Gateway of Descent #7 Root Chakra 


Venus goes through her Seventh GATEWAY of descent on Jan. 11, 2021 at 12:13 PM PST She will be working with this Root chakra release and healing until Feb. 10, 2021



 Venus - Inanna and the Seventh Gate of DESCENT

Venus passes through the seventh gate which is the FIRST CHAKRA as she is in her final descent phases. When she is on her way DOWN, the seventh gate corresponds to our FIRST or BASE, ROOT CHAKRA, the chakra of Survival and Grounding.


You'll be looking for this sight or something close to it an hour or two before the sun rises. The Moon will be a bare Crescent with horns to the right!

This is a month to be aware of whether or not you feel grounded and IN your body.  Notice where you feel insecure? What issues of vulnerability and safety come up for you this month?  What makes you feel safe, grounded, nurtured, in the flow?  How has being at home affected your ability to be and stay grounded? Did you lose your job, your financial security, or your peace of mind during this time of the pandemic? What does this insecurity feel like in your body? 

We will explore ways to stay grounded in this article.

Venus/Inanna makes her descent this month through the Sacral or Root CHAKRA - Gateway #7. Aries is one of the zodiac emanations of the divine feminine that you could work with. Aries can evoke courage in the face of obstacles and give you the energy to press on even when there is darkness and chaos all around us.

The first chakra or root chakra is located at the base of the spine. The corresponding body locations are the perineum, along the first three vertebrae, at the pelvic plexus.

The Root Chakra is at the basis of our survival. We stay connected to the earth when we deal with the issues of our basic needs for food, sleep, shelter, self-preservation. As Venus descends through this Gateway, we work on what blocks us from feeling supported and having a basic foundation for living our life. That foundation could be our job, our marriage, the way we support one another, or feeling safe while we explore something new. Housing and financial safety are two of the main situations that may bring us to our knees during times like we are going through now. This chakra will be in need of renewal for almost everyone. 

We will feel weak and frail if this chakra is not healthy, like a wilted flower. sigh..........

Feeling hungry all the time, feeling like there will just never be enough money, scarcity of love, poverty consciousness, or impoverished feelings can arise along with fears of intimacy or emotions that are frozen and feel as though they can't be penetrated. 

These may be your feelings, but remember: 


....but they are the souls' way of telling us that we must work on these areas where fear penetrates or dominates our life.

The color of our base chakra is RED.

The flower and fruit that can help heal it is POMEGRANATE. This very feminine fruit is mythologically associated with the maiden Persephone as she journeys to the underworld and back. 

Staying grounded with our grounding stones will help us this month.

RUBY encourages our passion and strength. It can help us renew our life force and generate enthusiasm. This stone can also be protective and supportive of our natural instincts, reminding us to listen to them.


Notice the little pomegranate like seeds of the garnet! Egyptians and Sumerians used garnets over 5000 years ago. During times of fear, it can provide a protective and calming influence. It helps to lift us out of our melancholy and depression, strengthening the survival instinct, and bringing courage and hope into critical situations.


This lovely mystical stone can help absorb and then release negativity so that we can see our situation more clearly. It is very grounding in that it helps us to be practical and organized. Bringing you back to the physical world is the transmutation job of this stone.

Red Jasper

This is a stone for physical strength and vitality.

I am suggesting these stones as possible ways to assist you on your path this month. You can find them shaped like hearts or possibly just get a chunk of one of these stones to place in your pocket. Hold on tight to it when the need arises. I have been known to carry rocks in my socks, my pockets, my bra, and wherever I could find a spot to hold one! I sleep with a very special stone under my pillow at night. (Someday I will share that story with you and how it came to be.)

Another lovely way to assist you on your journey is to take cedar oil and anoint yourself at the 3rd eye chakra. Cedar oil is grounding and yet it holds a strong spiritual vibration of protection. 

