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Managing your moods with your MOON

(and FULL MOONS for 2019)

Time is moving on faster than I can keep up with ....tick, toc, tick toc, .... I'm finally back at my desk and February is over.

Our Moon is our Mother. She is your feeling nature.


All these feelings, sighing, and crying, tears and more tears.........feeling fear, or joy, or freedom...the vital inner life that often stays hidden behind the mask of our personality. She is so important for you to know about, your Moon. 

Your Moon is your feelings, your connection to your Soul, your relationship to the nurturing side of your feminine nature. Without the Moon, life would not be a journey of passion, love, of connection to the Divine Mother both within and without.

This is an OLD, OLD song about the Moon, written at the beginning of the Great Depression. Are you ready for some  MUSIC?

Now let's find YOUR MOON - just in case you don't know what sign it's in, you can LOOK AT YOUR CHART, FIND THIS SYMBOL,    then, look to see what SIGN (and element) it's in: use the symbol next to the one on your chart, EXAMPLE:

looks kind of like this:  7° 12′

reads like this: Moon at 7 degrees and 12 minutes of Aquarius

Real easy to find....but still can't find it? That's OK....I will help you.....just send 1.your name, 2. birth date, 3.birth time, and 4. birth place and you'll hear back from me in a few days with your MOON SIGN! (don't assume I have your birth info even if you have given it to me before -  last year I lost many of my saved charts, just after the big California wild FIRE,.........sigh, what a year that was, so I'll need your info all over again, ..... sorry soul computer acts out every so often...she has a moon sign too I suppose?!)

One more suggestion: if you have a friend, lover, child, husband, wife, favorite person in your life, someone whose Moon you would like to know about....and you have their permission (I always ASK before I look at someones astrology chart because it is potent and personal!) you may add that request along with your own.




"The Moon belongs to everyone, the best things in life are FREE............"

HOW DO I KNOW IF MY MOON IS HUNGRY? And in need of nurturance......

You will know because you are feeling hungry, tired, lonely, grouchy, angry, resentful, confused, fearful, put down or just plain SAD....Every emotion has it's purpose. Emotions are watery, fluid...they need to be felt and then released.


They can feel like a wave on the ocean, so big and deep, ebbing and flowing. They are telling you something, something the Soul needs to know and feel. Sometimes they will produce hormones like oxytocin which calms everyone in the room - oxytocin is produced by a lactating mother AND by people when they are feeling SAFE like when you are in your women's circle or with a GROUP you delight in. My friends, OH, how we need one another!

I'm going to give you a few tips for each moon sign, tips that say, " When I can put my focus on the things that make my Moon a place of comfort for me, then "managing' my moods "might just be a possibility."

The moon is all about our comfort zone and if you know what sign it's in you are on your way to getting to know your self better and better.

I get in these moooooooods.........

So, here it is..........

MOON BY MOON: or (Mood by Mood)

I color-coded the moons into FIRE, EARTH, AIR and WATER. Knowing your Moon's element is your first tip at fulfilling its needs. Fire Moons need inspiration and attention, Earth Moons need to be acknowledged for real world accomplishments, Air Moons need communication and connection and Water Moons need to express their emotions!


from Sharon Russell - see more at LETS SHOP

Moon in ARIES : Can become agitated with others - with the speed of how they do or don't do things, with their lack of backbone, with their differing opinions. Agitation or anger can keep you from seeing the thing clearly. You aren't satisfied with simple tranquility and you might find that your moods can be quite changeable. This can result in compulsive action taking...., however when simple 'action-taking' doesn't necessarily take care of the problem.... where to find comfort?

Assertion and fixed attitudes won't help.

Your Aries Moon finds comfort being first, being the pioneer, doing it their own if you are having a bad mood day, find something you feel is the original you...maybe it's the way you dress or wear your hair, maybe it's your original opinion on something that differs from popular opinion, maybe its playing a game you know you can win at (sounds a little shady but could work too!?)....what is it for you that will make you feel strong my courageous, individual Aries Moon Woman?

