WATERY SATURN and your Karmic Imprints 




Pt. 1


Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn. So if you are a Capricorn Sun or have any planets in Capricorn then the transits of Saturn are of special, stronger significance for you.

This is the symbol for CAPRICORN.

Saturn moves us towards excellence....

but it does not do this without some fear involved.

We want to master something in our life. We want this to give us stability and freedom to move around and in the world we live in. We need boundaries to stay safe and to have a base of operations from which we can move into the world with. We need a frame. THIS IS SATURN.

SATURN is the way we frame up our lives.

Our frame changes, what we use to lift up the four corners of our life changes. Marriages, family, career, work that we are devoted too, a significant relationship, where we live, how we live - with Saturn's PUSH, we build FOUNDATIONS for important structures in our lives that can uphold and maintain our Soul's journey.

When we are having a Saturn challenge, the foundations of our very lives can begin to shift as Saturn shakes up our past to prepare us for our future. If you having SATURN in an important transit, you will need to WORK at developing a new foundation or a revised updated version of the old one so that you can step into your future and create a new stability based on that next level of mastery you are after - whether that be of marriage, family, work, an entire career change, a life-changing health issue, etc.....

Here is one gal who has mastered her SATURN - at least for the time being!

In my last article, #10 of Cycles of Becoming, we completed our talk about your Soul's current Moon Phase. What could SATURN possibly have to do with that?

Cancer is the polar opposite of Capricorn on the astrology wheel. Capricorn (10th house)is at the top of the wheel, and Cancer (your 4th house) sits at the bottom upholding your entire chart.

Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) and the Moon (ruler of Cancer) are linked in their relationship: the Moon shows us the life-producing energetic and evolutionary phase of our Soul's current life, but Saturn - we count on Saturn to build the FORMS that the soul can work through. We learn so much from Saturn - from our limitations, from the structures and relationships that hold our lives and keep them steady.

SATURN transits equal MATURITY. We are REQUIRED by Saturn to "show up" in order to "grow up" - this is the difficult truth about Saturn.


Sometimes I think of the Moon as a kind of wave pattern -what will it do today?

is it in turmoil?

is it a gigantic surfers wave or tsunami?

is it calm or at it's lowest ebb tide?

Only, one thing for sure about the MOON - 

it is always changing......


by Ivan Aivazovsky

Saturn is the ship upon which we are sailing these waters upon which we are ever changing.

We must keep our ship in shape to keep it afloat. This is a big job, it requires committment and hard work.

Saturn is hard, it can get crusty - when we have a SATURN return every 29 Years (which BTW corresponds to our 29 Year Soul's Moon Cycle) we are being asked to mature, to accept more responsibility for our lives, and sometimes for the lives of others, for our community or government. The foundations of your past must break apart, shift, move and encompass a new life structure at these times - Saturn always returns at ages 28-29, 56-58, 86-87ish...this is plus or minus a whole year on either side. A Saturn return means Saturn has transited to the same place it was at our birth.

Saturn in our charts shows us the outer mechanism by sign and house position of the way in which we can attain greater wholeness. Remember this is what the SOUL is striving for too.

The SOUL creates the impetus for growth and evolution - Saturn creates the actual FORM.

"Beauty and the Beast"  by Sharon Russell shows the fear Saturn can create. go to LETS SHOP to find this image!

Saturn can inspire sternness, ugliness, fear - but like the story of Beauty and the Beast, the Beast is always the handsome prince because in the end, after the trials and tribulations, the "woe is me" feelings - the mature YOU can now interact with the world in a more practical, efficient manner - happiness and accomplishment FOLLOW in the wake of Saturn's tests.

Saturn is a psychic process that is played out in a certain kind of experience. When we become aware of these personal processes within, we learn how to utilize these Saturnian experiences of pain, limitation, duty, restriction and discipline....if we are lucky, if we choose to become AWARE, we can approach Saturn with great heart, courage, tenacity and patience! 

Inside each of us is a built in desire toward wholeness, completeness.....as if the unfinished business from our past must not be denied if we are to move forward to attain this wholeness, completeness, this mastery in the world of form. 

Saturn will bring you hard work, delays, possibly loss and disappointment. The advice that is usually given to anyone undergoing a Saturn transit or Saturn Return is to' button up and get to work, be patient, stay calm......' but since you are NOT consciously creating the circumstances that can be so problematic you may "feel" that you are at the mercy of FATE or that:

"It must be my bad karma!"

but SATURN IS ........


NIX that!!! right now!

Your psyche, your inner self is searching for wholeness....for example, if you were learning to read and having a really hard time of it, this could be a Saturn thing - maybe you never read in another lifetime, or maybe you didn't go to school as a child, perhaps you are dyslexic when it comes to reading - but your SOUL is CRAVING to be able to function in the world and without this mastery it can be sooooooooooooo difficult. What has become natural for most of us, is a trial, a fearful impasse if Saturn is in this kind of placement.

You are NOT being punished by an evil Saturnian devil because you did wrong in your past!

