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Hello again, I'm here to finish that SATURN where were we.....ah, yes, PART 2...will let you know what you might expect or how to approach what's coming for you as SATURN in SAGittatius tranists your chart. If you haven't already read SATURN in SAGITTARIUS Part 1 you can click on it and then come back to Part 2 and read where it is in your chart.

By the way, TRANSIT means that Saturn (or it could apply to any planet or asteroid Goddess) is moving along somewhere in your chart. Planets pass through the houses or segments of your chart. They can take as little as a few days to many years to make a pass through. There are 12 houses in everyone's astrology chart. Here is a brief....does she really mean it? .....I hope so....descriptions of what each HOUSE represents.

We'll look at the meaning of SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS as it passes through each house (from now until 2017) and what you might be challenged with. Saturn is in a sign for 2/1/2 years!

(Scroll down to the bottom of these twelve houses to find out how to find SATURN in your chart.....) 

House #1 is your personality, how you look, how tall or short, full and round or long and thin your are. It is the first impression people get of you as you walk into the room. It has to do with the growth of your Self as an individual.

Saturn in Sag in the first house begins a NEW CYCLE OF PERSONAL GROWTH and understanding about yourself. You will be more serious during this time. You will become more mature as you spend time reflecting and working on personal growth. The changes you make in yourself can be long lasting and have value because they free you up from an old way of life....AFTER you do your personal work and reflection. You may be attracted to or become a special teacher to someone who will inspire in you a new vision of selfhood! After this transit is over you will notice that you have begun to act differently to the outside world. You are less REactive and more PROactive.If Saturn is transiting this house you are MAKING NEW IDENTITY FOR YOUR SELF.

House #2 is all about what you VALUE. It has to do with what and how you make your money or garner resources over your life. It can represent the property you own whether land or material posessions that hold meaning for you. Saturn here can make money scarce or make you really notice how and what you spend it on. .

Saturn in Sag in the 2nd house can bring the need to tighten your belt financially. Discover what it is you truly value and make long range plans for your financial future if you have Saturn transiting here. If you purchase property during this time makes sure it will be of value to you in your future because you may be stuck with it for a long time. If you are looking for a job you might not get the salary you had hoped for. You will have an increased need for economic security during this time and you will have to work to create stability and a stable future so that when Saturn leaves this house you can feel more secure in your world. You may work hard when Saturn is here and be aware that what you do now will affect your future

House #3 likes to TALK AND SHARE, LISTEN AND LEARN. It shows your early childhood education or lack of it. It is the house that speaks about your siblings, your neighbors and the general environment of your everyday living. It also tells about your modes of transportation (such as cars, planes, etc.) and modes of communication (phones, computers, etc....).

Saturn in Sag in the 3rd house is in the house of making connections, of going to school to learn a new subject, of communicating more responsibly, honestly and forthright. You are restructuring your mind and how it communicates and how it operates with your day to day attitudes, habits, styles of speaking or listening to others. You can make big strides now in teaching your mind to develop new ways of thinking that create more positive, life-supporting attitudes. You are ready to start new ways of relating but it won't come all at once, so don't be discouraged as Saturn might become here. Give yourself TIME to learn to communicate in new ways with the outside world. You are trying to take the positive truths that you know about living and translate them into a better way to live your life on a day to day basis. If you are an elder you may have to address concerns about your memory while Saturn transits here.

When Saturn passes through our 3rd house we may even need to put out money for a new car as the third house is also about modes of transportation, anything that gets us from here to there. Our neighbors may weigh heavily on us during this time, .... or siblings. If you take up the study of something new during this time it is likely to 'take hold' and become an important part of your life. Communications may be difficult - you'll need to focus on how you are sharing and what, and how this affects others.

House #4 is you HOME SWEET HOME! It is the heart and SOUL of you, your heritage. This house shows the kind of energy in your home when you were growing up. It gives you a big clue to where and how you like to live.

Saturn in Sag in the 4th house will put a focus on your domestic life or your innermost feelings. You may have to deal with family situations or aging parents. Perhaps you'll need to reorganize your environment.  Household responsibilities can become burdens but you can use the inspiration of a new vision from Sag to help you find the freedom you need midst the responsibilities you are now experiencing. You may have parent responsibilites that are burdensome during this time. 

House #5 is soooo romantic. It has to do with LOVE, CHILDREN, ROMANCE. It shows something about what brings you vitality and creativity! It can be alive with fun or seriousness! This house can represent children of your mind or body.

With Saturn here, you may not get much time to play.

Saturn in Sag in the 5th house wants to go on vacation but it's possible that your children or other responsibilites are needing more of you. You may want your time off for play or creativity to have a teaching or learning purpose so, if you do get some time off, your vacation could involve these elements.

