Hello everyone, for those of you who have Saturn transiting your 9th through 12th houses, you've been waiting for this for a long time. Thanks for your patience. innocent 

Remember to ask for HELP if you can't find where Saturn is moving in your personal chart. Send me 1. your name 2. date of birth 3. place of birth and 4. exact time of birth (look at your birth certificate or contact the hospital where you were born for's worth it to get this info as astrology will be around for a LONG time and you will want to have the big picture of your life at certain times along your journey. AND...this is one of those times as Saturn and Pluto come together in Capricorn in 2020! Read more about Saturn HERE..."THE NEW SATURN IN CAPRICORN"



Your 9th house is a house of discovery. It is the house of long journeys. You travel far in this house, sometimes in your mind as you develop new insight into the bigger picture of your life. Philosophy, religion, law, higher education, and psychology are a part of your 9th house journey.

This house is also about strength because the hips and body, especially your muscles are located here.

This is a fire house and with Saturn, an earthy planet transiting, it can bring some of that excitement into a more serious, less adventurous light.

If you do travel during this time, it will be for serious purposes. Maybe it will be for business instead of pleasure. It may be about visiting a dying friend or parent. Travel may be slowed down so you can pay attention to certain realities in life that you might miss if you went too fast or with too much idealization. Realities emerge as you travel slow.

Perhaps you are 'searching' and it is painful. You can't seem to find what it is you are looking for. Have you lost FAITH? This can happen with Saturn as you search for a new framework, new values, perhaps a new religious or spiritual belief system.

"Creation of the New"      collage by Gienne Gabriels

What you believed in as a child may seem dogmatic and too limited now. You need real perception of your own. Old, crystallized values and beliefs must go. You are developing your own inner authority. You are building a different kind of framework for your beliefs.

It's also possible that at this time you may 'believe in nothing.' This is a disguise. Fear or rebellion may emerge as you crack open those old systems and reorient to life in a more abstract way.

You may find yourself feeling more sensitive about the plight of humanity.

If you feel depression, futility, fear of the future, these feelings can indicate they you have been trapped in a prison of narrow-mindedness or disillusionment.

Superficial values and religious beliefs that do not offer you a direct experience of God will not suffice. A softening of Saturn occurs when you are able to release opinions, views, beliefs that keep you locked into ways of experiencing life that limit your understanding of many different kinds of people. The world is so full of a number of religious beliefs, for instance, when you can let go of the idea that 'my way is the high way' will be opening your heart-mind, your world view will shift as you find yourself leading a more meaningful life. Your intuition grows and after a  transformation in your beliefs that Pluto will surely bring, you will gain renewed faith. 

You have the right to decide for yourself what you believe. Real vision and faith can only be built upon your own meaningful contact with a higher power.

With the added impact of Pluto on Saturn in this house, limiting dogmatic beliefs are shifting for the whole world. This will not be easy and Pluto can bring collective violence in this house as an entire human population, our world, shifts beneath our feet.  Pluto takes you down into an underworld journey so you can get to the bottom of your personal understanding and ideals. 

If you have a spiritual awakening while Saturn is in Capricorn here, it will allow you to become more realistic about what you believe in. Your expanded consciousness may seem to contract into realities that you could not have accepted before. You are making a new kind of meaning.

You may choose to begin meditation during this time. It will likely 'TAKE' as you are intent on broadening your consciousness and finding meaning in your life.

A ninth house Saturn can bring legal difficulties. This could be a time when you need to enlist the help of an attorney who can help you manage the complexities of the legal system. 

As this transit moves along, your views about life become more stabilized. You understand better the rules of the game and you learn how to play more skillfully. 

As you stay open to new discoveries about yourself and the world, you mature and become prepared for the transit of Saturn as it goes into your 10th house in a few years. By getting the most out of Saturn NOW, when it reaches the top of your chart, the 10th house, you will be better prepared for this peak in your maturity and career.

Another possibility for Saturn is your commitment to a higher education or training. Whatever you learn will likely be of a serious, pragmatic nature.

If you do go on a long journey, it will bring deeper, profound meaning to your life. Use the wisdom of Saturn to keep you safe if you take this journey under other difficult transits or when Pluto is in conjunction with Saturn in 2020.



This can be a time of mastery and recognition in your career or family achievements. For some of you, it will be the 'harvest', but for some, you will see what it is you have not prepared well for. Your difficulties can come from the past. You could even have a 'fall' from grace. Your ethical conduct is essential with Saturn in your 10th house because you will be in the public light in some way. 

This is a house where we seek public status and may take on many responsibilities. It is a place to become a LEADER. 

However, if you shy away from public attention or responsibility, then this time could seem onerous as you live up to expectations. You are making an impression on the world around you now.

Achievement, honor, authority, and ambition are elements of the 'role' you play in life. All of these could be experienced during this time. ALONG WITH the possibility that you strive and work very hard toward these goals. You could have intense ambition and a willingness to do whatever it costs to reach it.

One danger to watch out for here is that you become so ambitious that you loose sight of your feeling nature and in that process you leave your heart behind, and then your relationships suffer. 