An Aries Moon wants to blaze a trail of her own! Some of our great grandmothers who crossed this country on a wagon train had their brave Moon in Aries. Pioneering women found comfort in their adventurous spirit and ability to accomplish things on their own. Sometimes however if you are having a bad moon day and really can't do it all alone - get help! Let your accountant help you, your housekeeper, (should you be so lucky!), your friend....doing it all alone ALL the time can put you in a bad mood that makes you feel worthless, but you are NOT! You a human! Buddying up (like a Libra Moon) can transmute your independent nature in a positive way!

Self expression is very important for you! ...and don't forget that because you are a FIRE MOON, you may try to avoid the subtler aspects of your feeling nature which could cut you off from true and lasting intimacy. Take time to learn to accept and release your powerful feelings. As you nurture yourself through recognition of these feelings your compulsive need for action will diminish and you will feel SO MUCH BETTER!

MOON IN TAURUS : When you get bogged down in your own stubborness, recognize that CHANGE can be beneficial to you. It is hard for you to alter your patterns both inner and outer. All EARTH signs need material and financial security to feel comfort. When this is not happening in your life you could retreat into an inner possessiveness or a rigidity and downright refusal to change.


Your Taurus Moon requires you to have more self sufficiency and FAITH in positive outcomes.

Taurus Moon finds comfort in owning things, like a collection of Kuan Yins that she displays throughout her home. Maybe you'd like to go on a little treasure hunt and add something you find to your collection.  Moon in Taurus is very sensual, so enliven one of your five senses in some way: Perhaps it's walking in the garden and smelling the flowers, or.... you could take a bubble bath of fragrant herbs, create beauty with your art or use your charm and artistic way with people.

Write a gratitude list and then Find the VALUE AND MEANING in what you already own. As you realize how much you already have, your FAITH increases. Relaxing into enjoyment can help you release your talents and higher personal qualities such as your ability to love, create beauty, and promote healthy family ties.

Creating beauty is part of a Taurus Moon's comfort zone. 

MOON IN GEMINI : finds comfort in reading a good book! or watching an informative video on a subject that currently interests you.

a bored Gemini Moon before he learned how to read and write and talk

You might also get relief from a negative mood by journaling your feelings or writing on a topic your are curious about.

Learning something new is always fun for a Gemini Moon!

Having a lively conversation with a friend or your group brings you joy and can appease your curiosity. You like a good story, whether you are telling it or reading about someone else's. Always have some good reading material on hand. 

I have a few friends with their Moon in Gemini who are dyslexic....just because you have your moon here doesn't mean you are, but IF you are....then this can be the cause of your discomforting moods or a feeling of let down. You are smart but not always organized enough to get to the bottom of what it is you want to say or know....think ahead, plan and practice if you are on the debate team. 

Sometimes your attitude and way of thinking can get in the way of your success and your ability to see the bigger picture. Check it out - how is my thinking about so and so affecting how I feel? Could I imagine a changed perspective on the matter?

Gemini Moons love to play games, cards, board games, puzzles, mind games, silly stuff too! Your lively ways could encourage others to join in and you can connect emotionally as you play.


MOON IN CANCER : finds comfort in cozying up at home. She needs the comfort of a loving family. Maybe you don't have this but you do have a best friend who gifted you with the thickest, warmest socks she could find as your Xmas gift - go put them on and remember how much she loves you.

Get out old pictures.....remember the GOOD TIMES! Old movies, do you like them? I do and my Moon isn't even in Cancer, it's in a crazy mutual reception with Uranus in Cancer though and this counts too!

Eat some sweets! you are one of the sweetest moons around! Thank You for your way of making your home cozy so when we all visit you, we feel right at home.

Moody Moon in Cancer loves her home but sometimes her domestic duties can feel a bit tiresome. Time to get out of the house and into the world!

If you are finding yourself going into your inner shell and isolating from others then this is a sign that you need to increase your social possibilities or release your personal potential into a wider world than just your family and its surroundings. WE NEED YOU OUT HERE IN THE WORLD with your affection, kindness, sweetness and caring nature!

Since you are a water moon your emotions will be aplenty, they will need expression, release, and a caring listener. Otherwise, old emotional patterns will keep you from acting more consciously to your current life. An unconscious Cancer Moon could get clingy...she needs the fabric softener of those she loves and this includes her pets, to cuddle up with her.

MOON IN LEO : finds her comfort zone being the center of attention. Do you have a skit you might perform for your group - something to liven them up a bit? Maybe someone else is in need of your happy moon.

