within you and out into the world. 

You are like a container or vessel holding the light within your body, heart, and soul.

In the life cycle of a plant or green growing things, the Disseminating Phase of the Moon is like the pollination of the flower and the subsequent shedding of the flower’s petals. Indeed, you are no longer a flower but an emerging fruit or Soul. You are birthing your Soul into the world at Disseminating Phase.

The light of the Sun, your Spirit, all that you have been busy doing for the past 18 years, has infused the feminine receptive vessel, your body and Soul, with its spark. This is the signal to the plant that the flower is no longer useful and the petals begin to fall. Tiny seeds begin to form inside.

"Milkmaid"                         Jan Vermeer

This spirit that you have gained over the past 18 years of your journey has come to a place where it can no longer keep expanding in your outer world in the form of increased ego satisfaction. The flashy or enchanting part of your journey is over now and you must put on the “apron of your soul” and prove that indeed you have “Spirit” – your brains, courage, and heart.

This is the WANING SIDE of the MOON - horns eventually point to the right. Start looking at the lower right and go towards the left and then above right and over to the left again to see how the moon looks over time when it is waning or losing light.

You are now on the Waning side of the Moon and this side of the wheel is about Soul-Making. The LIGHT of what your past 18 years have contained must now be lived out and infused into every particle of your body and mind and outer world life. This becomes the new light of your inner awakening Soul (the seeds that lay within you at the end of this phase).

This is a lot to grasp, in fact, I don't think it's at all possible to really understand this process with the mind; it must be lived out to fully grasp it.....and this will take some time....maybe the rest of the waning side of the wheel to uncover.

You are birthing a larger, fuller Soul expression than you have ever known before. But since this is a BIRTHING process and one that calls for the elimination of outworn ego patterns, (that you may have formed while you were in your Gibbous or Full Moon) it may not be easy.

Your first birthing process began at your Crescent Cycle when you began to birth a new material form for your spiritual essence to enter into. That was about 14 1/2 years ago.

Now that form, your body, and mind are prepared for the ensouling of a greater YOU.  Now, your Soul is being birthed into that FORM, a more soul-full you is being birthed into the world!


The true POWER of this moon is in its darkness. You are in the time of the Birth of SOUL. Of course, you have always had a Soul if you are in a human body. But now, you are in the process of birthing a greater portion of spirit and light as Soul into you, into your very Body itself. Your Soul is seeking to become one with God, but it may take many turns around this lunar wheel before you are able to infuse your body with its completed self of Love and Light.

Your soul’s power begins to build its inner light at the Disseminating Phase. This inner light adds to your Soul Power and Soul Perfection in the outer world. Within, the Soul is Pure and Perfect, but without we are in an evolutionary process of living a human life and integrating the inner with the outer.

"We are HUMAN and we have souls that modulate and bring in the Divine Light to the world. The Soul of the Earth, Mother Gaia, rejoices in this for us and for herself. We work as a team together. She is a living being with consciousness; as she grows, we grow, as we grow, she grows. This is one of the miracles of being HUMAN."

At the same time that we are integrating our greater attributes of Soul into our outer world realities, we are, mysteriously, beginning to carry the seeds of new life within. As you Disseminate you become pregnant with a new light of life and spirit and a new child wants to grow and eventually be born. This is nature's gift of immortality to the human spirit.

As this new life begins to grow inside you, you must finish out the grounding of Spirit-light that you have actualized. This is a magical and mysterious time!

More petals of the flower begin to drop away as pollination occurs. During pollination, bees are very busy going back and forth from flower to flower picking up and leaving behind their pollen as they come and go. You too must mingle with others. You are a pollinating human, exchanging stories and information. During this process, what is no longer relevant to the soul's growth, like a falling petal, must be shed.


