VESTA in SCORPIO until Jan 14,2018 



VESTA is in SCORPIO from November 17 until into the New Year!

Vesta’s flame is the Eternal,

the sacred Flame at your CENTER.

   This is Vesta's symbol, the eternal flame held within by a woman's sacred womb center, her belly!

 (Vesta's symbol is a vessel of fire, it also can look like three Vs, one on top of the other - so if you see this symbol on your astrology chart wheel, it is the symbol for the FLAME AT THE CENTER OF YOURSELF! - isn't this wonderful knowledge sistars?,....we ARE connected to the universe through our feminine nature!)

Hello everyone,

I just can't do any more SATURN stuff just now. Whew! it wipes me out to talk about the duty and responsibility that comes with maturing into so many different Saturn let's take a shift of energy and look at one of our Asteroid Goddesses, VESTA, or Hestia as the Greeks called her.

Vesta    "Sacred Flame"           from Sharon Russell


VESTA is in SCORPIO beginning Nov. 17 and women are in need of REGENERATING the gifts of this goddess. 

Temple of Vesta in Rome by Jacob Strutt 1790-1840's

The Greeks portrayed VESTA as center of the world, the omphalos or navel of the earth. In the communities of our earliest cities, the temple was her sacred home.

She kept the literal fires burning, fires that could be shared from one household to the next to warm the center of the homes of her community.

Ancient temples were often build in a circle with the Vestal fire at the center.

She was also responsible for the safekeeping of all contracts and legal documents. The Vestals, or virgins, safeguarded the peace and orderliness of the community.

We usually know VESTA as the "Women unto herself".

The sighting of the asteroid, Vesta, in the 19th century corresponds to an activation of a new center of consciousness for women. 

Vesta is one of four primary asteroid goddesses along with Ceres, Pallas Athena, and Juno. Together, they have led the procession of the reawakened feminine! (go HERE to read a bit about each of these four and what they mean in your chart!)

If you really want to accomplish a goal this could be a great time to do it because Vesta in Scorpio is intense, she doesn't give up, she is also demanding and wants to go beneath the surface value of any project, relationship, or healing modality. She seeks the flame itself! She can be PASSIONATE to a we will all have to look out for overzealous or pushy attitudes. On the other hand, you may NEED some of these to accomplish and fulfill your commitments.

It is a time to look at our own shadows and there is no better way than to read Sharon's book:Innocence to Wholeness. During this Vesta in Scorpio time we also have a conjunction with Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter will help Vesta bring light into the shadowy territory of the unconscious! (read about Jupiter in Scorpio HERE.)


Click HERE for more about "Innocence to Wholeness"

SEXUAL REPRESSION in this sign comes when feelings of guilt, sin and shame cloud our ability to interact deeply with another. These blocks may have come through your childhood from molest, your religious upbringing, or the shame of your parent(s). You have an opportunity with Vesta in Scorpio to bring or shed some light onto your deepest hidden feelings.

This is serious territory.

It is the territory of sexual abuse, of addiction, of deep and binding shame that makes us feel that our FIRE IS OUT! Or perhaps we have overworked, abusing our body and bringing on ill health and unhappiness. For some of us, our inner Vesta may not have understood that she is a "WOMAN UNTO HERSELF" and she can and should say "NO" to social gatherings or events that do not support her desire to be alone, to experience solitude.

Girlfriends,SCORPIO is a TRANSFORMATIVE Vesta energy and most of us will need some help with it....Innocence to Wholeness gives you a way to enter the sometimes frightening territory of the SHADOW without being overwhelmed by it. Sharon's watercolor images are meant to give you strength, meaning and purpose as you enter the territory of a repressed or even a feeling of a broken VESTA. 

When we have a broken Vesta we have a split within ourselves that fractures us! We are like a shattered vessel.

But we CAN make it whole again!

Your FIRE IS NOT OUT, IT IS ALIVE and it is in YOU! Vesta is a great power within you waiting to be unblocked so she can warm the hearth fires of your BODY and SOUL. We need Her warmth! bring us the vital energy of FIRE, of SPIRIT, of dedication to SELF and to LIFE!


VESTA shows us 12 styles, the 12 SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC, or ways that we face our issues of focus and commitment. She tells us what we must exclude from our lives in order to achieve our purpose.

It's time to get your astrology chart out and see in what house or houses Vesta will be passing through during her time in Scorpio.


Nov. 17, 2017 until January 14, 2018

Vesta in the HOUSES shows the area of our lives that we are dedicated to, but also the areas where we may experience repression or limitation. She is a passionate primordial Goddess of old. She is the only goddess with NO FACE - she is the FLAME of life itself!

The house ruled by Scorpio will be an area of Vesta's focus and commitment.

If VESTA is transiting your 1st house you will need to find your own identity. Single mindedness and perseverance will be your tools. Leave personal feelings of weakness or of "I can't do it." behind. Take small steps to express your truest self. With Vesta here, your identify could be your expertise in marshal arts, your art itself, how you dress and your appearance or simply, how you feel about who you are.

2nd house - dedicate yourself to generating resources to support yourself and your loved ones. You may experience some pressure as you learn the skill of manifesting. A Vesta without resources that she creates herself will not feel centered.

3rd house - you are dedicated to your mind or to communications that bring personal understanding or you may be the one disseminating the information to others. Pressure comes to bear if you experience limitations in communications. FOCUS on clairfying your ideas.

4th house - your home and family could be the source of added respondsibility possibly even curtailing your freedom. You will need to focus on efficiency, the approach you give to your obligations. This is also the house of the SOUL and if you are doing inner work, now is the time to look at mother/father/family issues of childhood obligation - messages from the Soul come from your domestic focus. Your home could feel particularly centering for you this holiday season.

