Mercury retrograde and Mid Year 2019 Update 




!How can this be?


Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto

These planets are all in retrograde motion now (July 2019).....5 all at once, that is a LOT! And only one of these planets is a personal planet, the others are social and collective and are affecting our Earth Mother Gaia as if she were a living being (as some of us believe Her to be).

This is one of the reasons it is so intense. Those outer planets affect social and global issues which we personally do not have control of. So Mercury in a way is carrying a heavy load of personal issues that may have been caused by forces set in motion from the past, forces we have no control over now.... forces that affect each and every one of us as it retrogrades this month. 

Here's the lowdown planet by planet:

Mercury retrograde  (until July 31st) is retro in Leo and then from July 20th to the 30st) continues to move backward but into Cancer . Mercury goes direct July 31st.

WE TAKE TIME.........WE NOTICE THINGS WE DIDN'T NOTICE BEFORE......WE ARE WILLING TO OPEN OUR HEARTS. Merc retro in Leo might be about our children, or the stock market, or taking a vacation. What do you need to look at in regards to how you are spending your money? Mercury can always bring up money issues. Are you taking unnecessary RISKS? Are your kids kicking up some dust?

Risks of all types including the stock market, unprotected sex, selfish behavior - these are all the shadow side of this Mercury retrograde in LEO....until the 19th when it moves back into the place of the home, our parents, families, our very soul will need a rest by this time!

The mind is tired. Your mental vitality may feel sapped of energy and a bit out of focus. Clarity of thought is not a product of mercury retrograde. Retracing where we've just been IS. 

"All retrograde planets make us take a journey back in time. We have to see what it is we have been doing.  If something went wrong, what was our part in it? We need to slow down before we take the next big step."

(MUSIC to take you into your past.)


Family matters are a special area of attention as they also represent where the SOUTH NODE is right now and it is also in CANCER. Old Bones in the family closet could rattle for some of us during July into October with Saturn very close to the South Node. No one has a perfect family. But family is where we begin and it is the beginning of the soul's journey in life.

Mars is conjunct to Mercury giving energy to ACTION that could become ANGER or deep FRUSTRATION. With the added square to Uranus, it brings COMPULSIVENESS, a feeling of being on the edge. We could be easily PROVOKED, or wanting to start a fight.....but


We need an extra dose of impulse control and self-awareness. We might act rashly without considering the consequences. Pluto adds its charge of power and trying to control the uncontrollable as it sits with Saturn in opposition to this Mercury retro phase!

Friends, this is a BIG CHARGE! Let's look at ways to handle it: 

So as we journey back in time with this mercury retrograde, what affected you in your past that may still be having a bearing on how you are making your mercury decisions right now? Some decisions mercury rules are: money, travel, vehicles, communications, communication devices, siblings, neighbors, whatever is in your general vicinity, so this includes your neighborhood, teachers, learning. And as I mentioned earlier Mercury can have to do with money and management or lack of it.

Because there are so many planets pushing at this mercury retrograde, almost anything has the potential to tick you off.

This happened to me yesterday BEFORE I looked at just how highly charged this merc retro is! And it was like a BLAST from the hell zones. Arguing and combative words back and forth to a family member - as if I didn't know better! Well, I finally gathered my wits and took my own advice - "let's take a break. I'm tired." I said. He must have been tired too because he texted me back with a short "Yes, let's."

"REFLECTION"   by Sharon Russell

"SELF AWARENESS will help you to calm down and could even save your life during this retrograde of Mercury with its many planetary aspects all trying to get their say!"

THERE ARE SO MANY PLANETS IN RETROGRADE MOTION RIGHT NOW! We need to take extra care to rest and take a break away from what has been too intense for us to handle. We need a new perspective.

"I see my reflection in the faces of old acquaintances and old places. I see my shadow and my soft side. I see....what do I see? What do I love about what I see? What must I change to float more lightly on the waters of life?

 Jupiter is retro in Sagittarius

JUPITER has been retro from April 10 and will not move forward until Aug. 11th. Anyone dealing with attorneys, legal matters, justice systems, try to be patient. Patience is not one of Jupiter's favorite strengths. Jupiter prefers to battle it out with brute force if it can. But it can't right now. Jupiter is in Sagittarius and wants to know more TRUTHS. We need to look at the bigger picture as it is in square to Neptune in Pisces. Pisces doesn't want to fight, Jupiter does.

There is such collective tension in the air for all nations one could cut it with a knife. We are in THE TURNING OF THE AGES. When we remember that, we can take heart and in our groups, help one another build a new FAITH, a new understanding, a changed perspective. 

Fabulous Attitude In The Heart

Jupiter wants to do its part by revealing TRUTH, GOOD MORAL CODES, NEW CODES OF ETHICS, Jupiter wants to develop FAITH and COURAGE to stand up for what we know to be right.

just trying to lighten up a bit here 

This square aspect from Jupiter in Sag to Neptune in Pisces makes everything look BIGGER and can blow things right out of the water! It exaggerates so we can SEE IT! We must see it! Denial shifts and what can take its place is GLOBAL AWARENESS.

Jupiter is a social planet and is concerned with how to keep the group, family, community working together. But Jupiter also wants its freedom which it may NOT be getting just now. This square also magnifies the disparity between what we HOPE for and what REALITY brings to us.

 SATURN is in  Capricorn as it retrogrades.

Saturn in Capricorn has been with Pluto this year helping us create change in our political and social units. It has been in a tough place as Pluto accentuates and brings out and upwards the DEEP, DARK SHADOW of patriarchy's past. But we cannot just dump all our institutions. We must CHANGE them instead. Saturn is a hard taskmaster and it may feel like nothing has changed as it is in retrograde motion (from May 1 to Sept. 18, 2019). But during this time we are PUSHED to see the shadow and other blockage material!

