JUPITER has moved into Scorpio  




Jupiter and it's family.

The sign, Scorpio, the Great Mystery of our Universe, will offer us spiritual realignment and blessings from the Soul while Jupiter is here. Jupiter is our largest planet. But not understood so well. Jupiter, at its essence, is a SPIRITUAL planet of connecting nations and people on a social level.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter can structure magic through our inspiration and creative ability.

in Scorpio, Jupiter seeks to become aware of the universal life stream......

Jupiter is considered to be 'LUCKY'. But what is 'lucky'....is that this planet sends out massive waves that expand our consciousness both personally and socially.

"We become more inclusive of others when Jupiter is working its true magic. We release outworn thinking and replace it with new ideas for our future and the future of all beings." 

Jupiter must have freedom, openness and wants to find a way to bring our individuality into the greater collective society that we are a part of.

Scorpio is the last sign that Jupiter visits before it will return 'home' to it's ruling sign, Sagittarius. We are at the final stage of a 12 year Jupiter Cycle that asks us to transform and complete old lessons that began 12 years ago. Jupiter is a 12 year Social and Spiritual cycle.

For those of you who are SCORPIO RISING (ASCENDANT) you will begin a new 12 year CYCLE of personal development of your spiritual being! This is exciting and will OPEN UP YOUR AWARENESS and can give you the COURAGE you need for your new spiritual journey.

Consider your spiritual growth and awareness and how it affects your beliefs about your work and life and your attitudes towards others. In Scorpio, Jupiter will ask us to dig deep into our unconscious to find the shadow elements inside us that keep us prisoners of prejudice, religious intolerance, cultural bias, and limiting views of all kinds.

The ANKH was the Egyptian symbol for the source of life. It could heal, it was worn by ISIS who was a transformational Goddess of.....

DEATH AND REBIRTH (Scorpio's domain)

We may encounter a death or deathlike experience in releasing and then opening to a new vision. But first we must see the TRUTH about ourselves (or our nation). Jupiter rules whole nations and cultural milieu. What country are you from? How do the attitudes, beliefs and feelings about others 'who do not fit in your culture' shape how you treat them?

In what house of your chart will Jupiter be awakening you? Find Scorpio on the house cusp, look at the degree, go HERE if you want more help with this or contact me and I will find the house Jupiter is transiting in your chart.


is seeing light when all your eyes see is darkness."

Scorpio energy has MANY DEEP LAYERS:

At it highest evolution, Scorpio brings the spiritual world into the material world through consciousness and awareness of the oneness of all life, but at its lowest it can bring extremes of hatred and darkness.

Louis Janmot 1854 "The Soul's Flight"

'from his "Poem of the Soul" series

Scorpio ranges form the depths of darkness to the heights of LIGHT and HEAVENLY encounters.

Louis Janmot   1854 "Memories of the Sky"   

Scorpio seeks the truth of our Soul and wants to manifest it in our encounters with others.

Scorpio is not a loner sign, it is very involved with others, whether it be through sexuality, power struggles, obsessions, addictions, struggles over inheritances or other people's money and possessions, or can include just downright cruelty on the one hand or committed healing power on the other.

"Descent"               Sharon Russell

It will take work and self reflection, digging down deep into one's unconscious to reveal the manipulations, drives and amazing power that CAN BE USED FOR THE MOST POSITIVE and ENLIGHTENING EXPERIENCES. But first we must dig up the dirt. Scorpio exposes the truth that we don't want to see. It reveals what was there all along but kept in denial. It is not an easy sign to deal with.

Using occult or refined power in ways that attempt to control others through personal will can be a sign of this sign's power that is of a very low vibration. It can stir up the darkness.

It can bring in feelings of depression, fear, despair and wanting power over others.

From Sept. 10 2017  until November 7th, 2018 Jupiter will be in this powerful sign.

Pay attention to any darkness or limiting beliefs that as you become aware of, can be let go and transformed. Scorpio is a master magician when it comes to transformation of elements within. This is a process that takes TIME, but it will serve your whole being as you CHANGE and bring in the LIGHT!

"Hidden Treasure"          Sharon Russell

If you hold on tight to past patterns that damage you, others, the environment, the heavier and more difficult each day becomes. As you release and surrender, you feel lighter and more awakened! What will be revealed to you is your own hidden gifts and talents, a new source of energy emerges!


We call it 'The Shadow" because we can't see it. In fact , WE are usually the last one's to see our own shadow. It can be frightening. It can be unbelievable that such a think exists inside us. But what we don't want to see within ourselves has a HOLD OVER US LIKE NOTHING ELSE CAN. It grips our unconscious mind and controls our behavior. 

Jupiter in Scorpio can help all of us become brave, brave enough to look within at our true motivations and fears. We can shine the light of Sagittarius onto our inner consciousness to tap into what energy is being held hostage within us because we can't see or use it to our conscious benefit! WOW! This could be good, but scarey for some of us! 

Everyone has an inner witch! sorry, girlfriends, but the TRUTH can be really ugly sometimes......the black witch is the shadow witch of our own ignorance.

She will have power over you. But it is power gone amuck! And only YOU can tame that old biddy!

Our white witch, our GLENDA's within, can emerge with great power for the good when we do our work of bringing up SHADOW! Once made conscious, our fears not longer control our actions. This is the freedom JUPITER WANTS IN SCORPIO!

The way we open up to higher levels of consciousness is through shedding lower vibrational thoughts, feelings and actions. Jupiter in Scorpio can help our entire planet shift into a higher vibrational way of thinking and being. But FIRST, as in all things Scorpio, it can 




into the hell zones that we don't want to look at. Child abuse, sexual abuse, abusive behaviors of any kind can be exposed now. Drug abuse and addiction is coming to the foreground of our consciousness here in the United States. It must, if we are to come out of denial as a nation and as individuals. We will look at how our judgments of others do not help in recovery programs of all kinds. This will open us up to new ways to help ourselves and others.

Here is Sharon Russell's book on the SHADOW. 





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This beautiful book is portrayed by a series of colorful, archetypal images that will capture your Soul. It will show you a way of gentleness and kindness with yourself as you take your journey toward Wholeness, a lifelong process.

Innocence to Wholeness will help you discover the hidden aspects of yourself, the shadow, which in this story is depicted by a Dragon. This lovingly told story will help you face your fears, connect with undiscovered gifts, and awaken to your soul's message.

I so highly recommend you to this BEAUTIFUL Watercolor series of a woman's journey through the depths of her unconscious mind to a place of freedom and expanded awareness. This book can help you look at your personal shadow without all the fear and drama that can go into revelations about our selves. 

Amethyst is a Jupiter/Sagittarius stone that can bring in a protective spiritual vibration to ease the struggle with our addictions. It can also raise our personal vibration in a gentle way so that we become more open to spiritual truth. 


We are AWAKENING. Seeing the TRUTH, brings in the LIGHT!

At any time this Jupiter year you can ask yourself, "What is Jupiter in Scorpio guiding me to learn?" "How can this seemingly dark experience help me find the truth, the light, and greater comprehension of myself and of my place in society?"

Will you send this article to someone, a friend, co-worker, or a lover of all that is feminine, I would sure appreciate it! Thank you!

May Happiness and Blessings abound for you as Jupiter sheds it's LIGHT into dark corners!



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