THE MOON and how to find it in your chart  

July 15, 2016 until we have all your Moon signs!....and continuing on

January 17, 2017 Still shooting for the MOON - where is your photo Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces MOONS?


THE MOON and HOW TO FIND IT in your Astrology Chart


MOON  symbol: when you see it in your chart, you know it's YOUR MOON - your very own personal moon.

We all know our Sun sign, but what about your MOON sign? Our moon by sign, by house and all it's aspects tells us a story about ourselves that the Sun cannot tell.

Our Moon is our feminine nurturing principle. It informs us about our feelings and keeps the vital line to our Soul open.


The Moon travels fast and goes through one sign in 2 and 1/2 days. It only takes about 29 days,  a lunar month, to go through the entire zodiac, that's why. It is always MOVING AND CHANGING...oh, girlfriends, I think I hear a song coming on MUSIC below and if you can open a 'new window' you can let the song play in the background while we talk more about THE MOON!


We will look at the 12 Zodiac signs of the Moon for the next few months (that's the summer and early autumn 2016) as we prepare for CYCLES OF BECOMING (which will tell us about the bigger picture of our Moon. Look to the left hand column and scroll down to "CYCLES OF BECOMING" to learn a little more about what we will be into come AUTUMN 2016!)  

In FEMININE ASTROLOGY, I call the planet in its sign the "EMANATION OF THE DIVINE FEMININE IN ....each moon sign." Remember when we did your VENUS sign? If you didn't get in on this or want a refresher on your VENUS SIGN go to the left column and scroll down to "Emanations of Venus by Signs and Elements". YOU CAN STILL GET YOUR FREE VENUS SIGN by sending me your name, birthdate, birth place (city and state or country) and exact time of birth. Send to me at

OK, now back to our MOONS....oh, I just love the study of the Moon because I believe that ever since patriarchy we women have been missing, really longing, to know more about ourselves. To do this from a feminine perspective we need more informatiion about our Moon, what it tells us about who we are as a woman and oh, so much'll see. (go to top or bottom of this article to SIGN UP for your FREE newsletter which will come about 2 or more times a month...and the upcoming ones will have descriptions of the 12 Moon signs!)


Here's a sample astrology chart.

Can you find the symbol for the Moon? It's in yellow and it says 11 degrees and 48 minutes and the Sign it is in is Scorpio...

You can also see that it is in the 4th house. Look at your chart now, what sign and house are YOUR MOON in?

 Your Moon is your....


'n DOWNS! (grouchy ol' moon time)!

AND, your Moon is your place of COMFORT. That's why the Moon rules your Home and Family....your feeling nature, what kinds of feelings you are most likely to go to both positive and not so positive. It describes how the waters of life influence your personality.

Your Moon sign tells you about your PAST lineage. It can reveal past life themes. It shows you what you already know, or what you are already familiar with in this life because you have been there before.


Mystery of all mysteries is how the Moon connects us to our SOUL and brings in true humanity and soulful living. Without the Moon we would be machines - "with" Our precious Moon to guide us and open dooorways, we become intimately connected to the larger cosmos through our FEELINGS and cycles. When we can really comprehend the WHY of our MOON we open up the gateway to the SOUL and the Soul's growth!

Even though there are many cyclic planets in our solar system, the Moon, Gaia's Moon, is so notably cyclic. We literally flow with the tides. Our blood is pulled back and forth by the Moon and this has been so for millions of years. We are the Daughters of the Moon. The Moonlight takes us around the circle of our horoscope one entire journey every month.


In order to understand what brings you comfort and security in life you will need to study your MOON SIGN.... 

 is your "COMFORT ZONE"

The element your Moon is in gives you clues to your feeling nature.

It's mode, cardinal, fixed or mutable,  tells you how you might jump right in or be quite shy, be a perpetual starter or never can seem to follow through on a task.

The aspects your moon makes to the other planets and asteroids in your natal chart tell you what your moon is up to in this lifetime.

The phase your moon made to the sun at birth will give you clues to your life's purpose.

After we have learned about our personal MOON this summer and into Winter 2017, we will move into our CYCLES OF BECOMING.


We will travel to the realm of magic, the magic of our human Soul. This little know and little used understanding of the MOON will CHANGE how you see your life....we will go deep into the magic of each Moon's Phase because what Moon Phase you are in - in your LARGER MOON CYCLE, your 29 year Moon Cycle, is the overarching umbrella of your life....everything else that is happening here and now is happening under the great cycles of your MOON/SOUL. 

We are spiritual beings having a human life and CYCLES OF BECOMING will help you enbody this important knowledge.