5th house - your personal creative expressions, children, artistic forms or alienation from these elements of your life require you to put the focus on them in order to renew your life force and spontaneity. Your dedication could put you in the limelight.

6th house - Your work, your health and your routines are driving you to become more efficient, more aware of self-healing if you are sick and your need for positive thinking. You might feel the drive for perfection. As long as you don't overdo, this could mean you will do some things very well. Let your work, your service to others or your focus on a new diet or exercise program center you.

7th house - Your relationships are the area to focus your dedication on. Attempts to compromise or cooperation may create conflicts. The Vesta fires of purification will help you seek a BALANCE of give and take. Obsessing on your relationships doesn't help, being present for your partner will, as long as you are also present for your SELF in the interchange. This holiday season could bring more fulfillment if you partner up with someone to share your spiritual or religious activities.

8th house- You want in depth interactions with others. You may be inclined to delve deeply into the inner realms, such as psychology, astrology, occult areas or within your own inner psyche. Limitations or complications over shared resources like money, sexuality, taxes or inheritances can put pressure on you to release personal desires and learn better ways of sharing your possessions and resources.

If you are a woman who is being denied her rightful share of property, money, alimony, child support or other resources shared with another person, you can speak up during this Vesta in Scorpio time. Equal sharing is the idea, NOT one person who has more than the other and therefore has all the power, this is NOT Vesta's way.

In this houses, Vesta in Scorpio can help you find your center through your personal studies of life energy and where it comes from - the LIFE STREAM - you may even have  dreams or visions that will shed the LIGHT onto your inner questions about your cosmic or spiritual origins!

You may have to deal with issues of death or dying. If someone important dies during this time, consider in what ways they represent Vesta in their own life and in yours. You may inherit Vesta's way of focusing and centering through what this person taught you.

9th house - Seek the truth, convey your wisdom. Your extreme views will likely be challenged. Religious or idelogical fanaticism creates limits that push you into a wider VISION. Use that fire to bring positive, ideal images to your center. It's also possible that a long journey will center you because of the new perspective it brings.

A mentor and teacher can help you to learn to focus through meditation.

10th house - Your career or your position in society or that one "thing" that you are trying to become a master at could be your centering. You'll need DISCIPLINE and plenty of it to attain your goals. Working hard at your potential talents brings results. If your Vesta is close to your midheaven or 10th house cusp - a spiritual destiny and finding your spirit center may receive a burst of new dedication.

11th house - you are learning the importance of others in your life through group interactions. Limitations in friendships or group interactions give you a push to refocus your ideals and realign with the group. What hopes and aspirations will allow you to dedicate yourself to the common purpose of the group or a particular important friendship? Your group, organization, choir, club or circle of friends can help you find and recenter yourself during this holiday season.

12th house - Being of service to others, prayer ,and the pursuit of spiritual values are Vesta's flame in this house. Seeking solitude may be important so that you can dedicate yourself to some spiritual action or discipline. A balancing of FAITH and FEAR may be called for so you can make a practical assessment of what is happening around you and within you. Your religious or spiritual faith can bring a wonderful center as we enter this holy time of year!


"Beauty comes from a Quiet Place inside a Woman.

During the Holy Day Season find time for good self care, rest, and a rededication to yourself and your most personal goal.

Vesta in Scorpio can be a time to strengthen your bond with your BODY, your SPIRITUAL SELF, and a time to HEAL THE SPLIT OF SHAME OR GUILT.

The flame of the heart, the passion of the belly, the warmth that love generates are all found in this primordial source, Goddess Vesta.

Vesta is the virgin woman, a woman unto herself. An aspect of the Virgin is the beloved Mother Mary - she is our most recent Divine Feminine Goddess but unlike other Goddesses who are considered to be of divine origins, Mother Mary was born into a HUMAN EMBODIMENT. Her mother, Anne, gave birth to Mary through an immaculate conception.  

It doesn't matter if you are Catholic or Jew, Protestant or Muslim, or none of them, MEDITATE on what truly has made Her a figure of purity and hope for the world. She and her mother were 'women unto themselves'. Whether or not you believe or can comprehend this story of immaculate conception is not the point, what is important is that the Divine Feminine in human form began to emerge in our human consciousness 2000 years ago! All of this is worth considering as you spend time with Vesta while she is in Scorpio. 

The Chartes Cathedral in Paris tells the story of the 12 zodiac intelligences and how they manifest as the ONE in all of us!

one of Vesta's greatest gifts is:



When VESTA is in Her positive, light-giving energetic, she brings in to you a natural devotion to your work or to your relationships. When you are thrown out of center by fatigue, dramatic or dangerous events, or overwork. (and oh, my dears, women now-a-days are sooooo overworked!) then Vesta can bring fear of intimacy or denial of your needs.  She can both show the area of life where you are dedicated, committed, and the area where you may feel thwarted by repressed energy. In areas where you feel blocked, she can bring limitation until you develop the awareness to consolidate your energy.

During this time, you may find that you have increased pride in your work; a quality of true soulfulness may exude from you or from your work. Take some time while Vesta is in Scorpio to examine how your personal creative self expression can reveal a quality of your innermost being, a quality that can center you.

Temple of Fire at Baku, Azerbajain

How have you been feeling your connection to VESTA? What is it that you do that centers you or that you are dedicated to? I would love to add your comments to my page, WHAT WOMEN ARE SAYING.

You can email me at

with your story or comments about VESTA....

and I hope you do!

Love to you and your very dear and brave hearts,

Dixie Gladstone

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