JUPITER in Sagittarius - a lightening up! 

Nov. 8, 2018 until Dec. 3, 2019 Jupiter is one year in each sign.


JUPITER in Sagittarius - a lightening up!

Jupiter says "use me, use my open symbol to open your heart to renewed FAITH and OPTIMISM and JOY." My symbol is but a way for your memory to find the place of renewal, of freedom, and opportunity."

Where in your life do you need to open to a new opportunity?

Where do you need to turn the key and open a doorway into a new possibility?

  A fairy godmother in your time of need.


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"But in this season it is well to reassert that the hope of womankind rests in faith. As a woman thinketh, so she is. Nothing much happens unless you believe in it, and believing there is hope for the world is a way to move toward it."

                                              Gladys Taber

Where do you need renewal and a lifting of the heaviness?

This is Jupiter at it's best. 

Jupiter in Sagittarius is at home in this fire sign. It wishes to inspire you to set foot upon the path you have been afraid to tread.

But you do not need to go alone. With Jupiter, there is a light, either within you, or without you, with an angel, a guardian, a beneficent friend or neighbor, a mentor or teacher....through all the beings in your life there is a possibility for opportunity to come to you through them.


Before we go to where Jupiter in Sag is - in YOUR chart, I have one overall thing to say about Jupiter in Sag - EXERCISE! WALK! MOVE! BUILD YOUR BODY! this is the placement of athletes, firemen, firewomen, policemen, policewomen, marathoners, body builders, vigorous dancing, vigorous just about anything!...you get the idea - Jupiter rules the muscles of your body, your hips and thighs, the way you move and build strength.



Above is the symbol for Jupiter in Sagittarius. Find  in your chart. It will be on one of your house CUSPS,  then look to see what degree that house cusp is.

Transiting Jupiter is at 6 to 11° of Sag until the end of Dec. Then it is at 12 to 20° until mid October, after that, it is 21 to 30° until Dec. 2 2019.

Sample astrology chart....see the red arrow? that points to the house cusp and the sign of Leo at 1° in this particular sample...then there's the no. 1, that means 1st house, then the next house cusp (we're going counter clockwise around down and up the other side and back to the start...) so the next or 2nd house cusp is at 23° Leo, the 3rd is 19° Virgo and so on. We see the sign of Sagittarius in the 5th house - in this chart it is intercepted and that means its not right on the cusp but rather all the way into the house itself. In the above example, this person would have transiting Jupiter moving through their 5th house in 2019. 

If you can't find Jupiter in your chart, that's ok, don't be shy, just - send me your 1. name, 2. birth date,  3. birth TIME and 4. birth place to dixiegladstone@yahoo.com. It will take a few days for me to get back to you, but I will! It's free from ME!


(BTW Madalyn Aslan's JUPITER SIGNS is a great book on Jupiter and I used it to help me out with the following...)

If Jupiter is passing through your: 

1st House ( perhaps you have a Sag rising and Jupiter will cross over your ascendant sometime this year or maybe  it crossed when it was still in Scorpio) You are in the beginning of a new 12 year cycle of spiritual renewal, a time of increasing opportunities. Things will OPEN for you.  You may feel more optimistic, more able to let in new possibilities and renewed FAITH.

Fabulous Attitude In The Heart

Here's a good example: both my son and daughter-in-law have Scorpio rising but lots of Sagittarius energy in their first house too! They got married as Jupiter crossed both their ascendants. Jake got his PhD! They are opening to new friendships as a couple and considering what they would like their future to be like.

JUPITER IN SAG likes to plan for a future! Bring in fresh ideas this year. Get around and create opportunities for yourself by being yourself. Say 'no' to shyness. Take some new action. Rely on your Self! Inspire others. 

Overcome obstacles with courage, strength and foresight. Be in control of your destiny in 2019! What you start now could last and bring you much success.

As you embrace your newfound freedoms, notice your ambition. Where does it want to take you? Go there or at least put a foot on the path....you are ready!

