Holding the Hand of God with Mercury Retrograde Mar 22 to Apr 15 2018 



Mercury Retrograde March 22 to April 15, 2018

A NASA photo - the real thing is sometimes more powerful than we can comprehend.

Mercury is now retrograde in Aries. Aries is considered to be the personality, the ego, the self as experienced by the body. But if we look at the attributes of Mercury itself, then Mercury is the mind. It is what we experience as 'states of consciousness'. Our Body, the Aries part of this retrograde, can be seen as the vehicle for our consciousness.

Though on a mundane level, Mercury might be what we are thinking about or what we have our attention focused on, on a spiritual level so much more is happening. 

Especially when Mercury is retrograde we will have the opportunity to take a step back from our passionate involvement with all our encounters. We can become a 'silent witness' to all that is going on in our lives.

This 'silent witness' to our reality is our inner watcher who watches without judgement or attachment. This is the first step to the growth of cosmic consciousness, to recognize this separation between the body and self... to a larger Self that exists beyond time and space.

By being aware that we are witnessing pure awareness, we can Hold the Hand of God.

This is the gift of being in a human body. We experience greater and greater levels of awareness of the Self. We begin to see that our true nature is not really limited by time and space as we thought it once was. In time this awareness will shift to the next level of consciousness, to the level of God Consciousness itself. In this state we will experience the expansion and growth of our hearts... ahhhh, but that is a later article....

let's get back to that retrograde motion of Mercury that slows our mind down so that we can have this time to 'pause' and experience a greater awareness within and around us.

This understanding can help us comprehend the 'spiritual action' of Mercury retrograde. At first as we witness, the mind seems separate from activity. This is the first step towards enlightenment and begins to normalize all of our actions to make 'conscious living' possible.

Meditation and prayer, solitude and reflection - all favored by Mercury when it is in retrograde motion, can help us 'stop' reconsider our actions, and go back over territory we might have missed.

Your mind, Mercury, is what links Spirit to Matter (we come into matter through our bodies, we enter through the first sign of the zodiac, Aries.)

Your mind, Mercury, links your Soul with your personality (an Aries quality).

On the material level here are some of the ways Mercury retrograde in Aries could affect you if you have this retrograde in your.....

1st house: You are being asked to grow more self awareness so that you can understand how others see you and why they react to you the way they do. Aries can push ahead like a ram but will need to pull in its horns a bit during this retrograde period.When you take a step back instead of forward as you are accustomed to doing, what do you see? How does this shift your awareness of your actions?

2nd house: Financially, you might be receiving some money or resource that was owed to you in the past. This is good, but it also can make you reflect or realign how you spend your money or save it to prepare for future unknown events.

3rd house: Do you listen as well as talk? Are you thinking of ways to improve your communication skills, esp. with family and neighbors, siblings and those in your everyday life? Did your car break down? Or one of your communication devices. Go back and 'fix' what needs repairing so you can move ahead later on. Try to sit still for a few minutes and consider your amazing curiosity....of all the many interests you might have, what is really important to you right now? Regain your focus during this retro, then move ahead.

Oh, I almost forgot...the 3rd house can also be about our pets....are you listening to them? They may need some extra attention!

4th house: Your home or family may be in need of your attention. Delays in projects could be a way to reconsider how you are doing the thing. Are your parents needing some special attention or protection from you now? In this house, Aries can help us learn to protect our homes and families. Is it time for fire alarms to be installed in the hallway? Need a new roof or repairs that will protect your home from future calamities? More insurance? Oh, my!

5th house: In love and romance you may want a lot of freedom or to be first to make decisions, but while Mercury is retrograde you could have an opportunity to deepen in your love encounters by 'witnessing' your part in the dramas and traumas of being in love.

Fifth house matters can put attention on your children, on reconsidering how you help them keep good boundaries and balance their activities. You might also need to spend some extra money on their safety.

One last thought for you, do you need a vacation?... choose something that challenges you physically and is fun at the same time. 

6th house: You could be particularly challenged to attend to health matters. At work, a project may need redoing or reevaluating before you can move ahead after April 15th. You'd like to charge ahead but you'll have to attend to the details first. Perhaps you're reeducating yourself to improve your career choices....be patient and it will work out.

7th house: If Aries Mercury is in your 7th house you are probably a Libra rising and usually you let the other person make the decisions. But while Mercury is in Aries, you need to balance your decision making so that there is compromise and fairness. Give and take after you look and ponder a bit on what you are trying to accomplish with the 'other' person.

8th house: Isn't April 15th your tax deadline, you might wait that long to get them to your accountant or to complete them this year. Mercury retro in the 8th always brings up issues where you and someone else are sharing a resource whether it be money, health insurance, taxes, or even,...

SEX...it's time to talk and listen. Hidden or unspoken agendas need to be got out in the open so they can be given some fresh air!

Death of someone close to you in the past may bring up issues of how you shared money, of difficulties that arise without that special person.

9th house: Travel delays or changes are likely now. Take a second look at future plans and goals. If you have become too rigid in your thinking, too dogmatic about your religion or what you believe is the 'right' way....it's time to rethink the matter. Court delays are possible too or anything related to the legal system, including squabbles over how much money you owe your attorney.

On the positive side, by taking some down time in nature, you could rediscover aspects of your self that bring you great peace and a feeling of freedom.

10th house: You were expecting a promotion and maybe it didn't come - yet,...but all is not lost if you are willing to renegotiate your position. This house can also affect your parents and that affects how quickly you can move in your work and career projects. Try to be patient with them and see if you can find out what it is they really need so that they can move ahead with something that may be holding them back.

This frees you up in the future!

11th house: You will need to consider your community or your friends. Delays or reruns are possible if you don't. Communicate to them, listen to what they are asking. Your desire to accomplish a LOT will be held in check until you attend to the needs of the greater group conscience.

12th house: Feeling tired?...go within, seek solitude - especially for you if Mercury is in your 12th house! You need to replenish your deep inner psyche without the intrusion of trying to make plans or forge ahead. Just let it be! You could discover how your unconscious mind takes control of what you do and the way you make choices now and these discoveries free up some of your energy that gets involved in needless 'doing'.

OK, my friends, I hope this helps! We are all growing together, isn't this a wonderful world, even with it's retrograde delays and set backs? I hope the answer is 'yes' for me tomorrow as it is today!


Remember - it's over on April 15th.

BTW, look up towards the west at sundown to see our lovely, BRIGHT Venus. We'll be talking more about her as she makes her way into her 2nd Gateway in April! Stay tuned!

Dixie Gladstone

Feminine Astrology