(Margaret, this one's for you, caw, caw!)

ALL shadow material seems to be coming up at once with Pluto pressing Saturn. It is disheartening! So, intentionally, take a look around at what IS WORKING so that this doesn't blast you out of perspective. WE ARE MAKING change at a time. And in retro motion, the change feels like it moves backward, like we lost the gains we had once made.....but this will change.

In the US we are experiencing a change just by having more women in Congress - FINALLY!.

This is a result of Saturn softening - read about that here: THE NEW SATURN IN CAPRICORN this article could help you understand what's going on out there in our bigger world and why so much tension. 

As Saturn continues to retrograde throughout these summer months of 2019 many of the old methods we've used still seem doable but are they? asks Retrograde Saturn? Old fears, old suspicions, and patterns of control are dying right in front of our eyes, even though, at first, they must rear their ugly heads!

"Cancer"   Nurture         Sharon Russell

The path Earth Mother Gaia is on is in CANCER...................



Saturn sits opposite the NORTH NODE which is the path our whole planet earth is following to lead toward its future. That North Node is in CANCER. Saturn is directly opposite it on the SOUTH NODE. The South Node is the past and it represents what worked in the past and may even be a great resource for us. But we MUST NOT STAY THERE.

Life requires us to move towards the NN Cancer and integrate the qualities of greater empathy and caring into the old systems so that they can be revitalized, revisioned and transformed! We are very much in this energy realm of taking another attitude, one that sees all earth inhabitants as part of the same family... at least until the end of 2019. 

Neptune retrograde grows our COMPASSION. We become more 'giving', our hearts are tender....the greater collective need takes precedence over our individual drive for drama or showmanship.

Neptune retrograde may point out some of the people who like to show off....just saying.

from "Ancient Wisdom" by Sharon 

Neptune is retrograde in Pisces right now (June 21st to Nov. 27, 2019) so issues having to do with oil, oil prices, oil shortages could begin during these retrograde times.

Pisces is all about water....and excessive water in the system. It rules our oceans and the pollution we are pouring into them. Retrograde Neptune is sure to 'bring up' what otherwise would be underwater or hidden in the depths of the unconscious mind.

It is a great time to come out of DENIAL about just about anything you could be confused or trying to hide from yourself.

Again, since this is a collective planet, Neptune issues affect large numbers of humanity. We can become ready to face our greatest fears.

Foggy Neptune can cloud our ability to move forward. Look to the house Neptune is in. It will be there a long time, until 2026. 

 Neptune will stay in Pisces until 2026. Neptune is an outer planet that moves slow. It takes between 15 to 30 years to go through one sign. Neptune is a water planet and Pisces a water signNeptune rules our oceans and oil reserves and water underground and in our atmosphere - all will continue to be issues of major concern during these years.  NEPTUNE, a slow traveler, changes us slowly over time and rules what we call the higher octave of Venus, or LOVE. As we grow with Neptune, our love goes from the personal to the unconditional. We begin to make a global decision concerning the use and abuse of water.

Global climate change is a major part of Neptune's journey through Pisces. But in Pisces, we don't yet know what to do about it. We have to FEEL it first, not just the effects to our earth Mother Gaia but on ourselves, our family, our children, our neighbors near and far. And as we feel it in our own bodies this retrograde time can help us out of denial.

This is a difficult task. It could become more pressing or feel more intense and our fear could lead us first into confusion and doubt. We lose faith. But as this retrograde continues we find one more answer, one more step, one more heart-opening. We must use all of our IMAGINATIONS to conjure up new ways that work for the greater good! This is Neptune at it's best.

All around the globe through media we are being deeply connected to the experiences and tragedies of other peoples lives. Yet, we feel helpless to help and often become depressed or anxious in the wake of it all. This is Neptune shaping us into a NEW REALITY in which our hearts are beginning to resonate with the hearts of those across the globe, with those we may never see or have any personal connection with. But it is happening as we watch the news, feel the pulse of life, and the suffering of others. We even feel our own suffering and it is not selfish, it is a part of this unfolding of the next step in our becoming truly HUMAN.

With NEPTUNE IN PISCES until 2026 we are in this time of the development of COMPASSION in ALL OUR HEARTS! No one will be exempt. Our tender feelings are about to become wave upon wave of compassion in each of our individual hearts. We are living in a time of great human evolutionary shift.

from Sharon Russell's book: Innocence to Wholeness

PLUTO is retrograde too!

The shadow is UP in each of us! It is up GLOBALLY and here in the United States especially as Pluto comes to meet itself in a grand Pluto Return in a few more years. We cannot control Pluto no matter how hard we try. Pluto makes us ready to change and transform by making us, at first - helpless -  and without answers to our deepest, hardest questions. 

We have to work so hard when a Pluto transit comes along. Sometimes it doesn't feel fair, certainly, we don't feel up to the task.....BUT WE ARE!..... and that is the hidden power we come to discover as we make this personal and global journey together.


You can get this book for a very small many images of women in various stages of personal growth.

Read about that 'hidden power' in this book about the's time to read it if you haven't already. It will give you some WAYS to work with the shadow which holds so much power within you!

Pluto retrograde (from April 24 to Oct. 3rd, 2019) can show us how our power trips, ambition, and control issues can't be hidden! Others notice what our REAL intentions are. Pluto too is about our past, our soul's past experience. Deep in the past lie the answers to hidden mysteries.