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 Moon in   Aquarius

or Moon in your 11th House.

"Community  "    

AQUARIUS by Sharon Russell

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Now, who could this possibly be?......Yes, my Moon is in Aquarius.

This is a cosmic Moon sign. In other words, some of these Moon people are 'way out there'!

If your Moon is in Aquarius, you are comfortable being original or a little quirky! You may be silently drawn to the future or the possibilities that lie there. Ths cosmos is a great mystery and you are intuitively tuned in to what is happening in the bigger world out there.

You might even believe in ET's and considering what you might say to one should you be so lucky to make contact!

This is one of the more studious Moon signs.

Studious, yes, but this Moon is also fun-loving and needs the childlike absorption of play. This counteracts their tendency for nervous anxiety. And by nature, there is a certain youthfulness and childlike quality which this Moon sign finds comforting. Romp and dance, sing and play. Be irresponsible for a while before you pick up your work. You need the freedom to be yourself. You are an individual and when you feel this, you feel free and happy.

Aquarius Moon is an AIRY Moon.

Because your Moon is in an AIR sign your emotional responses are sifted through your mind. You reason things out with your feelings. Odd, but true about you. Aquarian Moon is developing skills of detachment. 

You are probably NOT comfortable getting mired in the emotions of others. Big dramas or being around others who act out their emotions through melodrama or a lot of tears makes you uncomfortable. You then may appear to be 'aloof' or uncaring. This keeps your individuality intact and a sense of knowing who you are.

Actually, you do care, but you will want to show it by communicating, listening and keeping your own center. Understanding and sympathy for others comes natural to you.

Your friendships can be a great source of comfort to you. Especially the ones who see you as a unique individual. You need to be able to come and go as you please. Sometimes you might appear abrupt to others. When you finish a conversation then you are ready to move on. Try to recognize the need to slow down your transition a bit for the sake of maintaining those all-important friendships.

This Moon is ruled by two planets: Saturn and Uranus. Saturn gives a tendency towards repression of feelings. This does not mean you don’t have them, but you may not be in touch with them. When you are in a situation where you do not feel free to be who you are, then your fundamental identity feels at stake. In choosing a partner it is better to find someone who will let you remain an individual and not try to mold you into a character you are not.

You want the kind of love where two people can companion up for life and sit side by side rather than on one another’s laps. The Saturn part gives you a tendency toward loyalty and ability to commit as long as your freedom is allowed within the relationship.

Michelle Obama has her Moon in Aquarius. This is a stable Moon sign unless it has aspects by Neptune that may confuse in the case of Marilyn Monroe who was also a Moon in Aquarius.

With the Uranus co-rulership of Aquarius, you may find yourself having feelings that surprise you. They may seem to come right out of the blue.


Dixie and Sharon being themselves!

Sometimes Aquarian need to try on different selves when they are younger until they can find their true self and value it. This could bring about a feeling of succumbing to peer group pressure or feeling that you are different by being in the group that is different – and yet, that may not be the group for you.

You are trying something on, but if you do not feel the joy, the freedom, and essence of yourself than you may need to leave it behind and move toward your true heart. But do find the place you belong, because your tendency from the planet Uranus can be to remain too aloof and cut everyone out just for the sake of being a lone wolf, a rebel, an individualist.

Your moon sign will not be in its comfort zone until you find out who it is you are and what groups of friends you truly resonate with.

Moon in Pisces or Moon in the 12th House 

   Moon in  PISCES

       or Moon in your 12th House


 by Sharon Russell (click HERE to see how you can get this lovely image!)

Let’s look at this beautiful woman walking along a watery path towards the ocean. . She has a LOTUS by her side and is dressed in filmy misty blues with the Sun behind the mists or perhaps it is the Full Moon, What do you see?

She is graceful and poised, not quite of this world, but here nevertheless. She is a beautiful expression of the divine mystery of life. She, like the LOTUS, has arisen from the muddy depths of the unconscious to lead a life MERGED with the divine in some way. She may be spacey, but she is really trying to live within a container of holiness and Spirit. Moon in Pisces or the 12th house find deep comfort in meditation and prayer.

If you are a Pisces Moon Woman, you wish to be at ONE with the Great Mystery.

If your Moon is in Pisces or the 12th house, ah, what a lovely emotional disposition you have. You are loving and caring towards everyone.

