VENUS ASCENSION has begun March 2018 

Venus goes through her 1st gateway on March 18, 2018, this is a gateway of ascending and begins a 7 month process of reclaiming a new level of our psyche in the sign of Aries, Fierce Warrior, Leader and Pioneer - this article applies to the lunar month of March 18 to April 17, 2018,  until we come to gateway #2.


Venus - Inanna begins her ASCENSION


VENUS HAS BEEN OUT OF THE UNDERWORLD since March 18, 2018. She is now preparing herself to confirm her renewal.


as she passes through the seven gateways of the Crescent Moon for the next 7 months.

 The Moon as represented by our individual souls IS the gateway for Venus as she emBODIES a new feminine archetypal energy.

EACH GATEWAY CORRESPONDS TO A CHAKRA. At each gateway she will put back on the garments she had shed when she made her descent into the Underworld during 2017. (When Venus is in the Underworld we can't see her from Earth, she is neither a morning or evening star.) 

As Inanna took her journey, we too took ours. We have been shedding our outer garments for the past year. The ancient myths called these the 7 gates. As we enter each gate, we shed an old layer of ego. As Inanna was stripped of her garments, her jewels, all that she considered to be parts of her Self, we too have been stripped of those aspects of our ego that will no longer serve. You may wish to read "Venus Cycles and her Underworld Journey" esp if you are new to this site or have not already read about the cycles of Venus.

Now as Venus begins her ASCENT, we are being asked to redefine Venus, Innana. Our Soul directs us into new experience, a new territory of the embodiment of the Divine Feminine.

 "It has been said that the heavenly alignments determine human destiny. However, it seems the truth is greater and more mysterious than this. It is not our future or our personalities that the stars predict, it is the stars themselves reflecting the designs of the Soul."


Venus will continue to rise and return, this time as our Evening Star to grace our skies at every Crescent Moon from March of 2018 until mid September.

I'm just sure this song was written for 'Venus' as she rose to meet the Moon on her journey to build her body of LIGHT.  (MUSIC "The First Time by Roberta Flack").

We will begin receiving an intensification of the qualities, potentials, and strengths of the collective Feminine Self through the sign of ARIES and each of the 7 chakras which correspond to each gateway.

VENUS REAFFIRMS ONE OF THE FIVE STAR POINTS every 8 years. It takes 5 synodic cycles around the sun to create a Venus Star around the zodiac every 8 years. Each time she does this, she realigns herself with a new, more progressive energy relating to the sign of the "point" that begins the current cycle. At the current time, it is the paradigm ARIES she is developing for the Divine Feminine. 

As Venus reemerges the collective vision for VENUS ARIES VALUES are strengthening:

Woman as warrior in defending the rights of the Self, of the Feminine, of all minorities - Aries restores cosmic justice as she makes her ascension in 2018 - being fiercely committed - creating safety for those who are not able to have created it for themselves, this includes children, animals, the ill and infirm, the homeless, victims of assault.... The out rushing energy of Aries is unstoppable and must be tempered with sensitivity and strong guiding ideals.


As Aries rules the BODY, especially the HEAD.We will be informed of a new way to express and expand our wills and spirit of justice in the world.

We will express a new level of woman's strength and power. This will not manifest as selfishness, but rather the vitality of our physical bodies, the power within us to add our voice and our self in defense of those in need. We blaze a new trail with renewed courage and heart! In Aries, some of us may be fighting for ourselves, for our rights as women! We may be called to have courage and to make good boundaries for self-protection.

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We are the Divine Daughters being REBORN. We receive a burst of cosmic love and support of all that is positive in the sign of ARIES each of the next seven months as Venus goes through a GATEWAY of the CRESCENT MOON.


VENUS passes through the FIRST GATEWAY, the FIRST CHAKRA as she begins her ASCENT. We revitalize and reaffirm our FIRST or BASE CHAKRA, the chakra of survival and grounding.  

We explore the mystery of power and strength as it relates to the restoration of cosmic justice.

As Venus/Inanna makes her ascent, she reclaims and puts back on the ROBE, a symbol of the strength and power of the physical body. This is happening in our deep psyche during the month of March. As you regain your energy and self esteem, Venus rises as EVENING STAR. Her stay in the UNDERWORLD has prepared her for a new empowerment in the area of her survival and grounding which reaffirms in the sign of Aries, a warrior goddess.


Your stay in the UNDERWORLD for the past almost a year, in whatever way that has looked for you, has prepared you for a new empowerment in the area of survival and grounding.  

Each individual woman participates in this process of ascension. In the ancient world every 8 years after Venus had reaffirmed all five points, a huge celebration of LIGHT AND LOVE took place. Each man reclaiming his inner feminine, and each woman reclaiming a new incorporation of the feminine divine.

We REBIRTH the DIVINE DAUGHTER!.... through a different chakra at each Crescent Moon until finally we put on the crown of a Sovereign Queen at the 7th and final gate. Venus/Inanna becomes Queen of Heaven and the cycle is renewed. But this doesn't complete until September, 2018.

           "SACRED BODY"       by Dixie Gladstone

I wrote this poem in 2001 after a long passage of ill health:

Sacred Body buring bright

holding vessel of my light,

Courage guide my every step,

Grace and strength and heart be kept.

Torch that leads and hand held high,

beast and beauty, voice and sigh -

sacred body burning bright

hold the vessel of my light.

                                   DG 6/2001

We are passing through GATEWAY #1 on March 18, 2018. LOOK UP IN THE SKY DUE WEST just after the sun sets to see this beautiful sight! (Venus will be up there now along with Mercury, but don't confuse the two, Venus is BRIGHTER, naturally!)

At the first gateway, Venus as Inanna, puts back on her robe which represents her human feminine BODY.

The color of our base chakra is RED.

The flower and fruit that can heal it are POMEGRANATE.

Meditate on the clear red of this ruby at your BASE CHAKRA for vitality, life force, and strength. Ruby carries the frequency of the enlightened base chakra. It is one of our most exquisite grounding stones!

Let's continue using our grounding stones to help us this month:







Committ to stay grounded. Your base chakra is the key to your survival. 

Symbol for VENUS (write it down in your journal), see how it looks like a mirror? Venus is a divine and mysterious mirror. Look in a mirror and send that face some LOVE! You deserve it and it is a primal need of all of us in human bodies to love and be loved. It is just as important as food or breathe or warmth. 

See yourself as flesh and blood and BEAUTIFUL! matter what your size or shape don't let distorted images of yourself take you down.



If you belong  to a women's circle, tell each other how strong and powerful you really are. Reaffirm each woman's right to be, to be powerful, and to be a voice for human freedom and dignity. Reaffirm that it is your human woman's right to be a leader, ...... what other affirmations might you choose to share with women as you go around your circle?

"You are a beautiful, sweet, woman part of all that is."

This ancient Queen from Nimrud, one of our first cities, looks secure. She has a balanced base chakra. She is strong and STRENGTH is one of the qualities we will be developing more as Venus makes her ASCENT.

This is our time for renewed STRENGH! (Journaling time...)

  • What does renewed strength look like for you dear soul sistar? 
  • What makes you feel strong and grounded? 
  • Are you participating with your body in it's well being, in its basic needs for a good diet, a way to bring in income to assure your security? 
  • If you are living in fear about some basic need not being filled, how can you use this resurgence of heart and love energy to help vitalize yourself and restore your courage?
  • Am I being called to be a leader in some area of my life? 
  • How have I grown more powerful this past year? Where have I grown stronger through my  challenges? 

I will come back to GATEWAY #2 and Venus during the mid-month of April.

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More to come my darling sistars,


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