My mother had this Moon and she would sing, sing, sing, songs like this (they were often romantic love songs, sigh...) - keep in mind, this was Nat King Cole and my mom had her own happy version...:  MUSIC (I can see her waltzing around the kitchen even now!)

she sang....around the house and got herself and everyone else in a positive mood (even when our papa came home drunk, she sang anyway and it worked for her! BLESSED BE MOM and thank you too!)

HINT: Leo Moons like romance, they are comfortable with love and want ways to express it

Your Leo Moon can also find comfort in its artistic or musical pursuits or bringing a creative quality to your work. This is a spirited, fire Moon and when you feel proud of something or someone you feel good!

You are fun-loving and have a lovely warmth that exudes like sunlight! People are naturally drawn to you because they feel the love in your heart! Let go of excessive pride or arrogance.

Esp if you have your Sun in Capricorn or Scorpio and you get too serious, your Moon won't like it, so be sure to feed that hungry Moon with some playtime and light-hearted activity every day.

Your Leo Moon might also be a bit melodramatic at times.....just sayin'....


MOON IN VIRGO : clean up a closet or drawer, clean your whole house if you want, get help doing it, but tidy up SOMETHING! Or you may wish to nourish yourself with a meal that is EASY to DIGEST as Virgo Moons can have troubles with their digestion if they over eat or eat something not on their list. My moon in Virgo son cooks and it always lightens his mood to be doing what he loves and something that is in service to others!

Grouchy Virgo Moon is a perfectionist too! You can LET IT GO, or ask yourself the question, how important is this? If you are feeling grouchy or like controlling someone else - stop and do something nice for yourself.

Virgo Moons do a good critique, but feeling criticized is not what others need. It's not what you need either. Check out and I mean OUT - any negative thinking about your self or others. You have a fine sense of discrimination that you can use to order and tidy up the things around you. You are so good with your hands - art, knitting, painting, playing the piano, little creative acts of putting things together to make a home, a piece of art, or a work space that will be a joy to walk into can give you a sense of calm and peace.

If you are getting too tired or too nervous, you may have overdone your doing for others! Your over concern for controlling another's behavior could bring up feelings of frustration.

Every so often, try to be like your polar opposite Moon, Pisces, and just GIVE UP, SURRENDER, FIND ROMANCE or give yourself the gift of SOLITUDE with prayer and no work, nothing to DO! TRY IT! You may find your tense mood shifting into calmness, ahhh!

MOON IN LIBRA : Your Libra Moon needs company and a connection with others to feel in your comfort zone. It's a good idea when you are feeling lonely to call and get with your best friend for lunch or tea. Loneliness is something that all AIR SIGN MOONS experience...they need each other so that they can signal to one another that indeed "I am here!", " I see you", "Let's connect". This is why our social media is so popular.

She is the picture of GRACE and grace is a Libra Moon on a GOOD DAY!

Your enduring charm with others needs to be shared and you need that connection in order to feel contentment....sigh....I just love my LIBRA MOON friends, they are so gracious and diplomatic! They always seem to have a space for others.

You may find that being SELF-ASSERTIVE can move your energy to a place of more hope and control with what you want and NEED.

Libra Moons love to buddy up with someone else whenever they can! They are more comfortable that way!


If your Libra Moon gets you in co-dependency troubles go to your polar opposite, Aries, and notice what YOU want, what YOU feel, and what YOU need. After you've checked in to your own needs, you can be more available to others, and if you tell them what it is you are needing, they can then be available to you too!

MOON IN SCORPIO : Oh dear, this is one of the more difficult Moons to maneuver because your moods can get dark, black even. They can cause brooding and a feeling of being stuck..... YIKES! It's like walking around with a cloud over your head on some days!

You might even feel territorial to the 'n'th degree, possessive, or jealous. When having a bad Moon day, remember that you are also: committed, perservering, loyal, stable and have an uncanny ability to solve mysteries and bring out and up what is hidden to others! In other words, you are gifted and resourceful even when feeling dark because you can look INTO that darkness and discover what's causing it.

Get up, take some action that can help you move that stuck lunar landscape! A brooding hen can hatch an egg but if she sits on it too long, it may never be born. 