Since your moon is your Comfort Zone as a Woman you must add in special times of comfort for yourself: a nice long bath or an extra long time to luxuriate in bed on those weekend mornings. Or give your imagination a place to flow with your creative project, song, dance, poem or art.

You must have some kind of water around you somewhere – either you live near the beach or a source of water or add a little fountain in your private sanctuary. Oh, and do have a sanctuary whether it be a place, a woman’s group or your garden. You will feel more at home if you create this space for yourself wherever you go!

 Here's our Carolyn....a true Pisces Moon and oh, does she love to dance!

Pisces Moon women have a vivid imagination. This is one of the most artistic, poetic, music and dance-loving placements for Moon. It will give you the gift of divine insight, ecstasy, enchantment, visions. You will have a delightful way of expressing even the simplest truths because you are open to the vast unbounded and limitless oceanic depths of your inner psyche, to the psyche of others, to the place where dreams and visions originate.

You will be sensitive to others, to their thoughts or feelings whether or not they speak them aloud. You FEEL them. You have a great tenderness of heart.

"Blue Lagoon" by Sharon Russell (see it HERE)

Pisces is a watery Moon. They truly BELIEVE in enchantment! Often, they themselves are enchanted with the ethereal beauty of being alive! WOW!!!

You are so dreamy and imaginative and sentimental. Your feeling nature is very developed but you do want to make sure that you are not going on sentiment alone....that it is 'True Love' if that is what you are after. And give it some time, because you, like the Venus in Pisces, may jump into love before love is really there. This may be your imagination!

Remember it tends toward romanticizing. By giving it a little or a lot of time (at least a year to get to know someone whom you may be trying to form a permanent attachment to,… so that you get all the seasons in your relationship) you can then better determine if you are living in a fantasy or if your dreams are really real after all! You might also consult an astrologer or friend to make sure that Neptune is not playing tricks on you! In any matter having to do with your feeling nature, it will be good to get outside advice from a grounded person.

Barbara Hannelore - remember her from "Moon in Aries or Moon in the first house"? Barbara uses her Pisces Moon on her web site.  She works with the Moon by helping women become more loving and caring of themselves! Here is her lovely web site:

Barbara has a WONDERFUL HEALING WEB SITE for you to tune into to help you make your way through your monthly moon cycles! Barbara Hanneloré is the founder of Women's Way Moon Cycles, sharing a new paradigm for the menstrual cycle, for women who want to develop radical new habits of self-care and self-love! She is the author of the award-winning book, "The Moon and You" : a Woman's Guide to an Easier Monthly Cycle, and hosts her talks and classes both locally and online. Barbara is a Women's Wellness Coach with training in Expressive Arts, and has studied many healing modalities and sacred traditions throughout her life. 

You may also want to read her new book which has won several awards!

In any new situation, if your Moon is in  Pisces or in the 12th house, you may at first become disoriented as you feel the overwhelm of so many complexities to confront. You can’t seem to leave anything out, or you may feel fear or disoriented with the unknown. But you can move beyond this into service or into the realm of creative imagination and find the enchantment of commonplace things glowing with the spirit that you share with them!

You are super sensitive emotionally and this can make you impressionable and psychologically vulnerable. Sometimes you may want to withdraw from others in order to protect yourself. Or perhaps you need a little distance to come back to your own center.

Pisces Moon or Moon in the 12th house need times of SOLITUDE.

For you with your Moon in Pisces, when you go to a party, ask yourself first: “Is this a group I want to associate with?” You have a tendency to pick up the general atmosphere around you and then bring it home with you. If the answer is “no” then don’t go. Or if you do go anyway and afterward find this has happened, then a good dose of ’downtime by yourself’ will replenish and nurture you back to wholeness.

Dear Pisces Woman, your sweet spirit is such a gift to the world that you may forget at times that you need to CARE FOR YOURSELF also. Make good boundaries, get to know what your limits are, and then work within them.

When called to move out of your comfort zone (that’s your MOON), you may move best when you bring a little of your Moon into your work or family life. That is, you can bring your compassion, your imagination into the realm of work or the details of everyday existence.

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Love to all your BRAVE and DEAR HEARTS!


Dixie Gladstone at Feminine Astrology

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