You need others now to help you to reflect on your journey so far. They need you too. You are displaying your maturity and what you have experienced so far. It becomes important to share with others what you know and ask questions about what you don’t know. You Disseminate and convey your knowledge and you listen to and receive what others know and have learned. You do this by talking, writing, and networking with others.

You need a larger social context now from which to relate.

The “Apron of your Soul” is a symbol for the literal work that you will be doing in your Disseminating Phase. You wear this apron as you birth your soul and it is hard work now.

maybe your apron looks like this...

You begin to understand that you cannot do everything, or make everything perfect by willpower and ego alone; that it is not all in your power to achieve. You begin to see that you must accept the reality of LIFE as it is and get in there and become a more AUTHENTIC you.

Apron from the 1860s other times it may feel more like this apron.

Now is the time to put on your apron and begin the true work of being alive. Your spirit has been brought IN and DOWN.....

You are a precious child of God.

You are a daughter of the Goddess. Notice the hand of the elder sprinkling pollen on the young woman's head.

The outer light of the moon diminishes as your inner light grows.

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You are integrating the parts of yourself that you have grown so far. As you become a more authentic being at Disseminating Phase, your ego drops away and who you truly are, underneath the façade of all that you have accomplished or tried to accomplish, is born. Your courage, heart, and intellect will be used to their foremost. By using all you have acquired, you prove your new self to yourself. You will begin to see yourself through the eyes of others. You will begin to know your true value and worth not from what you have produced in the world, but from the integration of what you have created into your real-life and living every day.

You must go the extra mile as your "true essence" begins to emerge.

You do not have to prove yourself to anyone except yourself.

You are rebirthing yourself at a more mature level of being. 

By the end of the Disseminating Phase, you may feel a bit dried up. Your physical energy may wane. You may begin to feel fatigued.

What is no longer important for yourself as a realizing Soul drops away out of sheer exhaustion. This downshift occurs because you cannot physically hold what you once could. Any forms that are no longer necessary hinder you on your path now. Only what your Soul can make meaning with remains.

As you do this, you assimilate and embody what is revealed to you. You find new ways to integrate your values into your everyday life. You begin to “walk your talk”. It is important NOT to isolate at this time for it may make you feel that no one is interested or cares as you do. You can pollinate others and they can pollinate you with a new spirit! 

New light will come into you. 

Your task is not to get caught up in the way you see the truth or in trying to convince others of the rightness of your view. Get out and mingle. As you share your life experience with others, you cross-pollinate even with those whose ideas differ from your own, and in so doing you develop a new spirit! Your broadened social world will help bring in a new light as you stay open and non-judgmental. New perspectives eventually allow you to question your present assumptions and in this confrontation with yourself, you become a more authentic YOU.

You are BIRTHING YOUR SOUL. You have entered the REALM OF REAL LIFE with its imperfections and its great beauty. As you mingle with others and take time to reflect, your reflections begin to reveal your limits and your true talents, adding meaning and depth to your life.

As you inject your true and authentic spirit into the REALM of REAL LIFE, your life will prove itself out not because it is perfect but because it has been tested and has proven itself to the best of its ability and that is its perfection, which is Good enough indeed!

"Spirit made manifest in the body is SOUL."

The outer world confrontation that occurred for you at full moon time can give you the tremendous inner strength that will carry your soul’s vision beyond this outer form into a world of increasing mystery and wonder, the true (greater) spiritual (soul) self can now begin to emerge.

Eventually, the flower will wither and lose its charm; its outer beauty. But in this process, you have become conscious. You have gained entry into the Deep Heart which has fertilized you with a new spiritual life!

In our western world this has not been considered to be of much value because our world has placed the value on the ego, what it can possess, what it can use, how many dollars it can make – you are no longer here when Full Moon is over and Disseminating Phase begins. The Ego must give way to the true needs of the growing Soul.

Oz goes up in his hot air balloon and thanks to Toto’s leap from the balloon and Dorothy’s true heart chasing after him; she will not go with him for she is ready for something greater.


