VENUS Gateway of ASCENT Sacral Chakra 


Venus - Inanna continues her ASCENT as our EVENING STAR


Beginning June 11 until mid-July, 2021, we will be in the FLOW of VENUS passing through her 2nd GATEWAY on her journey to become QUEEN OF HEAVEN.

Venus reaffirms her new GEMINI, Rainbow Goddess ARCHETYPE for women during her continuing passages through the spring, summer, and autumn months of 2021. Venus is in her ASCENDING EVENING STAR PHASE (read about Venus Cycle of Renewal HERE if you are new to this site or the cycles of VENUS) and in her ascent, she makes her appearance with the Crescent Moon each month. See this lovely site on the evening of June 11, 2021. This is her 2nd Gateway and it occurs exactly on June 11 at 11:59 PM. If you look to the horizon of the western sky just after sunset on June 10th through the 12th Venus will be close to the crescent moon.


(how to know if it is VENUS: she shines brightly, "stars twinkle, planets shine!".)

VENUS goes through the 2nd GATEWAY of her ASCENSION at CRESCENT MOON PHASE. HORNS to the LEFT are an indication that we are in the Crescent Moon phase. The Moon is coming into the LIGHT once again. Crescent Moon Phase is the emerging beauty of our Moon. She is the MAIDEN shining her face upon us, preparing for her monthly cycle of creating, maintaining, and fulfilling the promise of new life that was given to her by Spirit at the New Moon phase.


The Belly Chakra is also referred to as the Sacral Chakra or as we think of it in Feminine Astrology, the Sacred Womb. As Venus descended through this Gateway, we worked on what blocked us from our creativity, our seeming inability to bear fruit. If we felt cut off from our emotions and our bodily sensations then this chakra was in need of renewal.

The Sacral Chakra is your passion and pleasure center and it is located in the pelvic area. Hibiscus is one of the flowers associated with the healing of this chakra.
Dolphins are often associated with this chakra for their playfulness and joy of being in their bodies!
Carnelian is a 2nd chakra stone.
Coral is a stone of great softness and is womblike in color and purity and vulnerability.
The magical fragrance of the gardenia can stimulate this chakra. Notice how it spirals from its center bursting with life!
Pleasure and enjoyment from being in a body is the gift of this chakra. Venus puts back on her ankle bracelet, a symbol of her feelings of passion and the joy of being alive in her body.

Some of you are building altars for each chakra or adding to the one you started for this Venus Ascent. If you are new to altar building it is a great way to work the energy of this month's Venus journey. You can use that natural, recharged creativity of Venus to build an altar as a theme to your second chakra. Maybe you will make it all orange and bring in some orange stones, flowers, candles, fragrances that make you swoon, silk clothes or scarves, images of the Goddess, and pictures of yourself when you felt alive and happy to be in your body.

by Sharon Russell (find this image as a card or print HERE)

Venus will pass through the sign of Cancer at this gateway.

Cancer is all about nurturing your SELF this month. You might want to create a sacred space to do your creative work in. Cancer is ruled by the moon so going out under the moonlight for a walk could be especially enjoyable for you. When Venus is in Cancer you are capable of devotional love and tender feelings and might enjoy the sociability of inviting others into your home or nourishing others as well as receiving the love and enjoyment they exude!

Fill a bowl with water and set it out under the light of the moon and drink it the next morning with the intent of having it nourish you body and soul.... with JOY!

"Passion is the emotional energy that derives from a healthy sacral chakra."
Energy can leak out of this chakra if we are stagnating or stopped from achieving our creative pursuits.   
The element that rules this gateway and passes us through the 2nd chakra is WATER.

I'll be going to the beach this weekend and get my toes into the sand and check out the temperature of the ocean (it's usually still cold here in June). Many women now surf the waves of southern California beaches and it makes me happy just to see them out there free as birds and strong in their feminine bodies!

Sexual trauma can really make our sacral womb chakra stagnate and keep us from many kinds of pleasurable experiences. And I'm talking about, not just sex, but if the sacral chakra is wounded your creative life will have been affected in some way. The wounding of this chakra can stay with us for many years. This is the month as Venus makes her ascent at this chakra to remember and heal the sacredness of your womb area.


One way to bring a sense of sacredness and purity back to your womb area is through bathing or swimming where you feel safe. Add precious herbs to your bath, ones whose smell evokes a feeling of safety and peace. One of our sisters used to live in a tiny house with an old-fashioned bathtub outside under a big pine tree. She had the considerable pleasure of being able to bathe under the moonlight!...or under the bright and healing love of Venus!

This image comes from Sharon's Book "Innocence to Wholeness." click here to see more images or order her book (only $17)

Return to the innocent purity of your divine feminine self. YOU ARE A DAUGHTER OF THE GREAT GODDESS. We are all birthed from the same WOMB and it is HERS.
Think about it: when was the last time you just sat without any distractions and asked yourself:
Venus of Willendorf, our ancient mother and my favorite Goddess for this chakra.
"How am I feeling? Am I in touch with my body? What does it need to experience the joy of living?"
In our culture sexuality is either exaggerated and magnified so that the intensity of the experience moves us beyond pleasure into huge expectations, exhaustion through images, exhaustion of our bodies .... OR its opposite.... our sexuality, passion, and emotional reactions are frowned upon or rejected. We as a group have lost the balance of a healthy sex life.
Healthy self-expression through knowing and respecting who we are at our core is Very Sexy! That is why our creativity in whatever way it wants to manifest must be allowed to do so. Otherwise, we will feel tired. It is every woman's right to be able to engage in creative self-expression.
When Venus/Inanna works with her 2nd chakra, the lower belly, she wants to feel the transformative process in this part of her body. She wants to bring her body together with another body for pleasure, creativity, the conception of a new idea, a way of being in our bodies, a baby, ....(it could be many things, as babies are not our only business).....but always Venus seeks to bring about a feeling of fullness and delight that emanates from this chakra and allows for us to release, to let go, to move, and to participate fully in life.
Sometimes I like to just fall onto the grass and feel the earth beneath my body as it pulsates with life. Take your shoes off and feel that SENSE OF TOUCH through your skin. Feel what the earth is doing. Listen to her heartbeat. Quietly let your heart beat to her rhythm.

If you take a picture of your 2nd Gateway ALTAR, will you please send it to me? Your sisters would LOVE to see it and of course, it would thrill me to no end! THANK YOU! Send to
I'll be writing more about healing with water in my next article which will be on JUNO/HERA....and she is more than just a bride! You will learn about the regenerative aspects of the divine feminine.
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Have some FUN, craft JOY into your life this month - take time to be with this enormously powerful life-enhancing chakra,
much love to all,
Dixie Gladstone
Feminine Astrology