Saturn is growing you UP! UP! UP! Filling you OUT! OUT! OUT! into a greater social sphere of life.

When you make friends with it, you can rise to the occasion of your particular Saturn challenge - this makes every Saturn lesson BEAUTY in disguise as the BEAST...then, at least, dear friends, you will be able to see more clearly that your Saturn challenges are taking you closer and closer to the divine nature of LIFE!

You can rely on yourself more and more once you have completed a  Saturn lesson.

I'd used that term "karmic imprints" because the deeds or misdeeds of our past or present can result from the 'not knowing' how to do or be in life. Our inner being has not got enough of a particular kind of experience and this 'imprints' us with certain limitations.

Why would someone be born dyslexic and find it so extraordinarily difficult to read when everyone else seems to do it without much bother? Imagine the FEAR that one would have in this world, in this day and age, without this ability?

With Saturn pushing at you, you learn how to gain access into a wider world, a social sphere that gives you feedback and requires you to stand tall even when you feel small. So even tho I don't believe the current understanding of karma as simply: in your past, you did wrong or you did right....it is far more complex than this.

WE ALL HAVE GREAT FEAR or FRUSTRATION where Saturn falls in our chart.....! Not because of something we did wrong, but because we have something to learn, to overcome, to challenge our very existence. We must complete the circle of FORM to make it whole! Saturn asks us to become 'masters of living.'


SATURN will show you the way the past has imprinted itself on you, what it has gained, what it has yet to know and accomplish, and how and what you NEED to develop in your SELF. Since you do not consciously create these situations, your larger self, or psyche, creates outer situations that cause FRUSTRATION! This is the very frustration that stimulates us to action! BUT...


(I said this...yes, because I am having a very difficult  Saturn transit with Venus right now.)

The psyche, our Soul, is attempting to establish BALANCE and inclusiveness when Saturn makes a significant transit by house position or by 'hooking in' one of your planets. For instance, when it hooks into Venus - money and loneliness can be a BIG issue. If it hooks in Jupiter, you won't, like Alice in Wonderland, know if you are growing tall or shrinking and becoming smaller.

WHAT ARE THE IMPRINTS OF A WATERY SATURN, an EARTHY SATURN, one that is all about AIR and CONNECTIONS, what about you who have firey Saturn placements?????

Let's take out our charts now.....and remember your journals...that way you can take a few notes on what sign your Saturn occupies and what house it is in. If we take notes now, we will get the MOST of this website - just a few notes here and there....then you reread them later on and VOILA! you have a deeper comprehension than before!

 remember our SATURN SYMBOL.

TAKE OUT YOUR CHART NOW AND SEE WHERE SATURN WAS AT YOUR BIRTH. What sign is it in? What house is it in? 

Here's a sample astrology chart. That arrow is pointing to the SIGN, in this case LEO.

See how the houses are numbered starting with #1 on the Ascendant or Rising Sign? What you are looking at now is SATURN in Scorpio in the 4th house.


Is your Saturn in  Cancer,   Scorpio, or  Pisces?

Is it located in one of your Watery houses, the 4th, 8th or 12th house?

When Saturn is in a water sign or house, it is emotions and the world of feelings that are of concern. Blockage on the physical level may take place if our feeling nature has not been felt or allowed to be felt. Remember Saturn is in disguise, so physical pain and the emotional suffering that arises from it, could be coming through various unacceptable channels of the human psyche. We change ourselves into things to escape the pursuits of Saturn. But, alas, along comes a Saturn transit and the very thing we fear most rears it's ugly head.

Our IMPRINTS can be emotional and full of old patterns of behavior with a watery Saturn placement. Don't be critical of yourself for this..........remember Sharon's painting:

If you have..........

Saturn in Cancer and the fourth house...

Security and safety in the home you were born into as a child is in the domain of Saturn in Cancer or if Saturn is in your 4th house. We do not consciously choose our early childhood experiences, but we do build defenses to protect ourselves from our environment as we are growing up.

We develop instinctual responses that we (at first) cannot seem to control. In this house we also develop ways to protect ourselves from conscious discovery of who we truly are. Something within us has been neglected.

A family disease could come down to us from our parent or grandparents of long ago. 

Perhaps we lived in an orphanage growing up and felt intensely lonely.

Maybe our mother was an alcoholic and could not give us feminine nurturance, care or guidance. Then we become the alcoholic and repeat the pattern.

How does such a Soul regain balance? 

First, we become AWARE of the nature of our own personal Saturn. Then we look to see what our Saturn is trying to tell us.

"Nuture"         Sharon Russell

When someone comes along to nurture and care for you - TAKE IT IN, BE AS A CHILD, ACCEPT ALL GIFTS OF LOVING KINDNESS no matter how large or small. Proper nurturance will help you regain your balance. It will give you the stamina to move forward......

even if you have to give it to yourself by taking extra special care of what you need to feel safe and secure in the world.

