SATURN in CAPRICORN Transiting HOUSES 6, 7 & 8  

In December of 2017 Saturn moved into Capricorn. It will be there for 2 and 1/2 years. Currently Saturn is at 2 degrees Capricorn having gone direct Sept. 5, 2018, Saturn conjuncts Pluto in 2020, possibly our most important transit of the century.



HOUSES #6, #7 AND #8

Before you begin to read about the house that Saturn is transiting for you, you may want to read how SATURN IS SOFTENING which is at the beginning of this series on Saturn in Capricorn transits. Read about that HERE and then come back and see what Saturn has in store for you and how you can best work with it.


The significant transit of Saturn in conjunction to Pluto that is coming in 2020 will purge you the outworn whether it be values, institutions, emotions, debts, people, places...and much, much more... as it occurs. Later, after Pluto has done it's job, and oh, it won't be easy or pleasant, but it will grow you up, up, up and once the growing pains subside, there will be a RAINBOW! Friends, this is a BIG ASTROLOGY happening for the whole world as well as for you individually!



Earth seeks tangible results, results you can see and feel.

House #6 The 6th house is an earth house. It requires you to use tangible tools to create tangible outcomes. You are seeking results that you can see and touch. Your efforts and mistakes yield a product that you can see and feel with your senses and rational mind. Traditionally, work, health, service, employer-employee relationships, and diet are a part of this houses function in your life.

From an inner level this house has to do with purification, with synthesizing or with the assimilation of food as well as ideas and thoughts which proceed the outward expression that is occurring in your physical body.


Saturn works hard here in your 6th house!

Your body is a vehicle of expression of itself through work in your 6th house. It is as if your body symbolizes the deeper meaning of this house. The health of your body relates to how well you have integrated and purified what is coming into you.

This is the house of the plain, hardworking Virgo. How does this relate to anything symbolic in my body?

Virgo as "the Virgin" in earlier times was seen as independent, self-contained, integrated. She was not dependent on anyone else for her meaning or her expression. It was through the patriarchy that her social development was curtailed and her sexuality all but eliminated. This created a warring in the psyche of the feminine nature of Virgo and the 6th house.

This can sweep Saturn into the darker side as a feeling of inadequacy or fear. Heavily structured discipline or routine can occur when Saturn swoops through this area of your chart. Feelings of inadequacy or fear may make you try to do it all. You may work too much and too hard.

You may not be able to integrate your outer work, or work load with your bodies inner needs for alignment. Are you in the appropriate work field for your bodies needs, for the needs of your mental state of mind? Saturn is clinging to the outer forms. When Pluto meets Saturn here in 2020, the old ways of working, serving others, eating, thinking - all will be trying to realign.

This is an INNER PROCESS. Body and mind are seeking balance but work and efforting seem to be winning. The mind can be heavily stressed during this time. Breakdowns occur physically as well as mentally until a new harmony is reached. 

Your task is to integrate your body with your outer purpose of how you work, how you give of your service to others, of what you eat in order to maintain health, even your exercise program may have to be reasessed. Being in the wrong kind of work or in an unhealthy body take away the JOY!

If you read a book on self improvement during this Saturn/Pluto time, one about setting goals in a healthy way, or changing your diet, or if you are an employee or employer, how to improve relationships at work to create a refreshing, pure environment for all; it could  transform you and your work situation.

Pluto will point out what kind of behavioral changes you need to make to purify and realign.
Your standard of conduct could change. You might adopt a new system of thought that promotes self improvement or self knowledge.


NO, you didn't do anything wrong. But Pluto does show us our stuff in a big way. Often we hold a way of acting or reacting to a situation that we have actually outgrown or should out grow. Remember that Saturn demands greater levels of maturity, Pluto release us from the outworn pattern. So the pattern may have been there and been useful in the past, but is no longer going to work for you. Pluto is intense, demanding and you won't be able to miss the clues! (darn!)

But try not to get caught up into so much self-analysis that you self-criticize or get too heavy handed by picking at details with others. Just put one foot in front of the other, a day at a time.