If you are a psychologist or detective, this is the Moon for you because it brings you comfort to do what is natural for you - look deeply, thoroughly, and never give up on anyone! You are intense and determined and you can do the job!

But when you recognize the need to lighten up all that searching deeply, listen to your polar opposite, Taurus Moon, who just wants beauty and sensual pleasure....this could turn it around for you Scorpio Moons. Taurus's don't dig so deeply for all the answers - if it looks good, they just wear it! They back off on intensity to stay in the flow of divine grace.

Your Scorpio loves passionate love-making if you didn't know. You want to get real up close and!



MOON IN SAGITTARIUS: You want to be moving around a lot! You won't be comfortable with a sedentary lifestyle so don't sit around too much. Not that you do! Probably you don't!

You would like to be doing something like this all the time if you have Moon in Sag.

Even if you are sick or unable physically to get around you will need to find ways to explore the world, to make new discoveries, meet different kinds of people.

You could feel comfort in travel and being in the great outdoors! Climbing a mountain could even be a comfort for the likes of you. You value courage and strength.

Living LARGE in some way suits you! Like my friend who went to Paris 12 times with his Moon in Sag. Yes, he was quite comfortable when he was there! 

And when he wasn't able to go anymore? He started to play the piano, he learned how to sing, he developed a new excercise routine that fit into his 'elder' lifestyle. Lucky you if you have this OPTIMISTIC, GENEROUS MOON.

Sag Moons have many friends too! Do people with Moon in Sag even have a bad moon day? Yes, when they can't expand in some way, they are disappointed and irritable.

If you become judgmental about your self or others this can bring on black and white thinking patterns that in themselves speak of bitter feelings.

Muscle mass and competition are probably important to your Sag. Moon. Try releasing having to be the strongest, most heroic or most competitive person on the block. EEEAAASSSSEEEE up on yourself.

Go HERE to find Sharon's beautiful watercolors in cards or prints.

Your Sag Moon needs to bring happiness to someone and be a part of a "community" because as you share, you 'discover' and as you discover the needs of others and 'share' this brings contentment! Oh, you Sag MOONS! You are the LIGHTBEARERS!

You can hold that torch for others! Just don't burn yourself out with too much activity (all fire Moons can become hyper active - slowing down helps them smell the flowers along the way.)


MOON IN CAPRICORN : you could be happy and comforted if you weren't so all-fired serious about just about everything! This makes for glum moods. You will need to learn how to lighten' up, how to hang out with the people who love you and RECEIVE that love. You are so dedicated that you will find success.

Success can bring you a feeling of comfort especially if you feel rewarded for what you do! Earn that trophy! Climb that mountain! Be the one to plant the flag! Find ways that can fulfill your life changing GOALS. Since you are a goal-seeker, go for it!

If you are spiritual you will seek the highest heaven. When you help others succeed it also brings you comfort, especially when you are helping someone who loves you and whom you love in return.

Love, yes, let love IN!

As life changes occur for you with so many planets now in Capricorn.....and for many years to come.....try to find ways to build new and enduring structures. You are the goat who turns into a Unicorn when you reach the top of the mountain!

Your life's work could be your comfort zone. Self Mastery is important to you. On your journey, after the high peaks are reached, find places of comfort at home by the fire or with someone special who understands your achievement. 

You delight in sensual earthy pleasures in your environment. Your polar opposite Moon Cancer can show you how to make your home or room especially comfortable and cozy so that you can let it all down when you get home from a long day at work or career responsibility!

Moon in AQUARIUS    : Lonely?, bored?, feeling different from others?

You ponder many things. Your intelligence is comforting to you because you can channel the answers to life's big questions!

You could even find comfort in challenging your previous beliefs. Thinking like a philosopher is natural to you!

BUT, if you ISOLATE, then you could be in trouble because you might feel too special, or that no one notices you, or no one can possibly relate to your 'far out' way of seeing the world! You can understand greater realities but sometimes it is important to understand be let your heart sing instead of your genius head!

You have many friends, people like you, reach out to them! They want to be around your natural charm and acceptance of them!

They like your smile, so give it!

Kiss and hug, let your polar opposite, LEO, teach you about romance and letting go of a 'too aloof' place that can keep you separate from others. Find the meaning that only your heart can let in. 

