Spica and the Divine Feminine for 2017 



with SPICA and JUPITER in the constellation of the Virgin

  "Community"                               Sharon Russell

I was thinking about you, girlfriends...."what would they like?" as an intro into 2017... this new year of seemingly unpredictable political and social events........I searched for something that was different than the typical 2017 astro reports we've all been reading.


And guess what, something MAGICAL, WONDERFUL and VERY FEMININE is occurring in our big sky this entire year!!!!... the brightest STAR in the constellation VIRGO, Spica, is being occulted (that means a planet gets right in front of a STAR and they are aligned!) by JUPITER! THIS IS A RECIPE for a wonderful opportunity to become part of any social women's movement...........January and February are just BURSTING with this energy for women! With another big wave coming September 2017!

A map for those of you who like to see it up close and watch by degrees. You'll probably have to increase your screen size to read it! HERE'S the link if you want to get into all the details.(but I do have to warn you it's for the advanced astrologer or astronomer! And I will add with great thanks to Jeffrey Hunt!)

Jupiter will give us the passion of our convictions and what we know to be right and true for all women - that WOMAN'S RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS! Millions of women marched around the world to show that now women have a voice and we are not turning back the clock to patriarchy!

constellation of Virgo, the Virgin with shaft of wheat in left hand.


So here is SPICA - 16th brightest STAR in the sky! and SPICA is the mature shaft of wheat that the VIRGIN holds in her hand ready to SPREAD THE SEEDS OF A NEW WAVE OF WOMEN TAKING ACTION TO PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF THE DIVINE FEMININE!

JUPITER IS OUR PORTAL. The masculine components of Jupiter can INSPIRE, GIVE THE URGE TO ACTION FOR A SOCIAL CAUSE, and bring the STRENGTH and COURAGE we will need for our follow through.

One way this works is that the PORTAL is like a magnet for energy that gets pulled through by the planet occulting it, in this case Jupiter.


You can see that shaft of wheat in her left hand (above), held downward - ready to spread her fertility in the form of inspiration, new ideas, the coming together to bring in the new forms that the FEMININE PRINCIPLE must have to achieve true equality! Forms like, laws that uphold equal wages for equal pay, Family Planning Services for women ALL OVER THE WORLD, gender equality, RESPECT, DEMOCRACY and the Rights of Women to VOTE, the courage to come out of the house and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. Let your voice and beliefs be heard in whatever ways you feel called to! Women, we are being asked to be participants in another wave of liberty for the Feminine Principle!

SPICA is a STAR, a huge body of light and energy and INTELLIGENCE - much bigger than our Sun, MUCH BIGGER! If she were any nearer we would never have nightime - good thing she is so far away.

What happens when a PORTAL OPENS to a STAR?

Oh, my,..... wonderful energy, light and intelligence STREAMS through that portal, in this case, the portal is the planet JUPITER, and is transmitted to earth, Mother Gaia. We will be getting a huge hit of the DIVINE FEMININE ENERGY of SPICA in 2017! and we will need it and we will know how to use it.

We will be using the expansive spirit of Jupiter in LIBRA to compromise and work together. Read about that HERE.

Spica is the bright star in the constellation of Virgo, the Virgin. It is the star held in the Virgin's hand, the one that holds a shaft of fertile wheat ready to be seeded into the Great Cosmic Mother. This year, 2017, Spica will be joined with JUPITER several times bringing in and OPENING A NEW PORTAL for the DIVINE FEMININE. This is a COLLECTIVE happening for all women and will bring opportunities to come together for human, women's rights, a time for building new relationships with other women and a time to choose where and how you want to enter the larger stream of our Earth, Mother Gaia's, evolution. 

By being CONSCIOUS that this is happening, your conscious awareness of this event, this prepares your body and mind/heart to become aware of NEW OPPORTUNITIES for action on behalf of the feminine principle. You have the SUPPORT OF SPICA.

The JUPITER/SPICA portal will create a portal of opportunity and renewed HOPE for the Feminine Principle - new and renewed vision is being 'seeded' into the minds and hearts of all peoples on our planet. We saw this in a beautiful and inspiring way as we watched or marched for human rights with women all over the world on Saturday, January 21st.

The JUPITER PORTAL for SPICA gives a masculine protection for the feminine divine. For women, this will increase your confidence as you give and accept support for and from others. Jupiter will bring many opportunities to come together - read about JUPITER IN LIBRA for (most) of 2017. You may have noticed that many men marched alongside women on Jan. 21st, 2017 all around the world.


SPICA - let's talk more about Her. She is the 16th brightest star in our heavens. She is part of a binary star system. She is one of TWO STARS that circle each other in companionship. Her 'mate' is considered to hold aspects of the masculine principle. So here we have a COUPLE - a union of two!....in a female constellation of the Priestess, the Virgin, the woman unto herself - and yet she is mated with a masculine principle that can companion with her to make this a strong year of 'holding' and upholding feminine rights.

Seasonally, Virgo is the time of the harvest, the work of bringing in all that we have grown and is flourishing. This is a time of hard work. No longer about imagination or dreaming, sleeping or waiting, the harvest of Virgo is a practical one. As we look to the light from SPICA, we must bring in ORDER in order to bring in our harvest. We use our voices (Mercury rules Virgo), our strenth and courage to speak for what is RIGHT (Jupiter) and we RECEIVE the energy and intelligence of Spica to bring in new ideas and approaches. 

