July 12, 2015



Hildegard von Bingen (I beieve this to be a self portrait! notice the elements...)


"Just as the four elements hold the world together they also form the structure for the human body.

Their distribution and function in the whole human being are such that they constantly sustain the person, just as they are spread throughout the rest of the world and have their effects. 

FIRE, AIR, WATER, and EARTH are in humankind and humans consist of them.

From FIRE, they have the warmth of their bodies, from AIR they have their breath, from WATER they have their blood, and from EARTH their bodies.

They can thank FIRE for their sight, AIR for their hearing, WATER for movement, and EARTH for their ability to walk."

Hildegard of Bingen from 'Causes and Cures'

about 1140 AD

Let's begin our study of VENUS signs by understanding which ELEMENT your Venus inhabits in your body:

FIRE VENUS SIGNS:  Aries (Spring Equinox), Leo ( Mid-Summer), Sagittarius (End Autumn) - at each of these seasons FIRE serves the SPIRIT giving it life and warmth, protecting it and encouraging it to grow through Body (Aries), Self-expression (Leo) and Inspiration (Sagittarius). Venus in the fire signs is PASSIONATE, ENERGETIC and ASSERTIVE. These signs are all physically vital and like to move their bodies around....which they do with their spirited energy.

The planets associated with Fire signs are: Aries (MARS), Leo (SUN), and Sagittarius (JUPITER) - notice that these are all outgoing energies pouring their heat, energy, light, warmth and opportunity into you.

AIR VENUS SIGNS are GEMINI (Spring), LIBRA (Autumn Equinox), AQUARIUS (Mid-Winter) - at each of these seasons AIR's natural tendency is to share our stories, to listen and speak, to teach and learn (GEMINI), to connect with another (LIBRA), to be original, free-spirited and knowledgeable (AQUARIUS). Venus in the AIR signs likes to TALK and COMMUNICATE and needs these attributes to find love and CONNECTION.

The planets associated with the AIR SIGNS are MERCURY (Gemini), VENUS (Libra), and SATURN and URANUS (Aquarius). These Air venus signs are all about connecting, one on one, in community, and about attaining personal liberty, equality and freedoms within society.

WATER VENUS SIGNS: CANCER (Summer Solstice), SCORPIO (Mid Autumn), PISCES (End of Winter) - at each of these seasons the element of WATER comes along to move our energy emotionally, to FEEL caring for others and our planet, to recognize SOUL and the underlying currents of human behavior. Here there is LOVE of mother, caring for the young and for others who have less, their is a deep desire to recognize the Soul within and without. Venus in the water signs is PROTECTIVE, NURTURING and has a love of HOME and mother.

The planets associated with the water signs are the MOON (Cancer), MARS and PLUTO (Scorpio), and NEPTUNE and JUPITER (Pisces). Full of watery emotion and the ability to make change through feelings, these planets connect us to a life stream much bigger than we are. They bring us in contact with our Soul and with the Souls of others.

EARTH VENUS SIGNS: TAURUS (Mid-Spring), VIRGO (Late Summer), CAPRICORN (Winter Solstice) - the element of EARTH brings spirit into its' fullest, most solid manifestation that creation can gives us. It is stable and so aware of beauty in its surroundings (TAURUS),  wants to achieve something tangible in the material world and to be of service to others (VIRGO,) and is concerned with position, achievement, and security (CAPRICORN).

Venus in Earth signs is STABLE, MASTERS the material world, and provides FOUNDATIONS for security.

The planets associated with EARTH signs are VENUS (Taurus), MERCURY (Virgo), SATURN (Capricorn). The element of EARTH allows us to stay in this human body, to interact with our planet and its elements. Earth grounds our energy and allows us to hold that energy in our bodies.


Don't try to memorize all this if you have never seen it before. Just get a FEELING about each element and which one your VENUS naturally uses to give it life, to understand what attracts you, and the way in which you might LOVE.

Be gentle in your approach to learning about this science of the Goddess, is complex but tangible, like this baby hippo...we start small and then can grow large rather quickly!

You are a reflection of the Great Mother Goddess. You have ALL OF THE ELEMENTS in you.

But your natural tendency to LOVE will arise out of one of the four elements that make up LIFE!

"You are rooted in DIVINITY"

                                                         Hildegard of Bingen from Divine Works

by Hildegard

You share these elements with the Great Cosmic Mother. Your Venus has a personal affinity to whatever element it is in and that affinity applys to our entire miraculous Universe. So you are connected to all the EARTH, AIR, FIRE and WATER of all that is.

"Oh, what a miracle to be AWAKE inside your breathing."

                                   Hildegard again (I just love her!) from Symphonia


Girlfriends, in my next article I will write about VENUS in each of the signs of the ZODIAC.....and you will see why I chose Hildegard of Bingen as a way to introduce the NEW ENERGY OF VENUS in the DIVINE FEMININE as she emerges from the UNDERWORLD and into the MORNING STAR!

I love you dear soul friends,

see you in a few days! You still have time to get to know what sign your VENUS is in by writing to me at and giving me your name and birthdate - and its FREE! By the way, I KNOW some of you don't know your Venus sign, why aren't you asking me?