You have two planetary rulers: Saturn and Uranus.....Uranus can create loneliness when it forgets it is human. Saturn can get you stuck in the quagmire of your stern philosophies, your intellectual hubris! 

Like I said, Kiss and hug! Then when you are basking in your own intellectual genius you won't feel so lonely and apart from others!

MOON IN PISCES : Your moods can become a way of life if you don't recognize that you are a ROMANTIC at HEART!

Sentimental woman with her Moon in Pisces. Isn't she lovely, most Moon Pisces women are. They are sensitive and their feelings are easily hurt, but they might not show it. Instead, they go off and cry or sigh......ohhhh!

But you must be able to receive love as well as give it. You could give so much that at times it drains the life out of you! You are free and easy with too many things. DAYDREAMING can comfort you, especially when you FIND WAYS to make your dreams a REALITY! 

Depression hurts! You are so full of compassion that giving the give away could be your very SELF! Create good boundaries, by good I mean get to know yourself and what really makes you feel good. How and what needs do you need to be satisfied in order to stay balanced? 

Use your head in matters of the heart, for you, that's OK, even better. THINK the thing through financially as well as heartfully. Patience may not come naturally to you, but as you cultivate it like a will attain your hearts dream!

If you are feeling fear, you are experiencing the dark side of your imaginative nature. Hum, sing and whistle your way out of it. If that doesn't work for you, talk to someone who you trust with your deepest, darkest fears. Just speaking them out is like 'airing out' the laundry and it helps! Believe me!

Taking some time out for SOLITUDE will help you stay in balance. You like the ocean, bodies of water or walking in the rain. You might even find that you attract rainbows which can manifest in nature for you!

"What the Moon gives is what the Moon needs!"

Remember you nurture others and you receive nurturance from others through your Moon sign. Let someone else tune into you. Moon to moon gives us a space to share the nectar of divine love with one another. 


so here are our FULL MOONS FOR 2019! These are the Moons as named by our ancestors....look for the meaning that lies behind each moon. Have fun!

TIP: a full Moon is ALWAYS directly opposite the sign the sun is in


WOLF MOON January 21 is full at 1 ° Leo (also a Lunar Eclipse and Super Moon). 

SNOW MOON  February 19 is full at  1° Virgo. (Super Moon).

WORM MOON March 20 is full at 1 °  Libra.

PINK MOON April 19 is full at 29 °  Libra.

FLOWER MOON May  18 is full at 27 ° Scorpio.

STRAWBERRY MOON June 17 is full at  25 ° Sagittarius.

THUNDER MOON July 16 is full at 24° Capricorn (this is a Lunar Eclipse).

GREEN CORN MOON August 15 is full at  22 ° Aquarius.

HARVEST MOON September 14 if full at 21°  Pisces.

HUNTERS MOON  October 13 is full at 20° Aries.

FROST  MOON November  12 is full at 19° Taurus.

LONG NIGHTS MOON December 12 is full at 19°  Gemini.

This year when the FULL MOON is in the same sign as the MOON YOU WERE BORN WITH - SIT UP, TAKE NOTICE! LOOK UP! FEEL INTO IT! USE YOUR SENSES! JOURNAL AND EXPRESS what you learn about yourself when the MOON IS FULL in your natal Moon sign! (for example: I was born with my Moon in Aquarius so I will pay particular attention to the GREEN CORN MOON of August 15 - ooooh, in fact I'm going to go right now and circle that date on my calendar so I don't miss it!)



Like magic your moon sign can transmute through your emotions! Are you listening to your feelings?  Do you like your Moon sign? What's your comfort zone?

Next articles: SEDNA is still on HOLD....I've been having so many problems with my overtyped and overworked hands, that I've had to rest them....oh, this is unsettling to me!....but I am working on this Goddess in my psyche and she will be available to you soon...I hope.

Girlfriends and guy friends, what would you like me to write about? Just ask, I'm easy - My moon is in the 12th house!!!! That's like a Pisces Moon! But it's in the sign of Aquarius. I'd love to hear what's on your mind. What questions or subjects would you like to hear about from me ? Send your ideas or questions to:


from my  to your ♥....see you soon! 

Goodbye my sweet hearts with your moody moons!


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