Venus 6th Gateway of Ascent at the Brow Chakra 


Venus goes through Gateway #6 at 3 °Sagittarius on October 10th, 2021 at the Brow Chakra

Venus works with her 6th chakra from October 10 to November 8, 2021


6th GATEWAY at The Brow Chakra or Third Eye

The 3rd eye or brow chakra is greatly stimulated during meditation. Deep relaxation creates a soft light slowly dripping into the third eye area, very soothing and healing for the mind and body.

If you are new to the CYCLES OF VENUS and how she assists us in our personal evolution, you can read about it HERE. You will need to read this article if you want to fully understand what Venus/Inanna is doing at each Gateway. I know, it's long, and kind of like a book, but it is rich with how Venus's Feminine Cycle of Renewal occurs.

Take your time, many women read it once and then come back and read it again...or read it slowly, letting it's essence become a part of you. You do not need to understand it fully because at first it seems like so much, but as you LOOK UP and SEE HOW Venus passes by the New Crescent Moon once every month on her  8 month Ascension Journey will begin to HOLD this transmission of light in your BODY! I promise you....just keep following along. This works because she is there for us in the early evening sky to see and feel and intuit. She touches us with her light!

Here at the BROW CHAKRA, or third eye we can imagine looking at her through out brow - so we are brow to brow with the great goddess of love!

Inanna picks up her WAND at Gateway #6

Star Tulip is the flower associated with the third eye. With its perfect symmetry, 6 petals, and symbol of a star, the eyes of the night.

Bear is associated with this chakra representing the dream lodge. Bear hibernates in the cave of the heart. In her silent experience of tranquility, she develops inner knowing.

The seer, prophet, and visionary are all associated with the brow chakra. Intuition is highly developed as this chakra grows in balance and strength.


The third eye during meditation can produce sensations of bliss and light pouring through one's forehead creating a soothing sense of quiet attunement. 

Lapis Lazuli is one of the stones associated with the development of spiritual insight and intuition.

Quartz Crystal, with its natural ability to transmit sound, music, words via radio waves across distances, is a 6th chakra stone. Our bodies are crystalline in structure and by attuning to ourselves in meditation we naturally bring our bodies into balance and align ourselves spiritually a little more every time we meditate.

MUSIC (choose Tibetan singing bowls, open third eye chakra - this is soooothing!)

If you have been meditating for many years, you will notice this attunement to body and mind, and eventually to universal mind and intuition. You begin to know the answer to things just by asking the question while you sit in meditation. You become a clear channel for intuitive guidance and higher inspiration.

Take time for yourself this month. Rest and relaxation will help you realign your brow chakra if you are in a negative state or depressed. Do you have difficulty studying or concentrating? Then this area may be blocked. Your dreams may be confused, headaches or disorientation can arise. Your inner peace has been disrupted and you may need to pay special attention to this area. A relaxing session with a healer will help you to come back to a natural state of feeling at ease and restore this amazing and important chakra.

This is IRIS associated with the rainbow and with the golden elixir of meditation.


But before this can happen there may be a need to release tensions associated with patterns of thinking that foster DUALITY. This is one of the shadow sides of our Venus Metagoddess in Gemini. We want to begin to have a NEW VISION for our future and the future of our planet this month. Allow yourself some time to go within and revision your personal life through your imagination or just by opening to seeing what comes to you. 

If you find yourself stuck in the past, you may want to JOURNAL about what it is that is still keeping you stuck or unable to see a positive, life-affirming vision of your future.

What can cause feelings of extreme mental distress or confusion, perhaps a feeling of being UNDER A SPELL? 


The duality of the twins in Gemini stems from the lower mind. In mythology one twin was mortal and one was immortal and each of them had their own point of view. There is a tug-of-war in understanding how to react to the events of this world and the bigger picture of our lives and of the world and what is occurring on it.

False prejudice stands in our way if we have "either-or thinking patterns" that could involve any of the following:

My life is great, my life is terrible!

Are you with us or against us?

Political Polarities: liberal vs. conservatives

Male vs. Female

Winner over loser

The color of one's skin: White vs. Black vs. Red vs. Yellow

Religious beliefs that divide instead of unite

Spiritual vs. materialistic

Perhaps we have been thinking in a certain way that is habitual but it is really not our truth. Maybe we have built up a case for something.. "Oh, I really love him and we have a child together. I need to be with him even if he ----- beats me, goes out with other women, has no job for the past 5 years, .....blah, blah, blah... Or maybe this one: "I am going to keep this job. It pays so well,...even if I am treated without respect and no one listens to me and I get everyone else's 'extra' work laid on my desk and am expected to perform like I'm 3 people!"