Do you have children? If so, Your children could mature noticably during this time but there will be some hard work for them to do or for you to assist them with. Your creative energy could get a stimulus from the high energy of the fiery nature of Sagittatius. This could inspire you to work on a project that requires quite a bit of BIG energy and imaginative or forward moving thinking.

House #6 is your place of work and the people you work with. This is the house of service to others. It is important in understanding health issues, body building, diet, nutrition and how you flow in your work energetic. 

Saturn in Sag in the 6th house can affect your health. You will have to attend to it in some way so that you can get your ducks in a row to prepare for an upswing in activity in the outer world when Saturn moves into your 7th house. Look to your diet, exercise, and daily routines. Sag here can overwork so keep in mind that you will need to be particularly attentive to the needs of your body to maintain good health. No overdoing it exercising! Sag. may like to take long or vigourous walks or engage in outdoor exercise by adding or expanding on a particular routine that will manage your weight and give you more energy. You will work hard when Saturn is here in your 6th house.

Saturn can bring troubles with our health when it passes through your 6th house. Get a check up by a doctor you trust if you have any doubts about the state of your health at this time.

House #7 is about your marriage or close partners including your business partners. It is all about the OTHERS in your life and how you relate to them. It can also tell you about your ability in art or design. This is the house of balance and so it can relate to mathematics. This can be a difficult house for Saturn to pass through - either we get serious about the person or we leave them and move on. Tests in relationships when Saturn moves through this house.

Saturn in Sag in the 7th house is about your partnerships. You will be tested in your relationships to see if they are strong enough and stable enough to carry you into your future. If you meet someone new under this tranist you may have a lifelong friend or companion. For example: I met my husband of 35 years when Saturn was in my 7th house. You may attract a more serious or mature partner but the Sag element says that either you or he/she will want to have their personal freedom respected. Philosphical values may also be an important part of the partnership. Your partners or close associates test you out and demand more of you now.

House #8 gives us the deeper connections we have with other people. In this house we are bound by sharing personal resources with others. That's why it rules, sex, money, power and elements we share with others that bring out our shadows. The 8th house is TRANSFORMATIONAL and full of hidden gifts and talents. But we have to work hard in this house - to know ourselves to the core.

Saturn in Sag in the 8th house is going to bring about a transformation of how you share your resources with others.

Sex is a shared resource too! So Saturn in the 8th house could 

have a dampening affect on your sex life. You may need to

revision how and with who you share this precious resource with.

You are having to come to terms with other people's values. There could be legal activity having to do with wills, insurance or joint finances. These pressures may take some time to work out. This is a good time to become free of depending on someone else's resources. You are in a process of learning about other peoples values and resources. You realize the limitations of your own or other people's resources. How much do you need to cooperate with others; can you cooperate and feel free at the same time?

With Saturn here perhaps we are extra responsible caretaking the finances or wealth of another.

House #9 is a lot like Sagittarius. I'm talking about it the most because this is the placement of Saturn right now in Sagittarius. It will affect the whole world in this 9th house manner!

House #9 is the place where we learn about the greater whole that we are a part of. Planets here might mean you travel a lot or are curious about other cultures and people outside of your usual realm. Astrology, psychology, law, and higher education all come under this house because these elements of life allow in a larger perspective and deeper understanding about people all over our planet. The Laws of Nature and the great outdoors are also the domain of your 9th house. You might teach or be a mentor to someone now. Your beliefs about life are maturing.

Saturn in sag in your 9th house wants to have a new vision and philosophy that will carry them into their futures with optimism. But you are having a reality check at the same time. You may find a special spiritual teacher or guru when this house is being transited.

Remain open to new discoveries on your journey and let your philosophy of life broaden and deepen to include your real life experiences. If you take a long journey during this time, it will be for something serious, for learning, or to fulfill an obligation. Legal issues can crop up now and you will have to deal with the concrete realities around them. You gain more understanding about reality. Even though you may wish to be free of some obligation you will grow by going through the task.

The Sagitarrius aspect with Saturn in the 9th house refers to heros like our firemen, warriors, policeman and any mighty men types! We could put cheerleaders in that catagory also. Sagittarians can be into body building. Watch your hips while Saturn is in Sag. Build your body, but do it a step at a time, start slow, just a little, but keep the pace. Increase your load only after you've mastered where you are. Don't strain.

Religous concerns can come up when a planet transit this house because it has to do with our belief systems. Saturn can put a strain on your beliefs, testing them. You may have to become more open minded when you see truths you had not seen before. Otherwise, becoming a religious fanatic can be a dark side to this house that wants to open up and let others believe as they choose. Freedom of religion was our founding fathers and mothers reason for coming to America. There will be many issues facing us all in this area of religious fanaticism as Saturn moves through Sagittarius.

This can be onerous to the Sagittarius part of this transit because it wants to claim inspired leadership and be free as a bird at the same time. You can make an impression on the world around you and inspire others but it will require hard work, effort and will take TIME. (there's that word again!).