 "FLYING WITH THE MOON"                          by Sharon Russell

(click above to see more about this as a card, print or giclee and can even order just ONE of SHARON'S cards for only $6 with shipping FREE!)

But first, we will get familiar with our very own Moon sign! Your Moon sign is every bit as important as your Sun sign. In some cultures the Moon was seen as even more vital than the Sun! In Feminine Astrology I want to help you understand that the Moon is NOT just our past behavior is soooo much more.... 

“And the sun and the moon sometimes argue over who will tuck me in at night. If you think I am having more fun than anyone on this planet, you are absolutely correct.” 
― Hafiz

As we look as each Lunar (Moon) placement we will discover where our comfort zone is. We really MUST know about this if we want to find... 


Our Moon has needs that we express to find it's fulfillment in our 1) Relationships, 2) Work or career, 3) Home, the place we reside should reflect a quality of our Moon that is important to our everyday life,

“Everyone has a Moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.” 
― Mark Twain

4) Managing our Moods and

5) along with Venus, the Moon rules our cycle of reproduction and creativity.

Well, that's a big order!


CYCLES OF BECOMING is COMING - what you have been WAITING AND WAITING FOR IS COMING UP In FEBRUARY 2017....  as soon as we get familiar with our Moon sign! I've talked about doing this so much, I thought it's about time I stopped flapping my lips and getting down to the business of our lovely lunar wonderer!

Let's start with Sharon, our artist extraordinaire. By looking at this video you will get some clues as to what SIGN her Moon is in:


CLick on SHARON'S picture (that arrow over her eyeball!) as she talks about the ARCHETYPES, HOW SHE will get a sense of her MOON IN VIRGO.

Notice her use of detail, her method, her sweet presentation, her talking about 'being good' - all these are clues to her Moon in Virgo. Virgo Moons take:


and this can happen as a result!

You can find SHARON'S ART FOR THE SOUL by going to LETS SHOP - you can order even just one card or one of her fabulous books. Cards are free shipping too!

Girlfriends, will some of you send me your name, birthdate, birth place and TIME? along with a picture of fabulous YOU (your TIME of BIRTH is important to get your Moon in it's correct position.) This is why:

Because our Moon is traveling so fast, if your mother went into labor when the Moon was in Scorpio and she had a looooong labor, then it is possible that your Moon would have had time to travel to Sagittarius by the time you were born and you took your first independent breath!

It's that exact moment of imprinting of the cosmos that you will carry with you throughout your life, so if you don't know the exact time here are some suggestions: 1) call your Mother, some of them remember to the minute! 2) write or call the hospital where you were born and request this vital info.....all hospitals keep this information in their 'Birth Records' 3) look to see if it is on your birth certificate, look to see if you even have your birth certificate.....but if you don't have this and can't get it send me some pictures of yourself with a description about yourself and we'll try anyway! (Feminine Astrology never says we can't find it or figure it out!)

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." 

Let's not stop with Sharon, I'd like to use famous women as well as FAMOUS YOU in this discussion of MOON SIGNS!  

If you tell me your first name (or name you would like me to use), birthdate, time, and place of birth....AND SEND ME SOME PICTURES OR A VIDEO I can post here - ones that will give us clues to your MOON SIGN. send to:     then I will put you on one of our upcoming Moon articles. Of course, I'll need your permission to do so, so make sure you send a little note to that effect in your email to me!

NOW DON'T BE SHY! I need VOLUNTEERS! to make this happen. I especially need your photo if your Moon is in CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS, and PISCES or in your 10th, 11th or 12th house!

OR, If you have a favorite historical woman figure and you are just dying to know her MOON SIGN, just ask me; research is one of my favorite things with my Moon in Aquarius! - we can make comparisons and get to know the woman from history that we so love and admire....we will discover a deeper layer of what made her do what she did.

And BTW I'll be back with more on your MOON IN VIRGO - we need a few more examples!

Before I go I know you'll want this reminder: VENUS IS IN OUR NIGHT SKY NOW....LOOK TO THE WEST JUST AS THE SUN SETS! WE ARE GETTING READY TO GO THROUGH HER SEVEN GATEWAYS of the Crescent Moon from Aug. 3rd and into 2017!!!!!!!

We will MOON travel with VENUS as she is making her ASCENCION and goes THROUGH THE 7 GATEWAYS of the Crescent Moon! !

This is the TIME to tell all your friends about Feminine Astrology because they will definately want to be here for their 29 Year Lunar Cycle! AND THEIR VENUS ASCENSION! They might also want to see your picture in our newsletter!


OK, so who's next with their Moon Sign? send your name(first or a nick name is OK too), birthdate, time and place of birth to if you would like help finding your important MOON SIGN!

love to you all xoxoxo