One of your parents, whichever had the most influence on your social values and your career ambitions may take on a role either within your deep psyche or without in the form of added responsibilities.

"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." 


If something was denied to you as a child, an outlet that may have been 'you' but was not fostered...this could be affecting you now.  Feeling  isolated or rejected could result. The psychic energy of being denied a chosen direction may be compensated for as Saturn moves through your 10th house. Perhaps you discover your true 'career' in life now.

This 10th house TRANSIT of Saturn will somehow demand a sacrifice of your private and personal desires to obtain some goal.

You may be trying to fulfill a need of the group or of an individual. Perhaps you feel responsible to take care of a parent or partner and it will bring heavy responsibility during your 10th house transit of Saturn. Some role may be thrust upon you that you do not find agreeable.

You could feel sensitive to your image now. What and how the public sees you is important, maybe too important if it causes you to compromise your position.

You are demonstrating usefulness and value to the pubic through your achievements. This can give you authority over others. When you reach 'the top' a softening of Saturn has assisted you in learning diplomacy and statesmanship. You gain a stronger sense of compassion for those you are helping or trying to structure. 

All of this inclines to push you out on your own. The achievement of success through hard work and ambition is not really the goal though. What is your definition of achievement?

If it is based on external values, it may not fulfill you, in fact, this could frustrate you. You must accept the challenge to live out your success through your own values, with an attempt to place meaning on them, and not to live out the task through another person or institution, otherwise you pay the price of frustration and purposelessness. 

As with so many Saturn challenges, the real challenge lies within your self.

Pluto coming to a conjunction with transiting Saturn in your 10th house brings you POWER. If your goals have not lined up with a sense of purpose or been unclear, then you probably will change your career path. Certainly you will not have the 'same 'ol' life you had before' after  2020.

Overwork, feeling dominated by your work or being brought down can occur before you get on the right course. Do not be in a hurry as you take time to know yourself better as this transit progresses.

You can become a teacher in a beneficent form. You fulfill a function needed by the group and the culture you are a part of is enhanced by your efforts.



Aquarius "Community"  Sharon Russell

Saturn in the 11th house is trying to integrate the personal self with group expression of some kind. You may have a desire for or an ability to perform a leadership role in your chosen group. You may be ambitious to see the group succeed, but it will be essential that you integrate as an equal even if you are a leader.

Cooperating as a team effort is vital. Saturn may feel that others get in his way or that they give your responsibilities that you don't want. But your rewards and maturing come through the acceptance of these challenges not by avoiding them.

If you are feeling disappointed or disillusioned about the results you have been trying to attain then you may need to adjust your expectations and clear out ideals that don't match up with reality.

The development of group consciousness whether it be with a group of friends or in a large club, a government agency, or spiritual lodge, will test your ability to integrate your personal free will with the will of the group. Your participation is required. Otherwise, you could feel like the lost sheep. 

You are becoming sensitized to more universal concerns that at first may seem alien. You have to stretch your personality to include a larger body of individuals. The 'lone wolf' of the 11th house will be painful if Saturn is transiting this house and you find it hard to do this kind of integration. "I don't fit into this group." could be your feeling. "I am the outsider." 

Ask yourself if you may need to look for another kind of group. You may need a group with more maturity and depth during this Saturn time. "Where can I express my true nature?" A softer Saturn in your 11th house can help you find the group you can identify with but you may have to get over your shyness and feeling of being 'different'.

Drawing back from friendships or spending too much time alone could perpetuate a cycle of fear or inadequacy.


"Success requires others."

Then the flip side can emerge: "Actually, I'm quite superior. I have no equals." oh, this is an overcompensation and a danger to your heart.

You need to be a leader, to be social, but not a butterfly. Butterflys can flit along so gracefully and yet be quite alone. You are really seeking a more meaningful sharing. 

You are becoming progressive and this includes your ability to be a visionary for your group once you see the true purpose behind the needs of society and the group.

Open up! Trust others more! Let down your defensive tactics! Discover your love for humanity. As Pluto conjoins Saturn in 2020 you may find your true group and your personal identity could get a boost for the better as you commit to and participate in a group life that seems real and meaningful to you. 

Or maybe you will find a 'forever friend'...Saturn is like that when it prefers permanence.. 

Friendships and groups can make dramatic changes in your life with Pluto and Saturn together in 2020 for you. A guide or teacher could help you grow. Your ideals about life are shifting. You need someone to bounce off of. 

A group that wants to reform society may appeal to you as long as you avoid ruthless or dominating people who want 'power over' instead of 'power with'. 

Transformation in your relationships and friends will mirror the regeneration of your goals and ideals. Shallow friendships go, relationships with meaning and purpose emerge.



If Saturn is transiting your 12th house you are at the end of your 29 year Saturn journey around the wheel of your chart. This is a time of release and finishing up in preparation for your new journey in Saturn that will begin in about 2 and 1/2 years.

This is one of the MOST DISCONCERTING of Saturn transits. The KEY is to stay stable as reality melts and structures that you have relied on melt away. 

