Gateway of Descent #5 Venus - Inanna removes her Ring of Power  

May 26, 2022 to June 25, 2022


VENUS INANNA GATEWAY OF DESCENT #5 at our Solar Plexus Chakra


This is our Balsamic Moon (also called a waning Crescent) with VENUS just about to pass through the gateway as Venus Morning Star! She makes the exact passage on May 26, 2022, at 8:04 PM PST. If you wish to see this beautiful site get up early in the morning before sunrise. You can start looking a day before or a day after noticing how the aging moon slowly aligns with Venus/Inanna in the Eastern sky.  This month Mars and Jupiter will rise in Aries a few hours before the Moon with Venus, so if you see something bright up there but it isn't too close to the moon it may be Jupiter or Mars which is a bit red so you can recognize it easily by its color. Also, "STARS TWINKLE, PLANETS SHINE!" (as in "twinkle, twinkle little star how I wonder what you are....") so if it's twinkling it's a star, and if it's more steady its a planet! 

Sometimes Venus will be close to the moon as in this picture, at other times the moon may be above or below Venus as she makes her passage. 

The ancient myth of Venus was as the Goddess Inanna in Sumerian history. The old myths are ceremonial observations that follow the pathways of the planets and stars to link our earthly journey with the heavens. They were an attempt to explain the social and political happenings of their times. The priests and priestesses of old lead the procession of their community creating their own ceremonial journeys toward self-improvement and spiritual growth.

Venus passes through her gateways of descent 7 times, or 7 months (sometimes 8), one for each lunar cycle. She must descend to prepare herself for taking on her current archetype, Capricorn, the Grandmothers, whose wisdom guides and informs the next seven generations. 

We are in a Venus DESCENT PHASE and the purpose of this phase is to realign and release old patterns of thought, outworn attitudes, disempowered feelings of being 'less than', poor communication skills, negative stories, and disheartening anger and frustration, told and retold, all that does not support Venus' (and YOUR) new arising form.

We live in a time when the comprehension of the old mythologies gives us clues to living a life in BALANCE with all of nature and with the Soul of the Earth. Girlfriends we are so blessed to be here now. Even if you don't understand all of this....just stay with it, take what you can, and make meaning in your own personal life.

Ring of Queen Ann Boleyn and Elizabeth I

This month's gateway is Venus/Inanna's 5th gateway at our third chakra. This chakra is just above the navel. Venus removes her RING OF POWER surrendering old ways of power and control. Our WILL is powerful because it gives us the energy to fight, to pursue our dreams, to take control of our own lives, and to offer leadership of the feminine in our everyday world.  But as Venus is making her DESCENT she must give up some aspects of asserting or NOT asserting herself that are no longer useful or productive, so that she may gain more power and control which will be in alignment with her soul and with the soul of the world, our Earth, Mother Gaia. 

Because we are all sons and daughters of the patriarchy, we can't help but have within us unconscious collusion with old beliefs about men and women and what their roles are. We have unrecognized prejudice for people of color, we misuse power, we abuse natural resources...we are all in it together. And we will all come out of these past patterns, ways of being and thinking, by becoming conscious together.



The Manipura Chakra or Solar Plexus is also called the "hara", our power center associated with the Tiger and Lion or Lioness. As the Lioness, she is a strong energy of providing, a hunter, connected to the pride and to the protection of Earth. She brings in balance, stability, strength, and activity. 

Become conscious of the foods you eat this month.  Foods that have a robust, positive vibration are grains, nuts, fruit, and vegetables. What foods give you energy and fortify you to feel strong? This chakra when disturbed by poor digestion or eating of foods that are of lesser value can make us feel weak.

We want our digestive powers to be strengthened by the fires of good digestion. You can think of this chakra as a "fireplace". Stoke it with food that burns well!

Our emotions such as anger or aggression can also take away energy from this chakra. It is important to 'feel' our anger, then consider what is at the root of it. What does your body need to bring it back into a place of balance? Are feelings of disempowerment keeping you from speaking out when you see injustices? These are questions for your journaling. 

I'm not sure who created this amber ring but it is truly a ring of power! Just looking at it inspires me! As Venus, Inanna removes her ring of power perhaps she lays it down on her altar reminding her that in order to be in her place of sacred feminine power she has some work to do on her solar plexus chakra this month between May 26 through June 25, 2022.


Tiger Eye

and Citrine...

are all good stones to work with this month. You could even stick them in your 'belly bag' (oh, that old thing? Yes, it still has a great use!) to remind and energize you to become aware of when and where you do not feel empowered. What or who throws you out of your "hara" center? What would it take for me to perform actions that support my personal growth? How do my actions affect the next 7 generations? 

(Go HERE if you are new to this website or to the larger Venus Cycle of 585 days to understand the relationship of this current Venus cycle to the Council of Grandmothers. )You do not have to have grandchildren to activate this month's chakra, all children are your children and grandchildren no matter what age you are or whether or not you are connected by blood. A GRAND mother is someone who can share her wisdom through action, speech, or in many loving ways to transmit the affirmation of divine feminine power, supportive love, and right action.

