Autumn 2012 until and throughout 2016! (actually, this energy though passing by exact transit still returns to unsettle our world throughout 2016 and into the Spring of 2017)

 Courage Has Attitude aNd Great Energy.....

Since June of 2012 we have been IN an EXACT SQUARE configuration between Pluto and Uranus. We will remain in this tense and changing field until 2015. ALL OF US, our economy, and our personal lives are being affected as these two outer planets make this long term aspect to create something new out of old forms.

PLUTO TRANSFORMS us by breaking down old patterns and ways of being and remaking us from the bottom up.

Here is PLUTO's symbol:  

Pluto can be intense, unavoidable, lasting, rebirthing, and like a trip into the hellish realms of life. OHHH, sorry about that word, "hellish", but Pluto is 'God of the underworld' and he takes us DOWN (not UP into the light).....but down into our psyches, our deep innermost mind and heart....we are in a process much like working on a piece of art, not knowing how it's all going to come out. We go where we have not yet gone and we engage in the transformative process of change.

Slowly a new and more complete Self emerges....

  Pluto is now in Capricorn where it will remain for another 12 years.  This is how we write it in astrology:


 is the symbol for Pluto

 is the symbol for Capricorn

 Here is Sharon's image of Capricorn which she calls 'Mastery" because Capricorn is all about our attainments in the physical world.

With Pluto now in Capricorn (since spring of 2008) we will see the downfall of old institutions such as our banking and health systems..... and then their reformation. PLUTO in CAPRICORN takes the entire landscape of society into consideration in order to promote stable and lasting forms that can support our culture and its people. But forms and institutions must change over time in order to provide for the safety and welfare of it's citizens. Pluto's job is to REFORM those institutions when it is in the sign of Capricorn. In this sign, Pluto has the power and energy to do so.

PLUTO in your personal chart may REFORM your career, your family life, or place of residence. It reforms your health care options, your communications and relationships of all kinds. It is especially potent if you have any of your planets in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Right now (2014 - 2016) Pluto is busy working on those of us who have any Cardinal planets at 11 to 15  degrees (until Jan 2016, then Pluto is at 16 to 19 degrees until February 2019) of these signs. 

Uranus looks like this:

URANUS is the LIGHTENING ROD of change that you may not have dreamed was possible. It strikes, sometimes suddenly, cutting us off from the security net of our past. When Uranus finally works its' magic something has been cleared away that will give us greater freedom and more choices


URANUS is in ARIES as it makes its' squares to PLUTO in CAPRICORN between now and 2015. Aries is all about YOU, your individuality, your personal likes and dislikes, your courage to be yourself. Aries will fight for its rights and its freedoms, for what you believe in! Aries is a fire sign and it proves itself through taking action. And Aries do not waste time, they want what they want NOW.




 Aries is symbolized by the horns on the ram's head:


Uranus in Aries looks like this:


          is the symbol for Uranus

          is the symbol for Aries

These two planets create great tension as they attempt to help us grow both personally and as citizens of a new and rapidly growing world. Uranus and Pluto are in an aspect which we call a SQUARE, a 90 degree configuration,  so there will be a great deal of dynamic tension. This is because the needs of the individual, as represented by Uranus in Aries, challenge the old forms which are Capricorn's institutions.

As women we are in a transitional state of consciousness as we take our rightful place as equal beings in a modern world. We have choices our mothers and their mothers never had.

Let's stop just a moment here and take a deep breath!  

 Some of you can just FEEL the intensity of what is happening in our greater world right here and now. Some of you have a clear idea already of what these changes mean for your personal life. We must keep breathing deeply in and out and if you want to stay sane remember to do this with others, your friends, cherished groups or close neighbors. Yes, let's make a big outward SIGH as we release our breath and let's do this together!..................

 Remember you are not alone on your journey, your sistars are here reading this message with you!

Tension, .....breath it out,....CHANGE.....welcome it in or at least be open to the possiblity of what it could bring for you!

Along the path to change and new found freedom you may feel frustration, blockage, something in you wants to take another kind of acton, but that something seems to stay stuck for a very long time. This is a long transit; when Pluto and Uranus make aspects to each other they are trying hard to help you see your personal needs and it will take time to figure out how and just what needs to be reformed in your personal life and in your social sphere to transition from one way of being into another.

You will need PATIENCE with your self and others. You will need COURAGE. And you must take some action because these two cardinal signs, Capricorn and Aries, are the initiators of new individual expression that will be reflected in both the personal changes we make and the ones we make in our community, our nation, our world.

We are in the process of creating something new! It feels the same way that it feels to be in the process of creating a sculpture or a painting, a new recipe, a garden, a new relationship. We don't know what it will look like but we want to explore where new ideas take us. We each have ideas and we each have energy: we'll try this and we'll try that.....

The universe offers us right now BIG ENERGY, and BIG OPPORTUNITIES for a BIG PROCESS!

There will be some focus on "I" and some focus on "US". Perhaps it is time to talk about ideas, to journal to draw....

Please share your ideas.

Do you feel change happening now? What's happening in your life right now? Tell me about it by sending your story to 

Please send it to me to be posted and shared with your sistars!  I'd love to hear from you!






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