We are humble when we leave our Disseminating Moon Phase to cross the bridge toward home.


Here we must diverge from Hollywood's version of The story of Dorothy and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Dorothy does not simply just click her ruby slippers together and fly home. Something more occurs in Frank Baum's original story....the Lion, the Tinman, and the Scarecrow along with Dorothy must journey to FIND THE GOOD WITCH of the SOUTH who can help her find the way home.

They encounter more adventures along the way to the Witch of the South. Her companions find places for themselves, places that FIT with their newly grown traits and qualities of being.


     "They now turned and took one last look at the Emerald City. All they could see was a mass of towers and steeples behind the green walls, and high up above everything the spires and dome of the Palace of Oz. 

     "Oz was not such a bad Wizard after all," said the Tin Woodman, as he felt his heart rattling around in his breast.

     "He knew how to give me brains, and very good brains, too," said the Scarecrow.

     "If Oz had taken a dose of the same courage he gave me, " added the Lion, "he would have been a brave man."

     Dorothy said nothing. Oz had not kept the promise he made her, but he had done his best, so she forgave him. As he said, he was a good man, even if he was a bad Wizard."

MUSIC anyone....this is a very old song from Whispering Jack 1927

This moment - when spirit through marriage to the soul takes place - tells us that Oz is a good man and reveals the real OZ. Oz had taken on many forms. “No living person could tell” who he really was. This was his shell or outer personae. By the end of the Disseminating Moon Phase Oz can acknowledge to us who he really is. Through our hard work and individual efforts, our buds have become flowers of goodness (but not perfection) in the world of form.

This achievement at overcoming evil and the power it can hold over us and of unmasking the Wizard liberates the people of the Emerald City and frees the Wizard from his self-imposed seclusion as the "Mighty Wizard”. He can now become a real man instead. He lets down his false mask and can return home to Kansas. He can become a SOUL instead of a disembodied spirit without a real life of his own to live!

As the Wizard, in his hot air balloon, leaves Oz without Dorothy, she hears his voice as he drifts off into the clouds. “I can’t come back. I don’t know how it works!” he yells as he floats out of sight.

Poor Dorothy! She feels as if her last hope of ever returning home is gone. But is it truly her last? Wise Toto, as her instinctual self, knows that going up in a hot air balloon will not really get Dorothy to the place she wants to be!

She is left at Disseminating Moon Phase to continue her journey without her highest hopes having been met. Dorothy had to ‘let go’ of her cherished belief that the Wizard would save her.

Dorothy's inner light grows, as the outer light of the Moon diminishes.

This is a loss to Dorothy's ego. However, it is through this loss that she realizes her true spiritual essence. This is a time of tender feelings when the inner quality of the soul becomes aware of itself as emerging into consciousness.

Dorothy, through her consciousness, births her  SOUL which is a living individual expression of the divine.

Your soul cannot be birthed without your feelings. And because your heart has grown so much it may burst from some loss during this time. If and when it does, you will know the true inner power of your heart and your feeling nature. Your 'Apron of Soul' has been tied fast and begins to be worn thin even as the flowers continue to blossom and fall.

There is so much more to life than what we see on the surface. The Soul is within the beautiful vessel of the body. It is not just outer beauty that we are after. We need both body and Soul to channel Spirit into the world. The soul will eventually distill its essence from the fruits of the labor you are about to enter into. The fruit cannot develop until the petals fall from the flower. It’s not about the show of the flower. You are not attracting bees for your pollination by the time this phase has ended. The beauty of spirit has done its outer world job, now the Soul lets go of what is not necessary for the formation of its fruit.

Like Dorothy, you may feel disappointment at not having achieved some ideal or perfection which you so earnestly sought.

The remaining part of YOUR journey must be lived out from whatever the inner self can muster. And indeed there is so much inside you that is now about to be utilized from your own deep heart.