SATURN IN SCORPIO and the 8th house

Old patterns of behavior, like withdrawal, intensity, not being able to control or attempting to control so hard that we can't let go even when we see this is the healthy thing to do. Being let down emotionally is a Saturn Scorpio feeling.

The eighth house can be a battleground and constant crisis may be what we experience in order to gain self understanding and self mastery.

"Scorpio"    Passion    Sharon Russell (you can get this at LETS SHOP)

This is also the house of sex, the very thing that can create the most fear for a Saturn Scorpio' because it puts us at 'oneness' with another. This intimacy, in it's fearful form, can create a feeling that we have lost our self. The fear of submission or violation can follow this Saturn.

It isn't really about our morality but about our use of POWER....are we being responsible for the 'other' in the sexual act? This is a great force, a serpent power and it binds the two people involved whether they had intended that or not.

Death and the experiences surrounding it are also the domain of a Saturn in Scorpio or the 8th house. If you have Saturn here, at some time in your life you may be called to make the descent into Pluto's hellish realm. 

Difficulties with shared POWER may also come through avoiding paying your taxes, not being able to pay them, having to fight over the resources from a will, using your power to scam others for money or profit or having them use you. Saturn difficulties arise as we learn to share our sexuality, our money, our property and our POWER.

Extremes of behavior are possible here, either too sexy or not sexy enough. Saturn here can also create too strong religious or moral convictions that may be a disguise for our true sexual nature.  

Sadly, the story of the child who was beat badly by a parent may create such an emotional crises within the Saturn in Scorpio as to create isolation and loneliness of an extreme nature.

Your wounds can be slow to heal, but they can and DO HEAL THEMSELVES through therapy and through experiences of a deeply transformative nature with another.  

Also, through a study and fascination of the occult one may begin to understand the nature of the energies of creation and how their own life-giving powers can be harnessed for the good of others. This would be a great placement for an ER doctor! Saving lives is a powerful and transformative experience, handling of emergencies can build confidence in the self and in the very nature of LIFE.

Knowing that you can indeed be REBIRTHED is an important attitude than can replace feelings of inadequacy and fear.


"Blue Lagoon"                   Sharon Russell

"The twelfth house and Pisces show us what lies hidden behind our Ascendant or outward behavior. This is the place of endings and of new beginnings. Some SACRIFICE will be made in order to recognize your SELF as a separate, conscious personality with this Saturn placement." These are the words from Liz Greene's book on Saturn (for those of you who want to learn more.)

Like this mermaid, whose domain is both under the water, hidden and mysteriously beautiful AND who can breathe air and venture upward towards daylight, she can live in two worlds. All life comes from water that is not yet individuated. The mermaid's deep desire is to experience individual consciousness but alas, she must return to her watery domain to survive. It is here in the underwater places of the psyche that she can feel her incarceration. Jails and hospitals are associated with the 12th house, but so are psychologists and people of great compassion!

You may be called to sacrifice some material ambition. Maybe you feel that you MUST answer a particular 'call' due to intense feelings of guilt or a sense of obligation to another, say to a parent or loved one. You feel a DEBT has to be paid.

At some point in the life, one feels helpless and at the mercy of something greater than oneself. Perhaps you set in motion something that this placement of Saturn brings into your outer world. This 'something' may cause you jail time, hospitalization, or an intense need for solitude.

You could be a seeker of SOLITUDE or religious penance. Maybe you become a NUN, a sure way to loose one's identity or personality. I'm not saying becoming a nun or holy person is not good for you, but it may be a way to avoid fear or feelings of chaos.

One feels powerless but does not know what should be protected against.

KUAN and Mother Mary


Kuan Yin and Mother Mary made sacrifices in service  to others. They found GOLD through a connection to their spirituality which is the domain of the 12th house or Pisces!

In the process of Saturn's lessons, you may be stripped raw and feel very vulnerable. At first you do   not understand what is causing the deep despair of this house placement.

Your own near death experience, or actual death of another person can be a defining moment for a Saturn individual. Grave illness where you are feeling helpless, great sorrow and loss may be experienced.

One of my children who has his Saturn in the 12th house had debilitating asthma as a child! I remember him alone in his room for days at a time, while the other children played. As he grew older he became an expert in marshal arts. He now has his PhD in psychology and works with empowering youth who have been disempowered by poverty and neglect. 

Overcoming a difficult SATURN can be one of the finest achievements of your lifetime! 

I wanted to talk about the watery Saturn's first, because, to me, these are some of the hardest to overcome. Alcoholism, drug addiction, child abuse, and other forms of abuse... or where someone or something has power over you are all in the realm of the watery Saturns.

Blue Sapphire is the stone of strengthening Saturn.

A SATURN ASSIGNMENT 4 U: GET a large rock or stone - look at it every day, feel it's weight, feel it's strength, feel how slowly a rock changes - this is your assignment! Learn through touch and use your senses - you will become your own best astrologer!

It's OK if you couldn't figure out where your Saturn is, a lot of people don't get it or doubt themselves sooooooooo....


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Lots of love to you and your BRAVE SATURNS!


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