You can probably think of many more. "She's this way, I'm that way" one of my favorites when it comes to being critical of another woman! It helped destroy my relationship with my daughter-in-law who I thought was so very different than me! Yes, all these ways of thinking are so ingrained in our culture that we consider them NORMAL. They are not normal. False ways of thinking are sapping your energy and your light!

The Rainbow Goddess that we are working with during this entire Venus Cycle is in Gemini and she is concerned with TRUTH. As she moves through the 6th gateway in the signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn she is being supported in her endeavors to revision her life in a broader perspective.

Am I doing the work I came here to do? You can lighten your load and ease your burdens when you work with the release of false judgments and mindless prejudices often passed down from generation to generation. The values of our mothers and grandmothers do not belong to us. We live in a different world than they did. We can honor the roles they may have had to play but we do not have to repeat what they did or didn't do. 

What we CAN take from the experience of our grandmothers IS THE WISDOM that they honed through their experiences. You may experience some of their channeled wisdom this month. 

Visions that you had never thought of before may enter into you. 


Your PERCEPTION will change and grow rapidly. We get help from the star Dschubba or the 'Eye of the Scorpion' as Venus conjuncts the Crescent Moon with this star almost directly behind it, opening up a direct portal to this star. Dschubba was thought to bring an activation of vision by increasing our intuition, our magical imaginal abilities and powerful protection. Dschubba was celebrated by the Mayans, linked to their Moon Goddess, Ixchel. 

Since perception depends on your state of consciousness, your truth will become a broader field of possibilities as you let go of the cultural SPELLS that BIND you! CLAIM YOUR INNER KNOWING. Even economic truths such as the old "survival of the fittest" are no longer relevant. Science has shown us that we actually progress faster and with less chaos if we co-operate and work together.

IRIS, Rainbow Goddess works well with a feminine Gemini 

IRIS is a multi-colored Goddess. She has many ways to do the one thing! She thinks more with her intuition and imagination. Perhaps you have some views about life that you can throw out the window this month! Ha! I mean it. This is a sign that you are on the right path! Let the old ways dissolve as you begin to inhabit the landscape of a rainbow! You deserve to have greater calmness and a lighter heart as you grow and balance this wonderful chakra.

"The Soul's Journey in Astrology"     by Sharon Russell

A great beginner's book in FEMININE ASTROLOGY. You will find a lovely page on GEMINI, the archetype we are working on with Venus until 2022 in this book along with all 12 images of the divine feminine zodiac!  Click HERE.

Healing wand of crystal and silver.


What seems impossible to the rational mind becomes possible when we create an opening in our awareness for these alchemical ingredients:





These four are like the four directions, the cornerstones of our lives. They remind us that the wheel of life is always turning. We do not stay in one place for very long as change occurs, alchemy incorporates new ingredients so that you grow, evolve with Venus making new outcomes possible!

Imagination is like bringing in the direction of the EAST. A new day dawns and it will be like no other. We decide what we will do that day and how and with what attitude we will do it in.  Surprises happen! We use our imagination to solve problems and increase our choices.

A soft intention brings in the SOUTH. We are like children who want to play and we can best feel comforted in our play when we know "Mother is near, she is watching over us." or "The Goddess is in  my play and I ask for protection and guidance in this matter." or "What would so and so (a wise person we know) say about this?" We do not put unrealistic demands on ourselves or our bodies.

Our intent is soft because it comes from our innocence, it is not sharp or demanding. Somehow, magic comes to meet us on the yellow brick road!

Intuition comes from the WEST. Without too much overthinking, it comes to us what to do or not do. Not doing can be as important as doing. We have an insight that is based on a subtle feeling or sense.

"Intuition gives insight; it revels in the garden of magical possibilities as if they were real."

                                                                            Carl Jung

And from the direction of the NORTH, we use our WILL. But the key to using our will lies in our hearts being open and our minds being unfettered by outworn past beliefs.

At this gateway Venus/Inanna picks up her WAND OF POWER indicating she has increased mastery over the domain of her intuition and ability to hold a new, more inspired vision, one that will uplift and be a part of the new story of her life.

Venus is conjunct the Crescent Moon as she passes through her 6th Gateway. It can look something like this when Venus is at Her exact gateway point! Look to the WEST where the sun has just set on the nights of Oct, 9, 10, 11, 2021 to watch the process unfold. The 10th of Oct. is her exact passage through the gateway.

Open your third eye and let the light and new vision pour in! ENJOY!

   "Dreamtime"by Sharon Russell you can find her cards, posters HERE.

Dear friends, I wish you peaceful dreams.

Dixie Gladstone

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