"Career and Mastery are the domaine of the 10th House"

House #10 is your career. It tells what and when you might become a master or become successful in something you have worked hard at. Other people see you here. This is a public arena. It tells us about prestige and if others notice what we've accomplished. Saturn will bring you before the public eye in some way - that could be a rise in your station or career move, but it can also show us where we are lacking or prove to damage our reputation if we are not careful and totally honest.


Saturn in Sag in your 10th house places you more in the limelight. You will have more responsibilites and a possibility of leadership demanded in your career.

If this is a rewarding time in your life - know that you have earned every bit of it! If you are having trouble with looking 'bad' during this time, recheck how you have done the thing, then make it right! You can go a long way and accomplish something BIG in your career when Saturn is in your 10th house

House #11 can be about your friends or groups that you belong to. This is the house of democracy, of learning to share in community. This house is all about our freedom(s) as people sharing the planet together. Our dreams for the future are part of this houses journey.

Putting a big project together that has a social contribution is the domaine of this house.

If Saturn is here you will be a serious and important part of some group or goal that you have set. It could also mean your friends are aging and you are adjusting to that.

Saturn in Sag in your 11th house is trying to integrate your individual vision with some kind of group expression. It could be like an architect or a composer guiding a large public work. In the 11th house we become involved with our community by contributing something that will allow future generations to benefit. Revolutions could get started here in order to overturn old structures. Do you have a creative vision for the future of your whole tribe? Now is the time to move ahead with it within the context of your group or community.

House #12 is the last house and contains remnants of all the other houses, all the unresolved issues from our past and contains a kind of potpourri of the unconscious mind. This is the house of REST and as so may indicate a need for seclusion or solitude whether that be in a hospital, mental institution, place of confinement (jail, yikes, it happens!) or just time alone to process the elements of living. Nuns and priests often have planets in this house. It can show us how we merge with God.

Saturn in the 12th house is NEVER EASY, you are finishing a 29 year cycle and whatever is not going to be a part of your future self will begin dissolving now. You might want to read about House #1 so you can understand why this transit is so important. 

Saturn in Sag in your 12th house is a finishing up time. Saturn in this house can be hard to go through as structures from your past that you once counted on are now passing away. Your old ways of handling people, places, things, are going to have to change. You need a new vision but it might not come right away. You might find yourself withdrawing into yourself during this time. You are processing aspects of your life that you feel you have accomplished and also the ones that you feel you may have failed in. 

Try not to be too hard on yourself. Sag here can give you relief through travel or an outdoor time of solitude and replenishment. A little spacing out in nature, around BEAUTY, a place where you can feel safe, or a place that feels magical to you can help you release old patterns of thinking so you can come up with answers outside the usual box!


                                                                                    Cornelius Lyons being outdoors and communing with nature can lift your spirits, a Sagittatrius domaine.

Your spiritual teachers, a counselor or friend can assist you in looking at the positive in what you have achieved and not despairing over what you see as failure. Clear away left overs from the past so you become a free individual and feel respected by others. This is a good time to get therapy. Don't go it alone now!

 You need the objectivity of others!


see how to find transiting SATURN in SAGITTARIUS in your chart

That's house #1 that I circled. That is your ascendant or rising sign. The chart in this example has a Leo rising, your chart will be different. A sign will be on the cusp of each house.

You'll notice that the inner wheel has numbers #1 through #12. This represents the domain of that house. The house begins on the cusp line before the number. The 'cusp' is the place by degree that a planet traverses across to move into another house.

If you have a SAG rising, you will see it's symbol on that red line with the arrow. That's your Ascendant or Rising Sign. It is the 1st house. Notice the degree on the ascendant to see if Saturn is in your 12th house or if it has moved into your first house.

SATURN during this period from July to mid Sept. 2016 is from 9 to 11 degrees of SAG. Since it is now in retrograde motion you could feel the intensity of what I have been talking about in SATURN Pt. 1 even more so - be sure to read it too! Even if you THINK you have already read some of my articles, I really encourage you to go back because each time you will gain greater understanding and what you may have missed before could be just the element you need to consider during this period. 

Find the symbol for Sagittarius on your wheel and look to see what house number it is in. Your chart should have the house number on the inside of the wheel as this one shows.

In this chart Sagittarius is in the fifth house. So this person would read SAG in the 5th house below.

If you are still having trouble figuring out which house Saturn is transiting for you - send me a note with your name, birthdate, birthplace and time of birth and I'll calculate for you:  send to

It might take me a day or two to get back to you, but I will! 


 It's your journey and it's IMPORTANT!

SATURN brings with it LIMITATIONS and LOSS, and even grief. It makes demands on our maturity, but it also gives us the discipline to take our lives to another level! 


Love and friendship from yours truly,

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