You will need to take an extra effort to make time for yourself, otherwise, work or service or over self-analysis can consume and exhaust you.

Crisis can promote change. Your personal routines, which allow you to get in touch with yourself at a core level, must change now. Choose routines of diet, exercise, healing, possibly a new 'kind' of work. You'll need to move away from workaholism, of excessive reading of the meaningless, of eating too much, or not eating enough, of constant criticisms of self or, this seems like a tall order and it is!

If physical illness occurs at this time it will bring about a confrontation with yourself that allows you to become more aware of your routines and personal behavior patterns. A softer Saturn will soften you up towards your self and bring in new skills, possibly even a new 'rule book' for you to use as a guide for everday working and living in a more sane way. 

You need a practical understanding of your inner workings now. There is alchemy at work here. You are doing the vital work of integrating body and mind. You will begin to function in the everyday world at a level that is right for you when this transit is over. You will develop some good organizational skills.

The Virgin qualities of tending of the self will be like tending the altar of your inner divine nature. Let Saturn soften you, to bring you into an alignment as if your body were the 'earth' and your mind the true heart of your individual nature. Saturn can give real healing ability when it is turned toward the needs of the body and the mind on a practical level. That is why, diet, routines, exercise, relations with co-workers, relations with bosses, relationship with your work or the way you work are so important now.

Capricorn Saturn sets goals in the 6th house, but they must not be too high nor too broad, but just right for YOU in order to attain them. They must be SOFTER and DOABLE without judgement or inner condemnation. You are in the process of putting things in order.



The 7th house is a RELATIONSHIP house. It is about who, how and what we relate to that is of vital importance now. Saturn will test your relationships when is goes through this house. The ones that endure and stand the test of time are your true partners in life. 

BALANCE in relationships is important here. It is not about who is the most important one - it is about the give and take between the two of you.

Divorce can happen!

But so can finding a lifelong partner!

You may choose someone older than you or someone serious, in a profession that requires much responsibility.

If you are a designer or artist you may work hard at getting it just right. Perhaps you are changing fashion for the masses as Pluto conjoins your Saturn in 2020. Or it could be your business is going through huge changes of personnel or a merger that requires extra work and focus for you.

If your business is suffering or your business partner is going through hard times with you or as a partner you may reaccess if this is the right partner for you. If she (or he) is, and it may take some time to see this with Saturn in your 7th house of work partners, then you may need to redefine the way you share power, especially as the 2020 PLUTO/Saturn connection is made.

A softening of Saturn can mean that you give up 'some' (not all) of what you want for the good of the relationship. You learn new tactics in sharing. You will learn new ways of supporting one another. 

Dominating a relationship will not work during this transit! It will destroy the relationship entirely when Pluto comes along to meet Saturn if you don't work on that now and prepare by learning skills of equality and balance in relationship! I don't mean to sound so intense but the nature of Pluto with Saturn is very serious in the 7th house.

Your partner is a mirror of your self. If you remember this, then thinking that you are wanting to find the 'perfect' partner may turn around on you. Are you the perfect person?....gulp! I'm not.

Pain, isolation, loneliness and feelings of rejection can be a part of a dark night experience.

This is Sharon's book about finding the shadow and making a new relationship to your inner self. I highly recommend it while Saturn is in your 7th house! CLICK HERE to learn more about it - at $17 it's an amazing book with beautiful watercolor illustrations that will help you at this time.

We seek in others what we are not able to find in ourselves - that might be positive! Or it could be that we just do not like something in someone else and that 'something' might be in us. 

As Saturn softens you may turn toward more of an inner search. This alchemy of searching for the mystical union within can bring in a balance and new meaning in life for you!

Sorrow or the loss of someone dear to you can accompany this transit. If this happens, part of your inner search can be directed toward an understanding of what vital role this person played in your life. Real union can be costly. We become vulnerable or possibly dependent. Staying 'safe' won't work now.


Pluto can give courage to see what is within that is blocking your able to find fulfillment in relationship.

What does work is being accessible to another and finding someone who is accessible to you too! You can do this! Even with Pluto here. Especially with Pluto here! Pluto will give you the courage to look at your fears of being alone and how you do not enter because of this. Being frightened of being hurt and recognizing that fear, can be part of the process of inner discovery.