In place of perfection, you begin to discover the gifts of real life. Dorothy continues on her journey in the original story of Oz. You too must move on. Life’s stream, the stream you have been actively participating in, will carry you onward. What you have created in the first half of the wheel will become infused with spirit.

At Disseminating Phase you can’t go back and redo your life. You have entered the realm of REAL LIFE when the life of the Soul is born. The ego has gone as far as it can. Now the gifts of the heart, of courage, and of intellect that you have so well developed will be called upon to demonstrate what you have become.

If you have left behind something that was important to you, you will try to find it at another level, one that is truer to yourself and true to the Soul.

Dorothy doesn’t lose anything on her journey – even when she discovers who the Wizard really is. “He isn’t a wizard,” she tells the others, “but he is a good man”. She only loses her naiveté – she doesn’t lose her courage, heart, head and she doesn’t give her power away. Like Dorothy, you haven’t lost anything that counts to your Soul’s Making. Yes, some of the outer world forms begin to vanish but within you are developing the true fruits of your Soul.

The outer ego manifestations MUST FALL AWAY because the fruit of your Soul is beginning to form and your true SELF is becoming known to you. Your Soul is represented by the Fruit in the life cycle of the plant. A spark of divine energy is entering and impregnating you with a new life and YOU have to walk your talk and live up to your greater calling.

"This can be a time of tremendous productivity; a time to turn things around." 

You must enrich what has already been grown. The charm is gone. The real you lays beneath the façade of all you have accomplished and you must go the extra mile so that your true soul essence begins to emerge. You begin to experience the naturalness of yourself. Your former ideals are no longer to be enjoyed as wonderful subjective possessions. They must be shared with others to be made workable in the real world.

It is quite common to come to this phase and say:

“I’m done. I am ready to retire, let go, give-it-up, separate, divorce, run away.”

The full moon can be a bit showy, but as soon as Spirit injects us with a new life in the Disseminating Phase, (the pollination that makes it possible for us to develop our fruit and the seeds within it for new life) -we must take it.

"You must take yourself home. Your Soul will take you. Your ego, your dreams alone, cannot do the job."

It is your fruit that will grow after your Disseminating Phase is complete. But your fruit is not ripe yet; nor is your Soul fully grown. It has just begun the process of growing toward a new level of mastery as it MYSTERIOUSLY contains the seeds of a new life.

The seed that results from the Disseminating Phase will perpetuate your life. This is where the miracle is growing – in YOU, in your new seed. AND ...You must grow your fruit in order to keep the seed alive.

"You are just beginning to know the mystery of your immortality."

"The soul has gifts now that it wants to deliver back to the world and ultimately to its source which is God!"

We are pollinated by the little man behind the curtain pretending to be the Wizard. We are pollinated by the truly marvelous and ordinary being of the Self in its innocence and questing. A new life is growing; this life is our very Soul.

But WHAT OF  Dorothy? She had still not gotten home.

Now in order to return home, she must use her ruby slippers to make the magic that will take her back to Kansas. Her own power must take her home. By using what she has, by knowing who she is, she has become capable of living her light in her body and outer world forms as her truth and this is giving birth to her SOUL, her real power, the real Dorothy.

Her soul must persist to claim the power of its true light if it is to return HOME. At the end of Dorothy’s journey through Oz, she meets the good witch, Glenda, who finally reveals to her that she had the power all along, as indeed she now does., what a journey we are on together, so for those of you who are journaling or just want the simple version: (there is really no simple version to this phase because we must not underestimate the power of a living soul)

Here is our Disseminating Moon Phase Summary:

Moon’s Light is beginning its decline


Petals Fall

Disseminate and convey

Injecting spirit into your treasure

Demonstrate what you have become

Authentic Self - A SOUL IS BORN

Knowing the journey is not over -
Dorothy is not HOME yet

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 YOURS, still in the RUBY SLIPPERS!!!!


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