2nd HOUSE: If you need a renewal of your finances or a new place to live or a new way to make money, this year could be your ticket. Do NOT be afraid to ask for a raise with Jupiter in your 2nd house. This is a good time to get one. You could also discover that a talent that you have for ______ becomes more valuable to you. You become more courageous just by being yourself and honoring what it is you have to give to the world.

Land and property are also under the domain of the 2nd house so you might find yourself in a position to purchase a place you can call 'home'.

DETERMINATION is a quality of the 2nd house. Bring a down to earth idea into reality. 

Solve problems by seeing what others cannot. Just stretch yourself a little to solving practical problems.

3rd HOUSE: Cars, trucks, all vehicles of transportation come under the 3rd house. This is a good time to buy a new car or discover a new mode of transportation especially if it increases the scope of your life and helps you to have more freedom.

Be careful not to gossip under this Jupiter placement as it could come back to you! Instead use this energy to open up to a new field of study or just read lots of your favorite books in 2019!

Getting around helps you discover new opportunities!

The time for successful short journeys is this year.

Your brothers and sisters will be esp important to you. Open yourself to a new level of relating and communicating with them. Try something new if the old style seems to create angst - something like unconditional love for instance!

Writing a book or poem, articles for a journal, or just plain journaling your everyday life? Say it all and speak your TRUTH! Someone else needs to hear it.

Hello there Carolyn, who brings FUN wherever she goes!

Also a good social time, a time to bring your laughter, wit, and fun into your connections with others.

4th HOUSE:  Your feelings could lighten up this year or become more carefree.  

Does your home need a face lift or an expansion in some way? Create a space for yourself that allows you to be yourself - feel AT HOME wherever you go or however you live.

This could be the time for that move you've been waiting for....so keep looking for that 'right place to put down roots' if this is your transiting Jupiter for 2019.

This would be a good time to gain knowledge about your past or get a DNA test and find out more about your lineage. Discover things you never knew about the people who brought you where you are today!

Be active for the good of others - you have the benevolence in your heart this year if you will only move it outward. Care for those around you and for your family. But this  is also a good time to let go of what or who is stifling you. FREEDOM is a Jupiter in Sag's necessity.

This is the house of Cancer so if you have a baby while Jupiter is in your fourth house, there may be a quality of a fairy child about him or her. They will ADORE their mother.

5th HOUSE:  You'll probably feel more confidence with Jupiter in your 5th house. Even more energy and a desire to be generous. You will be powerful now but also warm and fun. What creative endeavors bring you vitality? Or do you need to accept a leadership role? Your natural warmth and outgoingness this year make 2019 a positive time to take on a leadership experience.

The 5th house is all about ROMANCE so it could bring in a new love.

A little flirtation might be needed to get your Jupiter going in the 5th house!

Only thing is, stay modest, the LION can become a bit taken with herself! What is she saying, do I FLIRT or NOT? It's up to you....but as for me, I'd flirt and forget about the modest Lion! 

Your children or giving birth to a child is part of what happens in this house too!

Oh, I almost forgot this is a good time for an exotic holiday, or just a nice trip for the fun of it! Leisure is favored with Jupiter in your 5th house, thank God!

6th HOUSE:  Jupiter in your 6th house is good for work and service to others. It is a good time to find a job or a better job. You must center in the here and now to find opportunity but it will be there.

The more you use your ability to be committed, be of service, to be structured and to be graceful under pressure, the greater will be your opportunity to expand. 

You can renew your health with a new diet or making an effort to 'separate the wheat from the chaff' in your current diet. Steer away from food fads. Purify your diet and clean out closets! Jupiter can improve your health while it is in this house, esp if you take the time to be conscious of how to take advantage of this transit.

They say that this house can contain the WISE OLD SOUL. Let that be YOU this year. You can also be more of a teacher, but shyness is a quality of this house too, so resist ordering yourself TOO MUCH. Jupiter wants you to loosen up a bit here, maybe even break some rules.


not this.....

