MOON IN SCORPIO, SAGITTARIUS and CAPRICORN or Moon in the 8th, 9th and 10th houses 




Here are the Moons of Scorpio, Sag, and Capricorn! or.... if your Moon is in the 8th, 9th or 10th house - CHECK IT OUT on this page!

I like to suggest that after your read about your Moon sign, you also read someone else's, because then you will ready understand how and WHY we are all so different and can have differing responses to the same situation!

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You might also like to read "The Moon and How to find it in your Astrology Chart." if you don't already know-how. Send me your info and I'll help you find it if that article doesn't do it for you!...that's FREE! We all need to know our Moon signs because without this vital info. we could just be floundering around wondering why this 'n' that. This knowledge will give you understanding of your self at a deep level of the Soul's needs.






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If your moon is in Scorpio you are very emotional but you may not know it. Instead, you keep these deep and vital feelings locked up inside and they need a way out! You will need to learn how to communicate better with this Moon placement. Otherwise, there will be times when you seem to others like a teaming, brooding, emotional being that can’t be reached!

My son, Jake, has his Moon in the 8th house. He is on his way to a doctorate in Psychology! Good work Jake. He will definately use that deep, intense, insightful Moon of his in his work! This is a PLUS - to have your Moon sign or house reflect the natural tendencies within yourself.

But, PLEASE, don’t give up on your emotions. They can be the Gateway to life itself! They are your soul’s messages. What are they telling you? Somehow, what you do in life should actively involve your intense and committed feeling nature. With your moon in your 8th house or in Scorpio, you would make a great Scientist, Psychologist, Investigator, Accountant, Actor, or Researcher.

My Goddess, you don’t miss a thing! You look deeply because you care so much! You are psychically sensitive to unseen elements in life. You have a gift once you learn to harness that intense emotional energy and apply it to those who need your help, your healing, or your guidance. You know how to ‘stand up for’ whatever you believe in.

Party dresses for that moon in Scorpio!

You may like to be surrounded by old and familiar things. You may love antiques or antique hunting and collecting of the old or what others no longer value. You find value in the past. You can help others transform the discarded elements and emotions that they may be carrying around.

You form lasting attachments to things and to people. From time to time, you will need to step back or step aside to let others lead their lives without your interference.

Scorpio Moon is a WATER MOON!

The Moon gets to brooding in this sign. Water is your Moons element and it naturally gets stagnant when it doesn’t move. So it is important for you to learn to discharge your emotions so that they can become FEELINGS of committed tenderness, passion, and an energy that you can move through you to heal yourself and those around you.

You may have some strong biases and tend to take your personal affairs too seriously which can lead to possessiveness. Try not to seek revenge for wrongs that have been done to you. Stay out of the energy of dominating others.

"Transformation"  collage  Dixie Gladstone

(my cards with poetry will be available for you in 2017!)

You have a MOON that is transformative by nature. That is why you look so deeply into the source of life and the ways in which you can restructure life. You may go into a deep emotional state at times to recover elements of your self that bring a regenerative quality to your life or to those you love.

"Faithful Watcher" by Bencke & Scott 1871.

Your lunar nature is so strong that you could use it positively to achieve worthwhile objectives that will be productive to life. You move ahead when you use your vital lunar energy towards goals that can restructure or regenerate in some way! And we need you in the world now because of this! Others will appreciate that you have their back and can be trusted over the long haul. Your sense of commitment is strong and weathers many storms!

Scorpio Moon would NEVER SURRENDER!

Your fixity of purpose is wonderful unless it keeps you too attached with people or things that are of the past. In other words, emotions can keep you fixed – sentiment, or otherwise, but these may not truly reflect a healthy FEELING. A healthy feeling lets go when the time has come.

Fixed signs want to control something. Does it belong to you or to another? Often Scorpios are involved with that which is a shared resource. Like taxes, money, property, inheritance, or sexuality – those life processes that we hold with another human being are the places that Scorpio energy can be applied to with success. Unless success becomes an obsession, then you have to learn to pull back.

The Scorpio Moon is comfortable being in control so make sure that what you are controlling is something that either you have been hired to do or will be of benefit to others or another or to your self. 


We chose the Sagittarius image for Sharon's book " The Soul's Journey in Astrology" which you can learn more about here.

SAGITTARIUS Moon people are often at home in nature. You love to travel and visit foreign places because this stimulates your interest in how other cultures live and what other people believe in as a system of reality.

Here is a bright-eyed MOON IN SAGITTARIUS, Catherine Jones. Be sure to check out Catherine's web site HERE. She travels all over the world with her Sag Moon - doing wonderful workshops that help us get in touch with our Soul and the Inner Journey of life. Catherine is an actor, and a writer. You can use your Moon sign in almost any profession but it is BEST if you include characteristics of your Moon in your work to build a life-fulfilling career as she has!

This is a fiery MOON sign and can be prone to overdoing it. The positive side is your boundless enthusiasm which can be quite contagious, makes you popular in a group!

Since your Moon is your Comfort Zone as a Woman, you will want and feel comfortable with adventure! Your heart is that of an explorer and it brings you happiness to follow your inclination toward that which is new and exciting. You love being alive and it is important for you to follow your instincts, your gut level.