 TIP: When you are able to meet in person in your women's circles, take one of the many healing aroma oil therapies and bring it in as part of your ceremony. Anoint one another on the 3rd eye chakra. This is a caring way to bring a sense of love and oneness into the group. It brings in amazing peace, security, and relaxation for everyone. Start your circle this way if you are having troubles with some women who may be noticeably stressed. When your group is having a harder than usual time settling down this extra healing may be just what it needs. In our group, one or two women stand at the doorway anointing and or saging each woman as she comes in. You might whisper something settling and supportive to the woman too. Just sitting in a women's circle is grounding for me. Nothing much has to happen but something good always does! 

The Royal Robe - holy mother, what a relief it must have been to take THAT OFF!

As Venus passes through her 7th and final GATEWAY of the Balsamic Moon she will remove her royal robe. Her robe is representative of being in a human body.  Strength, inner security, and a feeling of being deeply and calmly connected to the earth are the gifts of this chakra. 

As Venus Inanna descends through this gateway she removes her royal robe as a symbol of her willingness to release all that stands in her way of providing the foundation upon which to build her life. 

Our safety issues could come up as we make this descent. This chakra is located at the base of the spine and governs all aspects of grounding, security, sexuality, and unresolved issues brought in from past lives or from our ancestral lineage.

"Beauty and the Beast" by Sharon Russell from her book, Innocence to Wholeness

You can read more about this book and get it for $17 by going HERE.

 A blocked root chakra can mean we are being dominated by emotions of fear.

We are challenged by our society's devaluation of women. For instance, women often get paid less for the same job as a man is doing. Don't fool yourself, this is still happening in the world today.

We can use wonderful, grounded women as our role models as we will have the opportunity to do here in the United States when Joe Biden becomes our next president. He has chosen and many of us have voted for a Vice President, Kamala Harris, who is a strong female and cannot be knocked off her feet by the insanity of those in positions of power. Joe has chosen a cabinet half of which are women! This alone can give us a sense of renewed security and self-esteem. In this challenging of challenging times, it is WOMEN who will lead the way in many of the pressing issues which keep us feeling insecure, of not having or being enough, or of being in fearful states that prevent us as women from asserting ourselves. 

Your connection to Earth Mother Gaia is very profound. It is what will lead us into the next chakra, the one that is the source of the root chakra and the one we will be talking about next month. To prepare for this, meditate on STRENGTH. Meditate on ABUNDANCE. Take actions that reinforce your healthy desires. 

"Put seeds and cover them.

     Blades will sprout

where you do your work."


The element that rules the root chakra is EARTH. We are in a practical domain that seeks grounding in a cultural time of excessive technology and what to do with it, how to use it so it doesn't use us! If you are at the computer for long periods of time as I am then you may need to counterbalance this with time in nature. This is a good time of year in So. Cal. to plant seeds! We may indeed be isolated at this time and this is also contributing to our inability to stay grounded. We need one another!

" New Seed

is faithful.

It roots deepest

in the places

that are

most empty."

                                                             Clarissa Pinkola Estes

We don't often think of LOVE as being a primal need. I believe it is. 

This is the symbol for VENUS (write it down in your journal) see how it looks like a mirror? Venus is a divine and mysterious mirror. Look in a mirror and send that face some LOVE! You deserve it and it is a primal need of all of us in human bodies to love and be loved. It is just as important as food or breath or warmth. We can't stay grounded unless we know who we are from the inside to the outside.

You have just taken off that weighty red robe - the old one that made you feel weak and that there is never enough. See yourself as flesh and blood and BEAUTIFUL! matter what your size or shape don't let distorted images of yourself take you down. Recognize that our culture tries to do this in a million ways from the time we got our first Barbie doll! Love yourself and that includes your BODY no matter what its size or shape. 

"You are a beautiful sweet woman part of all there is."

This ancient Queen from Nimrud, one of our first cities, looks secure. She has a balanced base chakra. She is strong and STRENGTH is one of the qualities we will be developing now as we release old patterns that keep us ungrounded and unempowered. 