If you want to have some fun with your wardrobe this house can help you find a simple but tailored look (oh, boy!) that brings the elegance right out of you. 

more like this. Dressing professional this year actually brings IN opportunity....try it!

7th HOUSE: Jupiter will surely bring in new people to your life this year. These people will be the source of new opportunity for you so be open, be charming, be your own love story! Yes, love could come to you too! Trust in your ideals, choose wisely. Hold on to your image of truth and beauty, but don't become overconfident or conceited - Jupiter can get dark when it goes overboard with insincere charm.

Stay close to your sense of justice, don't let passion sway your better logic and objectivity. 

Luck comes in being a good partner this year. You feel social so follow this feeling to expand your horizons.

You could benefit from marriage this year.

As you reach for something better be tolerant, hopeful and law-abiding.

BALANCE is the key word in the 7th house so in terms of your diet, your energy is linked more than ever to how much or how little you take in. Drugs and alcohol will make you more tired than ever, caffeine intake needs to be tempered. Your exercise plan should be a balanced one. 

Sometimes you work really hard, then it's time for some extra rest as you learn how to balance with this planet in this house. 'Daily moderation' can help you reach optimum health. 

8th HOUSE: Go within, dig deeply! You uncover hidden or lost parts of yourself.

Your shadow is not all BAD. On the contrary you may be seeking to find something you have lost or left behind. It is within you, an inner flame that promises to bring you an opportunity to regenerate and renew. 2019 could and should be THAT year!


Jeanette Winterson

If you are in need of a loan this year, this is the time to get it. You also will likely benefit from someone else's resources in some way....could be an inheritance, loan, or gift. 

Transform as your world changes. Get in touch with the power of your unconscious. You will be particularly observant and devoted to the challenge. 

You may be more seductive this year, so choose wisely in your sexual encounters as Jupiter here can bring in freedom loving males who don't stick around. It depends on what you want. It can also bring in a shadowy figure who is trying to reflect something back to you.

Rebirth through great challenge just could be on your plate right now! Heal your spirit in 2019!

9th HOUSE: This is the house of JUPITER so BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN. You could start believing in miracles again!

If you feel yourself loving life or embracing the journey, go with it! You may find opportunity in travel, the study of philosophy, psychology, astrology, of anything that widens your view and beliefs about the bigger picture of life, your life!

Jupiter in the 9th house is a firey planet in a fire sign. It makes you feel particularly enthusiastic and a believer in miracles. But you also want to be FREE to march to your own drum and to be on the move. Watch your risk-taking or possible naivete. It's also a good idea to watch your spending.

This is a good time to give unconditional love. Others may want their freedom as much as you do!

You may become a teacher for someone or they for you. Learning or teaching brings you LUCK!

This is also an athletic type house - so you may find yourself playing a team sport or just getting to the gym more often. This energizes you! And you are an excellent team player with Jupiter in this house.

Being out in nature could be exceptionally stimulating for you. Long walks! Climb a mountain! Swim in the ocean! The natural world reminds you of your spiritual connection to mother nature.

10th HOUSE: Jupiter in the 10th house will go the extra mile, can be tenacious and hard-working this year. You will benefit from this now! Your career will put you in the limelight. You've worked hard for what you have attained so give yourself credit for this.

Be philosophical and a pragmatic idealist. You could be brilliantly focused to succeed in something this year. It will be something that inspires YOU and OTHERS. Be in it for the long haul. This is a Capricorn house, so with a freedom loving planet sometimes you wish you could just lighten it all up or give it all up....but this isn't really what you want to do. By being tenacious you bring in the LUCK and status that you are looking for.

'Tenacious' is a quality of the 10th house.

You can maneuver precarious paths and ledges as you stretch to reach new heights and goals. 