Escapism, such as drinking, drugging, sexing, even dense, disabling feelings do not work during this time. The 12th house also rules hospitals and institutions such as jails, so if you are in one of these situations developing FAITH will help.

But how? When everything you knew seems to be changing or leaving?

This could be a time of withdrawal for you. You may seek solitude.

The energy for doing new things may not be there at all.

So, it's not such a good time to start new projects unless they represent a completion of some kind. 

Important structures in your life begin to pass away now and it may not be easy to say 'good-bye'. Your old ways of handling situations won't work. 

As you listen to your inner voice, remember to count your achievements and as to your failures, or what you believe were failures, try to come to acceptance of what those were.

"Reflection"                   Sharon Russell

You can get Sharon's art as cards (even just buy one, free shipping! or as a poster or giclee)

This is not a time to judge. Observe, recognize, then begin to clear away your past. What barriers prevented you from achieving what you wanted to achieve? Do not expect solutions to come during this time because it is the ending of some old ways, not the beginning.

Saturn can easily take you into a feeling of despair over those so-called failures. Brooding about how inadequate you feel over those failures won't help.


BIG CHANGE can happen now. It will help you clear away the debris. Pressure for change mounts. These pressures are the sign of what you need to clear out so that you can have a new beginning.


This is the house of SURRENDER. It is helpful to have a spiritual attitude about what is being taken from you now. You will develop wisdom as Saturn in Capricorn softens you to something greater than yourself. You are giving up your inner will for the price of serenity and peace.

You may have feelings of helplessness now. Because you cannot control what you are loosing. You are being asked to sacrifice something that you held dear in the past. A sense of powerlessness  comes as structures that held your life in place are slowly dissolved. The resulting feeling of chaos or of having been stripped bare to the bone exposes you to the true reality about life , a reality that is hard to understand. 

Time seems to dissolve. 

When Pluto conjoins Saturn in this house in 2020, you will surely be asked to give up something or someone.

"The Lotus and the Rose"         Sharon Russell

A softening of Saturn can bring you a spiritual understanding and wisdom as the process unfolds for you. Inner contemplation can become deep as issues of the psyche become more important to you than issues of the material world and body.

Saturn in the 12th house sensitizes you to the suffering in society. You may find yourself tending to those less fortunate in the world. This is a positive use of the energy of Saturn as you care for the mentally ill, elderly, feed those who need nourishment or those who have suffered misfortune and loss.

Caring for others is a high expression of Saturn in the 12th. Instead of feeling the loss of self, you may find you gain joy through giving.

Let's not forget that this is the house of our imagination! So besides being a mystical, ethereal, hard to pin down kind of place for Saturn to be, IF you can channel some of that structural energy of Saturn into your creative work, you could find yourself with some pretty mystical works of art, music, dance, song...anything that you find creative can morph into something quite unlike anything you have done before.

There is a reservoir of oceanic life waiting to be born, to be given a form.

As Pluto conjoins Saturn, this could be a potent way for you to express the nebulous conditions in your current life. Even religious art could become a haven of joyful expression of the unknowable. Imagine THAT!

Pluto with Saturn in your 12th house could bring up the hidden parts of your psyche. It wants you to confront them. Finding a helpful counselor or spiritual guide can be how the softer Saturn works for you. This person could even be an angel. Something deeply spiritual and powerful is working in your unconscious in 2020!

If you have had an 'secret enemies' get them out into the open. So they can't be secrets any more. Release power from old or ancient fears that kept you from your true nature. Be honest and open with them. A softening of Saturn can bring a change of heart in you or them whether this be enemies or just aspects of your self that you have not been able to face. You want to clear away the old, it is your TASK now. After they are cleared, they will have no more influence over you. 

I'd like to finish this 12th house Saturn with a poem to help you to remember to 'dream' and rest....your solitude can bring you gifts and bring a softening of Saturn into your deep unconcscious mind/heart:

Come Into the Garden and Dream

Come into the garden and dream.
Come where time cannot follow.
Bring your basket of Soul.
Lay it here beneath the flowers.

Rest awhile. Move slowly into the silver mist.
Set foot upon the path of mystery
that only you know how to find.
Come to the threshold.

And if you dare—
step through the diamond doorway
into the abode of the Lady.
Glimpse Her almost unbearable Beauty.

Receive the sacrament of Her heart's dream,

of wings and bees,

under leaves and shadows,

hear Her words,...or wind,

a soft breeze, a rumple of petals

and a settling down into 


Dixie Gladstone      Ojai, Ca. 1998

Darling friends,

This completes the transits of Saturn through each of the 12 houses. I hope you have taken away something that will help you through this time, especially, as Saturn and Pluto come together in 2020.

Now, as we move along I am just itching to get to some of our asteroid Goddesses. I will likely be looking at the Goddess of the Crossroads next - she is HECATE! Then we will go on a mission with SEDNA! Stay tuned for these divine feminine energies that are here to help us navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of our life.

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Love to all of your dear hearts,

Dixie Gladstone

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