You have a great philosophical tendency and you can give the impression of someone who is giving a speech. Be sure your audience wants that or your tendency to ‘effuse’ might not be of as much interest to others as it is to you.

You might like to bring in things from other cultures to decorate your home. You feel energized by the unusual or original and the feeling of different cultures in your living space. You certainly don’t mind sharing your home. You could feel quite at home wherever you go in fact!

Moon in Sag has indomitable spirit!

You probably won’t be looking for a lover as much as a playmate and fellow adventurer. You need a companion who understands your need for freedom who won’t mind you following your wanderlust! Otherwise, you will feel stifled. You don’t like your heart to be weighed down and will avoid contacts with those who continually do so. However, if you choose friends who can be open and trusted then you feel freer to open up and be just who you are! You do not need to sacrifice your freedom in order to have close personal relationships.

You are learning about trusting in life and in trusting yourself. Sometimes you may appear overconfident and you will likely get into some experiences that are over your head! Let these be learning experiences but don’t let them shut you down (which you probably won’t!).

You have a directness of expression and you need to be able to say your feelings or express your opinion. You are easy-going and don’t get tied in knots like many others.

Be aware that the dark side of this sign or if your Moon is in the 9th house can get stuck in BELIEF SYSTEMS or patterns of thinking that their philosophy is the REAL OR ONLY ONE. By staying flexible and open-minded, you allow in people of other ethnicities, races, and beliefs to enrich your life.


Capricorn Moons are very sensitive, but you probably won’t show it. You may feel that you are not being nurtured and you may not eat enough when you do not feel nurtured by life, by your partner, or by those whom you depend upon. Your emotions can become hardened or crystallized in fear or apprehension because this position of the Moon is ruled by the planet Saturn.

There's our soul Sista' Deborah over on the left with her daughter and her mother. Deborah does not have a Capricorn Moon but she has her MOON IN THE 10th house which shares the characteristics of a Capricorn Moon. When a woman has her MOON IN THE 10th House, you can expect that she has had an important connection to her Mother, that she appreciates family values and her feminine heritage. Both Deborah and here daughter are healers and her Mother was a major part of her healing business before she passed. You can learn more about Deborah's healing journey and her wonderful work with the Feminine Divine HERE.

This is Deborah's family line, her mother and her grandmother. Those Moon in the 10th house women often hold the place of "Matriarch of the family". 

Your family and the status it achieves is very important to you. But you probably won’t feel nurtured by some of the members of your family. Try to remember that your feelings are not facts (or they might be in this case). Capricorn moon means that you need to learn to nurture yourself to some degree. You will need quiet evenings with your home and family or close friends whom you trust. You need to create situations for yourself where you can set down your need for control or overworking mania and just allow yourself to be.

Rosa Parks is an excellent example of a woman with her Moon in Capricorn. Self-respect is vital for a Moon in this powerful and enduring Earth sign.

You need to have a feeling of respect for yourself! Always keep this in mind because your happiness increases as you do the things in life that give you this sense. You want to feel capable. You have a natural ability to manage and to get the job done because you take care of what needs taking care of. If you have not already learned this than you will benefit by ‘pacing’ yourself, so that when there is a long way to go to complete your project or reach your goal, you will have the energy you need to complete it. You want to succeed on your own merits.

You don’t like help or direction from others because you want a sense of independence. As you gain the ability to discipline yourself, you realize that you can achieve what you want through your own brain and your skills. It would be quite hurtful to you to be in a position where you feel weak or small. Your Capricorn Moon is a moon that wants and is comfortable with feeling that you have MASTERED something that is important to you.

Step, by step, you work things out over time.

A traditional style home could suit a Moon in Capricorn.

You will need a home because you must have that investment and the security it gives you. Eventually you find your way into homeownership even if at first you do not have the financial means. Maybe this occurs for you as you mature and have saved up the financial means to do so or perhaps you choose to live where this becomes more possible or where living conditions are more economically affordable.

You need to be treated with dignity. Relationships that are too showy or where there is a lot of shouting or over the top behavior will not be acceptable to you. In the area of your feelings, you may put your emotions on hold until the crisis is over. Wallowing in emotion is not for you.

You should choose someone whom you can depend on. You want to be cared for as well as looked up to and respected. But if you are only admired or needed because of your financial status and not loved for who you are then this could be damaging to the relationship. Being seen as just the wage earner or the one who is admired can actually create distance emotionally between you and your partner. Or it could create a sense of obligation or of living up to expectations rather than true and lasting affection and love.

Learn to delegate the workload. Try to choose coworkers who you do not need to take up the slack for. You have a tendency to be able to do everything, but this can just mean you will overwork and do the job of another.



Remember to add in special times of comfort for yourself: an evening at home by the fire and surrounded by your family or close friends can rejuvenate you. When you isolate yourself from others you will create distance and miscommunications with others may follow. Others need your presence both in communications and in your availability. When you give your word be sure to keep it. Don’t make commitments you do not intend to keep or you will mislead others into a state of confusion. You have a powerful moon but you will need to live up to it by keeping your word and staying present to others.


I hope you enjoyed reading about these MOON SIGNS! We have 2 more to go for next time: Aquarius and Pisces Moons! So if you haven't found yours yet, it's coming! Aquarius and Pisces will also be about Moon in the 11th and 12th houses!

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