Soul of the Year Time Mid Summer 2018 



"Reflection"              Sharon Russell   

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Girlfriends, it's Soul-of-the-Year time!

Flowers are dropping their petals, the seeds of new life are pregnant with a new soul energy....we too are pregnant with new life in a mysterious way at this time of the year's wheel.

(How about some MUSIC, feeling sentimental??? I am.)

It's midsummer, the flowers have pretty much done their show. The trees are rethinking their leaves. A mellowness begins to emerge as we look towards autumn. The heat is still on, but the rays of the sun are getting longer, more yellow, as the sun drops slowly southward on it's journey. Each day, now a little shorter, reminds us that every season changes and we change too. 

It's a good time to REFLECT on what the year has brought into our lives. How have we manifested the spirit that belongs to us alone? What had we set out to achieve this past year? Or perhaps, more importantly,what are we getting ready to leave behind? Do we feel a new stability in some area of our lives?

Even the EARTH, Mother Gaia, has grown rich in what she has to offer us. She too presents us with her abundance before her time of turning inward. This in-between-time is full of beauty.... as summer wanes.  

What can the great Cosmic Mother tells us about the supportive energies in our big sky now? Energies that could bring us closer to our selves, our soul's purpose, and our increased maturity.


These crazy looking symbols mean Saturn, the planet of form, is making a friendly, creative trine to Uranus, the planet of innovation. That means that this summer brings in new forms for us to create - the opportunity is here, its now!


This summer of 2018 and through to mid October, Saturn is making a lovely TRINE to Uranus, both in EARTH signs. These are two planets of CHANGE. Each remains stationary in the sky this month. As they move ever so slowly in their retrograde phase, it may seem as if nothing is happening while a lot is happening around us, especially in the collective. By collective, I mean the world out there, governments (not so lovely if you live in the U.S.) and weather patterns changing and reminding us that 'new earth warming patterns' are changing the ways we must do things.

With both planets in retro motion, they have an extra boost of influence that shows up both in the atmosphere around us and in our inner sense of what this will mean to us as individuals.

As you take TIME TO REFLECT allow this earth trine to give you a boost of confidence, or a new idea or inspiration that is grounded in your every day reality. Saturn wants stable forms. Uranus wants NEW FORMS, forms that have never been before, inventions that work in real time for our everyday lives. Saturn assures us that we can create new forms that will endure over long periods of time.


AS RADICAL IDEAS EMERGE......give them some breathing room........ Be creative. Bring in your spiritual beliefs. Let go of your doubts, if only for a month or two. Be happy for the stability you have and for new ideas emerging. You don't have to DO too much with them right now. Give them some time to flow, grow, and eventually they will gel into real forms that can last.

At first, you may feel dissatisfaction with something in your life, but let that feeling give way to new ideas and new potentials. Don't go overboard, just some earthy, practical, small to medium-sized ideas would be enough to fit the bill here! Earth doesn't want to get extreme or take on too much.


Jupiter is still in Scorpio (read more about that HERE!)

Hope this isn't too mysterious but Pluto enters the picture here. Jupiter is still in Scorpio asking you to see the shadows in your life, but don't be overwhelmed by them.  Pluto, as it focuses and harmonizes with Jupiter in the coming months, will help you find the 'ways' to bring in the stability you seek. This is earth and water working together and they are very creative and grounding.

Spiritually, these two planets can work together...perhaps resolution can come from a spiritual direction for you. Your spirituality can give you a new way of thinking! Don't underestimate the value of this.

You might also experience this as seeing the 'SOUL' within some one or some thing you come across. You become more aware of others as spiritual beings.

Sometimes two sides of something, an issue we have with someone for instance, has to be integrated into our lives. There are two sides to the story. Mentally we may not be able to see how the two relate or how we can possibly live with the duality of it all....but spiritually it will be possible. See the watercolor above? Sharon painted this for us. It is the CULMINATION of the journey of the shadow, yours and mine, everyone has a shadow element that they must work with. We get a choice though, we can work with it by slowly allowing and accepting the reality of it into our conscious awareness OR it will have control over us, usually quite unconsciously.

Our hidden hatreds, fears, malice, ongoing resentments - they are all part of this territory zapping our lives and our energy. They have 'power over' us until we see them for what they are!