I didn't want to go here but I have Pluto AND Saturn in my 7th house by birth! WOW, that's a whopper, let me tell you! One could - I'm not saying I was EVER this way, but one may have too loose of boundaries with Saturn here or in transit. This is Pluto overdoing the thing! Especially with aspects to Venus, Saturn and Venus in difficult aspect in the 7th house will MAKE you look at boundaries in relationship, how you share money and how you 'fear' being truly intimate. THERE! I said it.

"Love makes the world go round." 

                             a french song

"Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile."

                                                  Franklin Jones

OK, one last thing because by now, I think you've got it.....Saturn can bring great opportunity in being able to establish long term relationships. A lonely life is not necessary. Follow that inner push to understand the deepest levels of union. The psyche's uses 'marriage' as a symbol for this union. Marriage is not the point, true relationship with both people having their own CENTER mean that both people are consciously free to choose! Mature and lasting relationships result.



The 8th house is a watery house.

It is a house of soul longings. It is a house of crisis, mystery, drama beyond drama, death and resurrection.

This house is all about your shared resources so naturally, it will involve others, others who may or may not share your viewpoint.

crystals deep within the earth


"Completely by accident, geologists have identified ice-VII crystals trapped as inclusions in diamonds that migrated from deep within Earth’s mantle to the surface. The inclusions suggest that pockets of water may lie as deep as 500 miles into the Earth’s mantle." (from ZME Science)

This house can put you in debt. It can also attract the resources of others or the resources found deep within the earth or within your own self.

When Saturn is transiting this house you must become aware of other people's values, not just yours.

You are taking your own personal experience and integrating it with the group, partnership or community of which you are a part. There is a struggle here as your consciousness grows from the personal to the more universal in nature. 

"Scorpio"   Sharon Russell

(click here for larger image)

There is emotional exchange here. What is required of you to gain emotional security? What are you truly feeling here? Your desires are being purified so that they will fit into the group or couples value.

Money can be symbolic here, of dependency or freedom. This can color your sexual values. The struggle that may appear material is really emotional in nature. 

Capricorn's Saturn in this house holds power and authority and must not misuse it, esp. when Pluto joins with Saturn in 2020. There might be rubble to be dug up, or perhaps you thought you had already done that but now, here it is again!

The softening of Saturn could bring in someone to help you. This happens as your heart softens. You become aware of your own personal depth of feeling and caring for others and others reach out to you when they feel that from you.

This is complex but powerful! You wield power with creative forces. Your sense of separateness is being broken down so that you become more a part of the 'other' or of the group. 

Death here can mean the ending of individual awareness and the beginning of the "we" awareness. 

"A crisis may arise, followed by self-understanding and self-mastery."


Conscious LIGHT is trying to break through.

Sex is considered to be a big part of the 8th house. When Saturn is here there may be a feeling of not being adequate, but it is not really physical so much as tied to the fear of submission, of being violated or controlled by the partner. Strong religious or moral convictions can cloak and shadow the conscious light that is trying to come through. 

With Pluto joining Saturn here in 2020 there are surely wounds from the past that are trying to heal. It may be that your parent(s) were not able to care for you or had been cold or distant from you as you were growing up.

What old wounds may still be affecting your decisions and course of action?

"Into the Underworld"     collage by Dixie Gladstone


These can and will occur. Perhaps your transformation will be prompted by a deep union with another person, but ultimately it will be YOUR own personal consciousness that is changing. This comes through a fascination with things occult, with a great therapist, or...

with an interest with the real nature of the energies of the universe.

As you look for the 'secrets' for the power and source of life, you become a magician, able to heal yourself and others through the life-giving powers of the Scorpio ruled 8th house. 

If you have not found the house you are looking for, do not fret, I will be working on Saturn in transit through houses #9 through 12 and they should arrive by the end of September! Now that Saturn is DIRECT I feel pushed along to 'complete' by this demanding planet! 

Best wishes to all of your dear and hard-working hearts,


Dixie Gladstone

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