Cycles of Becoming #7 FULL MOON PHASE 


"Flowering"   Full Moon Phase   Sharon Russell





Completion of the first half of your journey occurs now as you reach your Full Moon Phase.
From your New Moon, which began about 14 and 1/ 2 years ago, until now you have been on the waxing or growing side of the Your Great Moon Cycle. This is the side of building form and growth towards the goal or dream you set at the beginning of this Cycle.

It will take you about 3 ½ years to pass through your Full Moon. This side of the Moon’s journey, from new or dark phase (14 years ago) to full illumination (NOW), has been about getting in touch with and expressing your seed thought and creating forms for it to live in. Your waxing side has required action and growing independence as the moon waxed and traveled farther and farther away from its’ source, the Sun.



You can see Full Moon easily because it is rising in the East as the Sun is setting in the Western sky. So if you go out at dusk, 2 weeks after the dark of the moon, you will see the FULL MOONRISE! Its light seems to quiver with life and becomes so bright as the sun sets that it illuminates the entire landscape. It creates another world. One we do not see by day!

A Full Moon rises as the Sun sets!

The moon will be up there in its full glory all night long until the sun rises in the morning! From time to time during a Full Moon night, go outside and experience this powerful Full Moon energy.

She, the Moon, breathes back to him, the Sun, her essence and delight in living. And because she is full, she is aware. She reflects the qualities of a new spirit and the soul’s purpose is fulfilled in the form that is manifest.

Full Moon is a phase of enlightenment, illumination. What is illumined at Full Moon is the form that you have been creating, this form is your valuable creation of Spirit, the one that will hold the seed and become the fruit of your future life.

The full value of the Sun’s light, your Spirit, is now reflected in your Full Moon.

Illumination also means: you are able to shine your light on the truth about what and where your life has become since the inception of your new cycle 14 and 1/2 years ago.

You begin the WANING side of your journey as soon as you enter your Full Moon because a tiny bit of darkness or YIN energy now begins to emerge for the purpose of your Soul's growth. 

Yin Yang sign - you've seen this around, but now it can have a new meaning for you. See how the light and the dark interplay? Even in the light, there is a small bit of darkness and in the dark, there is still some light. At Full Moon the full qualities of the symbol emerge into our lives. One way to look at this symbol is to imagine the white as the light of your spirit and the black as your inner Soul light. This is a mystery that touches into and pervades all life.

now, back to the task of your FULL MOON PHASE

At this place on the wheel, your Yang energy, the energy of the Sun, which is outgoing and masculine, has manifested to its fullest. A little bit of Yin, Moon, feminine energy, now begins to emerge as your Full Moon progresses. 

Full Moonlight gives us the AWARENESS to SEE what it is we have been creating. The FORM that your life has taken will become evident. The culmination of the first half of your journey here at Full Moon may bring excitement, drama, peak experiences, or it may bring defeat, a sense of failure, or a new consciousness. Usually a little of both is occurring.

In the cycle of the plant’s life, the FLOWER is BLOOMING! The beautiful crown of your efforts is manifest for all the world to see. Your full Yang powers have manifested and now a new receptivity begins to be felt. This is your newly expressing YIN or feminine energy!

The purpose of the flower in the plant kingdom is to attract honeybees so that it can be pollinated and create the seed for a new life, but at the full moon we are still living out the glorious fullness of our prior seed dream that began at our last New Moon. Honeybees are busy, busy, busy, and you will be too as you live out this Full Moon, the purpose for which this cycle began. The flower, the feminine form, desires to be pollinated by its’ masculine counterpart and so it grows to its fullest expression at Full Moon.

You are at the place of the outer sacred marriage. This marriage will make your flower pregnant with new seeds. But before this marriage of opposites can take place there are buds becoming flowers. There are flowers blooming and swaying in the breezes. You are in the process of blooming and making discoveries about the real nature of your life. During this exciting time of revelation, you will want to stay AWAKE! It can be a time of great illumination for you.

Your flower reflects back to you the nature of your life.

Is it all that it can be?

You live in a human body in a material world and it is likely you have been seeking some 'perfect' outcomes, but your Full Moon time is here so that you can see what is really REAL and what is NOT WORKING OUT AS YOU HAD INTENDED.


Your life’s FORM at this time is the Full Moon’s well-rounded image of spiritual reality, yet it is only an IMAGE. Your real power lies within, not in the flower as it seems. And this is the MYSTERY made manifest. You have embodied and are now fulfilling your New Moon Dream... and at the same time, you are preparing yourself to be pollinated.

It is important to recognize and give yourself credit for your creations. A vital part of the waxing or moving-towards-fullness part of your journey has been an activation of your ego – we need our ego because it is the vehicle that creates our personae so that we can have something with which to go forth in the world with – our identity, our roles, the forms we act through in order to express our purpose. We are human; we are more than our instincts. Our ego gives us our sense of self while we are in our bodies. But the ego, for all its glories, can never be sated. Our ego or outer life is not our whole self.

