Venus Gateway of Ascent Crown Chakra 2021 

Venus goes through her final gateway of ASCENT to become QUEEN of HEAVEN on November 7, 2021





VENUS Makes Her FINAL ASCENT AS QUEEN OF HEAVEN this month through the CROWN CHAKRA - Gateway #7.

Venus-Inanna puts back on her CROWN to complete her journey of ascent in the Metagoddess archetype of Gemini in 2021. The Gemini archetype is a Rainbow Goddess. She is learning to tell a new story of her life, past, present, and future. She has gained greater courage to speak her TRUTH, to retell the story of her life using her playful, imaginative faculties, to reimagine a future for herself and for our planet that is based on peaceful, life-enhancing living. 

At this gateway, Venus alchemy activates the light code for our crown chakra. She symbolically puts on her crown, her final vestment, to acknowledge the creating of a new body of love and light, of greater truth and new vision strengthening feminine aspects of the Gemini archetype. This is her achievement and it is ours too! To whatever extent this has been possible for us.

This does NOT mean perfection but it does mean we become more open to a new vision for our lives, a retelling of our personal and planetary story based on a 'new awareness' that is now available to us all. Our women's bodies, minds, and hearts have been preparing for this since the beginning of this 19-month cycle, or 584-day cycle. This month is the completion of her,  VENUS, (and our) hard work.

The Butterfly is often associated with the crown chakra.... and indeed, I dreamt of a trapped butterfly fluttering helplessly around trying to break through the ceiling in my room...a few days later I went to a healer who helped me to reopen my CROWN CHAKRA! It worked! The light came through and my dreams were no longer trapping me! Butterfly represents our transmutation into higher consciousness.

Venus passing through Crescent Moon Gateway - when Venus is conjunct the Crescent Moon she is in her ASCENT!

Congratulations to those of you who have followed along with Venus as she has passed through each gateway! This is a long astrological is a process of FEMININE EMPOWERMENT. 

I like these long processes because they allow me time to become aware, time to awaken, time to place one foot in front of the other with increasing understanding at each gateway. I have to say, I do feel more courage and an ability to speak my truth following this cycle to completion.  How about you? I'd love to hear some of your can send them to me at  I read all your messages to me and love getting your email.

(Please see my article on Venus/Inanna and Her Ascent if you are new to this this way you will catch up to what is happening in the big sky for the planet Venus and what Venus ascending means to us as women in our personal and communal lives.)

Look to the WEST after sunset. She can be seen alongside the Crescent Moon! The Crescent Moon is her ascent gateway as Evening Star. Sometimes she is a bit above or below the crescent moon but you will know it is Venus by her bright steady shining light. (Planets don't twinkle, they shine steady and bright!) Once the actual gateway has been crossed, for the remainder of the month, Venus remains shining bright and LARGE in the West but very high up, not so near the horizon. You can tell she is Venus and not a star because she shines steadily with her long rays and does not twinkle as a star would.

She continues activating her 7th gateway at the Crown Chakra until Dec. 6, 2021.

The healing flower for your crown chakra is the Lotus.


Close up of Labradorite, a stone of Magic - notice the rainbow of the labradorite, a crown chakra stone to create a Rainbow Bridge for us to the great above! 

This energy center is located at the top of your head. This crowning of Venus (almost) completes her psychic renewal in the sign of Gemini. Her crown is the portal for the bridge of light that flows both into and back out of this chakra creating a pathway for our higher self to communicate to us.

When you are in sync with the crown chakra you are a bridge from Heaven to Earth. You act as a channel for living light!
This chakra opening can help you to cultivate clarity and discrimination. This is a powerful center and one that requires you to remain pure and refreshed with the highest of intentions and focus.
Some suggestions for how to get the most from Venus this month:
  • spend a day or a few hours in silence and prayer
  • take a day or more of fasting or go on a cleansing diet
  • take more rest to gain renewed clarity
  • bring out your amethyst or wear beautiful purple or violet colors to remind you of this months expression of Venus
  • write in your journal....about your personal experiences in speaking out for yourself
  • write about your new ability to listen more clearly without judgment or set emotional reactions, just listening quietly to what the other has to will notice something important: we often speak our message not through the exact words we use but by the emotions and deeper message of what we are trying to say
  • meditate with your friend(s) or women's circle.
  • Tell them about this month's opening of her own crown chakra: Lead them or yourself in a meditation something like can use your imagination and creativity with the core idea presented here as a Crown ascension meditation:
Imagine a bright but soothing golden white light that comes from above and down into your crown chakra and descends through each chakra until it comes to the last or 8th chakra below your feet,... then slowly it circles around and back up through each chakra, lighting each chakra from the earth star chakra, then up to the root chakra as a clear red, to the sacral chakra in orange, then up to the gold of your belly chakra, then to the emerald green of your heart chakra, the turquoise blue of the throat chakra, the vibrant deep blue at the forehead and finally the violet-purple light at your crown. As you complete your Rainbow Journey of light, you may notice a complete rainbow spiraling around your crown chakra, this is your completed rainbow crown.
See or imagine a rainbow light spreading from your crown chakra and swirling around your body, this is your completed spiritual essence culminating in this swirling and flowing rainbow.
Here I am at our last Venus Crown Chakra - thanks Linda for making me this flowery crown!
Your crown is a spacious field of energy so it is important to keep grounded in your body in order to be a true channel for:
The VIOLET LIGHT is the color of this high-energy chakra and is developed during times of meditation and prayer.
Ancient Sumerian Gold Crown from the time of Inanna, Ishtar, Venus
GOLD is the metal that rules this chakra. Gold is the alchemical metal of immortality reminding us that we are eternal spiritual beings living an earthly life. We have worked hard to attain new conscious awareness as we traveled with Venus/Inanna on her Journey to claim her crown as QUEEN OF HEAVEN.

As you make your ascent with Inanna into the Heavens,  you are working consciously or even unconsciously by INTENT to reaffirm your courage, strength, wisdom, and divine nature. We do this in the name of the Goddess of Love and Beauty. We do this through prayer as we bring heavenly blessings into ourselves and to bless the earth.
Meditate and pray.
You may experience a moment or many moments of perfect stillness or divine grace radiating from this open gateway of your crown chakra during the month of November 7th to December 6th, 2021.
Women, we are in the stage of being graced by the infinite loving powers of the divine feminine. The Ascent of Inanna into the heavens is mirrored by us. We are ascending with Venus/Inanna to realize and become more of who we truly are.
As you are becoming more conscious this month allow yourself to be guided by heavenly wisdom, your higher power, and a sense of love and gratitude.
You are ready to balance Heaven and Earth in your BODY through GRATITUDE, INNER LIGHT, moments of Grace and Knowing, and hopefully you can tune in to the BLISS that flows through your body during meditation and prayer. Maybe this will be noticeable and perhaps it will be more subtle, but be OPEN to it dear sistars...we are in the FLOW.
Enjoy the blessings of an open 7th chakra to whatever extent this comes into you.
The mystery of this divine feminine passage continues when on Dec. 6th we have the added blessing of having an 8th gateway! Not every cycle of Venus has 8 gateways, most large Venus Cycles have 7 Gateways, but as we grow in our awareness personally and collectively we can now begin to unlock the mystery of this 8th gateway ----- stay tuned!