Venus/Inanna Gateway of Ascent at the Throat Chakra 


Venus goes through Gateway #5 at the Throat Chakra Gate on September 09, 2021, at 29 Libra (near Spica). Look either the evening before, that evening, or the evening after for your best viewing - TIME and PLACE is just after the Sun sets in the West. 


GATEWAY #5 at the THROAT Chakra 

 Speaking Your Deepest Truth

Communication - speaking and listening - bring us closer to one another at every level of life!

"Queen of Sheba" necklace by Mary Portas.


Now, at GATEWAY number 5, Venus is putting her necklace back on to claim the power of her communications, her skills at listening and sharing at the THROAT CHAKRA.  This is the Gateway of COMMUNICATION and speaking our deepest TRUTHS. This month between Sept. 9th and Oct. 8th we will be given opportunities to speak our empowered truth. We may now be ready to speak up for ourselves. Perhaps we have gained a new perspective on how we communicate and this will enliven our ability to communicate our needs to others. It will also allow us to be better listeners and to acknowledge with understanding and compassion the needs of others.

Because Venus is making her ASCENT towards heaven, she has had time to consider whether she speaks falsely or without clarity.

We will be able to listen without interrupting from a more calm and centered place knowing that our words radiate out from us like a megaphone in all directions - what we say counts to all of creation. This is mind-boggling to me, that our voices are powerful, that the vibration, the sounds we produce through our vocal cords interact with all other waves in the creation!

Isha Lerner says in her book, Triple Goddess Tarot, (link to buy her book is also available on that "the practice of speaking true words with a beautiful voice (is) so that our language may echo the universal poetry of the Divine Feminine."

Moon  conjuncts Venus as EVENING STAR = a Gateway of Venus/Inanna

It is the Moon and Venus that are joined at the Gateway, this month's VENUS EVENING STAR conjunction takes place in the sign of Libra at its last degree, 29 ° bringing with it the need to clear up any miscommunications in RELATIONSHIPS. "Right Speech" according to the Buddha is a vital source for bringing us inspired relationships. This makes it more vital that we speak AND LISTEN from our HEARTS.

By Chagall, I just love that guy!

Some of us will communicate our love for others through flowers, or small gifts that carry precious thoughts and feelings.

"Reflection"           by Sharon Russell

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Some of us will find our voice after we take some time out for silent reflection or meditation or prayer.


Also by Sharon Russell, click HERE to see the full image or to order this sweet card to help you bring your heart into your connections with others this month.

As we reflect, we give ourselves time to consider how and what we say, how and when we listen more deeply and intently to what the other is saying. This month especially, affirm the power of love in your words.

This could help smooth communications. 

Love and truth are inseparable.

The throat chakra, when in balance, enables us to express the creative and life-affirming aspects of ourselves.

As we make our descent with Venus/Inanna this month we become conscious of where and about what we are NOT speaking our truth with true words. Perhaps If we notice our voice becoming too loud and our language coarse, or a kind of breathless anxious quality to our speech, we can step back into that place of reflection, meditation, prayer to bring us peace and calm.....and then we can try again. And, yes, this can happen to all of us. I notice myself speaking louder and louder when I think I am not being heard or when I think my point of view is the 'right' one! 

Feeling a lack of support affects our ability to speak up for ourselves. Limiting patterns get 'caught' in our throats.

When Inanna put her necklace back on, her voice became alive and strong with many tones and ways of expression: writing, speaking, singing, acting, giving gifts of gratitude...her voice became a gateway for openness, freedom, and personal empowerment.  

Leila Haikonen Jewelry

This would be a good month to create a new necklace or pair of earrings....turquoise, blue topaz, yellow topaz, and rose quartz for soothing the heart and are the stones that work well to restore and heal this chakra. Emerald could help calm down the chattiness so you can speak from calmness instead of fear or anxiety.

This is a pure, rough clear blue turquoise, a throat chakra stone.

Morning Glory with its vitality and exuberance is a flower associated with the throat chakra. Morning Glory opens in the morning to meet and greet this all-new miraculous day. It even looks like a trumpet or a musical instrument that emanates and helps us to speak out our truth.

Hand-colored by Linnea

The hummingbird is one of the animals associated with this chakra. A quick, direct, and fast-moving little creature can remind us of our speech. Have you ever seen a hummingbird up real close as it gazes into your eyes and 'listens' to you? We can understand the language of birds and spirit beings, of plants and stones if we are quiet and LISTEN with all our senses.

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless."

Mother Theresa

We can become liberated by owning up and facing up to our Truth. No longer telling ourselves lies, we become vulnerable and open, dropping our mask of social conditioning. Then we can awaken to our true human potential.

"Now I pray that each and every being's true nature be revealed, that we each see clearly our inherent truth and find liberation from the shackles of suffering and difficulty imposed by the limitations of our mind."    Chagdud Tulku

Singing, chanting, acting, toning, and HUMMING are all activities that vibrate and enlive your throat chakra. They promote self-expression and release tension.

Make all kinds of connections this month: teachers, friends, neighbors, those ou respect, those you do not respect...practice speaking your truth with kindness. Make good boundaries and say "NO" when necessary as this could also relieve a blocked 5th chakra. You might want to say "YES" even though you may feel too take your time. You can always call someone back and say "I changed my mind!" or "Yes, I'm going."

The whale is a mammal associated with the throat chakra because of the powerful vibrations it sings to the ocean, to other whales, and to US TOO, if we listen with new ears.

Listen to the Whale speak HERE (SCHUMAN RESONANCE 7.83 HZ)

Reclaim your right and joy to think spirit-infused thoughts! Use new imaginative ways of telling your story with words that alleviate your suffering! This could be quite a challenge for some of us. 

Open your throat chakra and sing or chant to the light of the Moon/Venus and let the light and love pour in! ENJOY!

And again from Isha Lerner:

"Speak the sweet whispers of the heart."

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my best to you dear friends,

Dixie Gladstone