 Right now, we need to look at what is making us feel weak, with no power base, no money, no security. Women, get your journals out and explore this.

  • What makes me feel weak? 
  • When do I feel ungrounded?
  • How can I stay grounded in situations that take me down? 
  • What do I fear most about poverty or not having enough money, time, or nourishment each day? 

WOW, these are basic but BIG, SERIOUS questions to contemplate this month.,

What does your heart want to say, how is it feeling? Just in case we forgot - GEMINI is the overarching feminine archetype that Venus is working with during this 584-day cycle. She wants to be LIGHT, FREE, UNBURDENED. She seeks TRUTH and a NEW STORY.

  • Gemini rules the arms, hands, and shoulders --- how do you sit or stand when you are feeling ungrounded? Take that body posture right now, exaggerate it so you can feel it. When I do this my head goes down and I sink my chest inward and it crushes my heart. My breathing becomes shallow and a cloud of sadness and loss is all that's left of me.


  • Now try assuming an upright posture with your shoulders back and supported by a feeling of strength, courage, "I am important, I count, I am woman".


  • Go back and forth, assume inner authority then release it. Go back to your disempowered self. When do you most often feel this way? Write it down if you are journaling or sketch a picture of yourself in various postures. Write down a feeling alongside each posture.


  • When do you feel strong, what situations allow you to assume a naturally strong and upright posture of inner authority and security with life?

This is one of the most challenging of all chakras to dismantle. Venus took off her robe,... take off your heavy, burdensome, tattered old garment - it really isn't keeping you warm or secure. Women, we go together through this gateway so that we can discover what truly is grounding, healthy, and brings in stamina.

 We are trying to link the forces of nature with our human soul.


The Goddess that can help us comprehend this Gemini journey is IRIS, the Rainbow Goddess. She can connect us from heaven to earth with the emphasis on EARTH this month. Be aware of walking with your feet firmly on the ground. Feel trust and confidence. Sense the energy patterns of the earth that can flow up and into your body to support you. 


  • What old ways have you survived but not thrived?
  • Was love and crisis or reactionary drama a part of it? 
  • Did you disconnect too much and without heart?

As a symbol of the Body, Venus descends and takes off her ROBE OF ROYALTY. This removal of her robe is a removal in our deep psyche. We are releasing any blockages that are in the way of fully expressing our true selves. We are being asked by Venus to look in the direction of our shadow to find out what is depleting us or causing us to be ungrounded, spacey, or disconnected from our bodies or from others

"Courage"          Sharon Russell

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It takes courage to face the shadow part of our personality. We do this every time the Balsamic Moon appears. With Venus added into the Balsamic Moon we have an extra potent dose of FEMININE ALCHEMY as we look within and without to explore the nature and health of our base chakra this month. We are being stripped bare as we enter the underworld of our own psyches.

But, girlfriends, not to fear this process. Modulate what comes up for you by journaling, by working with these questions in your women's circles, by sharing this process with a trusted friend. We have safety in numbers which we need because the contents of our psyche are large. We are in a human body and so we must take time to work our process... slowly.

We can take the time to join a women's circle that can help us facilitate our growth just by being in that deeply feminine energy field. Some of you may have heard me say this before. And you will hear it again because with my personal moon in Aquarius I understand the need to be a part of a group of spiritual women. They are my support, at times, my very survival! One way to meet is through ZOOM during this co-vid time.

Let's conclude by looking at these lovely images of one of our women friends' altars. She has been building this altar as Venus began making her descent and it is becoming deep and meaningful to her --- and to me too:

Well, there's a happy grounded person!

This jade (bakelite) deer has a Balsamic Moon that she is seated on. The moon is facing in the direction of Balsamic too! (horns to the right!)

Thank you, Maura, from Palm Desert for these inspiring photographs. I hope you will send more so we can see what you do with the Root Chakra.

More to come as Venus goes through the most mysterious of chakras, the EARTH STAR CHAKRA, next month. You can sign up for a free newsletter below so you don't miss it.