SOLAR ECLIPSE February 15, 2018 



FEBRUARY 15, 2018

1:05 PM Pacific Standard Time

Partial Solar Eclipse NASA

Much of the astrology for February emphasizes the transpersonal. It affects our larger world and preferences for community become more pressing than personal preferences.  This is because we have planets that make a statement in Aquarius and Pisces this month.

"AQUARIUS"    Community by Sharon Russell

This is a partial solar eclipse, but even so, don't look directly at the Sun. The Moon (in Aquarius) will pass by and cross over the Sun (also in Aquarius). You could experience a sense of clouds passing overhead or a dimmed down version of the sky overhead as the Moon blocks some of our solar light.

"New Moon"   The Seed   by Sharon R

A Solar Eclipse always occurs at a NEW MOON because the two are together, in conjunction, in Sacred Union. The Sun is transmitting its spirit into the Moon and a new month begins. This is a time to make a new intention, a new comittment, a revisioning of what happened last month.

"Juno"   Enduring Love  Sharon Russell

During this partial eclipse, the Sun is also in conjunction to Mercury!  AND, to make matters more relational, the asteroid JUNO is also conjunct these two - all in future-oriented Aquarius.

Juno will encourage and strive for balanced union with another. This will have relevance to women's movements with a focus on EQUALITY in order for this asteroid to reach its full potential.

With this combo, Juno can allow you to more easily access your intuition. Intutition is the very nature of Aquarius. This Air sign has the ability to unconsciously add up many pieces of information and knowledge to come to a lightening-like KNOWING. 

 Aquarius  helps us remember this. Like a bolt of lightening an answer to a question comes. It may come in a dream, a daydream, a meditation, or just sitting quietly, maybe it comes when you are driving your car or caring for someone. There is no predictability with Aquarius because its insights are part of the timeless realms. They are truths of mathematics, music, poetry, truths about you and how you function in the world. Intuition can rearrange things into something the world has never seen before.

In Rome, the word juno referred to females. It corresponded to the word genius which they used for males. Both of these terms implied the Soul. It is our Soul that helps us remember that....... 

"We have our origin in a sacred realm beyond material reality."

New ideas and visions will move you ahead this month. Plans for the community are favored.

Let your intuition follow your heart.

Moving forward spiritually means you have to let go of some old idea or paradigm that won't apply to your future - the electromagnetic charge to the earth is higher during an eclipse...that steps up our connections to celestial influences, it moves evolution along - in this case it's our intuitive mind which could have bursts of genius! Be open! Mercury is using both its lower mind and it's higher intuitional mind this month.

If you want to actively DO SOMETHING that corresponds to cosmic intent, then it's a good month to get with friends and like-minded individuals,  talk about social movements - start your own women's circle or men's group - or plan a a family or neighborhood get together. Use your imagination to get creative about all the ways we can come together as a community - if you have planets in Aquarius, especially in the second half of this sign, you could bring others together for these purposes.

Also, close your eyes, listen to the silence....meditate....but before you start, think about what it is you need to use your creative genius on. Everyone can, to some degree, channel higher vibrations of Aquarius. These are future-oriented, designed to help humanity become more democratic, universally peaceful and loving towards all. So there are these thought forms, they are out there. I think they are what sacred geometry is all about. So everyone can have access.

Bring forward your intent, and then LET IT GO while you meditate. Don't even give it another thought. Afterwards, when you are resting, after meditation, you are coming out slowly, see what comes to mind and heart in the next few hours, days or weeks.

Don't TRY too hard.

Concentration in meditation is a fallacy. The more you surrender, the more you transcend. Esp as we are aware of being at one with the cosmos. It's all out there waiting for us to open our minds and hearts to it! We only need to start with our intent and then release it. Sometimes it takes just a few moments and insight will come, sometimes it comes later, maybe even months or years later, but it WILL come with a pure heart and mind intent!

Here is the original version (MUSIC) Sounds of Silence 1964 Simon and Garfunkel 

(MUSIC) SOUNDS OF SILENCE from Disturbed (Here is a revisioned version - wow! - I don't usually listen to this group, but this gave me chills!)


VENUS plays her part too!

Venus steps up her sensuous love into Neptune's compassionate realms as she COMES OUT OF THE UNDERWORLD and back into our evening sky. We begin to mark time by Venus as she passes through gateway after gateway over the next 7 months.

Here is ONLY TIME by Enya (MUSIC)

This will feel mystical to many of us with watery planets or nodes. Our emotions are supercharged with sweetness in the sign that they come together in, Pisces. Venus and Neptune are exactly conjunct in Pisces February 21st.

This is almost the same time Venus emerges from the Underworld. (read about that here - this article explains the cycles of VENUS and her Underworld Journey)....she is completing an archetypal change for women, currently(2017 to 2018) in the sign of Aries...."change" isn't a really good word to describe the movements of Venus into and out of the Underworld, but if you read my suggested article you will get the idea...and that is esp vital for women now as Aries is an empowering energy and force that can protect and enhance the rights of woman and all minorities!

Venus may be dreamy, romantic, possibly a bit sleepy after all her time in the underworld with her beloved, the before she begins her work of putting back on her 7 veils there is a tone of sacred love, of the heart having grown....... both your personal heart and the hearts of all as a collective humanity towards spiritual love that manifest through generosity, devotion to one another, God (or Goddess - it's all in how you see it!) will bring through the compassionate heart. 

Pisces (Venus and Neptune are conjunct in this sign mid month) can represent all that has not been realized to the Soul and uses it's imagination to bring in a new dream for LIFE! Venus manifests through the laws of attraction, lovers, friends, families, and your neighbors can all benefit from this sweetness.

Look for Venus in the EVENING sky beginning February 20th just after sunset. Look in the direction of the WEST - find a spot in your neighborhood where you can see the sun go down over a mountain, a plain, an ocean, or just where there aren't too many trees or houses and Venus will be the bright star rising. After Feb. 20, Venus is officially our EVENING STAR and making her ASCENSION..... which I will talk more about each month as Venus comes to the gateway of the Crescent MOON! Oh, joy, this is one of my favorite elements of feminine astrology!

This is lovely, this is February, so not only will we have Valentines Day we also have universal LOVE MONTH! But, of course, it's up to us to make that happen. We are the beneficiaries of divine light.


Even if this is a lonely time for you, even if you feel isolated, go out, under these stars and planets, look and FEEL....the "great deep heart of all that is " can often be experienced by opening ones heart under a nighttime sky. 

The soul of our earth rejoices in our every expression of love.

Joyous February to all!  ♥