Symbol of VENUS - look for her in your chart, doesn't her symbol look like a mirror?

Feminine Astrology helps you to HOLD and STAY WITH your growing and emerging energies, the ones that are inside of you making you who you are as an individual. By tracking these, we pay attention to our own intelligence and watch it grow. This brings in more JOY, more self-love, and more respect for others as well because we recognize they are going through something similar. Our awareness becomes more lively and this in itself can bring in courage!

Venus with her 3rd chakra is the PEACEFUL WARRIOR! (3rd Chakra is 5th Gateway in Venus' descent phase.)

"COURAGE"                      Sharon Russell

On this month's journey, we will encounter what is blocking our way to healthy personal power. This image is from Sharon Russell's book INNOCENCE TO WHOLENESS which is available for you HERE. Or you may want an image as a card to place on your altar as this month's potent reminder that it is a process and will take time, patience, and courage. And because this month's activation of Venus is SQUARE to PLUTO our shadow material will be UP and OUT ready to show us what we need to DO. It may also call up past or current addictions that keep us entranced and prevent us from moving forward in our life.

We overcome ignorance or self-loathing when we direct our will towards the process of transformation of our fears. Our WILL is powerful because it gives us the energy to fight, pursue our dreams, and take control of our own lives.

Some of you are journaling through this Venus cycle. Here is a question you may wish to ponder and express in your writings. 

Venus at the Solar Plexus may be feeling FEAR of self-expression and personal power. How do you fear being powerful or knowing what is right for you? Are you trying to get it so perfect that it never gets done? Do you recognize the healing power within you?


This month's release and descent are of particular importance to ALL OF HUMANITY as we all struggle to move from our personal will at the 3rd chakra to INCLUDE the fourth or HEART CHAKRA. As we do our personal work of owning and releasing personal shadow from our unconscious, we move from our dominant 3rd chakra to our 4th chakra so that we may enter the Age of Aquarius in a healthy way.

The consequences of NOT becoming conscious human beings, well, we see it all around us in debilitating prejudices, wars, dictatorships, and unconscionable forms of violence towards one another. All are a misuse of our Solar Plexus power chakra. We are literally STUCK here until we make a conscious decision to grow, to love, and to be fully alive.

If you are reading this today, you can count yourself as part of the solution. We are not perfect human beings, but we can grow into the best version of ourselves.

Our third chakra is an expression of the Solar Feminine who is aware of her divinity and the light that she naturally brings through radiant self-love, also a part of this month's teaching. You are learning to love yourself in genuine healthy ways. This is not about ruling or lording it over others. It is not about being better than or more royal than someone else. This is the simple and honest shining light of radiant self-love.

This chakra becomes a radiant sun when fully activated and charged with light. It has the power to bring forth consciousness.

As Venus goes through the 5th Gateway and the Solar Plexus chakra, we may see where we are NOT courageous, where we need to build our strength...our goal is to feel fully alive and present in our bodies. that we do NOT give up our personal power to feelings of the defeat of self-effacing behavior. 

Rejection, loss, feelings of despair, inadequacy, or failure occur when this chakra is in a depleted state. Feeling crushed or that sinking feeling in the stomach indicates a weakened Solar Plexus Chakra. Sometimes, our False Persona creates suffering from the telling and retelling a past story that we begin to know does not allow us to be who we truly are.

"Soaring"        Sharon Russell

(available as cards or print HERE.)

This Chakra when enlivened produces a wonderful feeling of strength and self-awareness. We feel determination and goodwill. A healthy Solar Chakra will naturally direct our energies toward our goals and dreams. 

When Venus was last time in a Capricorn MetaGoddess Cycle it was from 2004 to 2006 and the Council of Grandmothers was created by indigenous elder wise women from all around the globe. Since then Grandmother groups have sprung up in many countries.

THE NET OF LIGHT  is a web page I would like to share with you...go HERE to read about the CHARGE OF THE GRANDMOTHERS. Her film is lovely. Be sure to read the paragraph on the runaway YANG ENERGY on the planet, it starts with: "One day the Grandmothers showed me how the run-away energy of yang actually looks." (7th paragraph down on the page).

Go here to see more from NET OF LIGHT or if you want to join a grandmother group.

So this is the CAPRICORN Morning Star Venus Metagoddess for this cycle - Saturn as ruler of Capricorn can be seen as a feminine EARTH SIGN and as such she holds the inner and outer wisdom that we will need as the laws and the rulebook for our culture change. There will be chaos but there is HOPE and it is in YOU and all who take a step forward this month! If we each take just one step on our personal path to recovering a healthy 3rd chakra, imagine how many steps we will be taking collectively!

Sunflower is a Solar Plexus flower indeed! See how she stands and shines?

Dear friends, In my last article, I promised you a look at your personal Venus sign, the one you were born under, but have not completed the task. I got so into looking at the charts of Venus in various famous women both contemporary and in history that I decided to add more of them to each zodiac placement of Venus so you can see how she works in their lives. So this will arrive soon (I hope, regardless of Mercury in retrograde!)

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