Spica has been considered a star of GENIUS. She is bright indeed. As the Wheat Shaft in the hand of the goddess, Spica was a symbol of her gifts to all humans. The wheat shaft symbolized human knowledge of cultivation, a gift from the goddess. It is symbolic of knowledge and insights that are RESPECTED, USEFUL and can bring about GENIUS that has something of great import to contribute to the world. When the portal of opening is JUPITER, this implies a SOCIAL or POLITICAL contribution, one that is of practical use.

Spica can also tune up or organize and give strength to your chakras. This helps you to hold more light. This is a super cosmic tune-up for the FEMININE!


The astrological 'troubles' with this portal come from an opposition of Uranus in Aries. Uranus in Aries can be preoccupied with being a bombast or someone who wants to do something original just for the sake of their own ego. It can bring us leaders with this quality. This would be it's dark expression. Uranus can also give rise to unexpected 'events', unplanned for actions, and hasty decision making. Women, we are being forwarned. Going together as a well-organized group in itself can be a sign of 'GENIUS'.

On the brighter side when we work WITH OTHERS of VISION for a useful social purpose, wonderful things can be accomplished. It's a matter of finding a BALANCE between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries.

Women, it is also a matter of the STRENGTH and COURAGE to stand up for injustice. We must not be SILENT to the night of SHADOW element that arises on this planet in the next few years! I will talk more about this SHADOW element in my upcoming article on how the USA is being challenged by the planet of darkness, Pluto.

The Element of FIRE is strong for 2017!

JUPITER IN LIBRA, because it is in an AIR SIGN,  can enhance and help build fire - air helps fire grow and develop an intelligent plan of action!

Be thoughtful but know you are on a JOURNEY as you keep your heart and mind OPEN!

There are several planets in FIRE signs that will be strengthened by the Jupiter portal to Spica.

Saturn in Sagittarius, and Uranus in Aries are trine to each other and JUPITER will move positive energy in their direction. This brings a LOT OF FIRE to motivate you. Is there something you want to do but just haven't been inspired enough to do it? This may be your year then! Feel motivated, go for it, and stay with it until the job is done!

North Node South Node

In 2017, the  North Node will move into the FIRE SIGN of LEO. This occurs in May 2017 and for the next 18 months after that.  Since we have received a new VENUS activation of the feminine in the sign of Leo, we women are prepared to use our increased vitality and the fire of LEO to make this a FIRE TRINITY.

------ but we must WORK for it - the NORTH NODE indicates that we are not yet grounded - NN in the big sky in LEO means we are walking toward and seeking the fullness of individuality so that the AQUARIAN age, the South Node, can be realized - 2017 is a VITAL YEAR IN THE BRINGING FORTH OF THE TURNING OF THE AGES - Seek the highest truth even as you keep your own loyalty and honesty awake to the bigger picture and goal you are trying to achieve. 

"You are only one person, but when you carry a vision that is bigger than your self, you become pregnant with a seed that can bring hope and new life to a great many people."                     


Women, she will be here for us! I'll write more about GETTING IN TOUCH WITH YOUR HEART'S DESIRE IN MAY of 2017 when these nodes change.


Talk about your vision to your group or your friends, share and help enliven one another's imagination so that instead of burning out on these fires, we support one another and continue to use that FIRE to make a plan of action that will benefit our selves, our family, our group, or our community. 

Uranus in Aries will give you plenty of NEW IDEAS and courage to be yourself. Even though Jupiter in Libra asks us to compromise, Uranus in Aries says BE YOURSELF and make your contribution, use your courage, strenth and inspiration to foster a new feminine awakening. Uranus in Aries can also awaken your visionary capacity!

Women, as we HOLD and keep our projects going with this fiery trine, as the year progresses, the NN in Leo will ask us to follow our heart's true desire. But it will be tricky in this way - tendency will be to go with intuitive knowing and vision of the group, but alignments of the year say we must also keep our individuality, our intention and our attention - don't just think that someone else in your group has the answer - give your input, your passion and your way of thinking.....this will be the  personal HEART element to keep this going - each of us as women must take our part,  "Our part' may be small or large - it may encompass just yourself and getting on your own personal path, or it may require your leadership and group empowerment of other women in that group. 

WOMEN, we have the VISION already. SPICA asks us to PUT IT OUT THERE AND THEN HOLD FIRM and work with one another to achieve it! Spica can give you a spiritual and physical tune-up by helping you to balance out your chakras. You will get a lot out of following the articles on Venus into the Underworld (coming in February) and how to work with your chakras in 2017 so be sure and sign up for a free newsletter HERE!

Nuit (Public domain image).


 LIGHT is one of the greatest of all the Mysteries. Where does it come from? What does it bring?

Light from the stars comes to us, into our solar system and then is 'stepped down' by our Sun, the Moon and at times certain planets, so that we can receive it's messages, it's codes, it's information, perhaps even it's consciousness. 


SPICA in the middle of the SACRED BODY OF THE FEMININE is sending her love, devotion, and genius to YOU! You are the SEED and you will hold that New Light in your body and heart.

In what form do you hold this? How can you be of service to this divine energy in 2017? What seeds will you plant this year?cI think we need to hear from a great genius of music who had a prominent SPICA in his astrology chart....


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