Our real and true immortal self lies within, out of view from the rest of the world.

And so, the ego pushes relentlessly trying for something it can never have – immortality, wholeness, timeless eternal existence. Recognize this.

"You cannot really have the world and hold on to it. It is all too temporary. And the more you try to hold on to it, the more it actually holds you. By contrast, the more you hold on to the true and the good, the more you are free to really live."

                                                                    Ravi Zacharias

You cannot have it all, at least in the outer world.

But you do have something to show to the world and this is the FLOWER of your Journey. What have you accomplished up to this point? Take time to rest and enjoy the wonder of it all! Notice the clearly developed parts of yourself that have never been in this place of mastery before.

This is what the goddess is saying to you: “Your body is my church, the holy temple of my essence made manifest”. So even though your ego still craves more, you have achievements that you can recognize here at your Full Moon Phase. Your many buds will unfold into beautiful flowers one at a time as this phase progresses.

"Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "I'M POSSIBLE.'

                                                                          Audrey Hepburn

You enter the REALM OF LIFE at Full Moon Time. You will see that everything is not perfect as you had DREAMED but it will be “good”. You remove your expectations and exchange them for REAL LIFE which will soon fertilize you with a new idea, a new seed, a new child. You are about to begin the building of your (new, more whole) SOUL, but not until each Flower has bloomed and it reveals to you its beauty and truth.


Your heart is a messenger of your soul.

The development of your heart comes to fullness at Full Moon time. You will be tested at our heart level during this Full Moon time to see what elements of your life your heart can continue to enter into. If you are not truly soul connected to these forms, or the forms have outlived their usefulness to the soul, they will die out and this will manifest for you as a split from your past that can come at this time. What is no longer useful for your soul's growth is about to be eliminated from your life by the end of this phase!

"Garden of the Goddess"  collage   Dixie Gladstone

You are probably experiencing some abundance or fulfillment. But, at the same time, you may be asking yourself: “Is this all there is?” or thinking “This isn’t what I thought it would be.”

"At Full Moon Phase, we begin to experience the duality of our thinking which has manifested in our life situation."

By the end of your Full Moon Phase, you may need to turn away from something that in the past seemed really important to you. The duality of the mind can become intolerable at Full Moon. Remember the Sun and Moon face each other; they are in opposition, in true relatedness as equals.

But opposites, though they are complementary, can also bring tension. Only your heart can reconcile this tension of the opposites, and the heart will take you over because it will – it has developed now and is ready to mate with its source, Spirit, in the outer world sacred marriage of your nature's manifestation of Spirit.

This will be your individual Soul's personal manifestation of Spirit, a place on the wheel, not the entire wheel of life itself.

For example, I speak of marriage, however, it is not unusual to see a woman DIVORCE at this stage of the journey. This happens when she realizes she can no longer grow spiritually within the context of the marriage. She takes her power in this way. Divorce can happen at any time on the lunation wheel, so can marriage, having children, getting that great job, or is not the EVENT that describes the PHASE we are in so much as how the SOUL is pursuing its growth through its changing needs in the world of form.


You might want to stop here and get a cup of tea. This is a lot to take in. But that is the nature of a Full Moon as it unveils its great mystery to you.

The Emerald City of the Great and Powerful Oz

The emerald is often associated with the devotion of the true heart! As with Mother Nature, Beauty without IS the wonder of the Beauty within.

At the gateway of OZ Dorothy and her companions find they have no key to enter, but ...after some time of waiting, the Wizard gives his approval...he has his ulterior motives of course!

But first, they must put on the green glasses that would be locked onto their heads as long as they stayed in the Emerald City. Oz has ordered it so, that all citizens wore the green glasses night and day. When they are finally allowed entrance to the city, it looks amazing, so green and lush and with so many beautiful, talented people populating it! What a lot of wonders the citizens of Oz had created!

You, like Dorothy, enter the Emerald City of your own endeavors; your flowers bloom and the sweet smell of the divine fills the air causing all manner of favorable delights.

When finally Dorothy is allowed to see the Wizard, she is told that in order for him to grant her wish to be sent home, she must kill the Wicked Witch of the West! (she's the sister of the other witch who went down under Dorothy's house when it landed on her in the Land of the Munchkins, poor old thing...)

The Great and Powerful Oz. Pretty scary isn't he? Now he has another request for Dorothy in order for her to be able to return home. Yes, something more will be asked of you somewhere in your Full Moon time.

They had all worked so hard to get to the Emerald City, that it hardly seemed fair for the wizard to ask more of them. But the Wizard was frightening............and they all had something they had wished for, something that they felt only the Wizard could bestow upon them. For the Scarecrow, it was his brains, the Tin Man wanted a heart, and the Lion, Courage.

But they are not allowed to return to Kansas until Dorothy kills the wicked witch of the West and brings the wizard the witch's broomstick to prove herself!

...and so, fearfully they set out once again to find and kill the Wicked Witch of the West. But this time there was no yellow brick road to follow. In fact, "there is no road because no one ever wishes to go that way!"