Continue to build your STRUCTURE and stay GROUNDED in reality as you go. If you do not have a sense of this in your life, you must and can create it this year. You don't need to move the earth, just put a solid foundation under you own feet!

More than ever in 2019, you are a self-created person with your determined hard work and ability to see the truth. You can express the deep truths about life and open up your culture to new ideas and ways of living. This can make you powerful and masterful.  So 2019 could be a year when you have greater influence and an increase in your social standing.

One last thought - it's about love. Be patient in relationships, you have a tendency toward bluntness this year. You see the truth in others and it could just be a bit much for them. Don't dwell on your partner's past, esp. this year. As Wayne Gretzky who has a Jupiter Capricorn said: "Skate to where the puck is going and not to where it's been."

11th HOUSE: What a great house for Jupiter! It can bring in a new friend or friendships. Join a group. Play and have fun this year. Be social. That is where you will find opportunity. 

Democracy is ruled by this house. If you are inclined to become political, now is the time to join up with the party of your choice. You will bring unforseen opportunity into your own life when you do this.

Be original in your ways, even shocking!

Aquarius (11th house) is the sign of the Water Bearer who brings us enlightenment and truth. If you haven't already started to meditate, this would be a great year to begin....and to stay with your meditation group.... as group meditations will increase your experience of the true and miraculous 'waters of life' within you! 


You may carry a vision for your own future this year or for the future of your group. Express it to others, even if it seems a bit radical. Oddly, the things that bring you luck and opportunity in this house have to do with your original, out of the box thinking.

You may feel humanitarian this year but don't give away all of  yourself. You need to maintain a certain balance because otherwise, in this house, Jupiter can go too far! Too many shocking changes, too much partying, or even becoming an ivory tower or too arrogant make this placement spin out! If you feel this happening, take time for yourself and take some SOLITUDE to balance all that social visionary energy!

12th HOUSE: They say Jupiter in this house gives you special protection from the angels!

This is the house of divine, spiritual perception. Jupiter is more internal here. You can become an artist of your own emotions, a healer or compassionately human.

You could create miracles in your life or the lives of others this year!

But you can also go overboard with your illusions or illusionary thinking. Daydreaming will be easy and restful this year. It won't hurt to indulge in it a little now and then. 

You are in the watery depths of feeling and knowledge and this can increase your imaginative capacity. 

Since this is the last house of the zodiac is has to do with endings and the the beginnings of beginnings! You will need time to rest, to have solitude, to embrace your internal journey. 

This placement can give creative genius and imaginative powers beyond the ordinary. Pisces embraces both the light and the dark. Your art this year can carry an extra touch of the humane, the emotional, of what people need to heal.

Don't spend time in too deep analysis of life. Instead,  look at the bigger picture, at mysticism, at theology, at what made the great philosophers able to look beyond the veil of material life and living. As you embrace faith and spirituality in 2019 it will bring you luck and benefits. Your spirituality can pour out onto others and your compassionate heart will be a boon for those in need. 

You will need a friend or lover this year who will understand your need for other worldliness. Find someone to whom you can confide your dreams and secret aspirations, but discriminate in whom you choose. You are sensitive this year, so choose someone who can honor that.

"Kuan Qin and Mother Mary"  from Sharon Russell

Take advantage of opportunities for your spiritual development this year. This includes going on a retreat, starting or taking time for more meditation or solitude, find others who can relate to your spirituality. Perhaps you renew an old faith or religious belief that somehow takes on new meaning for you now.

This is Bruce and I at the Red Feather Ball last year! Just thought you might want to see my other half! Isn't he ROmantic?

Merry Holidays to ALL!

Dixie Gladstone

Feminine Astrology

and a BTW: I'll be back with my SEDNA article (possibly before Christmas! innocent) She is an asteroid goddess for these times of climate change and what our part could be. And in 2019 we will be working on our LIFE PATH (North Node/South Node) along with more asteroid Goddesses...oh, what FUN we're going to have!

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