You've probably seen lots of books or gone to classes on how to 'own your personal power' - it's everywhere...because it's so important to our wholeness and health. But if you first don't go inside to explore the energy that is trapped in the form of unconscious shadow material...negative thoughts, old worn-out beliefs, hidden agendas, deep disturbances in the psyche....than that POWER we hear so much about simply cannot be released and utilized in a healthy way over time.

These last few months as Jupiter completes it's journey through Scorpio (by mid Nov. it's in Sagittarius.)...well, you can really benefit by working with any shadow material that may be coming up for you.

Here's my suggestion:  Sharon Russell's book INNOCENCE TO WHOLENESS with it's watercolor images of women can assist you in unmasking the dark places within. And she does this in a way that is easy to access, even friendly. Go HERE to learn more about this's only $17...not a ton of reading, just enough so you can relate to the process without having to be overwhelmed by the journey! 

And because we are in Soul of the Year time, we have extra courage...that's because the SOUL is being rebirthed...yes, it remembers itself as it forms the seeds for new life. This precious time is also a time of strength.

We take the power that was in the outer world in the form of flowers...

and create the fruits of our year now.

This is a mysterious time, between summer and autumn...slowly the outer light of the world becomes the inner light of our can try to figure that one out or simply FEEL INTO is real and it has always been so.

Jupiter's optimism, even in Scorpio, can be REAL because it connects to realities deeply hidden in your psyche. Past hurts and emotional trauma - work on releasing these as summer moves into autumn and autumn into late autumn. The seasons are here for us to FLOW WITH AND GROW WITH. They are real, and if you can tune into the energy that surrounds you now, you will be in for a few surprises. THERE IS STABILITY EVEN IN THE MIDST OF CHANGE.

It is a miraculous time! THE SOUL of earth, Mother Gaia, is REBIRTHED every year at this time.  In some cultures, it's called Lammas, the flower petals have fallen and the fruit, the SOUL, is beginning to form. You can feel it in the air as a tiny leaf, spinning as she falls, announces a new possibility for change.

Think of INTEGRATION.  What is true for you about the happenings so far this year?

What is untrue?


Shift your gears as the daylight wanes, it's subtle, but it's happening. Your power is shifting from the outer world of form and beauty to the inner world of soul and beauty.

"Beauty comes from a quiet place inside a woman."


All this is possible as summer wanes and autumn draws near.


Bright autumn,
I wait for your return.

I imagine you more vivid
than you really are.
I imagine that
you hold my soul

in your golden grasp
and want to reveal it to me.
I imagine the hills
calling out my name

and the trees turning their heads
to see me.
I imagine
the wind rushing

to embrace my body
and the rain
melting from heaven
to touch my head.

Your leaves will turn orange
and the sky redden.
to show off in front of me.
Even a piece of your sun

will shine more yellow
to stain my long arms
and make a dappled canopy
for my hair to play in.

Bright autumn,
I am waiting.

                            ©1999     Dixie Gladstone 

As earth mother births her SOUL we birth ours too! She is growing tiny seeds - look around you, they are there. You too are pregnant with a new life of the soul as you bravely move forward in your life.

"We are HUMAN and we have souls that modulate and bring in the Divine Light to the world. The Soul of the Earth, Mother Gaia, rejoices in this for us and for her self. We work as a team together. She is a living being with consciousness; as she grows, we grow, as we grow, she grows. This is one of the miracles of being HUMAN."

Allow your inner light to grow as you put on your apron of soul. Soul can humble us, and it will.

During this time, don't try to prove yourself to anyone except yourself. This alone will heal you. It will give your rest and we will need rest.

"Spirit made manifest in the body is SOUL."

VENUS has moved into LIBRA here at midsummer. It's time to get together socially, maybe not a big rucous party, just a sharing of ideas and stories that need to be told to one another. As you get out and mingle, integrate what you hear into your own life and story. Be pleasant, others may be tearful, be accommodating. Express your truth in safe places.

This is the calling for the end of summer 2018.

Will you share this article with a friend? She may be in need of a poem, a little reflection herself!


Love and blessings to all of you dear friends,

Dixie Gladstone 

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