No sooner do they begin their trek through the uncharted territory than the Winged Monkeys sent by the Wicked Witch of the West capture them ...

and fly them to her castle.

Where the Wicked Witch locks Dorothy and her friends in her tower.

But, alas, though Dorothy is willing to give up the slippers to save her companions' lives, they will not come off her feet! Only the good and the true could possess those slippers now. 

The witch gives Dorothy one more hour to live unless she will give her the Ruby Slippers of Power. Locked in the witch's tower, Dorothy is given an hourglass so she can watch her life drip slowly away.

Ugly teeth and oh, that green skin!

You too will need to claim the broomstick of your REAL POWER at Full Moon! You may feel too tired, you may be in the throws of a divorce, you may get ill, or your best friend has just lost his life, the stock market is down and now you have to find real work! It is possible that something 'happens' that will return you to your true soul's calling.

The witch sets the Scarecrow on fire!

In innocence, Dorothy acts from her heart and responds with a common-sense approach to this imminent danger to her friend. Her quick thinking saves the scarecrow's life.

Then the miracle happens, the same water that Dorothy pours to save her friend’s life innocently splashes onto the wicked witch and she at once melts away. “I’m meeeeelllltttttinggg….,” she cries as she dies to her old power.  Water it seems is the only thing that can kill the witch.

Dorothy claims the BROOM!

Ah, but the witch's power is not lost as it is reborn into Dorothy as she claims for herself, as Life-Giving energy, skill, and emboldened Heart, the witch's BROOM.  Notice this, good witches ride brooms of power too!

The power of the witch becomes true life-giving power when it is tempered by the heart. You too will claim your broomstick and true empowerment at your Full Moon Phase.

"The power of the witch becomes true life-giving power when it is tempered by the heart. Herein lies the Key to the Emerald City, it is a KEY to the HEART! The power drive that begins in our third chakra now moves into your heart chakra and the two working together become your wondrous newly empowered being. Your heart has become sacred, filled with courage."

With the witch's broomstick in hand, Dorothy and her friends return to the Emerald City to receive the promises made to them by the wizard. 

And then it happens, somewhere near the end of your Full Moon, will discover your truest Self.....

there really is no Great and Powerful Oz at all, just a man (woman) behind the mask!

No one had ever seen Oz. He had screened his callers to prevent anyone from knowing who he really was. He became unreachable and mysterious. He could not be unmasked behind all that smoke and mirrors. When Toto pulled down the curtain behind which the Wizard was hiding, the Wizard’s true self became known to Dorothy. “Why you’re not a Wizard at all!” He was only a man, but a GOOD man at that!

As with the Wizard, we find that we are not really all-powerful and that our ego has taken us as far as it can. No greater form or growth on the material, showy level of life is possible once your Full Moon is ended. The circle and the cycle have gone as far as they can as far as ego manifestation and material world glory can go.

As we continue with our Full Moon we can imbibe what we have created with meaning and even wisdom, but what is not useful, what is now NOT of our true heart, must be faced. We begin to look at our life objectively to consider the meaning of what we are doing. As with Oz, he could not keep his promise in the world of form. “I’m really a very good man, but I’m a very bad wizard”.

The desires of the Ego can consume us. They can become an obsession. Only the heart can humanly temper. We learn to accept humility, that we are only human. We had been posing, possibly protecting. But there is TRUE STUFF of our own self behind our mask and it will be fertilized with this humble masculine spirit energy. But first, it will 'unmask us' at Full Moon time.

In Frank Baum's original book we even see the Full Moon shining down on Dorothy after she has claimed the witches broomstick and revealed that OZ was just a man after all, but a good man at that! He gives the Tinman a ticking heart, the Scarecrow a diploma honoring his brains, and the Lion his medal of Courage. 

The Wizard for all his bravado goes up in a hot air balloon!......without Dorothy. You will remember in the story how Toto, who represents Dorothy's instinctual self, jumps out of the balloon just as it is about to take off and Dorothy jumps after Toto and misses her ride home, oh my!

As our Full Moon draws to a close, about 3 and 1/2 years after we had entered it, we are only a little more than halfway around the circle of our 29-year lunation cycle. There is more to come as we prepare to - NO, not click the heels of our ruby slippers together and then instantly be transported to Kansas....this is how the Hollywood version ends. Indeed, most stories end here in the happily ever afters, but there is MORE TO THE STORY THAN MEETS THE EYE and the next phase, our Disseminating Moon Phase will reveal to us the TASK we must complete before we leave OZ.

"The Full Moon opens up the realm of a woman’s spiritual identity and

individual immortality."

It will be the beginning of the realization of creative meaning and the gradual disintegration of the outworn material forms.

Sistars, here is our Full Moon summary:




Culmination and Duality


Entering the Realm of LIFE


The Emerald City

The Real Wizard of OZ


In our next Moon Phase we will discover:


See you then with your heart in tack and ready to give birth to the next phase, the Disseminating Moon!

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Yours in the Ruby Slippers,

Dixie Gladstone

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